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NEW: #Ukraine-"It was the assessment of the American intelligence community...#Russia would be significantly more capable & significantly more successful on the battlefield" White House Nat'l Security Adviser @JakeSullivan46 tells #AspenSecurity
"In fact, #Russia was not able to acheive the basic strategic objectives that Pres. #Putin set out" per @JakeSullivan46

#Ukraine "won the battle of #Kyiv, they beat Russia back from #Kharkiv, they stopped Russia from being able to make a bum's rush to #Odesa"
"Now we're in a circumstance where #Russia is facing significant difficulties constituting th kind of force necessary for them to achieve the objectives which have not fundamentally changed" per @JakeSullivan46
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NOW: US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan speaking at @AspenSecurity Image
US National Security Adivsor Jake Sullivan says the gap between Vladimir Putin’s objectives in Ukraine and Russia’s military capability to achieve them is “growing with each passing month”. This is thanks to Ukrainian resolve, skill & western support #AspenSecurity
Asked if he worries US public support for the $blns the US is spending to help Ukraine fight Russia’s invasion, the NSA jokes: “It’s my job to worry so I worry about literally everything. I worry about my answer to this question” (He then says he’s not worried abt waning support)
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"We used to always talk about super powers & I think we now live in a world where we need to talk about cyber powers" @Microsoft President & Vice Chair @BradSmi tells #AspenSecurity

"2 of the great #cyber powers in the world are #Russia & #China..."
"The United States is the strongest #cyber power of all" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi

"But what we're fundamentally seeing is #Ukraine in particular is Russia use its very sophisticated cyber capabilities to do 3 things..."
"One is support an invasion, including w/destructive cyber attacks" per @Microsoft's @BradSmi

"The 2nd is do what the #Russian gvt does year-in, year-out, which is very broad-based espionage & hacking, both of gvt & pvt sector"
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#Drone threat to the US - "We [US] have to think abt whether or not humans will remain in the kill chain bcs some of our adversaries have decided they will not & that the targeting will be done much quicker" House Intel Comm.'s @RepJasonCrow tells #AspenSecurity
Threat to US from drones-"How do we stop those drones before they ever launch?" asks @USSOCOM Commander Gen. Richard Clarke tells #AspenSecurity

"The cost for very very low" he says, adding there also needs to be discussion of norms for use of drones
#Chemcial-#Biological threat to US significant, even from non-state actors - "It's pretty simple to do" per @USSOCOM's Gen Clarke
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"#Iran is threatening the other countries as much as it is threatening the State of #Israel" Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz tells #AspenSecurity

"Iran is a global challenge. You can see it in #Venezeula. You can see it in South #Africa, in South America... #Nigeria"
#Israel-#Ukraine - "Israel is definitely on the Western side. Israel is definitely on the #Ukrainian side" per DefMin Gantz

"We are supporting it in all the diplomatic measures. We are supporting it w/all the humanitarian aid...We have opened a field hospital"
Why not more for #Ukraine? "We do have our operational considerations" per #Israel's Gantz

"We are sharing an aerial border w/the #Russia|ns above #Syria ... so we have other calculus that we have to take into mind"
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NEW: 15,000 #Russia|n soldiers killed in #Ukraine - estimate given by @CIA Dir William Burns Wednesday - "probably a conservative estimate" #Britain's @ChiefMI6 Richard Moore tells #AspenSecurity
NEW: #Russia in #Ukraine: "I think they're about to run out of steam" per @ChiefMI6

"Our assessment is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to supply manpower, materiel over the next few weeks"
Inevitable #Russia|n pause - "That will give #Ukrainians the ability to strike back" per @ChiefMI6
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NEW-"Watching the images of Pres. #Putin & #Iran's supreme leader meeting yesterday in #Tehran did not exactly fill me w/nostalgia" @CIA Director William Burns tells #AspenSecurity

But "The reality is Russians & Iranians need each other right now..."
"...both heavily sanctioned countries, both looking to break out of political isolation" per @CIA's Burns "But if they need each other they don't really trust each other in the sene they're energy rivals & historical competitors"

"Both sides are looking to demonstrate they have options" per @CIA's Burns

Says mtg shows "the deficiencies of #Russia's defense industry today,the difficulties they're having" but notes "there are limits I think to the ways in which they're going to be able to help one another"
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Up now at #AspenSecurity - CIA Director William Burns
The CIA Director says Russia is seeking to buy armed drones from Iran. Commenting on Putin’s visit this week to Iran, Bill Burns says the 2 heavily sanctioned countries need each other. But he says there is a limit on the way they can help one another
Bill Burns says during his career - including as envoy to Russia - he’s watched Putin stew. He has grievances, grudges, insecurities. “He’s a big believer in control, intimidation & getting even” qualities that have hardened as his grip on power grows & circle of advisers tighten
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NEW: US-#China cold war?

