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Wall Street banks and other parts of the financial sector spent close to $2 billion on lobbying and campaign contributions in the 2018 election cycle, a 36 percent jump from the last non-presidential campaign year

Did you all say Hillary Clinton was the Wall Street candidate?🖕

Banks and financial institutions dramatically increased their political spending as Congress debated, and then passed, legislation last year that rolled back several key industry regulations.
The glut in lobbying and camp contributions show how Wall Street manipulates fed lawmakers to win an unfair advantage over legislation. Defenders of the banking law recently passed by Congress, including Democrats, have said they aimed to help smaller banks and credit unions🙄 3/
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@CNN REALLY??? You let @ScottJenningsKY who worked for @senatemajldr McConnell write an article blaming it on @BarackObama???
Shame on you @CNN
& to @ScottJenningsKY #WeThePeople KNOW EXACTLY what Mitch did!!
He sold his country out TWICE! 1st he NOT...…
ONLY REFUSED to issue a joint statement like @BarackObama asked him to, he THREATENED @BarackObama that if he made a statement to the American people about Russia/Putin interfering that he (McConnell) would accuse @BarackObama of interfering in the election! 2nd) McConnell ....
OBVIOUSLY had a quid pro quo (you wash my back, I'll wash your's) agreement with Deripaska that @senatemajldr McConnell would push @SenateGOP into letting @realDonaldTrump lift sanctions on him if he (Deripaska) would open an aluminum factory in Kentucky!!!
McConnell either ...
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REMINDER: this year is the first year Americans file their taxes after Republicans in complete control of Washington rammed through the #GOPTaxScam.

Since then, several things have happened. #TaxDay
🚫 Manufacturers closed plants to ship jobs overseas.

🚫 Big corporations paid zero in taxes while ordinary, hard-working people got slapped with a tax hike.

🚫 Trump is actively pushing to gut of over $2 trillion from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
Meanwhile, Trump can't seem to get his story straight about why he refuses to release his taxes. Show us the tax returns. #WhatsInYourReturn?
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Happy Tax Day! How are you feeling about Republicans’ big tax cut for the rich? Seeing a big boost in your bank account? Yeah, we didn’t think so. #TaxDay #GOPTaxScam
Your fellow voters hate the new tax law, too.…
But wealthy political donors love it — and last year they turned around and funneled some of their savings back into GOP candidates’ coffers. #GOPTaxScam #TaxDay…
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periodic reminder that Republicans controlled all three branches of federal government for two full years and they did NOTHING to fix our immigration & asylum laws but GOP did have time to give huge tax cuts to big corporations who now receive hundreds of millions in tax rebates.
REMINDER: twice as many large corporations paid zero ($0) taxes under Trump’s new tax law, while middle class taxpayers received $6 billion lower in refunds than last year #GOPTaxScam…
“I ALONE CAN FIX IT!” — con man…
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@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump ICYMI: This Disney heiress is here to tell you exactly what the 1% did with Trump’s tax cuts
@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Here's a List of Trump's Anti-Labor Policies: Trump has a history of mitigating union & labor rights... he has chosen anti-labor nominees for Cabinet positions, issued a number of executive orders & backed rules & legislation that weaken labor rights...
@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Tracking the Cost of Trump’s Overtime Pay Cut - The Trump administration has abandoned the Department of Labor's overtime pay regulations. It's going to cost workers $1.2 billion PER YEAR. - 12/20/17
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😡Annoyed Thread😡

The #GOPTaxScam is the reason why some people need to pay attention. The amount of tweets we sent out saying, “call your congress.” People have to get involved. There are places you can go that will even give you a script when calling local congress.
I have noticed that my info tweets are the least liked and retweeted and get extremely low impressions. It’s really frustrating as we are meant to be activists trying to get things done. I joined Twitter in 2016 as the Resistance to help people to get involved.
But now it’s become a place of ridiculous FBR parties. Getting as many followers in a least amount of time. 1000 tweets and 80K followers. We tweeted and tweeted about how people were pretending to be Resistance and using these parties. Yet they are still going on. These are not
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Multiple 💣incoming.

All signs point to v.1 go based on the rising hysteria on the R.

RR is still hanging out.

Cohen redactions = ongoing inv’s + subpoenas

Barr won’t risk possible charges for TT

If buried, Mueller’s rpt w/b told via 100s of indictments.🤗

Trump's Shady Scheme to Keep Jon Bon Jovi from Buying the Buffalo Bills

The plan involved a covert political operative who worked with Putin, a double amputee, a settlement w/ TX A&M, & a failed bid that opened up the opportunity Trump's presidential run.

Nunes files suit b/c his fee fees are hurt to silence oppo in vio of 1A.

Yet “RW are being silenced" Op is in full swing (projection) &

“TRANSLATION: The feds have uncovered the vast criminal GOP internet-enabled cybercrime enterprise.”

