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In case you forgot, #WSJ via Mark #Maremont falsely accused me of being #KEY #SOURCE for the #STEELE #dossier. Maremont published two articles in WSJ in January 2017. Now, I’m ready to take you #BEHIND #THE #SCENES of the most scandalous episode in a failed coup attempt vs #POTUS
1. Let me first explain why I could not sue WSJ for damages. As a public person, I need to prove malice intent in order to claim damages. It’s a high standard to overcome. Otherwise, Mr Trump would win a lot of law suits. In my case, all records got classified, hence, no evidence
The salacious tapes claim that WSJ falsely attributed to me became a state secret till end of year 2041. In fact, after Mr Trump ordered declassification of state secrets, it turned out to be a female hotel staff member who was the real supposed source of pee pee tapes story. 👇🏻
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So if it comes to a invasion of #Iran there are several things to see and know. The #Geography is on the side of Iran. The #West is protected by a massiv #Chain of #mountains wich would be easy to #defend even with a weaker #army they could try to keep there a defend line
The north is not able to reach for the #US troops and the #caspiansee is #landlocked by many #nations. A inportant @NATO allie if the defens act works would be #Turkey wich would be forced to send troops against #Iran and a area mainly owned by #Kurds in #Iran.
the east has a little lower mountain chain and a bigger desert in the south west the #Dasht-e #Lut and is coverd by huge #rocks and the area of #Namak-#Zar inside Dasht-e Lut is the #hotest place on #earth actual. And the border area to #Pakistan is also coverd by a dry #desert
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muallim bey biliyordur lakin, muhabbet acmak icin alıntılayayım :)

beş madde önemli;

☝️anlamlandırılamayan dil görece hızlı gelir.

✌🏻hece başına düşen ortalama information density (bilgi yoğunluğu) arttıkça sesletim hızı “azalıyor”.

✋bazı diller bazılarına göre hızlı

“ne ya-pı-yor-sun lan man-yak-mı-sın”
bu heceler tek tek incelendiğinde hecebaşına düşen anlam yoğunluğu pek kayda değer değil. türkçe nispeten hızlı bir dil.
linguistlere göre, hece/anlam yoğunluğu en sağlam dil vietnamca. vietnamca’yı referans olarak 1,0 kabul ediyorlar...
ingilizce mesela bu referansa göre 0,91 anlam yoğunluğuna sahip. saniyede 6,19 hece ile fena bir hıza sahip değil. (hece=sesli harf😢)
çince misal hecebaşı anlamca yoğun bir dil (0,94) böyle olunca daha yavaş. ortalama saniyede 5,18 hece söyleniyor. yavaş @Tuweier ☝️
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hearing—"#China's Worldwide #Military Expansion" is a dramatic bellwether of growing concerns in Washington & beyond.

Now online—hard-hitting arguments + many data points, some deeply-analyzed yet hard to find elsewhere in public domain:
CAPT Jim Fanell, USN Ret, former @USPacificFleet N2:

"today, the PLA Navy consists of over 330 surface ships & 66 submarines, nearly 400 combatants. As of 4 May 2018, the @USNavy consists of 283 battle force ships: 211 surface ships and 72 submarines."
"By 2030, it is estimated [by Fanell & @SCheneyPeters in their chapter in @NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime Studies Institute's Chinese Naval Shipbuilding volume… @USNIBooks that] the PLANavy will consist of some 550 ships: 450 surface ships & 99 submarines."
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