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1/ Would you like to know how an aspiring furu and a rogue trader loses real money for his clients while publicly claiming to be profitable every day? I spent $30k to find out and sharing with you here for free. Meet @odelys__ 👇

#DAX #FDAX #DAX30 #ES_F #emini
@odelys__ 2/… Remember his daily “Hope you participated…”? Well, I did participate. All of the screenshots are of my own personal account that @odelys__ has been trading since mid-August 2019 and ran into the ground by the end of October.
3/… It started as a modest $63k account that promptly hit the turbulence, dipping 12%. At the time @odelys__ offered assurances that this was absolutely not the norm. And the man sounded passionate about client satisfaction.
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l'impulso dalla creazione di quasi 3Trilioni di $ di riserve non spinge in maniera coerente e costante l'elargizione di nuovo credito da parte delle banche US👉NON C'E' DOMANDA
la moneta creata non "gira" come potrebbe/dovrebbe e lo vedi su
-Linea Nera:Inflazione attesa 5y FWD
...perché accade tutto questo?
perché da oltre 10 anno l'unico intento delle CBs è quello di salvaguardare il sistema finanziario come l'abbiamo sempre "conosciuto" che è morto esattamente 11 anni fa...NON SIAMO MAI USCITI DALLA GFC 2008/09 e non usciremo mai in questo modo
...ed oggi vedremo quanto @potus è ricattabile...ha in mano il jolly per affondare EZ e lo DEVE giocare adesso...👽…
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Looks like it will take the #es_f to get under 2965 to weaken or above 3000 to expand higher. Looking forward to breaking out of this range! The price action will tell us!
We stayed long from yesterday OR. Stops in for a scratch. Targets much higher 3025-30.
Lol. Great way to put it. Money for nothing drugs gives indices more upside.
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Today I will share something I learned after 12 years as a creature of markets. Plz share this with others so they don’t waste years realizing this.

Day traders have v low chance of making consistent money. Those who trade with charts & indicator have zero chance. Read on why 1/
Making money in markets is not a function of oscillators or charts.

This is only for short term day trading.

I view weekly/monthly charts for my IRA and it’s very useful. This post is referencing only those who trade intraday , short term.

Profit depends on 2 things ONLY 2/
ONLY 2 factors decide if you make money & how much you make when you do:

1. Volatility
2. Liquidity

Volatility is a function of liquidity.

Too much volatility & no liquidity , you won’t get fills/ get out.

Too much liquidity will mean no volatility

There is a sweet spot /3
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Have you ever experienced long winning streaks followed by a short losing streak that wipes your winning streak out? Do you trade multiple markets? Equities? Futures? One thing I found in my own journey is this, trading is a deep relationship between yourself and the market
You trade. I trade the #es_f, and only the #es_f most successful traders I know only trade a single market. For me personally, I look at the market the same as marriage or dating. You have to have a intimate relationship with both. You have to be able to tell your partner is
Having a off day, not feeling well, what makes the happy, sad, what gets them excited, when to hug, laugh, cry, where to touch, rub, kiss. For me I approach the market exactly the same way. I don’t look at other markets with lust or envy. I have a intimate relationship
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#es_f open is 2841.50 high 41.75 low 29360. Wide OR. Be patient.
Use the high of OR and low as trade locations.
Cut size trades in both markets
This is a good day to do nothing. Or very little. I am short small.
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Sorry I’m late. #es_f open is 2928.75 high 2929.25 low 28.50.
We are short at 28 in discord.
We paid for our trades at 2924 and now the next target is 2914-16
My bids are in at 2915 for the 2/3 of my shorts.
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#es_f open is 2915.25 high 15.50 low 13.50
Short ES 13.25.
Out of shorts at 14 long 15.50
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#es_f open is 2900 high 2901 low 99.75.
Short at 99.75
Stops are eyeballing a bid above 01. I will pay for me shorts at 95.75. First target is 90
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Its a rage to talk buybacks=RAMP BUT:

1. buyback securities have underperformed
2. epic buybacks didnt hold mkt up in Oct/Dec

BUYBACKS are NOT imo whats driven this episode - INTERVENTION via order matching is: THROTTLING

this is going to be an in-depth discussion & a long thread which we will update throughout evening

so come back to check it as it will take an hour or 2 before we’re done with all the posts explaining the conditions/character/repercussions of this new intervention mechanism /2
lets talk abt the types of intervention thatve regularly been used

1. Direct Asset Purchases &/or QE
2. Short Vol (Fed’s favorite technique up till recently)
3. Self-help exchange interruptions

