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🚨This is huge🔥 $MITX has recently become one of the key partners in the #huawei Metaverse - web3 alliance. Simultaneously, the biggest game company, #Tencent , has announced its full commitment to Web3 by launching "Metaverse-in-a-box" to accelerate the success of Web3
1⃣ The Morpheus Labs "ML SEED Sandbox" for Metaverse provides a unique suite of resources to empower users in creating and deploying dynamic smart contracts, crypto assets (utility tokens and #NFTs ), web3 integration as well as distributed storage. Image
It also supports extraordinary digital experiences such as Gaming, Animation, AR along with several cutting-edge features including DeFi technology and scalable blockchain options that enable individuals to join the metaverse on their own terms.
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1/15❗️🔻 Big announcement, big thread !🧵🔻❗️
#MultiversX partners with @Tencentcloud

This is absolutely huge ! $EGLD about to hit the asian market ! Why ?
Answers below 👇
2/ #Tencent, what is it ?
Well, only the BIGGEST game publisher in the world, and owns at least of one game you've already played : #Fortnite  #Riotgames with #Leagueoflegends

But it's also involved in #universal Music, and other giants in every industries...
3/ The biggest of their babies ? @WeChatApp a must have in China, and its getting ready for the metaverse they want.

So, @beniaminmincu announced the partnership with their tech company @tencentcloud and with it released a full article on what they are going to achieve.
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Residents in #Beijing #CCPChina are required to wear this electronic bracelet after returning to Beijing from other cities so that their movements can be monitored. The bracelet can monitor your body temperature 24/7, as well as your locations and movements.
You must wear it all the time except when you recharge the battery or have a shower.
The purpose? To fight the #COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus, according to the #CCP.
The bracelets are made by 北京微芯感知科技有限公司 Beijing Microsense Technology Co, which also developed multi-sign sensing equipment that was used in this year's #BeijingWinterOlympics & #WinterParalympics.
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#Tencent's 1Q:
Revenue 135.5 billion yuan, consensus 141.06 B
Net income 23.4 billion yuan, consensus 29.31 B
Net other income gains 13.1 billion yuan, consensus 13.06 B
Online advertising revenue 18 billion yuan, consensus 18.59 B
#Tencent ADR falls over 3% premarket. $TCEHY
Tencent: China Officials Consistently Voice Support for Tech. It Will Take Time for Regulators to Formulate Supportive Policies.
#Tencent $TCEHY
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China's tech-heavy ChiNext Price index extends decline to 2%, benchmark #Shanghai Composite Index down 1.24%, #Shenzhen down 1.5%.
Hang Seng Tech Index keeps tumbling, now heading for an 8% drop. $AAPL-related tech groups are down amid the halt of the Foxconn Shenzhen plants.
Mainland property developers keep tumbling in Hong Kong.
#Sunac China plunges as much as 17%, #Shimao and Aoyuan fall 10%, Evergrande down 3%.
The northbound net capital outflow via mainland China and Hong Kong Stock Connect exceeds 10 billion yuan,

One of the key sentiment gauges for Chinese investors.
#China #HongKong #Stockmarket
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A crise do Spotify ilustra bem minha posição pouco simpática relacionada a opinião de "#influencers" detonando a credibilidade de negócios.

As respostas inadequadas ao mercado na voz do CEO Daniel Ek tem oferecido praticamente nenhuma chance de solução sem perdas para a empresa.
A carta de #DanielEk aos funcionários do #Spotify foi a gota d'água para transbordar o balde.

Desde 2017 nado contra a corrente do "culto ao valor do influencer" e seu alcance para a construção de marcas, um mantra das #DNVB.
Sem medo de me repetir: TODOS os players online -incluindo #Spotify-, que suportam OPINIÃO sem curadoria são responsáveis pelos danos causados pelos influencers desqualificados.
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Las 10 mayores acciones del #Metaverso, analizadas 👇

Dentro hilo 🧵
1⃣ Lo más fácil para estar invertidos en el Metaverso es a través del ETF USA:

$META Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF.

A causa de la directiva Mifid II no podemos comprarlo desde Europa pero tenemos algunas opciones🙂
2⃣ Una es a través de opciones financiares, como comentó mi compañero @VictorG_bolsa, te recomiendo su hilo si no lo has visto.

