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Posted up at the #Oklahoma Development Finance Authority again today because I lover #bankers and also figure the $4 billion #securitization program of February's #okwx-related utility debt should be monitored.

Buckle up for a thread! ImageImage
Board member Bridger Cox and Secretary Brent Kisling are not in attendance today. Chairman Roger Wagner introduces a woman named Katherine (Catherine?) to go over financials. Says "over the last 11 months, ODFA has held an average cash balance of $9.1 million."
"The current balance sheet is very in line with our budgeted balance sheet," she says, adding that composition of general fund revenue has changed. Gone from $104,000 to $213,000 in closing cost revenue year to year.

Interest rate has declined on cash balance.

Lotta money.
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🧵I love #football

Have done since the 1980's ⚽️

Nowadays though, the off-field stuff seems to get as much coverage & column inches as the game itself 🗞️📺📱

Competition isn't just about trophies - it's about eyeballs, soft power, geo-politics, PR and #money

Quick tale...
Did you see that news report from the #US this week about the #billionaire financier #TomBarrack being arrested? ($250m bail)

In the weird (but fun) world we live in, that incident ties to #NewcastleUnited & the #PremierLeague

Say what?! 🧐

#FollowTheMoney #Networks #Power 💸
We have;

- Billionaires acting as back-channel diplomats (💰)
- Political actors orchestrating things but pretending they're not
- Qatar buy rights to #EPL for region
- Saudi pirate them #AJ #BeIn #BeOut
- SA try to buy NUFC
- Qatar say "No Way"

#Rights ✍️/👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
#Value (s) 💸🙏⚽️
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Politicians told you it would stop the epidemic if you wore a mask, social distanced and lcoked down
Politicians told you you would be free if you got vaxxed
Politicians told you would be free if you got another vax
Some people believed them...#COVID19 #Covid_19 #COVIDVaxx
2. Scientists and Doctors told you that it would stop the epidemic if you wore a mask, social distanced andlocked down
Scientists and Doctors told you you would be free if you got vaxxed
Scientists told you would be free if you got another vax
Some people believed them.. #COVID19
3. Media told you that it would stop the epidemic if you wore a mask, social distanced and locked down
Media told you you would be free if you got vaxxed
Media told you would be free if you got another vax
Some people believed them.. #COVID19 #Masks
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When you want the thread about Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Just for study purpose how to study a company before INVESTING into it.

Remember you are buying a company,not a stock


Today our topic of discussion is Kotak Mahindra Bank.
Here we shall watch this company's business model , financials and valuation.

Let's start with the history.
History of this company is very interesting.
As you may know,Mr. Uday Kotak is the (2/n)
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1/13: There’s a lot of chatter recently about #Fintechs not wanting to hire people with traditional #Banking backgrounds and traditional #Bankers pointing out how short-sighted this is. It’s a complex topic that’s worth unpacking. 👇 Image
2/13: Like with most arguments, there isn’t a right or a wrong side. Every company is unique and every hiring decision is the net result of a complex series of tradeoffs. Finding the perfect fit for any role is a noble goal to pursue but is unfortunately a fantasy standard IRL.
3/13: Banker Perspective: Fintechs don’t realize how the machinery works. They don’t appreciate how to navigate building products and delivering services in a highly regulated world. They should appreciate how many landmines could be avoided if they just hired experienced people.
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What are new graduates doing to be attractive to banks entry-level analyst programs?
@ABABankers @TheBanker @CIOonline @RiskDotNet @FT
Interesting question.
Banking sector MTO - Management Trainee Officers Program vary from country to country.
In my country Bank Staff Colleges train young graduates to become bankers.
The hired graduates have to undergo an intensive training course by attending several In-house boot camps or lecture hall workshops before they are moved into the formal workplace.
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What are the advantages when we compare Quantitative Finance and Quantitative Economics? How likely can a quantitative economics student find a job in the industry compared to quantitative finance?
@ecmaEditors @economics @CQFInstitute @LSEeconomics
Both are different Pathways leading to different roles in the economy!

•QF - Quantitative Finance will make you more employable in the financial services industry and across (Financial Risk, ERM, Insurance, Actuarial Finance and Derivative Modelling) consulting sectors.
•QE - Quantitative Economics will enhance your chances of getting hired across the research arms of the financial services industry or the (Civil services) bureaucracy, & /or it further enables you to do a PhD in Mathematical Economics / Econometrics, etc.
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It is now clear that govt is not going to deter with only #TwitterTrends long #Threads and fact putting by #Bankers

For last so many days I was reading and listening to so may experts and none has voiced against #Privatisation
The most they said that it should not go to #corporates who run businesses as it would lead to fund own business from own banks. However if private banks take over the PSBs they are almost ok.

