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6 districts in Haryana have imposed a ban on social media news platforms using provisions - Section 188 of the IPC, Disaster Management Act 2005 and Epidemic Disease Act, 1957.
#FreedomOfSpeech #WebsiteBan #Haryana
The reason for the said ban is stated to be “dissemination of unverified and misleading news from such platforms may disturb tranquillity in the society and may adversely affect the mental health of common man during the COVID-19 pandemic".
#Covid_19 #pandemic #FakeNews
These six districts include #Sonipat, #Kaithal, #CharkhiDadri, #Karnal, #Narnaul and #Bhiwani.
The News platforms upon which the Ban has been imposed are based on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, Public App and LinkedIn.…
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So entstehen #FakeNews :
Ein grüner Gemeinderat schreibt auf Facebook, Polizeipräsident Lutz habe #Stammbaumrecherche angekündigt.
Der Mann war zwar nicht selbst anwesend, aber 3 grüne und 1 linker Gemeinderat bestätigen das Wording.
Die @StZ_NEWS berichten und auf Twitter 1/2
schlagen die Wellen hoch.
Der Pressesprecher der Stadt und die @PP_Stuttgart widersprechen.
Politiker und Journalisten schaukeln das Thema immer weiter hoch. #Ariernachweis und Ahnenforschung heißt es jetzt. Der Polizeipräsident solle zurücktreten. Die Polizei sei rassistisch.2/3
Alle Medien berichten. Es sieht nicht gut aus für die @PP_Stuttgart .
Diese veröffentlicht am Montag ein Wortprotokoll des Gesagten: Der Polizeipräsident hat überhaupt nicht mal #Stammbaumforschung erwähnt.

Viel Lärm um nichts.…
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Liberty Counsel rebuts #FakeNews about Paycheck Protection Program. Some of the false information appears to have originated by @cl_arts and @Salon.…
Some of the false information appears to have originated in a July 8 article written for Creative Loafing at, by its digital editor Colin Wolf, who wrote that Liberty Counsel had received PPP funds but “reportedly retained no jobs.”
Instead of verifying the information in Creative Loafing, Roger Sollengerger, staff writer for, published an article on July 10 claiming that Liberty Counsel received “between $350,000 and $1 million, reportedly retaining no jobs.” ...
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- reporter openly soliciting to create a #fakenews hit piece
- what in hell has happened to our media?

This is now getting truly sinister...

Retweet to let people know how bad it has become...and hopefully wake people up to the issue
Here's another one - this phenomenon is a new and desperate propaganda-supporting measure:
Hey he's just deleted it - caught red-handed - saw the masses of replies accusing him of corruption and bias!
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Die Stuttgarter Zeitung (@StZ_NEWS) hat ihre #FakeNews zu #Stammbaum bemerkt, behält sie aber in URL, Headline und Text einfach drin. 🤦🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

Erst nach 3 Scrollseiten kommt ein kleine Fußnote (die auch nichts wirklich zugibt, wer das erlogen hat…)
CC @Hallaschka_HH @DPolGHH
6× Lügen, 1× kleinlaut revidieren.
(und das erst 3 Seiten weiter…⬇️⬇️⬇️)

#Stammbaumrecherche #Stammbaumforschung
#FakeNews #Polizeihetze
Die @StZ_News haben übrigens auch gezielt das 1 Foto dieses Fotografen genommen, auf denen nur 1 weißer Typ kontrolliert wird…

Alle Gruppenfotos (=prinzipiell aussagekräftiger bei Gruppen-Ereignissen) sehen eher aus wie bei der NZZ…#LügenDurchWeglassen

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🔥The Communists have been planning and plotting to take over the United States for over 60 years. Start here. #Thread…
🔥 Read through these memes and it will all come together for you.…
🔥 60 plus years of infiltration and indoctrination to take over the United States.…
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A thread on #education and #History (long one)

When I was in school, I always thought why do I need to study subjects like History, where I have to learn about various civilisations, movements, renaissance’s, arts & culture, emperors & conquers, our ancestors, Religions etc
What is the value of history, in a world where new technologies dominate our professional and social lives, and an ability to code is seen as having the same high status and capacity for social advancement as the ability to read once did?
Why study it when it happened in the past and isn’t relevant for today?