Yo en mi newsletter di otra opción, replicar las 10 mayores posiciones del ETF, con los mismos pesos.

A continuación revisaremos cada una de ellas.
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4. Is this regulation something new? It is officially codifying existing facts on the ground. The rumor is after the Edu regulation debacle/Edu Minister fired, this is govt trying to set it officially, so private capital doesn’t come in, then got banned, raising another uproar.
5. Will @caixin_intel /@Caijing be banned now? Likely not. They are state owned media, as Twitter labelled them thus, even though in China, they are considered somewhat opposition media and got article censored left and right.
6. What about Weibo/Tencent? First order effect are small because they were only in news distribution business, never in having actual journalists and news creation business. But there are some secondary effects.
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1 A thread on China NDRC proposed ban on private capital in news media business and potential impact on companies like #Weibo #Tencent, @caixin_intel, #36kr etc. and other private financial companies like #蓝鲸 #财联社…
2. NDRC:I have written about it and how central it is in China’s state-owned part of the business, which is still close to 40-50% of China GDP. It is central to understand the energy crisis because it has a say on coal production and electricity price.
3/12 China Market Entrance Regulations, similar to the Foreign Capital Entrance Regulations that's behind the reason for the VIE structure, creates a lot of arbitrage opportunities, if you are a brave lawyer/businessman. Link in Chinese of the 2021 Reg.…
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Aplicando la teoría de las derivadas al caso #Evergrande ($3333.HK) ¿Cómo saber si la crisis de Evergrande puede contenerse y no ser un problema mayor para #China y el resto de mundo? Poniendo la vista en la compañía inmobiliaria más grande del país (2020) Country Garden
(1/4) Image
¿Señales? Este es el China Comp. Index, un índice que representa bastante bien la economía China. Vemos que está en soporte que ha funcionado desde 2008 y se ha apoyado en él varias veces, lo que suma probabilidad de que la caída pueda estar frenándose
(2/4) Image
Igual que antes, podemos analizar el ETF iShares China Large Cap (como Country Garden o #Tencent o #baba), para empresas grandes de China que también está alcanzando zona de soporte
(3/4) Image
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1/6 #ChinaTech #Event #Watch: World Internet Conference 2021 opened in WuZhen, Zhejiang. Generally who's who in gov't and businesses showed up with topics as future themes: AI, Cybersecurity, CyberLaw, Internet Charity/ESG, 5G, Internet+Edu
2/6 Panel 1 Guests on AI
3/6 Panel 2 guests. Notice #Megvii and #Iflytek, both on US sanction lists.
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China has warned investing in Metaverse stating its still infancy and could likely end in tears for investors

Meanwhile ByteDance has bought VR gear maker Pico for $1.4 billion

#China #Bytedanc #Metaverse #Pico #VR #VRChat
#Pico was valued by PE investors in March 2021 at nearly $155 Million and now #Bytedance has purchased Pico at $1.4 Billion… a very aggressive valuation for a VR gear manufacturer
VR is the interface of Metaverse, but at present, the most widely used scene of consumer VR is games.
#VR #Metaverse #AR #GamingNFT
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How not to do in-game product placement 🤢…
#Mirriad "partnership comes at a time when consumers increasingly avoid ads & are becoming incredibly hard to reach & connect with. Brands need to become a deeply engaging part of peoples' experiences in new & radical ways"…
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At least five popular Chinese apps have suspended new user registrations in compliance with regulatory demands

This is part of China's latest #BigTech Crackdown (read more about that here...)
Ride-hailing behemoth #DiDi Chuxing has over 90% marketshare in China and stopped new user registrations after an investigation into the company's #cybersecurity practices

#ChinaTech #BigTech Image
However, the impact of suspending new registrations is limited for big firms like #WeChat because they are already so widely implemented
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Hang Seng Index opens 1.1% lower.
Hang Seng Tech Index opens 3.2% lower, #Bilibili down 6.0%, #Meituan down 4.5% and #Alibaba down 4.8%.
#China #Hang #StockMarket $BABA $BILI
FTSE China A50 Index futures extend losses to 2%.
#China #StockMarket #China50
FTSE China A50 Index futures fall 3%.
#China #StockMarket #China50FTSE
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FTSE China A50 Index futures open 2.6% higher on Thursday morning following the 3% gain overnight.
Sources said China's authority had a hastily call with major intl banks in a bid to restore the market calm after the recent rout.

