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Conversations between #Turtle & #MP
Few days before heading to Ireland, MP is coming home late after working all day on presentations he is invited to give @ECMP2022 in #Dublin, surprised to see his buddy slowing coming up his driveway.

MP: Hey buddy, what are you doing?

MP: It might have taken U some time to come all the way from park

Turtle: Yes doc, I heard U were heading to @TourismIreland island & wanted to join U. Since it would take me more time & I didn’t want to rush, I thought I will come over & rest behind your house till we leave
MP: What do U mean & how did U know?

TL: Well, my 3rd cousin from my mom side who lives in #WicklowMountains close to Dublin told me that you were coming there soon

MP: What, how did she know?

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Conversation between MP and CT re Print vs Online
MP is walking near CT scanner room w opened Medical Physics journal in his hand

CT: Hey doc, why do get printed issues of Medical Physics? U were once treasurer for @aapmHQ & know how much it costs to print & mail

MP: Buddy, glad U asked, others may also have similar questions when they see wall of printed journals in my office

CT: Yes, U can get online versions & read

MP: Well, I do subscribe ‘TOC’ for journals I read, but I prefer to get printed versions, Let me tell U why?

CT: Go ahead, I don’t have too much time, I see many patients are in the waiting room, eager to get scanned

MP: Ok, see this latest issue of #MedicalPhysics, the cover page attracted me & led me to check out the articles. I wouldn't have done w online versions.

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Weekend after #AAPM2022: Beautiful weather, MP is getting ready to do his mindfulness exercise (vacuuming) – comes out of the garage & was surprised to see his buddy ‘The Eastern Box Turtle’, slowing coming up his driveway
Here is conversation between the Turtle & the MP

MP: Hey buddy, what are you doing? It might have taken you some time to come all the way from park.

Turtle: Yes doc, I was on my way to a picnic behind ur home & also wanted to talk to you. I heard that you were up in the Tony’s ‘Big Rig (BR)’ & thinking of a new career

MP: Well, the news came faster than the “hare” that challenged your ancestor for a race and lost

Turtle: Yes, I got worried because other day, you were very nice to explain about #CT and that u loved working where my cousin saw you

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A #RealYield trend on #CT was started this week by DeFi natives @IntrinsicDeFi & @MrGrumpyNFT.

What does this mean? It means DeFi 3.0 protocols like @GMX_IO, that are low or non-inflationary, pay protocol revenue to stakers in non-native tokens like $ETH.
🧵👇 Image
Derivative exchanges like @GMX_IO & $GNS benefit token holders because trading profit thrives in volatility.
The House 🃏generally wins.
Consider the $GMX net P&L below. This results in a 70% revenue distribution to $GMX's collateral vault, $GLP, & 30% 💰 to $GMX stakers.
👇 Image
During a 🦀, @GMX_IO loses value bc traders are unlikely to open new positions due to lack of volatility. This can lead to ⬇️ token price short term.
However, as volatility goes up, for example, around release of the US FOMC minutes 7/6/22, trading volume + OI ⬆️=💰
👇 ImageImage
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Aujourd'hui, @EUCouncil et le @Europarl_EN adoptent deux régulations :

MiCA (Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation)
TFR (Transfer of Fund Regulation)

TFR a été accepté hier et les dernières discussions sur MiCA ont lieu plus tard ojd.

Suis-moi et lit ce 🧵 pour un brief...
L'UE est la principale juridiction à implémenter des réglementations sur les cryptos et, joue un rôle de standard global.

Ce thread n'est pas complet ; je présente ici ce que je juge être le plus important. N'hésitez pas à rajouter des motions que vous considérez essentiels !).
TFR (Transfer of Fund Regulation)

Le TFR sera implémenté une fois que MiCA est appliqué.

Le Conseil Européen reconnaît que les méthodes d'analyse de conformités des transactions blockchains sont suffisantes pour s'aligner aux règles d'AML.
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I'm seeing influencers teaching this "degen trading strategy" but it's really just a way to lose your money. 98%+ of these tokens are scam tokens!!

