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The #AdaniGroups Saga- For Naive #Investors. A thread

I, Mr A(#Adani) have 100 chips. By #Law, I cannot own more than 75, so I hav 73 chips. 27 chips r sold in d market. Anther 15 Chips: My uncle buys them by pretending to b normal people. This is illegal, bt who will catch me?
So there are 12 chips left in the market. Out of these, #Funds like #LIC buys 9 chips. 3 chips are now left on the open market.

My #media, #political and PR management and #connections are excellent. There are whispers that I am related to the #king and #Government.
My uncle, disguised as a common man, #buys and #sells chips again, creating an impression of great demand. A plastic chip worth Rs 2 is given for Rs 10.
People compete to buy at Rs 12, 13. Then my uncle increases price and buys chips fr Rs 100 making me one of Investors Fav scrip
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#LockheedMartin announced its decision to open 1st Heavy Maintenance center in #India.
It will be 1st of Kind in #Asia and 3rd in the #world after USA & Canada.
All C-130J aircrafts from the world will be serviced, maintenance & repaired here. @MeghUpdates
#Russia's United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) mulls localising production of the Sukhoi Superjet in #India. @OsintTV
HAL’s in Talks with Four Countries for Tejas Fighter Jet Exports
Malaysia has shortlisted 16 of the light fighter jets, while Argentina, Egypt and Botswana have expressed interest. @OsintTV
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ரொம்ப நாளாக எழுதணும் நினைத்த த்ரெட்.
இன்று நேரம் அமைந்ததால் பதிவிடும் வாய்ப்பு கிடைத்தது.
" கடன்"இந்த வார்த்தை பலரின் வாழ்க்கையில் மிகவும் பரிச்சயமான வார்த்தை (1)
இந்த கடனால் புதிய நபர்கள் அறிமுகமாவார்கள் , பழைய நண்பர்கள் விலகுவார்கள்.
ஒரு பக்கம் மகிழ்ச்சி , மறு பக்கம் துன்பம் என்று இதனால் இரண்டு வகையான உணர்வுகளையும் அதிகமாகேவே கொடுக்க வல்லது.(2)
அளவுக்கு மிஞ்சினால் அமிர்தமும் நஞ்சு என்பது கடனுக்கும் பொருந்தும். தன் சக்தி க்கு மீறி கடன் வாங்கும் பலர் சுனாமி அலைகள் போல அடித்து சென்று கடலின் கோர பசிக்கு இறையான சான்று இன்றும் உள்ளது சிலர் மட்டுமே கறை சேருவார்கள். (3)
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How to become your own bank 🏦

Financial independence, (or self-sovereignty), is being able to take ownership of your assets and money. It’s having enough to do what you want with your time.

And no, financial independence isn’t just for the rich...
Financial sovereignty is a journey. One in which you become freer and more powerful over time, as your knowledge and toolset develops.

Bitcoin has opened the gates to a new age in which you can claim back control over your finances in a way that was previously impossible.
Unlike other fiat currencies, where central issuers can print and devalue them overnight, #Bitcoin is ruled only by its code—which is protected by its community.

So, how do you get started on your journey?
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2QFY23 Result Update

#hdfcbank #2qfy23

Standalone numbers:

Net Interest Income (#NII) at 21,021cr (up 19% YoY)
#Loan Growth 23% YoY, #Deposit Growth 19% YoY

Non-interest Inc (Inc treasury) at 7,596cr (up 3% YoY, lower growth due to less treasury income this year)
#Treasury Inc at 253cr (lower by 71% YoY, due to higher bond yield this year vs last year)

Total Operating Exps at 11,225cr (up 21% YoY)
Cost to Income Ratio at 39.2% vs 37% last year.

Operating Profit at 17, 392cr (up 10% YoY, lower growth due to lower treasury inc this yr)
Provision for Loan loss / NPA at 3,240cr (lower by 17% YoY, no covid related provision this year and better recovery)

Net Profit at 10,606cr (up by 20% YoY)
Consolidated Net Profit at 11,125cr (up by 22% YoY)

Net NPA Ratio at 0.33% vs 0.40% last year, 0.35% as on 1QFY23.
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CBN ‘Ways and Means’ loan to the FG rise to N20 trillion as of June 2022

The Central Bank of Nigeria has extended a total sum of N19.9 trillion circa (N20 trillion) in loans to the Federal Government under its Ways and Means provision as included in the CBN Act.

Thread 1/9
The Ways and Means provision allows the government to borrow from the Apex Bank if it needs short-term or emergency finance to fund delayed government expected cash receipts of fiscal deficits.

Provisions in the act cap monetary financing of fiscal deficits at 5%...

....of the prior year’s revenues.

However, since the government started experiencing a significant shortfall in revenue,

It has relied heavily on the central bank to finance its expenditure programs via Ways and Means.