I always thought history class was a drag. To me, history just seemed like a jumble of names and dates attached to events long over with and people long dead. What was the point of learning it at all?
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Those who scream the loudest #LockHimUp #UkraineGate ain't going away. Mitt of #BainCapitol -hey we just found former Bain people (5) are top people at #Wayfair #childtrafficing
What's #Wayfair - we found some astonishing information yesterday. Think for yourself.…
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We are witnessing a rewrite of history coupled with the spread of #fakenews & #propaganda from @thedemocrats and others. #AmericaFirst, while shown in the 1920's KKK #rally sign below, was not a 'slogan' of the KKK at large, it was just a statement. The #KKK had turned largely...
away from it's overtly racist posture, trying to rebrand itself as a "service organization" and per Jay Rubin, quoted in picture below, were anti #immigration, anti-#Catholic and anti-#Jewish. But, like I always say, you can clean up a turd but it's still a piece of shit.
Years later, #CharlesLindhberg comes back from a gov't task of inspecting German military capability & reports that the Germans are way ahead of any other nation in capability and production. He is awarded the Service Cross of the German Eagle for his services to world aviation.
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👹She is a WAR CRIMINAL and the Democrats turn a blind eye
🚨THREAD ON LIBYA WAR AND ATROCITIES - it’s similar to #HongKong in that we need to pay attention🧐
The #Democrats and the #FakeNews straight up ignore the atrocities caused by Hillary Clinton’s selfish war in Libya. The #FakeNews always acted as though it’s not really a bad war like Iraq was. ALL BS LIES TO COVER FOR NWO 🤡HILLARY
#Libya #ChildTrafficking #ClintonBodyCount
The Disastrous Fallout of Hillary’s War continues to this day. Here is a quick Explanation of who is who of Libya. Yes Gaddafi was terrible but it’s obvious without him the country fractured and 🤡Hillary is to blame for the instability.
#Libya #ChildTrafficking #SaveTheChildren
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Reports from around the city of Karaj, west of Tehran, #Iran

Garmdareh area - 12:05 am local time

-Sounds of four loud sounds, similar to anti-aircraft artillery fire or explosions
-Some reports indicate power is out in the cities of Shahriar and Qods
Important #UPDATE on explosions reported west of Tehran, #Iran

Correction: Reports indicate the blasts occurred at around 12:55 am local time.
#Iran's regime is desperate to cover-up last night's explosion in W Tehran.

July 10—"Voice of Iran" website cites Garmdareh mayor Houman Ghodoosi saying the explosion was at a "gas cylinder workshop."

9 Sep 2019—IRNA news agency reported Houman Ghodoosi "passed away."
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Q Trust Theory: Next Drop 7/12?
7/5/18 - 7/23/18 0 Drops
7/13/18 - Special counsel Robert Mueller indicts twelve Russian intelligence officers
7/1/19 - 7/12/19 2 "Trust" Drops 3409 3371
Smoke & Mirrors
Trust yourself (always)
Attacks will intensify #FAKENEWS arm of the D party
4581 #qdrop when?
Will it "Maxwell" related?
July 14th will be Video Court Testimony
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Well, the Steven Marshall Government has been caught out trying to pull a fast one again. This time using staged photography to prove a point (a thread) #fakenews #saparli
Here's the video that I just took off of Facebook.
Let's play spot the difference!

The caption was:

"This captures just how far SA has come during COVID-19. It was only a few months ago that our streets were empty. Now, life is slowly starting to returning to normal."
Just for context to show I'm not editing anything here's the video in context.
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We are a small group of people who work in the music industry. We have seen and spoke to people all over the western world who are seeing music communities crumble due to intersectionalists telling you how to think and what to do. We are here to talk to musicians and reach out.
We still believe that there are racial injustices in the world, but also believe the way forward is to work together as a society and as a community and it doesnt matter what your skin color is, or if you are male or female.
We see the racism happening in the classic sense, but we also see the racism happening within woke ideology and we are standing apart from it.
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#FakeNews peddler Cong. IT cell hitman @PRamdas_TNIE of @NewIndianXpress is out with misinformation campaign again. This time with an old photograph of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan attending an Iftar organised by the UAE consulate, where Swapna was an employee.
This video taken from the function clearly explains that the lady wasn't a part of CM's team and that she happened to be in the same frame with Kerala Chief Minister. Video part 1/2
Raamdas was earlier caught red-handed with his unscientific rant about community spread in Kerala. Even after weeks of exposing, he has failed to bring about any evidences to substantiate his allegations.
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"Pedophile Madam #GhislaineMaxwell ready to name names." ~@gatewaypundit

Nice, but we've known who for years, thanks to #QAnon.


