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UPDATED *PROVISIONAL* US Child Mortality Rates for Jan-Aug 2022

🚨COVID is #2 cause of death in children, 2nd to cancer!

COVID kills kids more than drowning, flu, car accidents, guns, poison, fire, suffocation, heart disease, asthma or diabetes - & deaths likely undercounted. Chart of major single under...
This is the most recent published *provisional* data from CDC Wonder Database. It will be amended as more reported deaths are assigned to an underlying cause. The most recent "final" vital statistic reports are for 2020.
The raw data includes MASSIVE numbers of unattributed deaths, like those assigned to "other diseases" and "abnormal findings".

Many of these should eventually be categorized - as non-injury deaths.

You can access the query here:…
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Here’s another sweet spot for DIY Air Purifiers: super quiet 40dB kid magnet, sweet hum note, pulsing nighttime glow, ~ 200 CADR airflow matching medium HEPAs, just 25 Watts and ~$120 in parts. #CorsiRosenthalBox #WomenInSTEM #COVIDisAirborne
Kudos @CRBoxKits, @robwiss, @Mw_ottawa for pioneering PC fan #CorsiRosenthalBox builds. @kprather, @JimRosenthal4, @CorsIAQ maybe your freshman engineering class can formally characterize the airflow? Can also stand upright with 10 fans (5 each tall side) for 400-500 CADR?
Once 5-fan top assembled, kids can build the filter box with double-sided carpet tape easier than duct-taped CR box fan w/shroud. For now I use foam board for the top plate which is fun for kids to punch, though a precision mill/drill plastic top plate would assemble faster
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In the very beginning of the pandemic, I created the hashtag #multiyearpandemic

2023 is approaching and we are seeing it span out in reality.

1) #COVID19 is nowhere near endemic status.

2) Mathematical modeling 👉 it’s going to take ~10 years to reach it.

This highly contagious virus has all of the necessary ingredients to ensure long term staying power. Millions will be disabled for life.

#COVIDisAirborne #asymptomatic #chronic #chronicillness #disability #longcovid #LongCovidKids
Here are the equations, if interested.
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Heute ist ein schwarzer, trauriger Tag für Deutschland 🖤
Heute wurde offiziell durch das RKI der 150.000. Tote in Deutschland durch SARS-CoV-2 gemeldet. Dies entspricht 0,18 % der deutschen Bevölkerung in nur 2,5 Jahren.
Heute ist ein Tag zum Tauern und Innehalten... 1/n
Heute ist ein schwarzer Tag.
Inzwischen kennt wahrscheinlich jeder jemanden, wenn auch nur entfernt, der an Corona gestorben ist. Jemanden der seinen Lieben, seinen Eltern, seinen Kindern, seinen Freunden, Kollegen, seinen Mitmenschen fehlt. 150.000 Mal fehlt jemand... 2/n
Heute ist ein schwarzer Tag.
Viele der Coronatoten starben am Anfang der Pandemie. Wir wussten nicht wie wir uns und die anderen schützen sollen. Der Tod kam Mal schnell und Mal schleichend langsam auf überfüllten Intensivstationen (ITS) und in Pflegeheimen, aber auch Zuhause 3/n
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If you put on your own mask when you see a masked person enter the room:

1) Thank you for trying to be supportive. Truly. It's nice to be cared for & not harassed.


2) Let's talk about how airborne transmission works... (I PROMISE this isn't a "mask always" tweet) 🧵1/16 Cute cat w/ a surgical mask over it's mouth and nose.
There's a lot of misinformation and confusion about COVID transmission, and that isn't your fault. It's a complicated history, but here's the upshot:

Some viruses are in big droplets & fall quickly to the ground removing them from the air. Plus, your mask can catch some.
But much of the virus are in tiny virus aerosols that DON'T fall quickly. They float for hours.

So your unmasked exhalations from the past hours you've been in the room are STILL THERE & still infectious. (Even after you leave the room!!)

They can even move to other rooms.
3/16 Drawing showing different virus "droplet" sizes tr
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New meta-analysis shows vaccination (mostly mRNA vaccines) moderately reduced Long-COVID risk.

I propose those same data also show:

**No, mRNA vaccines do NOT increase risks for symptoms like those of Long-COVID overall. Actual COVID does that.** 🧵1/…
Do not reply unless you're ready to treat these data in rigorous, scientific, dispassionate ways. It won't make you or your msg look good, it will just drive traffic to my argument.

