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1/ #BITCOIN thread, monthly update
In this thread:

-Bearish on-chain signs📉
-Mixed signs
-Bullish signs📈
-My take, fwiw

Stick with me here, it’s a long one.

Let’s go!🔥🔥

2/ The general sense of these threads is to help you a bit with creating a global picture of the current state of the market.

I recieved a few hateful DM’s during the range.
Desperate people who want to play it all out the next day.

Wrong take homie.
3/ First: I’m no expert at all, DYOR and don’t take anything for granted!
Use this thread next to your own ta/fa. Nothing more.

Also, it’s not an UP ONLY thread. I may be a macro bull still, but in the past year, there were several corrections to be seen with this too.
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Need opinions whether I should transition over to the #NFT space?

#1. Normal #CT saturated with: memecoins (some literally called rug/scam coin) getting ridiculous. Roughly 50-100 new projects everyday, who can keep up?! More coins r pure gambling/no sum game (majority)…
#2 The #NFT space is not as toxic I guess? And less saturated. More engaged and active members in this community too. People are so nice here compared to the cult-like followings of certain coins.
#3. More opportunities? I see (2017) #Cryptopunks as the (2009) #BTC of #NFTS and we are so early with crypto, even more so with NFTs!!! Anyone else agree? The recent auction of a punk by @Sothebys for 11.8M cemented the fact that #NFTS are here to stay.
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The following is an analysis of indicators that present facts that the bull market is still going from charts and data. I worked very hard on this for you guys, take some time to go through it. If you enjoyed this, please like and retweet to spread the message! Follow for more ty
1. The Golden 51%-49% Ratio shows a pullback. If the indicator's correct then my thesis that we're still in the bull market stands until the start of Oct. This indicator will be invalid if the thesis is wrong. This indicator has not failed. Yet. Indicators work until they don't. Image
2. Bitcoin search has not topped 2017 yet. My conclusion is that covid lockdowns have now made it hard for people to communicate (those not in the loop online and only watching Netflix, naruto, gaming, working at home etc) Normal gossip will take the frenzy up a notch for normies Image
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1/ #BITCOIN thread, monthly update

Sentiment: Bearish😡
Price Action: Bearish📉
Investors: Angry/Scared/Rekt🤒

Is it all over? Let’s look at certain data, to paint a picture of the current state of the market.

I hope it helps!🔥✌️
2/ Is $BTC bullish or bearish HTF? I’d like to give you my view again.

Oh, I could be heavily wrong about the current state, so please DYOR and don’t take this thread for granted.
Rely on yourself.

Let’s look at the charts and on chain data to paint a picture.
3/ $BTC Bears are in control right now, when you look purely at MS. It’s bearish.

42K is still the key level for bulls to reclaim imo.
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Are $ALTS really bearish?
Is it over, can we pack it all up?

Let's compare the current situation to what we saw in 2017.

A little thread


#Altcoins #Alts #Crypto Image
I will value the $ALTS versus their $ value.

Will write another updated version of it soon where I compare both pairs HTF.

We did a ~40X from the march '20 bottom.

Muh Altseason.

2/12 Image
So, when we flipped the multi year resistance last summer, we did a 11X

May the 19th, we saw a brutal massive massacra, resulting in a very fast 58% drop.

That is a massive drop and many out here probably got liquidated using 2x leverage or more as well.

3/12 Image
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Cornerstone Conversation with Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Carol Swain via @YouTube #CT #CRT #FaithHopeLove ty beloved Professor 👩🏽‍🏫 @carolmswain & @RealBenCarson👨🏽‍⚕️
Thread 🪡 embedded. Help save our friends…
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1/ #BITCOIN thread, monthly update

NO, the Bullrun is NOT over, IMHO
Where do we stand? Stay with me, this will be a mega long thread, sorry, lol!

My current view for $BTC
FAR, FAR AWAY from a MACRO top.

2/ I am really bullish and I do think this bullrun is far from over, yet we have to take in mind that it COULD be over.
Oh, and I could be heavily wrong about the current state, so please DYOR and don’t take this thread for granted.
Rely on yourself.
3/ Yes, the bears have a fair point, we can’t deny that.
Price was in an uptrend.

We were all screaming for 100k at 65k, myself included.