#China #StockMarket
Hang Seng Tech Index up 6%, #Meituan jumps 10%, #Tencent rises 7% and #Alibaba gains 5%.
$BABA #Hang #China #HongKong #StockMarket
SSE Composite Index +1.26%
Shenzhen Component Index +2.16%
SZSE ChiNext Price Index +2.75%
#China #StockMarket $ASHR
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#Tencent has officially dropped Kris Wu as their brand spokesperson. Image
As of now, 10 brands have officially dropped/cancelled contracts with Kris Wu.
Porsche and Tuborg beer has officially ended their partnership with Kris Wu. ImageImage
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According to information, exclusively obtained by @BILD, Chinese internet company #Tencent is trying to buy German games developer #Crytek for more than 300 Million Euros via a European subsidiary.
Crytek supplies several western armies with military simulation programs.
Multiple employees of Crytek, based in Frankfurt, are afraid, that if their company is sold to China, their software will be used for military purpose by the PLA or China will use its ownership of the company to spy on western militaries and arms manufacturers, using CryEngine.
According to our investigation, Tencent - claiming to be an independent company - is highly pro-CCP and already in 2017 promised to the Chinese leadership that it will raise its party member share sharply from 23% at this time - especially in leading company positions.
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@KimKardashian who? Chinese #KOL sells US $300milion of goods in one session on @KuaishouVideos. #Xinba sold 16 million items in 12hrs, setting a new record on #Kuaishou. previous record being $220m by Xinba. @psb_dc @amitTwitr @richardturrin @jasuja…
Kuaishou who?
They are a the short video and social media platform.
📹competitor to @BytedanceTalk.
❇️Kuaishou have 770million active monthly users & 250m daily users.
💴Over $60Billion in #ecommerce sales in 2020, a 50% yoy increase. 2/
Kuaishou #stock was up over 200% after #IPO on @HKEXGroup. Marketcap now at $160Billion. @TencentGlobal is one of their major shareholders with #tencent related entities owning over 20% .
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#China #NPC #两会 #Twosessions
#China #unemployment #CPI #twosessions2021
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FTSE China A50 Index futures extend decline to 1%.
Shanghai Composite Index -1%
Shenzhen Component Index -1.7%
ChiNext -2.4%.
Hang Seng Index -1.2%
#StockMarket #China ImageImage
The 10-year #Treasury note yield rose 5.6 basis points to 1.469% after ECB officials saw no need for drastic action to prevent bond yields from rising, as they felt changes to communications or maintaining the flexibility of its pandemic emergency purchase program: MarketWatch
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💥He recopilado las 69 MEJORES EMPRESAS que lo pueden hacer mejor en los próximos años💥
👉Descripción, precio, crecimiento, características y valuación de 5 años en un sola página⚡️
🔥SUPER hilo desglosado en sectores🔥
El informe completo en mi web
16 sectores con mucho potencial:
1 Base de datos🖥️
2 Internet💻
3 Games / Streaming🎮
4 Fintech💸
5 Impresoras 3D📟
6 Evs🚗
7 Semiconductores🔌
8 Drones🚁
9 Realidad virtual📺
10 Software💽
11 Renovables☀️
12 IoT📠
13 Telemedicina🩺
14 Medicina🧬
15 Ecommerce🛒
16 Cannabis🍀

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#BudgetInsider | ‘If I had #Apple and #Tencent, I would have sold them by now,’ says #JimRogers…

By @jainrounak
@jainrounak In case you missed this conversation, here's @iyer_Sriram chatting with commodities guru, author and international investor Jim Rogers on @BiIndia.


In a freewheeling chat with Business Insider India, commodities guru #JimRogers explained how stocks, bonds and properties across the world are in a ‘bubble’.

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#ChinaJoeBiden has more #CCP ties. Son-in-law #HowardKrein is the Chief Medical Officer of StartUp Health, which received $250M from #Tencent in 2019, $19.3M from #PingAn Global Voyager Fund, etc. Tencent and PingAn are 100% #CCP's companies. Tips by @realTaoRay
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