But if you *do* have legit, scientifically-rigorous rebuttals or questions, pls give feedback.
Main Argument:

Where vaccination does not affect LC symptoms, lacking vaccination also cannot have a statistically-significant effect.

And where vaccination improves certain outcomes, it cannot simultaneously worsen them.
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Hibernation Day #365 | What a glorious early Fall day. Crisp in the early morning, hot in the afternoon, cooled right down after sunset. This series of Tweet threads is a year old today, I think. It is quite possible I did a day # twice. I'm over it. 1/
A year ago I had to manage my kid's hockey team remotely because I was unwilling to provide medical information outside a medical context. In theory, I could not go to the games w/o presenting a vax passport. Masks were everywhere. Mandated. 2/ #bcpoli
A year later, no passports, no mask mandates, COVID is still with us but, according to the last stats released by the BC gov't, it is a disease of the vaccinated. The Covidians are big mad at Dr. Bonnie Henry not reimposing mask mandates in schools. 3/ #bcpoli
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This tweet by @DrTedros with @nicschiegg is pretty amazing. It is everything that's wrong with CoVid.

First, this photo is shot in a private home where ventilation is probably very poor at 1 ACh. Even if they had 10 HEPAs surrounding them, near field aerosols would spread it between them.

Dr. Tedros is constantly traveling, and 60% of transmission is by those with no symptoms.
Testing is entirely dependent on timing. Everyone that gets near @POTUS And @FLOTUS gets tested, and they both were infected.
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„Wir warten erst mal die Corona - Vorgaben ab“, bekomme ich heute bei der Raumplanung an der Arbeit für anstehende Gespräche wieder einmal zu hören und es ist mir raus gerutscht: „Es ist das 3. Jahr Leute, ihr wisst, was jetzt kommt und wie es laufen wird. Wie wäre es mal mit ➡️
vorhandenem Wissen nutzen und vorausschauend planen?“ Große Augen, keine Antwort. Was ich in dem Zusammenhang auch nicht mehr hören kann: „Es ist so schade, dass wir uns jetzt nicht mehr (mit einer großen Gruppe für zu kleine Räume) in Präsenz treffen können.“ ➡️
Wieso nicht: „Lasst uns dankbar dafür sein, dass die Pandemie in eine Zeit fällt, in der wir die technischen Möglichkeiten haben, uns virtuell zu treffen und auszutauschen.“ Ich habe gerade sowas von keine Geduld und Lust mehr auf meine Mitmenschen, ➡️
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Pediatric hospitalizations are surging. Cases of all respiratory viruses surging. #COVID is rising again too. It’s time we #BringBackMasks and use that hashtag #️⃣ going forward.

#COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
2) Not just in US, but after the start of Oktoberfest, #Covid infections in Munich have increased significantly, per 🇩🇪 RKI.

Case numbers rose 77% vs the previous week, compared to 43% in Bavaria & 29% in Germany.

Covid hospitalizations are also up.…
3) There is a definitely a new #COVID wave hitting Western Europe.…
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Wer mir länger folgt weiß; pro Prävention wie zB #MaskenpflichtJETZT in Räumen und öffentlichen Gebäuden mit vielen Kontakten (Kita, (Grund-)Schule, Post, Bank, Arzt, Apotheke, Supermarkt, u.s.w.)... Und da stehe ich immer noch zu 1000% hinter!

Aber können wir einfach mal eine gedankliche Spielerei durchspielen!?

Was, wenn sich die #Durchseuchung als Chance auf Änderung erweist?

#Scholz positiv
#Fäser positiv
#Baerbock genesen + #Longcovid
#Habeck genesen
#Lauterbach genesen
#Buschmann genesen
Wer weiß wer noch alles von denen. Ist ja jetzt auch egal. Auf jeden Fall macht die #Durchseuchung ja nicht vor einem Amt, einem Beruf oder was auch immer halt! Jeden 'kann' es treffen, wenn er nicht 'vorsichtig' ist und #Schutzmassnahmen ergreift!
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Know someone having a baby soon? CONGRATULATIONS! 🍼🍼🍼

As hospitals drop universal COVID protections, these are my top 7 tips for protecting unmaskable un-vaxable newborns from #nosocomial (hospital-acquired) COVID.