That changed, and we dropped a significante amount.
Plus, we’re below the 200 EMA.

Until MS changes to bullish, beras are in control.
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🎯 Tips&Tricks for #LAA Closure

#TEE + #CT to define morphology

✅ Know the devices available

✅ Know the indications: Patients w/contraindications to OACs

🟣 #EuroPCR @PCRonline @gamzebaburguler @veyselozgurbar1 @mehmetburakozen @CanbolatIP @umityasarsinan1 @serhandr
#whyCT #yesCT

🎯 device size
🎯 IAS puncture side
🎯 fluoroscopic angle while deploying the device

#EuroPCR @PCRonline
💥 Tips&Tricks 💥

🎯 RAO Cran ➡️ Proximal #LAA

🔰Rotating RAO Cran ↩️ 👉 TEE 45
🎯 RAO Caud ➡️ Distal #LAA

🔰Rotating RAO Caud ↩️ 👉 TEE 135

#EuroPCR @PCRonline @mirvatalasnag @aayshacader @umityasarsinan1 @SsenaSert @YigitCanga2
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1/ Das #RKI gibt auf der HP an, mit der #Charite eine Referenz für die Bestimmung der #CT Werte der #PCR Tests durch die Labors und deren Mitteilung an das RKI entwickelt zu haben. #Wieler erklärte in der PK vom 19.11.20, ab 2021 werde systematische Auswertung erfolgen.
2/ Auf meine nunmehr dritte Anfrage nach dem #Informationsfreiheitsgesetz, unter anderem auf Herausgabe der Korrespondenz mit der Charité, erklärt das RKI jetzt, ein solcher Vorgang existiere nicht, das RKI habe eine solche Studie nicht beauftragt. @jensspahn
3/ Daten zu CT Werten würden durch die Labors nicht mitgeteilt. Entweder sind die Angaben des RKI auf der Homepage falsch und #Wieler hat in der PK die Unwahrheit gesagt, oder die erteilte Auskunft ist wiederholt falsch. #Corona @OlafGersemann @fpiatov @stohr_klaus @nhaerting
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1/40 #BITCOIN thread, monthly update

No, the Bullrun is not over. Reading this thread, I do think you see why the future is still very bright.

FAR, FAR AWAY from a MACRO top.
My current view for $BTC.

TLDR at 38 t/m 40
2/ While we all blame Elon for tanking the market, the current PA we’re witnessing is normal ‘behaviour’ within a bullmarket.

And you should consider it as really healthy and necessary.

Are you panicking? You shouldn’t. Why?
3/ Let’s look at the Weekly chart first.

A retest of the 21 W Ema has proven tob e a great “buy the dip” area for $BTC in previous runs.

We are finally revisiting it, after ~8 months
Also: 35% correction. 30-40% corrections are normal PA in a bullmarket
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Ibn al-Haytham, 965-1040CE, was one of the most influential arabian mathematicians. His role in the development of calculus is worth noting as he calculated the volume of a *paraboloid* using infinitesimal techniques, deriving some results similar to the ones used by Madhava.
Ibn Al Haythem(Alhazen)'s primary interest was on optics. However, he had thoroughly studied the *Conoids and Spheroids* of Archimedes where a lot of area & volume calculations using infinitesimals are presented. Relating this to Hindu mathematics, we can see none of Indians
have developed a systematic theory of conic sections (parabola, ellipse and hyperbola). All knowledge about conics we have today primarily come from Greeks, especially the *Conics* of Apollonius, which was translated into Arabic around the 9th century and commented upon by
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"#Economics in #Nouns and #Verbs"

Below, we share key excerpts from SFI External Prof W. Brian Arthur's (@Stanford, @PARCinc) latest, available at, which we recommend for its elucidation of key blind spots in economic thinking & how to address them...
"Different means 'see' differently—often they reveal different versions of the same object. #MRI looks at body parts and reveals soft tissue structure; #CT scanning looks at the same body parts and reveals bone structure. There is no 'correct' version of internal body parts."
"#Mathematics is powerful in #economics—and necessary—but I don’t believe that it is suited to describing all that is interesting in an economy. In fact I don’t believe that there is any privileged way to view the economy. There are useful ways and less useful ones."
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1/36 #BITCOIN TO 100K?200K?300K TARGET SIR?