Here's a quick thread.

First, the reason I'm posting this is because I've seen multiple "influencers" push this as a strategy, claiming they 2x, 3x, 10x their money in "less than X minutes"

And I know that's total bullsh!t

How do I know?

Because I legit spent nearly 2 months FULL TIME building a strategy around this only to discover it can't be done.

Let me explain...

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#FMAN - #MarineNationale 🇫🇷⚓️
#H160 #HIL #FlotteIntérimaire

© Airbus Helicopters. H160 n°008.

➡️ 1ier H160 FI (Flotte Intérimaire), ayant débuté ses essais en vol le 14 février 2022, va recevoir prochainement ses équipements dits de « navalisation ».

Livraison mai 2022 ? Image
➡️ Emploi opérationnel des six exemplaires du H160 FI permettra de finaliser la définition matérielle des H160M, notamment en ce qui concerne le soutien et donc le MCO… ainsi que certains équipements spécifiques aux opérations de contre-terrorisme, avec la Gendarmerie ?
Plus largement certains futurs équipements du H160M, outre l’Euroflir 410 nativement intégrée ?

➡️ Les 6 exemplaires de l’Airbus Hélicoptères H160 FI seront stationnés et déployés depuis les la BAN Lanvéoc-Poulmic, la BAN Hyères Le Palyvestre et BAN Cherbourg-Maupertus afin de
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

23.39% BA.2.12.1, <- Spike:L452Q
19.16% BA.2,
14.85% BA.2.9,
12.25% BA.2.10,
10.79% BA.2.12,
9.43% BA.2.3 and
2.33% BA.1.1

Tracker (by State):

#OmicronUpdates 04/30/22
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 04/30/22

Top circulating #sublineages: BA.2.12.1, BA.2*, BA.2.9, BA.2.10, BA.2.12, BA.2.3, and BA.1.1

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y
Sequence count by Division - #UnitedStates 04/30/22

#NewYork, #NorthCarolina, #Arizona, #California and #Connecticut have submitted >125 sequences with sample collection dates between April 15 to April 30, 2022.
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

BA.2.12.1 is the top circulating lineage in the USA

Its not the dominating strain yet by looks like it will get there in 2-3 weeks!

Tracker (by State):

#OmicronUpdates 04/29/22
#COVID19 #VariantDashboard

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS) - #UnitedStates:

23.76% BA.2.12.1, <-S:L452Q
19.22% BA.2,
15.47% BA.2.9,
11.81% BA.2.10,
10.45% BA.2.12,
9.31% BA.2.3 and
2.64% BA.1.1

Tracker (by State):

#OmicronUpdates 04/28/22 Image
*Typo corrected: Its not the dominating strain yet *but* looks like it will get there in 2-3 weeks!
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🔰 Here is how I nailed every price prediction of #Bitcoin, (Zoom in Pics are Also Attached)

So Around $40.6-$40.8k, Me and Discord Opened Shorts for a Retest

Target was to hit the Red Box $39.6k or even below till max $39k to complete the retest and then Reverse Again ImageImageImageImage
So $BTC started Reversing from $40.8k and dipping

We crossed $39600, eventually our Target was Red Box

So we were going for that Red Box to hit and complete the reversal, then Reverse from there again ImageImage
Then #Bitcoin dipped and crossed our mentioned Red Box, and we were meant to reverse from there

We started taking Partial short profits from 39k and waited for the curve to confirm the reversal

Bears had other plans, didn’t give us confirmation, so we continued with the short ImageImage
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🚨PROTECT YO-SELF🚨 [thread]

Recently I saw someone on my feed talk about how they got their #NFTs stolen from #Metamask. They went to a malicious site (unbeknownst), and performed what they believed were standard approvals.

However, the approvals were safeTransferFrom

Someone else commented that #crypto investors should learn some basic Solidity functions so they can avoid mistakes like this.