What did I miss?

THREAD of Top 7 Tips 🧵
Tip #1 – Determine your #mask rules. Some parents require staff to #N95. Compliance would vary by region/hospital. Prep for what you’ll say if staff don’t comply.

With our newborn twins, we supplied medical staff w/free N95s & tests. Nobody wanted N95s; 1 took a #RAT. 🤣
Tip #2 – U.S. hospitals SHOULD have excellent ventilation (air cleaning) by reg. But HVAC repair doesn’t have a CPT code. Many of my best & worst air quality readings are from hospitals.

Consider buying a #CO2monitor, read on that hashtag, & follow @joeyfox85 for basic tips.
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Liebe Leute ❤️ #ControlCovid #Verfassungsbeschwerde rückt näher. Mittwoch fand sehr wichtige Besprechung mit RA Günther statt. Schriftsatz wird weiter finalisiert nach den gezielten Sichtungen und aktualisiert, u.a. sind wichtige Studien erschienen, wie:…
#CovidIsAirborne Sehr gute Studie + thread zu Gründen, warum so lange ignoriert wurde, dass Übertragung durch Aerosole entscheidender Faktor ist. Tragische Auswirkungen u.a. durch Verkennen der zentralen Schutzfunktion von Luftreinigern. #ControlCovid
#COVID19 verursacht #Diabetes Typ 1 bei Kindern. Diese Gefährdung ist längst bekannt gewesen, hinreichend belegt und wird durch neueste Studien bekräftigt. #Durchseuchung ist ein Verbrechen von historischem Ausmaß. #ControlCovid #Verfassungsbeschwerde
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🧵Quite amazing most the media do not seen concerned we are seeing some of the same individuals involved in Cambridge Analytica engaged in covid disinformation

That CNP (Bannon, Mercers, etc) set up disinformation groups
2/ February 2020 members of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons were already claiming they had a cure for covid (HCQ) there was no need for any measures ImageImage
3/ AAPS members Vliet and McCullough repurposed the Truth for Health Foundation into a religious covid disinformation group promoting alternative treatments

This was with Bill Cook founder of the Black Robe Regiment, a religious militia organisation. Cook preaches about witches
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We're proud to announce that @Mehring_Books is publishing Volume 1 of “COVID, Capitalism, and Class War.” I wrote this introduction to the book, which is a compilation of the unmatched coverage of @WSWS_Updates on the #COVID19 pandemic. #CovidIsNotOver 1/…
Volume 1 is available for pre-order as an e-pub here, which will be published on September 30. It will also be released in abridged form as a print volume later this year. #CovidIsntOver 2/…
Here are some key quotes from the intro, which traces the key turning points in the pandemic from 2020, 2021 & 2022, while explaining the political significance
and lessons that must be learned from this world historic tragedy. 3/…
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And for the albeists out there, ‘vulnerble’ includes YOU. You are mistaken to believe being young, fit or healthily will protect you from the harms of #SARSCoV2. Covid doesn’t discriminate. #CovidisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask😷
Mild Covid cardiovascular damage: A large-scale study of 150k people showed even a mild case of COVID-19 can substantially increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular problems - some 20 types in all - for at least a year after diagnosis..
.. For example, the study found those recovered from COVID-19 were 52% more likely to have a stroke and 72% more likely to experience heart failure compared to a control group.
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Mir ist es übrigens sch…egal ob mein Impf Status mich von der Maskenpflicht in Innenräumen befreit!

Für mich gibts schon lange keine Masken-PFLICHT mehr;
Ich trage immer eine Maske in Innenräumen und da wo es Sinn macht.

Wer das nicht kapiert ist ein Schwurbler.
@dokhollidays Addendum

‼️Kann bitte Jemand diesen Tweet an BILD-Maskenschwurbel-Nuss Nena Schink weiterleiten?!
Bin (zum Glück) geblockt.
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Thread 🧵:
A tale of 2 🇨🇦airports & flights, Vancouver (YVR) & Calgary (YYC), using a CO2 monitor to measure air quality.

@yvrairport @FlyYYC

Here’s a handy graphic for reference: (H/T @zerocovidthai) Infographic picture. Title:...
2/ @yvrairport requires masks in the terminal, unless eating or drinking. Large signs are posted by entry doors to remind people of this rule.