In this monthly update I try to show you where we stand in the current cycle, mostly based on sentiment, IMHO ofcourse.

I hope you guys think it’s valuable, tell me below!

TLDR at 36-38
Let’s go!

2/ Checking sentiment is sometimes just a gut feeling, but there is a whole lot out here to guide you through the swamp that’s called #CT.

Fear, greed, thrill, euphoria, disbelief. We’ve got it all inside, anyone who says he doesn’t is a robot.
But, if you can act like a salmon
floating up stream, you can come out as a winner.

We all know the saying that 90%+ of the market participants lose money and that’s all reflected in the price of a certain asset.

Feel extreme fear at the bottom, extreme greed at the top? You lose, market wins.
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What are the different #covidtests, how do they work, and how can we interpret them? Here is a thread below:

#scicomm #Outreach #covid19 @SACNASUtah #AcademicChatter
Test 1: Molecular test (the most common is Rt-#PCR, or #pcrtest ). This test scans your sample for traces of specific #SARSCoV2 genetic sequences to see if they are easily found in your system. 1/n
The #PCR test result includes a value called “Cycle Threshold” (or #ct ). This basically measures how long it takes for the test to identify the #SARSCoV2 -specific genetic sequence in your sample. 2/n
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Le preprint de notre analyse des #Ct des tests #RTPCR de #SARSCoV2, en partenariat avec la Société Française de Microbiologie et plus de 20 laboratoires de virologie français est maintenant en ligne. **NON RELU PAR LES PAIRS**…
Nous y analysons des valeurs quantitatives de millions de tests #RTPCR effectués en France en 2020 : les Ct, ou cycles de doublement.… (doc très clair en anglais)… (doc en français)

Il y a eu un débat sur ces Ct et l'opportunité de les communiquer aux patients.

Primo, cela dépend de l'échantillon. Secundo, pour les #coronavirus, il est risqué de voir dans le nombre de copies d'ARN une charge virale.

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1/29 #Bitcoin thread, updated version

We’ve doubled since the last time I updated this thread, so I thought it would be of some value to update it. Feeling insecure about price action? Too enthusiastic/scared? Maybe this helps a bit, go check it out!

TLDR at 27-29
Let’s go!🔥
2/ 2 Year MA Multiplier
This indicator uses the 2Y MA. Green line is the 2Y MA, red is the same MA x5

2ya MA multiplier is rising and at ~48k rn. Price goes parabolic. I would personally love to get a decent correction, would give more space for growth long term imho.
3/ Relative Unrealized P/L
Paper p/l in $Btc. Use it to track investor sentiment.
Market is overheating, everybody is in paper profits, but as you can see “we” as a whole take too less profit. We can stay around greed for a whole year, but a correction at this point makes sense
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DECT- An innovative CT technology, produces numerous imaging datasets at >1 energy level. The image reconstruction algorithms lead to pitfalls, the radiologists must be aware of. A #Tweetorial thread
@RadioGraphics @cookyscan1 
#RGphx… Image
DECT enables the synthesis of a wide array of images from a single acquisition because of the availability of CT projection data at more than one polychromatic energy level. Currently, six major approaches are used for DECT.
@RadioGraphics @cookyscan1 
#RGphx ImageImage
VMC images-specific to DECT, available with all platforms at multiple keV levels starting from 40 keV. Images at 40–70 keV remain susceptible to pseudo enhancement similar to that on polychromatic single-energy CT images @RadioGraphics @cookyscan1 
#RGphx ImageImage
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1/5 #2020 recap
What a year it has been🔥📈📉
I'm around in this space since 2017, but decided quite late to creat a #CT account, at the remarkable date: friday the 13th, march.
Looking back, I should've done that earlier, it brought a massive lot of great connections🔥🔥 .... Image
2/5 from 0 to 3600+ followers in ~9 months, sick! I met so many great ppl here, true friends💚
Covid made #2020 shitty, I hope some of us can meet in #2021🍻
Very grateful for every single one of you following me!🤙🙏 Image
3/5 Trading related
Learned a whole lot and overall, I did good and am 'proud' at that. Could've done so much better at some points too
Most important lesson, I think, is to adapt to the market. If you waited since oct for your $Alt/ $Btc to turn, your most likely way underwater
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#PCR test, how to understand the results