The new one: THROTTLING has huge advantages for the idiot yet intellectual class /3
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..poi un giorno ci farete sapere quanto avete alzato shortando italia quando eravate sovranisti (hawkish) e poi rigirandovi una volta tornati euristi (dovish)
Il "flip-flop" di questo governo oltre ad essere un bail-out mascherato per banche IT via BTP, è "gain" per establishment
Establishment IT alla "canna del gas"..."o XI...o MORTE"...
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...provano a mostrare che questo sia un "mondo" meraviglioso quanto più possono...Eurodollar timidamente si porta a sostegno di #ES_F ma #FED Fund Futures segnalano ancora ZERO chance di un rate hike e sono ancora in negativo per il 2019!!!
...occhio qui ...liquidità dal Tesoro partiva da 403, siamo 363...arrivo a 320 a marzo e 300 a giugno...è tutta liquidità che arriva al sistema, alla fine sulle riserve delle banche commerciali e che sostiene gli asset finanziari...#ES_F
...aggiornamento sulla liquidità globale,come detto il miglior indicatore di volatilità=liquidità lo avete dalla differenza tra max e min sul ticks Index US,serve uno "spread" >2.500 stabile altrimenti "no party"
CBs e Trump Boys sono in controllo totale, establishment brinda...
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New line in the sand on the day is 2684 which was a top 9 percentile X-Tick buyer capitulation. This is now support and will be defended...below it represents a demerit for buyers and would target prev seller exhaustion #ticktools
its no small achievement what buyers have accomplished here breaking over the 2684 X-Tick and it remains a bullish signal short-term #ticktools
for sellers would like to see #ES_F below this 2684 level...normally fed days are not straight up and the first reaction which in this case was positive is reversed...but not following that as of yet - we’ll see
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Out of these shorts for 1 point profit - action is weird
not feeling well today and this action is miserable...#ES_F needs below 2641.5 for sellers and popped back above it...if it drops below there imo bears get the ball and would likely attempt to run with it #ticktools
FWIW remain in our swing shorts BTW
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Just want to reiterate we are very comfortable with building our positions and also the stratgey positions - we consistently mentioned the two targets on #geometrics today and also that we knew we could be early...but imo this is how one gets these trades. /1
Sometimes markets turn fast (early in the cycle and sometimes later [as with this move]) but if you are not willing to build positions early but at decent prices one misses big opportunities. /2
The action in markets right now is not surprising though it was not preferred...however note that what was pivotal was that #geometrics stress level overshoot at 2581.75 #ES_F that held its retest today and ramped straight from there. IMO buyers here are in for serious pain /3
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Let’s get this #mcm_chartstorm going


Let’s start with the $INDU

And $SPY $SPX have the same pattern & perfect symmetry BTW imo

$SPHBI High Beta index made a perfect kiss of resistance
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Execution Sentiment Index is STILL NEGATIVE even after a 30 point #ES_F ramp - that’s unprecedented #ticktools
The other thing that is astounding is that after a 30 point run straight up DollarFlow index is only $1.3 billion in inflow #ticktools
Implication seem that this ramp is being sold into because there seems to be little conviction on buying it imo #ticktools
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What that got to do with the markets right now?

Well, inverted $VIX has been lagging the #equity index’s and that is a big deal. The reason it is a big deal is because the of VOL TARGETING

Volatility targeting/control strategies aim to control risk by BUYING $VIX as $SPX drops and liquidating $SPX as $VIX rises.

When $SPX makes new lows but $VIX does not the implication is these insurance products continue to buy #ES_F futures while sell $VIX

So what so we have here? We have an entire sector that has built a model where a divergent $VIX = increased $SPX buying via #ES_F futures.

This strategy is roughly $1 tillion in notional and like $SKEW is showing, hopelessly underhedged vs a downside break
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...capito perché non se ne uscirà mai..?!?!
Dollar Shortage #FED
...le due chart "chiave"
Seguire #Fed fund rate futures e Eurodollar Futures oltre al libor è l'unica cosa che conta davvero e che impatta l'economia globale e la natura dei mercato aldilà degli algos telecomandati...
Libor up by 0.35 bps
Libor at 2.61813%
SPOT LOIS at 28.513
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This may shock most of you

1. From my observation in cross-assets analysis, this plunge from high to low 2940 to 2710 (230 pts) is nothing more than a stop run

2. I have notices some huge put selling in #ES_F in July, Aug and Sep during the relentless ramp of $SPX crushing $VIX
3. These put selling was around #ES_F 2700 strike.
4. For three months in a row, they worth around billions of dollars put premiums.
5. Th Options MMs engineered this Plunge was just to attack that $ES_F 2700 level or lower, making that put sellers capitulating.
6. But, not yet
7. If that put seller does not capitulate in the coming days, the volatility would persist until somebody folds
8. Not only that put seller sis not fold, they also added more puts at around 2500,2400, expecting the $SPX would not drop below 2500
9. It's Options market stop run.
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Tria non potrebbe mai lavorare con @POTUS 😂😂😂
#TriaExit #Mef cosa?
Sta diventando stucchevole..tanto 1,6/2/2,5 la sostanza non arriva la contrazione economica seria come preambolo di travolge ...senza se e senza ma...

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riprendiamo questo discorso...
la "comica" corsa delle HFT firms ad avvicinarsi quanto più possibile ai server del CME (futures exchange)...… parlate di mercati, cari i miei governanti, almeno cercate di conoscerne la struttura...ancora con il "floor"
6 maggio del Grecia è al centro dell'attenzione mediatica mondiale e da li a poco la #ECB inizierà a comprare debito greco via SMP... ma quel giorno verrà ricordato come la massima espressione dei "fake markets" moderni, dominati dagli algos HFT…
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Arbitraggio di "latenza" e frammentazione della struttura del mercato US sono i concetti (da approfondire) su cui si basa la manipolazione del mercato americano, grazie al ruolo svolto da #HFT e Quants
per iniziare un video che rappresenta un "must"
Ogni rettangolo colorato nel video è un exchange,ce ne sono 13 che tradano equities US ma controllati da 3 gruppi,Nasdaq/Nyse/Cboe quest'ultimo domina su opzioni e futures con CME. Ma ogni giorno il 40% del volume di scambi avviene nell'oscurità delle dark pool (oggi 2,15 mld $!)
Qui incominciamo a vedere i vari livelli che intercorrono prima di arrivare ad un "buy" per un "comune mortale"...
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How does it relate to markets? #ES_F ...
1. Maximize Your Winnings on the Good Days...
"some days you are going to have to take some losses, so winning as much as possible on the good days is absolutely key"
2. Minimize Your Losses on the Bad Days...
our judgment and decision-making is clouded by emotions. You are likely to play a looser game and more aggressively, and as a result you'll be more apt to make bad calls and other poor decisions
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