"Cold war is a tragedy...when ppl speak of cold war they think abt estrangement, division, confrontation & conflict" #China Ambassador to the US Qin Gang told #AspenSecurity

"Your question itself indicates that ppl are worrying"
"Why are ppl worrying about #ColdWar coming back? Bcs some ppl have a cold war mentality" per #China's Amb Qin Gang

"Some ppl are mistakenly taking China as the former Soviet Union, as a threat...China is not the former Soviet Union" he says
"China is a peace-loving country... China has never been engaged w/foreign expansion & the invasion" #China's Amb Qin Gang insists

"Taking China as a threat is like to pick up a wrong fight" he says
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#LatAm, #SouthAmerica "there are adversaries who are taking advantage of this region every single day, right in our neighborhood" @Southcom General Laura Richardson told #AspenSecurity

"We need to strengthen our partnerships"
"#China is playing chess, they have a long-term view" per @Southcom's Gen Richardson, noting 21 countries in #LatAm, #SouthAmerica have signed onto the Belt 7 Road Initiative

"These countries are starving for investment..."
Many of these countries will get caught in #China's debt trap - "eventually they either have to pay back or other things they have to give up in terms of their sovereignty" per @Southcom's Gen Richardson
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US pilot training for #Ukraine? "I can't speculate what aircraft they may got to but I do blv we have an aspect & a responsibility like we do w/all allies&partners to train them in the various capabilities & capacities" per @usairforce Chief of Staff @GenCQBrownJr

#Ukraine will evenutally have to move away from #Russia|n made #MiGs "but I can't tell you exactly what it's going to be" per @GenCQBrownJr earlier at #AspenSecurity
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#Russia #cyber as part of war in #Ukraine - "We learned a lot" Deputy National Security Advisor of Cyber & Emerging Technology, Anne Neuberger tells #AspenSecurity

"At 1st we've seen several different variants of destructive #malware used...closely aligned w/its invasion"
#Ukraine - "They expected the incidents & worked closely to prepare for it," per Deputy NSA Neuberger

"We had teams on the ground from various agencies, virtually, & on the ground as well helping out"
#Russia's use of #cyber - "There are any number of theories for what we saw & for what we didn't see" per Deputy NSA Neuberger

Notes they didn't see more attacks vs allies supporting #Ukraine or on their critical infrastructure
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US-#China operating in the #IndoPacific - "Having predictable codes, cues guiding unexpected encounters at sea are an important part & that needs to be normalized, certainly among our coast guards" per @ComdtUSCG Adm Linda Fagan
"I think the goal is no war" per @USARPAC_CG Gen Charles Flynn on US-#China in the #Pacific

"War is very unpredictable, it's very violent, it's very long & it's very human. It's something at all costs to avoid"
US working w/allies&partners to make sure "the free & open #IndoPacific is stable & remains stable for the foreseeable future" per @USARPAC_CG

"Aggressive or overly aggressive behavior is not helpful"
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"In my view there has been more space given than I can remember for hate & the overt expression of it, & I am deeply concerned that the overt expression of hate propagates more hate" @DHSgov @SecMayorkas tells @AspenSecurity
"The expression of white supremacy, however odious we might consider it to be, is an ability that individuals have to express under the 1st Amendment" per @SecMayorkas

"It is the connectivity btw the expression of an ideology & violence that prompts our involvement"
#January6th - "I remain in disbelief that this country does not unify in condemnation of what happened on January 6th" per @SecMayorkas "That speaks of the acuity of the divide & why I consider it to be a concern"
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1/ This report from 1988 is a really interesting read, esp thru lens of the geopolitical situation in 2021, regarding China-US competition.

@cgberube @cdrsalamander @lawofsea @JerryHendrixII @graham_euan @ElbridgeColby @Rory_Medcalf @BDHerzinger @mercoglianos @man_integrated
2/ This report is also interesting after listening to @Ng_Eng_Hen speech at #AspenSecurity, with his sweeping historical view, and quotes from Singapore's LKY on the nature of US and China.…
3/ Seems that 1998 and 2021 have a lot in common.
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Happening now: @INDOPACOM Commander, Adm. John Aquilino speaking to #AspenSecurity
"I do not have a crystal ball" on #China, @INDOPACOM's Adm. John Aquilino tells #AspenSecurity

"I have a sense of urgency...we have to be in a position to make sure that the status quo remains as it applies to #Taiwan"
"We certainly view w/concern many of the actions that we've seen from #Beijing" per @INDOPACOM's Adm Aquilino

#China's action in #HongKong "completely disconnected from the words from #Beijing to adhere to the agreement that was in place" he says, adding same w/#India border
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"Some of the leading threats to the American way of life are #cyber enabled - from espionage to influence to attack" Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber Anne Neuberger tells #AspenSecurity
Sanctions vs #Russia but not #China for malign #cyber behavior?