According to the central bank’s....

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1/ #Lending and #Borrowing (LB) are the most primitive financial services. We will discuss how #DeFi LB solves and enables financial inclusivity with transparency but still maintain #privacy.

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #visualguide
2/ In traditional #finance, the intermediaries are appointed banks or financial institutions that act as the bridge between the lender and borrower. All of these services are strictly regulated and monitored by the central #banks.
3/ Despite already existing for a long time, LB in traditional #finance has a long-standing problem: non-inclusive, stringent procedures, arduous verification process, low rate and approvals, and non-transparency.
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1. A thread on three #PBOC 2021 Q2 Macro sentiment surveys from Bankers (Sample 3200), Industrial Companies (5000) and Urban Bank Customers (20,000). Surveys data are considered less informative and need to be heavily discounted, but could be complimentary to other data source.
2. Though data came from two diff. surveys, bankers and entrepreneurs have similar view:

Entrepreneur(Bankers) view on Macroeconomy 23.9%(25.5%) as “Cold”,72.6%(71.8%) “Normal”,3.5(2.7%)% “Hot”. Normal got 50 and HOT got 100. Indexes recovered to pre-Pandemic, Q3 lower than Q2
3. Product Selling Price (Raw Material Purchasing) Sentiment, 24.4%(47.1%) expect “Increase”,67.6% (49.6%) "Same",8.0%(3.2%) "Decrease”. Expect China PPI/CPI finally converge somewhat as companies raise prices on consumers. Some Q3 pull back from Q2.
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If you take control of your finances today, then you won’t be a victim of them tomorrow.

To make it simple & give you a good picture of #Investment planning, here is a list of 7 financial calculators by @elearnmarkets to help you plan YOUR finances effortlessly. Image
💸SIP Calculator

This helps you to calculate the amount you’ll receive at the end of the investment period. It takes into consideration the #sip amount, #Investment period, & the expected #interest rate to calculate maturity amount.

Check out:
💸Future Value Calculator

The #Value of an asset is not constant.

This calculator helps you to calculate the #future value of a Present Amount after taking into account the rate of return and time period by compounding annually.

Check out:
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FM: today we will announce some relief measures; 8 measures to be announced, 4 of which are new Image
Finance Minister announces a Rs 1.1 lakh crore #loan guarantee scheme for #COVID affected sectors.

Rs 50,000 cr health sector guarantee coverage for non-metros medical infrastructure.

Rs 60,000 cr in addition for other sectors Image
CNBC-TV18 newsbreak confirmed, FM @nsitharaman announces an #Additional Rs 1.5 lk cr for ECLGS.

Rs 2.69 lk cr credit disbursal under #ECLGS so far. Image
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I lost my job in the first pandemic lockdown and was looking out for a source of income. And the easiest thing that one comes across is the #stockmarkets but what happened later made me almost think of killing myself. Contd…
Unfortunately this isn’t abt any #trading tip but an #alert for all you folks, especially those who believe money can make more money.
One day I approached the only bank that I deal with @KotakBankLtd for a loan on my car, as that was doing the rounds in this category and for someone like me, sounded apt
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Lumber Prices Are Soaring. Why Are Tree Growers Miserable?
Sawmill operators harvest gains while Southern landowners struggle with tree surplus; ‘I’m not making anything’…
Mortgage Companies Want In on the IPO Boom. Investors Aren’t Convinced. 

Initial public offerings for mortgage lenders haven’t worked out the way all the companies were hoping… #realestate #rates #home #housing #credit
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राज्य सभा में बजट पर चर्चा के दौरान @RJDforIndia सांसद @manojkjhadu ने गांव कनेक्शन द्वारा #lockdown में कराए गए सर्व की चर्चा की। उन्होंने कहा "शिक्षा, माइग्रेशन, मनरेगा, कृषि पर नीतियां बनाने से पहले सरकार को गांव कनेक्शन की रिपोर्ट पढ़नी चाहिए" #Thread…
राज्य सभा में जिस #GCRuralSurvey की चर्चा हुई,उससे जुड़ी विस्तृत जानकारी व खबरें यहां पढ़िए #Thread 2

हर 10 में से 9 व्यक्तियों ने कहा #lockdown में हुई आर्थिक तंगी, 23 फीसदी को खर्च चलाने के लिए लेना पड़ा कर्ज़

#Budget2021 #Economic crisis #RuralIndia…
वो कौन सा वर्ग था जिसका कामकाज #Covid_19 में सबसे ज्यादा प्रभावित हुआ? नौकरी पेशा को लगता है उसका नुकसान हुआ, व्यापारी को लगता है सबसे ज्यादा घाटा उसका हुआ, लेकिन देश का सबसे बड़ा ग्रामीण सर्वे क्या कहता है देखिए? #Thread 3
#GCRuralSurvey #lockdown…
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Are you excited for our December episode of Kairos?
This time we're exploring 🤹🏽‍♂‍Financial stability 🤹🏽‍♂‍

Missed the trailer? Quick recap:
👨🏽Maran, 48, Public Sector Bank Employee
❓Retire or be financially responsible
👴🏽ailing father
👩🏽‍🎓✈️daughter wants to study abroad
✅⏲️Right time for VRS?
Make guilt-free decisions about your future with a customised ithought #financialplan!
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(RBI circular on Loan Moratorium)

#SupremeCourt will resume its hearing on the batch of petitions seeking relief in the form of extension of moratorium period beyond six months or waiver of interest on interest.