First a reminder that the nasal swab for #COVID19 can be negative in a patient infected with covid19. This range is between 5-40%

The #PCR test results are not necessarily a positive or negative scenario. It depends on the Ct value👇
#Ct or cycle threshold is the number of cycles the PCR has to run to get a positive result

Lower the Ct value means higher the viral load & apparently greater the infectivity, severe illness & death

But Ct values vary between machines & even in the same machine due to the user
#Ct values change over the timing of the illness. From high values at onset of symptoms & tailing off after around 5 days. These values might stay on for a long time depending on the patient, even after a live virus is gone. A low value probably means patient is not infectious.
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So you're stuck, you see #CT posting about coins and are overwhelmed.

You hear "DYOR" all the time but not sure where to start.

Here's my high level crash course on how I research, and the framework I operate in.

Wave Jumper thread 👇
I know how it is, I see new frens ask all the time in #JUMPSQUAD "buy here?" or "what to buy?" or "Wave, what do you think of $xxx?".
You roam #CT and alot of information is presented to you, some with substance, others pure hype, some straight up shill, reKTedness,'s all there.
It can be overwhelming especially if you came here because of #Bitcoin and now brave enough to venture into alts.
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1/34 #Bitcoin thread, update from begin oct at $10k

#ATH! We made it! We’re all geniuses!

No, we’ve not all made it, but with a look at all the underlying stuff, we can make it.
So where do we stand, fa/ta wise?
TLDR at 29/30

Let’s go!🔥🔥
2/ 2 Year MA Multiplier
This indicator uses, as it says, the 2Y MA. The green line is the 2Y MA, red line is the same MA x5
2ya MA multiplier is rising and at ~43k rn. Roughly, I think we’ll touch it ~mid ’21 and have like the last half year of extreme parabolic advance after Image
3/ Relative Unrealized Profit/Loss

Paper p/l in $Btc. U can use it to track investor sentiment.
Looking at the price being at an Ath and market sentiment, it makes sense we are at greed.
As you can see we can stay around greed for a whole year. Makes sense, above Ath territory Image
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Having spent quite a bit of time recently reviewing #ManchesterArenaInquiry transcripts, apart from it having a less than beneficial effect on my blood pressure 😠its also reduced my time in these here parts
So based on some @mcrinquiry evidence on #CCTV heres a thread ⬇️1/x
Back in 2011, in advance of National CCTV Improvement Week, I developed a range of freely available documents to help Operators to assess and improve their #CCTV systems ahead of the 2012 Olympics and Jubilee celebrations
Based on feedback, the next stage was ... 2/x
... Developing the #TRUSTEDCCTV Operational Standards, which were released in 2013
I mention this because the repeated reference to #CCTV issues & failures mentioned in @mcrinquiry were readily addressable years ago, but only now are they properly ‘under the spotlight’ ... 3/x
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New Frontiers of #Terrorism- Earlier SocialMedia now #Cyptocurrencies.

🔶 With conventional means of funding #terrorism is under tight scrutiny by #India , #terrorists are finding it hard to survive, So its time for a new means & new #technology has come up .
🔶Its #cryptocurrency. With expertise & access to #DarkWeb & cryptocurrency available, its hard to track the agencies or souces funding them .There was a time when one could take cash secretly & perform transaction without fear of tracking by regulatory agencies.
🔶Digitisation of financial system deprived them of privacy. cryptocurrencies promise to return privacy & anonymity to #terrorists , #cryptocurrency or ‘virtual currency’ does not have govt backing. It has no legal existence in any financial system.
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About time someone in mainstream media tells the people about this...

Imagine if you had done it long before the election?

I’ve only banged the drum since around June... @IngrahamAngle maybe take a look at my pinned thread - spend time on #greatreset subthread.
Australia #SkyNews has done a few on the #greatreset and #buildbackbetter.

I’ve contended since early on that the severity of #SARS2 #C19 is not the conspiracy.

It’s #Globalists #Globalism great reset crowd=#Epstein crowd
Where are US “representatives”?

How are there near zero politicians, globally, that have spoken up about this? Y’all sit in the #Trilateral, #UN, #Davos, #CFR meetings...there’s zero chance you’re all unaware.

Have you all sold your souls?
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