@abcnews did everything they could to cover for #Epstein and #Pedowood...

Just a gym inside the Temple, right?

@BillClinton, how are you sleeping?
Chatting with #PrinceAndrew any?

You. Are. Done.
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The rise of the #AmericanDaesh:

You thought it would never happen here, right #CNN #NBC #ABC #CBS #FNC?

You thought that the riots were just a convenient way to "dump #trump" & raise cash.

But you were wrong because if they come, they'll come for you too!

#July4th in Stone Mountain, GA

I wonder what kind of "peacedul protest" angle the #FakeNews media is going to try this time?

Oh oh... Bad news for the #DomesticTerrorists. They are so over top - THE MEDIA WILL LIKELY IGNORE THEM.

@FBI and @DHSgov? Not so much.

The media "whitewash" of the armed march on #StoneMountainGA on #July4 2020 promoting racist, anti-government violence, has begun...


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1. Six days since the release of #Covid911 - INSURGENCY, it has been a total ride! Tens of thousands of positive comments - true critical acclaim. Yet, I've never experienced the efforts by our enemies to stop something from spreading to this extent. Here's a report...
2. What blew me away was the number of red-pillings it created. I could not count the number of "Not so hard to believe when it's put this way", and "I thought it was a conspiracy theory, but no more" comments. Random people I knew, liberals and conservatives alike, all got it.
3. In 24 hours, it had over 500k views on YouTube, 120k on Bitchute, 50k on Parler, 120k on Instagram. On Facebook, it BLEW UP. This one alone got 5.4m views, and 110k shares.…
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It's remarkable that Germany is now the leading source of #fakenews on electric vehicles (EVs).

Claim: @Tesla's on renewable energy need 75000 km to emit less CO2.

Truth: less than 25000 km.

(Tesla emits 6 gr/km vs 240 gr/km for a gasoline car.)

Let me show you.
In advance: I agree with @SWagenknecht that smaller cars (or bicycles!) are better. I also think mining and recyling can be improved (and ARE improving btw.).

But let's be honest here, that is not the point of the video. The point is to dump on 'not invented here' EVs.
It is a litany of every anti-EV argument you've ever heard and even compares it to bad scary nuclear energy. And why not efuels, hydrogen or small diesels? Why promote @Tesla with it's bad working conditions?

EVs are bad. Bad. BAD. ...
because they are not a German invention.
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This is typical of the media malpractice that ALL of the mainstream press is committing.

In discussing @realDonaldTrump, Grassley said exactly the OPPOSITE of what @BreitbartNews claims.…
Breitbart claim:

"Grassley during Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto” urged Trump to focus on the American people rather than himself."
What Grassley actually said:
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STORY TO #FakeNews @nytimes,
Dopey @SpeakerPelosi gets it wrong and #FakeNewsMedia @MSNBC airs it as news!…
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@bsdhanoa Well said, sir

US is planting #FakeNews to accelerate the new cold war against Russia, Nuclear arms race & justify trillion $ defence budget

This is also to justify not extending the New Start treaty with Russia. It would result in Nuclear arms in space
@bsdhanoa US does not want to extend the New Start Treaty. It expires on 5Feb2021

Putin has been keen on renewing it to "give peace a chance"

Putin addresses a group of "journalists" on the dangers of nuclear arms in space & condemns them for never reporting on it
@bsdhanoa That video of Putin is from mid-2019. However, US VP Neocon Mike Pence had already said in his interview in Oct2018 that he isn't keen on banning nuclear weapons in space. He believes in "Peace through Strength". So, he wants to keep the arms race active ➡️…
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Es una PANDEMIA! Todos vamos a contagiarnos de esto. TODOS... tarde o temprano.

El éxito de una gestión NO SE MIDE por número de contagios, sino por número de muertes por 100,000 habitantes... y la veracidad de los datos reportados.
Como país puedes tener una moderada tasa de contagio y baja mortandad promedio por región... como en el caso de EEUU, donde la economía ya se abre y sus servicios de salud TIENEN CONTROL TOTAL de la situación. En los “yunaites” la gente NO SE MUERE en la sala de espera.
Comparen mortandad/100k habitantes entre EEUU (36) y Perú (30). Muy similares... EN LOS NUMEROS REPORTADOS!

Es real? NO! Es #FakeNews! @MartinVizcarraC miente y reporta números que NO SE AJUSTAN A LA REALIDAD! Llamen a sus familiares en EEUU! Pregunten! En EEUU no hay crisis.
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