@RBI #LoanMoratorium
SC resumes hearing.

A petitioner expresses gratitude towards FinMin, RBI for handholding small borrowers

Justice MR Shah: Then withdraw your petition
Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta: please have a look at Oct 9, 2020, affidavit. I am giving a broad outline without delving into the nitty grities
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I welcome all the first time visitors to my profile. I am posting some tweets and information which you may found useful.

My name is Rohit Katwal and I am the founder of Katwal Asset Management.

Kindly Retweet so I can reach to more fellow traders and connect with them.

You can find more information about what we do on my blog cum website

I keep my trading journal live for fellow traders to access. If some tweet about my trade is missing, it will surely be updated in my Live Journal here
Whenever I close a week, trades are moved to past journal which can be accessed through the link…

My Telegram Channel can be accessed through: t/me/rkatwaltradingupdates
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Long Thread coming on #StockMarket

Q. - I took #loan of 7.5 lakhs to trade in the Stock Market. Money is lost. I am in #Depression. What should I do?

A. - I have been into this situation. Post 2011-2012, I suffered from depression. 1/n Image
@rohit_katwal I had blown my account not twice but thrice. I was a teen with no sense of business & was gambling. It is past now, but know that my amount of loss was much bigger. Today, I have recovered all I lost & in profit.
I am estimating that EMI should be around ₹11k 2/n
@rohit_katwal 1st, going into depression won't help. Act on the problem. Your loved ones need you more than ever.
2nd, Don't borrow more money to trade. In wrong mindset you will lose it again. Do not take help from anyone on trading calls, workshops etc to recover money.
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#CreditCards 😊
(EMI -5 - Final Episode) 😂

#இழை #Thread

கடன் அட்டையை பயன்படுத்தும் போது கவனிக்க வேண்டிய முக்கியமான சில விஷயங்களை பற்றி பார்க்கலாம் 🧞

#EMI #Loan #Finance #Banking #IPL2020
🔥 கடன் அட்டை யை Receive செய்த உடனேயே அவர்கள் சொல்லும் Procedures படி PIN நம்பர் Generate பண்ணிவிடுங்கள்..! அல்லது அவங்களே Default ஆ ஒரு PIN நம்பர் கொடுத்திருந்தால், உடனே அந்த PIN நம்பர் ஐ மாற்றிவிடுங்கள்.
இது முக்கியமான Security Issue, எனவே தாமதம் வேண்டாம்.
🔥Card Packing உடன் வரும் Welcome Letter மற்றும் T&C Booklet ஐ பத்திரப்படுத்தி வைத்துக்கொள்ளுங்கள். முடிந்தால் Scan செய்து Soft Copy ஆக கூட சேமித்து வைப்பது நலம்.
CreditCard-(Bank Name) என Folder ல் இட்டு வைத்திருந்தால் Easy யாக Retrieve செய்து கொள்ளலாம்.!😊
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#CreditCards 😊
(EMI -2)

#இழை #Thread

முந்தைய பதிவில் சில அடிப்படைகளை பார்த்தோம்..!😊
(படிக்காதவர்களுக்கு Link கீழே.!)
சரி வாங்க, "யாரெல்லாம் கடன் அட்டையை தவிர்ப்பது நலம்" - என இந்த பதிவில் அலசுவோம்..!🧞

#EMI #Loan #Finance #Banking

முன்னாடி கேபிள் டிவில எல்லாம் ஒரு சில படங்கள் போடுறதுக்கு முன்னாடி..
இதயம் பலவீனமானவர்கள், குழந்தைகள்,
கர்ப்பிணி பெண்கள்
இத்திரைப்படத்தை பார்ப்பதை தவிர்க்கவும்"
ன்னு Slide போடுவாங்க..!
(இதன் நோக்கம் படம் பார்க்க கூடாது என்பது அல்ல, Risk எடுக்காதீர்கள் என்பதே )😊
அது போல, கடன் அட்டையை வாங்க யார் யார் எல்லாம் Risk எடுக்க வேண்டாம் அல்லது தவிர்க்கலாம், அப்படின்னு ஒரு Slide போடலாம்.
(இதுக்குன்னு வரையறை எல்லாம் கிடையாது, எல்லாம் ஒரு புரிதலுக்காகவே😊)