For reference, the safeTransferFrom function is the function that transfers an NFT from one wallet to another.

Anyway, I agree so I thought I'd do a thread on common MetaMask (browser wallet) approvals and permissions.

Let's dive in.

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Ok, so I've seen a rather false narrative floating around #CT that I'd like to address/dispel really quick.

I have seen a number of tweets talking about how difficult it is to start an LLC in the US. As a result, I see a lot of praise handed to protocols that do so.

Not saying that a protocol that legitimizes themselves in the eyes of the US tax authorities is a bad thing...just that if anyone claims it is a difficult/arduous task to start an LLC, this is NOT TRUE.

I can quickly walk you through the steps:

Step 1:
Use a registered agent to start your LLC.
If your business is digital, you don't have to create the LLC in your home state. You can use a representative agent. My personal favorite is since WY has favorable biz taxes.

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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial about an important complication of #pulmonaryembolism (#PE): chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension #CTEPH. Follow this thread to earn 0.75h CE/#CME #physicians #physicianassociates #NPs #nurses #pharmacists.
2) I am Jason Weatherald @AlbertaPHdoc of @UAlberta and you may recall my previous tweetorial in this feed. It's still available for credit at @cardiomet_CE is your ONLY home for earning CE/#CME entirely on Twitter! Howdy to @vic_tapson @lauralynndonah1 Image
3) This program is intended for #healthcare providers and is supported by educational grants from Actelion, Bayer, Chiesi, & AstraZeneca. Faculty disclosures are listed at Prior programs, still available for credit, are at
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The DISCHARGE trial in online on the NEJM and it confirms what we all experience every day using CCT in a proper manner. CCT is safer, reliable and allows better management of stable patients with suspected obstructive CAD as compared to invasive strategy.
The main observation that comes to my mind however is still the very low prevalence of patients with obstructive CAD (25%) in both arms (CT and ICA). This is well known from previous studies and it is related to the selection criteria adopted for referral, partly.
The fact that still we send for an invasive and costly examination (CAG/ICA) this huge number of patients is simply astonishing in 2022. Healthcare cannot be managed like this, especially in universal systems like Italy, Germany, UK, Canada,...
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1/n We haven’t seen capitulation yet, like we did in the reset of March 2020 and May 2021. Will we get it? No one has a fucking clue. Especially not CT. Is this a bear market or bull market? Who the fuck cares…there are plenty of opportunities in this market to make
2/n wealth regardless of how #BTC trades. Newsflash: while #BTC has downtrended since Nov, plenty of people made life changing gains in other sub sectors. Lets get real - unless you’re already rich, you won’t get rich from the corn. Now I’m not saying #BTC isn’t the sentiment
3/n leader. Of course it is…it would be naive to deny that. But I also believe that people are too obsessed with absolutes: bull or bear. Extended bull or extended bear. As far as I can see (from data and not emotions) we’ve been in an uptrend since the March 2020 lows. So
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Dr Anne (Azza) Aly, Aussie politician

Anne actively supports the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) narrative & has a background in "counter-terrorism" & "counter-radicalization". Anne isn't part of the solution rather she is a Trojan horse within our faith community ... #1
Why certain personalities within the daw'aah, charity & academic spheres ignore this speaks volumes!

The "fruits" of Anne's support of Obama's CVE "initiative" are laid bare below 👇… #2
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This is an excerpt from a report supportive of Chinese government actions in #Xinjiang #EastTurkestan. It points to an expanded #China #PRC understanding of #CT #counterterrorism #GWOT, namely "cultural security."…
The 2015 Anti-Terrorism Law specifies the government’s opposition "to the use of any form of 'distorted religious doctrines' or other ideologies that incite hatred or discrimination and/or promote violence and other forms of extremism, with the aim of eradicating the ideological
basis of terrorism from society. This should be understood as an attempt on behalf of the Chinese legislator to go beyond the simple prevention of the criminal act as such, in what could be defined a form of preventive prevention or pre-prevention."
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Video 3.5 min, maalisk 2021, näkyy Suomessa. #Ruotsi🇸🇪 tietää hyvin miten #LongCovid #Långtidscovid voi muuttaa aivoja, keuhkoja ja sydäntä.