#Kavanaugh op exposed ^^
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(THREAD) Donald Trump promised he'd put #AmericaFirst. The past 2 years have proven that his agenda is #MeFirst. Rather than #DrainTheSwamp, he filled his cabinet with elitist & grifting billionaires who have capitalized on their office at taxpayer expense. #TrumpCorruption
No one has profited more from the Trump Administration than the Trump Family. In violation of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause, Trump retains ownership interests in his family business while he's in office. This is unprecedented. #AmericaFirst
When Jimmy Carter won the Presidency, he sold his family peanut farm in order to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. Every modern President has put their assets in a blind trust - every President except for Trump. #AmericaFirst
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Where to even start

First, you’re not speaker any more

And your party’s “ideas” were so soundly rejected during the midterm elections that you lost an historic 40 seats

But let’s go a little deeper. Let’s look at Trump’s “accomplishments” and see if we are “better off”
With Trump and the GOP gutting the ACA and fighting Medicaid expansion, people who pay for healthcare are certainly #NotBetterOff

But healthcare and drug companies, and people that own them, sure are. Just ask your friend Chris Collins.…
The millions adversely affected by the #GOPTaxScam are #NotBetterOff

On the other hand, all the companies and wealthy CEOs who used the tax cut to buy back stocks and become richer were probably thrilled…
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@WhiteHouse @WhiteHouseCEA The average hourly wage for production and nonsupervisory workers – our best measure of the typical worker’s take home pay – was lower in July 2018 than July 2017, after adjusting for inflation.
@WhiteHouse @WhiteHouseCEA ICYMI: This Disney heiress is here to tell you exactly what the 1% did with Trump’s tax cuts
@WhiteHouse @WhiteHouseCEA Here's a List of Trump's Anti-Labor Policies: Trump has a history of mitigating union & labor rights... he has chosen anti-labor nominees for Cabinet positions, issued a number of executive orders & backed rules & legislation that weaken labor rights...
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Here's a partial list of @realdonaldtrump's broken promises dating back to his announcement he was running for @POTUS. Many of these promises were made to set him apart from other @GOP candidates & get support from his "base"...
...Trump promised to fully finance his own campaign. He didn't. In fact it was almost entirely funded by PACs, SuperPacs, corporate & elite 1% donations. Some indication of foreign contributions. Only money he spent went to compensate Cohen for paying off porn stars...
...He would build a 30 to 60 foot concrete wall & Mexico would pay for all of it. Not a single inch of new wall has been built. Further, he's scaling down to "barriers" & finally he's taking money from U.S. taxpayers already slotted to the Military, Disaster Relief & Medicaid...
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@WhiteHouse Trump 2020 Budget Sees $1 Trillion Deficits for Next Four Years ……
Mar 11, 2019 - President Donald Trump's newest budget forecasts the U.S. fiscal deficit surpassing $1 trillion this year and staying above that level until 2022.
@WhiteHouse ICYMI: This Disney heiress is here to tell you exactly what the 1% did with Trump’s tax cuts #GOPTaxSCAM
@WhiteHouse President Trump’s budget breaks a core promise he made to the American people: it cuts more than $2 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid.…
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@realDonaldTrump President Obama handed Trump an economy that was close to what economists consider full employment
@realDonaldTrump Obama inherited a disaster economy worst unemployment 2010 was 10% left presidency w 4.8% that's a 5.2% reduction which trump cannot match in 100 yrs.…
@realDonaldTrump President Obama brought us back from the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression caused by the EXACT same policies @realDonaldTrump & @GOP are pushing. We #Resist so that Trump and the Republicans don't do it to us all over again. #Vote
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#MadamSpeaker and House Dems passing #HR1 to restore integrity to government and to our elections is what we all worked for last election! 🌊💪

From @repjohnlewis to the stellar Freshman class, House Dems will never stop fighting for our democracy and #ForThePeople!

On the Capitol steps, Rep. @ZoeLofgren exposed the great contrast between #HR1 with a Democratic majority 💥voting rights & ethics #ForThePeople💥and the last Congress, when Republicans rammed thru their #GOPTaxScam👎 – written by big corporate lobbyists – as their #1 priority!
#MadamSpeaker: “I thank all of our freshmen – every single 1 of them – for the message they delivered on the campaign trail & for the determination they have brought to this Congress… Today, we are honoring the people’s trust as we pass our transformative #HR1.”

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Buckle up folks!


The real scandal here is the gross imbalance of power involving women who were held in a form of human bondage to serve as objects of gratification for powerful men intoxicated by their belief they can get away with anything.

📌Manafort is a “hardened” criminal who “repeatedly & brazenly violated the law,”

📌Trump’s Mouthpiece? Pompeo Is Tested by NK, Iran & US Allies

📌All of Mueller's files will be handed over to Congress whether the Justice Department likes it or not.