#Privatisation of PSBs in Budget annoucement was a well planned action of Govt.
The rumour and speculations are at the peak without any iotta of clue, what next?

When the bill will be tabled?

What are the names?

Who are the buyers?

How the plan will be executed?

But one thing everyone missing is no discussion of 'Bad Bank' which is announced by the FM.
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Eurasia Party - Dugin’s ideas formed the basis for the founding of the Eurasia Party, which was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia.
According to Andrew Wilson, the party was initially partly funded by the FSB, the main successor of the KGB.…
Aleksandr Dugin, Anti-White Globalist: An Introduction to Dugin via his own words.
“[Duginism] is a case of ideological subversion that is plainly obvious and honest, yet you are called a conspiracy theorist whenever you talk about it.”…
Putin’s Funding of Italy’s Far-Right: The Pivotal Role of Aleksandr Dugin
Dugin’s lifelong ties with the military, government and the Russian security services deserve special attention.
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In the run up to the #USPresidentialElections2020 when the characters & stories seem more mind-boggling than ever, it can be difficult to discern...
'How the fuck did the world end up here'?

Some great answers/insight here #Kleptopia 👏📕
Uncivil & Outright Criminal Behaviour seems to have been normalised throughout societies everywhere;

- Politics
- Crony Capitalism
- Social Media
- Reality TV
... Even Sport 🧐

I've tried to get my head around it with the help of some good books & following smart journo's Image

To understand the rise of;
-Strongman leaders
-Shady financiers

& other maniacal actors worldwide, there's some good reading in the pics below & above👀

#politicains #bankers #crooks #spooks #crime #money #power Image
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In Simple Words...
Follow rules of 3 Monkeys 🐒 of #GandhiJi and use the word #NPA in place of #Evil


and when there is no #NPA you don’t have to follow any legal recourses to recover it from #Defaulters

#StopPrivatisation #SavePSBs
it’s like someone has been diagnosed fatal disease like #Cancer which is at very early & initial stage where it can be easily treated and cured but instead of start medical treatment, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports and keep quite & do nothing #SaveBanks
Moreover, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports & start thinking that he is very healthy and don’t have any problems and not to take any medicine until the disease reaches at its last stage and he start dying. #SaveBanks
@idesibanda @Bankers_United @bankers_we
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state-owned banks. have an important social objective—to meet the needs of the most vulnerable sections of the economy. Does Private Banks do that ?
PSBs are directed and obligated to help weaker sector despite huge loss, No private Bank would invest in it.
PVTsn makes mngmnt more accountable to markets ✅
➡️PSBs,having been partially privatized since 92 banking sector reforms,are already subject to stock-market discipline-including corporate disclosures & regular audited financial reports.
➡️mngmnt is already accountable
➡️PVTsn would foster competition which would reduce cost of financial intermediation & improve bank profitability✅
➡️it is unclear how a change in ownership from gov to private hands would increase competition if the number of participants in the industry remain the same
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@JurjenRolf @LokaalGeld Gilead Sciences, Inc. is an American biotechnology company that researches, develops and commercializes drugs.
Gilead owner mr. Riordan recruited Donald Rumsfeld to join the board of directors in 1988, followed by George P. Shultz (911 🤓)…
#COVID19 😉
@JurjenRolf @LokaalGeld Who owns the #coronavirus cure? China’s move to patent Gilead’s experimental drug for the novel virus could lead to legal wrangle - 6 Feb, 2020
Gilead invented remdesivir, filed patent applications for uses against coronaviruses globally
#COVID19 😉…
@JurjenRolf @LokaalGeld 911 perps who committed warcrimes by waging wars in the Middle East.
Before that they supplied bioweapons to Saddam Hoessein and they 'worked' for Gilead which invented the #coronavirus treatment (& Tamiflu 😉).
But it is NO CONSPIRACY, 🤣😂
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How #MukeshAmbani's #Reliance stashed #BlackMoney in Swiss Banks & later snapped all ties with shell firm after money laundering probe initiated. The biggest Indian account holder in Geneva branch, its website now hosts porn.…
While publicly available official docs do not reveal much about #MukeshAmbani company’s ownership & business dealings, its name figured in leaked #HSBCBank List as the largest Indian account holder with nearly USD 500 million in a Geneva branch of #HSBC.
The #MukeshAmbani shell company came under scanner after details about Indian names on #HSBC List reached India under bilateral agreement wigh French govt. #HSBCBank as we have detailed in our earlier report is an East India Company established bank.
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Now family of former Park Avenue Bank director Mendel Zilberberg fill #SDNY Mag Court, & defense lawyer Ben Brafman- thread
As described, Aron Fried & Zilberberg was a straw borrower to get $1.4M, ostensibly for a home health care business
So where were the bank regulators? And why aren't they here in the @SDNYLIVE Mag Court?
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