The vast majority of people are complying. (Proves that universal masking policies DO WORK & “personal choice” ones don’t).

@bcndp? Photo shows a large sign.  ...
3/ Vancouver Int’l Airport has 2 terminals, domestic & int’l. I’m in the domestic one. CO2 levels are pretty good, in various places throughout. Reasonably busy time.

One area to potentially avoid: restaurant where it’s crowded & everyone is unmasked to eat.

Alt text more info: B Gate waiting area in YVR ...Washroom in B gate waiting ...B Gate waiting area. Not to...
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BA.2.75.2 ist die bisher am stärksten neutralisierungsresistente Variante. Die #Omicron-Unterlinie zeigt eine weitgehende Flucht vor neutralisierenden Antikörpern. BA.2.75.2 wurde im Durchschnitt fünfmal weniger stark neutralisiert als BA.5 und ist damit die…

#COVID19 #Corona
bisher am stärksten neutralisierungsresistente Variante. BA.2.75.2 zeigt sich resistent gegen die Neutralisierung durch Evusheld (Tixagevimab + Cilgavimab), blieb aber empfindlich gegenüber Bebtelovimab. „Diese Daten geben Anlass zur Sorge, dass BA.2.75.2 sich der humoralen…
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🧵. @TheLancet has just released a major report "on lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic." In it, the authors roundly criticize a widely held, historical misconception about viruses and SARS in particular —
— the misconception that viruses are primarily transmitted through close-range large droplets. The authors concluded that reluctance to overturn this centuries-old error & acknowledge #CovidIsAirborne has led to untold suffering during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the authors failed to discredit the other major widely held, historical misconception about viruses — the misconception that immune systems immediately clear viruses from the body, so as long as you survive the acute phase, you're home free.
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1/ From @TheLancet (most prestigious medical journal) Commission

"Multiple failures include costly delays in acknowledging the crucial airborne exposure pathway of SARS-CoV-2 & in implementing appropriate measures at to slow the spread of the virus"…
2/ "@WHO acted too cautiously and too slowly on several important matters: "... to endorse the public use of face masks as protective gear, and to recognise the airborne transmission of the virus"…
3/ In the uncertainty during COVID-19 outbreak, @WHO—repeatedly erred on the side of reserve rather than boldness. Initially, there were basic uncertainties [...] although over time the scientific community confirmed that considerable asymptomatic airborne transmission occurs"
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1/ Well, here is everything I can share with you regarding my complaint to Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (EGBC) against the Vancouver School Board (VSB).

Thank you to all who helped with legal fees. I will post the final accounting as soon as I receive invoice!

Here goes!
2/ Important background part 1: Building engineering is a regulated practice in BC.

#COVIDisAirborne #bced #bcpoli

3/ Important background part 2: 2.All regulated engineering work in BC must be backed by Authenticated Documents.

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#covid19 ; 100 fois sur le métier remettre son ouvrage. De la répétition naît pour certains l'intégration (les capacités de mémorisation dépendent en fait et de la #motivation et du fonctionnement neuro et sont donc propres à chacun mais je digresse encore 🫣).
Pour limiter
les risques (formes graves, séquelles dt la fréquence et la diversité ↗️ au gré des recontaminations) il est IMPÉRATIF de limiter ces dernières. (Pr ne pas me brûler, je ne mets pas ma main dans le feu même si les flammes sont jolies. Le niveau du raisonnement est identique.)
Et comme le #SARSCoV2 est un virus aéroporté (#CovidisAirborne) la priorité est de limiter sa diffusion dans l'air.
En attendant que les #ERP (👋 @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron pour votre promesse de campagne 👋 @education_gouv @PapNdiaye @sup_recherche @sretailleau @CGrandjean_
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I can’t shake the feeling that we continue to be cheated out of getting through this pandemic safely

A short 🧵 on some of the reasons #CovidIsntOver
💨 #CovidisAirborne yet we don’t monitor or purify our air #BreathBackwash

😷 Education around high quality fitted masks continues to be minimal. Respirators remain inaccessible for many. As a consequence, ineffective (cloth, surgical) masks are being used #MindTheGap
🧪 We use rapid antigen tests with no #PaidSickDays and many can’t isolate for the full duration of contagiousness

💉 Vaccines were made to be a panacea when we needed to layer it with all of the above. This disappointment has stopped people from being uptodate with their C19 💉
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