Why did Trump’s Labor Sec Acosta give a Sweetheart Deal to Epstein

Kilimnik Is The Enigmatic Figure at the Heart of Mueller’s Inquiry

He pops up repeatedly as a possible connection to #TeamTrump & RU, w/ ties to both sides that are as enigmatic as they are deep
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Michigan's new AG is reversing terrible decisions thanks to a new Dem leadership.
Sound tasty, Kentucky?
Health care killing, #GOPTaxScam loving, vote suppressing Trump tool Gov. Bevin is up for removal in 254 days.
Make plans with friends.
Bevin, who told kids they should go out and freeze to death in the polar vortex
That nitwit.…
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I put this thread up Friday. Few RTs because #disability ♿ and #poverty are boring to people who aren't living it.

That's a real problem in America.

Yet my mentions were full of people facing the same struggle --the fear, frustration and isolation.

The failure to prioritize sick & #disabled people in America is an actual catastrophe for millions. We already know nearly all of America's #homeless suffer from some #disability.

Also, 81M disabled & 131M chronically ill Americans struggle financially due to medical costs.
When the #GOPTaxScam eviscerated the #ACA mandate, it jacked up the premiums for every sick person in America. Mine went from $239 a month for my HMO to $1,978.10.

The CBO said it would happen and it did. Millions have dropped their health insurance because of these price hikes.
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Last week she heard she owes the federal government more than $5,000 ― five times what had to pay in previous years.
“I really liked things (Trump) was doing, until this, and now I hate him,” she said.
Kentucky, GOP Trump Puppet Gov. Matt Bevin is up for removal in the 2019 election, among other important seats.
There is an election in November where they can be made to pay for reaching into your wallet to give the 1% your money.
It's in 262 Days.
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This has been the most frustrating day.
I have been working since I was 14.
I am now trying to apply for #disability--#SSDI.
It's a ridiculously arduous process meant to trip people up and keep desperate/sick/#disabled people from accessing help.

We must do better.
Since the #GOPTaxScam, my health insurance premium costs $1,978.10 PER MONTH for an HMO.
The cost of being sick in America.

That is just my premium--not the co-pays, not the cost of oxygen, hospital bed, Rxs.

I'm already bankrupt and soon The Wife will be as well.
My health insurance premium costs $24k a year.
That's more than I make as a writer.
How is this acceptable, America?
If I didn't have a partner, I would be on the street, paralyzed and sick.
Is this what we want for our most vulnerable people?
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Trump: Day 752
-Manafort Hearing Reveals Collusion
-Sued by Former WH Aide Cliff Sims
-Pushing to Expand Detention Caps
-Called 'Disillusioned' by El Paso Co.
-CA Gov Pulling Troops From Border
-Work Days Don't Start Before 11AM
-Deal Reached 2 Avoid Shutdown
Day 857 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 708 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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You are a middle class American who got hosed by the #GOPTaxScam after you were told that you would get a $4,000 tax break!
How did this happen? Well the GOP did it deliberately.
Stick with me through this long thread and let’s break down what they did.
1/ First, how do taxes work? Your big concern is not how much money you make, it is your TAXABLE income.
That is the important number.
All that matters is that.
If your TAXABLE income is higher, then you pay more taxes.
2/ Your TAXABLE income is what is left after deductions and exemptions are subtracted.
So the #GOPTaxScam removed the exemptions and many of the deductions the middle class normally used to reduce that number.
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Since he brought up the economy, remember this:

🚫 He and Republicans forced a $1.3 trillion #GOPTaxScam that rewarded Sheldon Adelson with $670,000.000.00.

🚫 He shut down the government costing our economy $11,000,000,000.00.

FACT: the #GOPTaxScam has not come close to creating the jobs Trump promised. If anything, companies have been laying off workers while setting a record $1 trillion in stock buybacks. No one is fooled here. #SOTU
When he says that the economy is 'booming', remember that Trump and Republicans sold out Medicare, Medicaid and middle class families to wealthy people & corporations by giving them $1.3 trillion in un-paid for tax cuts. #SOTU
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“Break decades of political stalemate.” That’s rich. Trump held the entire country hostage over a temper tantrum over his vanity wall. There was a bipartisan plan. He threw it aside. That decision was HIS, nobody else’s. #SOTU
#SOTU Fact ✅: Not phenomenal employment numbers. During Trump’s first two years, the economy has added jobs at a SLOWER rate than during Obama’s last two years.
#SOTU Fact ✅: The #GOPTaxScam didn’t create jobs. It didn’t pay for itself. It didn’t give back to American workers. All it did was swell the deficit by TRILLIONS and give a pay-out to his buddies in Wall Street.
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