@Folkhalsomynd käyttää Ruotsin väestöä kuin koekaniineina tehden tutkimuksia kansainvälisille markkinoille? #TutkimusEtiikka #Taktiikka
Alla käytännön tiivis käännös englanniksi siitä minkä #Ruotsi🇸🇪- #Aivo #Sydän #Keuhko -tutkimus tiesi jo maaliskuussa 2021 aiheesta #LongCovid #Långtidscovid. Eli tiivistys 3.5 min videon sisällöstä.

Jos tarvitsee, voin kääntää saman suomeksikin. Tarvitseeko?
Suomeksi. HIENO 31.3.2021 julkaistu #Ruotsi🇸🇪 #Sverige #TV4Play uutisvideo jäi aikanaan ~vaille suurta huomiota, edes Ruotsissa.

🧵1/ #TV4_uutiset: ”#Covid19-taudin jälkeiset #Vammat hämmentävät tutkijoita ja asiantuntijoita”.

#LongCovid #Långtidscovid…
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Social license is required:

"Acceptance of a changing #energy sector is also critical for the siting and permitting of new infrastructure. Energy transitions do not mean an end to large infrastructure projects, successful transitions need them." [p 57]

#IEA #COP26 #4IR
In the 386 report on the metal road to the full #digitalization of the global economy & societies, not a single word about data centers. #Electricity for data centers is to increase 15-fold by 2030 representing 8-11% global demand. In one scenario, global demand could reach 20%.
In a worst-case scenario, it is suggested that communication technologies (#CT) could use as much as 51% of global #electricity by 2030. In this scenario, "CT electricity usage could contribute up to 23% of the globally released GHG emissions in 2030". [Anders Andrae] #COP26
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It’s been an amazing year. My purpose is sharing the learnings of success.

1. Be careful of leverage. You’re better off getting into early stage projects unless you’re a chart Gandalf
2. Bank profits. I know it sucks to stack cash😜…👇
…Having cash means money for buying dips. My cash is usually staked in providing value and liquidity for amazing projects like $SYN

The moment I can, I try to retake the rewards. This takes research. It’s worth it.

3. I pay for multiple subscriptions…👇
Amazing folks I subscribe to: @Tradingalpha_ @ElevateTrading (joined penthouse yearly today!) @BitcoinLive1 @SpacemanBTC - there are others, but these are the best.

4. The biggest mistakes have been my arrogance at not listening to these amazing resources
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$BTC, Monthly update👀 #Bitcoin

Congrats, a new ATH! 📈Now what?🤷‍♂️

🔥“Why the best is yet to come and the coming months can be life-changing”🔥

Stick with me here, this is a long one!

A thread 1/42
2/ First of all, I am absolutely no expert at all.

I won’t advise you what to do. I just compiled a thread, to let you create a general outlook for yourself. I do also write what I think, but those are in the end just thoughts.

Remember that!
3/ In this thread, I try to compile everything together, to see where we are in the current Market Cycle.

I try to explain why I think we are just at the start of the final and most exciting parabolic phase of this Bull Market.

Read it all and ask yourself if that’s true!
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$BTC, monthly update

Is Q4 indeed going to be amazing?📈

Yes, I’m on a macro scale still VERY Bullish💪
A full explanation in the thread below.

Lets go! 🔥🔥

2/ First of all, I am absolutely no expert at all.

I won’t advise you what to do. I just compile a thread, to let you create a general outlook for yourself. I do also write what I think, but those are in the end just thoughts.

Remember that!
3/ Also, its about the broader, High Time Frame picture.

Not about your intraday Bullish & Bearish thoughts, but the general outlook for the months to come.

Keep that in mind while reading this!
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