"என்னோட பெருளாதார சூழ்நிலை (Financial Situation)நல்லாதான் இருக்கு,
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#CreditCards 😊
(EMI -1)

#இழை #Thread

இதை ஒரே பதிவாக பதிவிட்டால் Detailing இருக்காது. அதனால இத ஒரு மூணு EMI ல கட்டி முடிக்க பார்ப்போம்.😂
(அதாங்க மூணு பாகங்களாக)😂
சரி வாங்க,
Credit Card வாங்கலாமா இல்ல வேணாமான்னு முடிவு பண்ணலாம்..!🧞

#EMI #Loan #Finance #Banking
Credit Card (CC) வாங்குறதுக்கு முன்னாடி நமக்கு அடிப்படை விஷயங்களான

🔥கடன் ( Loan)
🔥வட்டி (Intrest)
🔥வட்டி விகிதம் (Intrest Rate)
🔥திரும்ப செலுத்தும் காலம்
(Pay back period)
🔥 Penalty (அபராதம்)

இது பற்றி நமக்கு ஓரளவுக்காவது தெரிந்து இருக்க வேண்டும்.
இதெல்லாம் ஏற்கனவே நமக்கு தெரிஞ்ச விஷயம் தானேன்னு நினைப்போம்..!
"அப்புறம் ஏன் நிறைய பேர் கிரெடிட் கார்டு வாங்கி அவஸ்தைப்பட்டேன், அத தூக்கி போட்ட ன்னு சொல்றாங்க..!" ன்னு யோசிச்சிருக்கீங்களா..!
ஏன்னா இதையெல்லாம் நம்முடைய பொருளாதார சூழ்நிலையோடு பொருத்திப் பார்க்கத் தவறுகின்றோம்..!😊
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1) On Friday @IRSnews issued NEW #FAQs resolving whether an employer that receives a #PPP #Loan may defer Employer portion of #socialSecurityTaxes under #CARESAct…
2) Employers receiving #PPPloans may not defer the deposit&payment of the Employer share of #SocialSecurity tax "otherwise due AFTER the employer receives a decision from the lender that the loan was forgiven." #IRSFAQ #1
3) The deferral applies to deposits&payments of an Employer's share of #SocialSecurity #tax that would otherwise be required to be made during the "Payroll Tax Deferral Period" (March 27 through December 31, 2020). #CARES #Section2302 @IRSnews #FAQ 2
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@RBI #moratorium of 3 mths of #EMIs on all oustanding term loans as on Mar 1, 2020. Includes all #Banks & #NBFCs. #EMI payments will restart only once the time period expires. A #creditcard #loan is not classified as a #TermLoan. It is basically revolving #credit. @fifaindiaorg
This #EMIHOLIDAY is not a Waiver. Once things are normal the deferred #EMIs have to be paid. It simply won't have a negative effect on #CIBIL score. This will not happen in an automated manner, bank has to approve on the basis of request. #moratorium @RBI #RBItoday #rbigovernor
While #CreditCards are defined as revolving credit & not term loans, as per clarity from @RBI it is clear that credit card dues are also covered. Though this must be avoided if possible. #Moratorium #EMIHOLIDAY
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We are 10 friends. Each one is having 2 bank account, 2 credit card and 2 e-wallet with some offers and discounts. Everyone want to collect mile points, credit card points and best credit card discount available for transactions. We need to book 10 flight tickets to
destination A, 10 train tickets to destination B, 10 return flight tickets. Apart from that we are booking 5 rooms in destination A for which randomly 5 friends will pay. The other 5 friends will pay for the booking of rooms in Destination B. How could we join our
Trip accounts together to make a group and then pay for the transaction?…

Thought you guys might be interested in this concept to improve your transactions n sales. @Mastercard @Visa @splitwise #creditcard @GooglePay @AmericanExpress #loan #emi #bank
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Is there a #Banking #Chatbot to answer the following frequently asked questions? #CX #helpdesk #CustomerSupport #Insurance #Finance #Loan #mortgage #UserExperience #UX #Startup

Number of free ATM Transaction in a Month
Charge per ATM Transaction after the free limit is over
Maximum limit of ATM Transaction in a Day
Maximum limit of Cash Withdrawal in a Day
Maximum limit of Cash Withdrawal from the ATM in one Transaction
NEFT Transaction Charges
IMPS Transaction Charges
RTGS Transaction Charges
NEFT adding New Beneficiary Time
IMPS adding New Beneficiary Time
RTGS adding New Beneficiary Time
Maximum Transaction limit for first 24 hours
Maximum Transaction limit after 24 hours
New Checkbook issue Charges

#Zendesk #freshdesk #GrooveHQ #happyfox #Salesforce #CustomerExperience #CoreBanking #AI #Forum
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