"#SolarWinds was not the 1st case of aggressive Russian cyber activity in int'l space" per @WHNSC's Neuberger
"In the case of #China, there's still that building of consensus around malicious cyber activity, around the need to call it out together" w/allies, per @WHNSC's Neuberger, adding that it "doesn't preclude follow-on activity"

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"Overall, the #AbrahamAccords have worked positively to spur engagement in the rgeion" #SaudiArabia Foreign Minister @FaisalbinFarhan tells #AspenSecurity
"We've always said peace is the strategic choice of the Arabs..." per #SaudiArabia's @FaisalbinFarhan "What we have to do is focus on working towards a comprehensive solution to the #Palestinian issue"
"We already have an emboldened #Iran" per #SaudiArabia FM @FaisalbinFarhan when asked about US-#Tehran talks on getting back to the #JCPOA "Iran is extremely active in the region w/its negative activity"
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SEC Chair @GaryGensler spoke at the @AspenSecurity Forum today on cryptocurrencies.

In the thread below are some clips from his speech, highlighting investor protection concerns in the space, and the SEC's authority 🧵

@GaryGensler: “I believe these platforms not only can implicate securities laws — but some also implicate commodities & banking laws.

“Many platforms have 50-100 crypto tokens trading on them…the probability is quite remote that w/ 50+ tokens, that none of them are securities.”
@GaryGensler: “Make no mistake: to the extent there’s securities on the platforms, the platforms must register unless they meet exemptions.

Make no mistake: If it’s a lending platform that offers securities, it also falls under SEC jurisdiction.” #crypto #AspenSecurityForum
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Happening now: @US4AfghanPeace speaks with #AspenSecurity

On Monday, he told @VOANews' @AyazGul64 "The [Afghan] government cannot get rid of the #Taliban" & "the Taliban cannot conquer Afghanistan & have a gvt & that has the support of the overwhelming majority of the Afghans"
"The situation is very concerning" @US4AfghanPeace tells #AspenSecurity

"The Talibs [#Taliban] have been emboldened by the development of recent weeks in terms of the gains they have made & are in a maximalist frame of mind"
.@US4AfghanPeace says US assessment is that neither side can achieve a military solution

"There is no alternative, ultimately, to a political settlement"
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"No one has had all the right answers. And no one has done all the right things every time" @WHO's @DrMikeRyan tell #AspenSecurity when asked about struggle of US to contain #COVID19
"We have to create a new partnership, a new deal between government services & community action" per @WHO's @DrMikeRyan on advice to US, others

"Individuals have to be empowered, educated. They have to want to participate..." he says "But they need to be facilitated & supported"
"We need to take a step back. We need to look at the problem again. And we need to go at the problem again" per @DrMikeRyan "That needs everybody on board-it means bipartisan, all of gvt, all states, all communities together...that requires strong, sustained & trusted leadership"
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#TikTok "shows a little bit of the haphazardness of this administration" Senate Intel Vice Chair @MarkWarner tells #AspenSecurity

"Is TikTok a problem? Yes. But on the hierarchy of problems we're talking about an app that allows you to make funny videos..."
"...that potentially the Chinese are taking that information and storing it or retaining back in #China & they may be limiting the ability to critique the Chinese gvt" per @MarkWarner
"Should we be concerned if you're a member of the military or the IC if you have #TikTok on one of your devices? Yes" per @MarkWarner "But that is a completely different scale of problem than #Huawei"
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Battle between #Russia, US in the #information space over #Beirut #Lebanon explosion

US Defense Secretary commenting during the virtual #AspenSecurity Forum
Meanwhile, #Russia tweeting 2x in the past hour about its plane with "urgent aid" landing in #Lebanon
.@StateDept's @SecPompeo's tweet about US outreach to #Lebanon a couple of hours ago
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#China "I don't see China right now as an inevitable threat, that we're going to have a fight w/them, or whatever the case may be" per @EsperDoD "But we do have to compete in all domains"
"Our hope is that we can get #China on the rt trajectory where they share our same values,where they at least respect int'l rules&norms" per @EsperDoD "Where they stop doing what we've seen them do to many of our partners..twisting arms&using coercive techniques to get their way"
"The murder of #GeorgeFloyd was a wake-up call" per @EsperDoD "It was a wake up call for us as well as leaders"

"I don't think what everybody appreciated, at least me personally, is the depth of sentiment out there among our servicemembers of color, particularly Black Americans"
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