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RVNL has given 93% returns in a few weeks. It's one of the winners in my holding.

Practically, Stock Trading is the best as it requires less effort to generate decent returns.

Sharing SIMPLE Stock Trading Strategies that I personally use.

Last strategy is my favorite. Image
1/ All Time High or 52 week High Breakout:

Stock that breaks the uptrend are the one that can give massive upmove.

These stocks are considered as strong stocks in the market.
Timeframe should be monthly and if price closes above ATH or 52 week high on any day you can enter.
Example 1:

Reliance Chart.

It gave breakout above its All Time High level after 10 years and then never looking back.

Price moved up from 700 to 2600.

Returns of 270% in five years. Image
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Positional and Swing Trading is best trading style to trade as it requires less efforts and time to generate good returns.

Sharing SIMPLE Positional Trading Strategies that I personally use.

A course worth Rs 50K for FREE.

Last strategy is my favourite.
1/ All Time High or 52 week High Breakout:

Stock that breaks the uptrend are the one that can give massive upmove.

These stocks are considered as strong stocks in the market.

Timeframe should be monthly and if price closes above ATH or 52 week high on any day you can enter.
Example 1:

Bajaj Finance gave a breakout above ATH at around 55 and then it moved up till 5000 levels.

Total returns of 9000% in 10 years.

Simple Strategy, isn't it?
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A year ago I got a call from a Prof of Developmental Pediatrics. He asked me if he could transfer a patient whom he has been seeing for the past 16 years. The patient was 19 years old. He had cerebral palsy and he could not speak, though could hear and understand instructions.
Met the boy with his mom. The boy was suicidal. It was heart breaking to see him cry on the first visit. He felt rejected by his dad, who was a mechanic. His dad would say words like "less intelligent" and "dumb". I phoned his dad. Requested him to come and see me.
The dad was old generation type man, hardworking and reticent. Wouldn't connect at an emotional level. Suggested how valuable his role was to build the boy's self esteem and future. Gave some tips to build their relationship.
Never saw the dad again. He never made changes.
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A Master thread on smallcap and microcap investing for particular marketcap range 500cr to 1000cr and its success rate for last 10 years 2012 to 2022 with conclusion & observation on winners and losers.🧵
#investing #investors #StockMarket #microcap #smallcap
In the last thread we had seen total 116 stocks in marketcap range 500cr to 1000cr, lets have a try with basic fundamental approach and check
what is the result.
ATH: All time high, 40 stocks out of 116 were not able to make fresh all time high after 2012. Some of them generated returns from 2012,
but they were not able to breach their previous ATH. Eg: Sanwaria, Uttam Galva Steel, mercator.
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90 million active demat accounts in India.

Less than 1% understand Fibonacci retracement.

This mega thread will help you understand better—starting today:

Collaborated with @AdityaTodmal
1/What is Fibonnaci (Fibo) retracement?:

•Fibo retracement levels help us to identify potential reversal area or identifying potential entry point after a pullback.

•It represents various levels of significance within a swing high and low.
2/How to plot the Fibo?

•Spot the recent swing high & swing low (usually a peak & a low) on a chart.

•Plot the Fibo on these points.

•You'll get 5 key levels of support & resistance (S/R) in between the peak & low.

•Key Fibonacci ratios: 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, & 100%.
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#India’s most expensive homes: #DMart’s Radhakishan Damani’s dream home cost him ₹1,001 crore…

By @Krittiiii Image
Avenue Supermarts’ (DMart) founder and CEO, #RadhakishanDamani, bought the most expensive home in India last year. The house, located in the Malabar Hill area of #Mumbai, was bought for a whopping ₹1,001 crore in April last year. Image
The 90-year-old house is said to be spread over 5,752 square meters. Notably, Damani is the 72nd richest man in the world with a networth of $19.7 billion as per Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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Retailers are on expansion mode

~16.7 mn space addtion expected in FY21-24E vs. ~8 mn added in FY18-21 (~2x)

Dmart, Trent, ABFRL to double their retail space additions in next 3 yrs as comapred to last 3 yrs

#dmart #relianceretail #vmart #abfrl #trent #tcns
Revenue recovery rate surpasses pre-Covid levels from Q3FY22 onwards
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Buying/Selling climax is very common in the #stockmarket and it is completely based on the price.

#Volume #Climax is something that I have observed.

In this thread🧵, I am sharing a #trading strategy that I am using based on this.

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What is this Volume Climax?

You would have seen some kind of spurt in volume in a day after a up/downtrend. Here, we don't consider any day in which there is corporate action or quarterly result.

Let's see some chart:

Below Chart is of #Metropolis when volume spurt occurred.
Now one to observe in Metropolis chart is after that volume spurt candle, the uptrend had paused.
This means at this candle smart money had offloaded the stock and retailers bought it. Hence stock went in the downtrend and Metropolis went down by 20%.
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A Thread on Ratio analysis and respective charts
No need to grab a coffee,Chai will do😄

The idea is to identify relatively stronger sectors & stocks when breadth is weak

Breadth=DT 1% (No of stocks in Double top buy on 1% PnF chart)

Breadth started falling from 14th Jan 2022
So we need to identify sectors which remained resilient when market breadth was falling.

We will look back 8 trading sessions and any score above or equal to 5 is bullish (63% of times Sector outperformed benchmark)
Mean reversals are best suited for current market breadth scenario. Once we have identified the sector the next step is to identify stocks in same fashion.

However the idea is to pick only stocks which are taking support near 50 or 200 EMA

Let us begin with first sector 👇
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“Last Diwali to this Diwali: Summary of Momentum Investments/ Trades taken (#MostlyMomentum)!!”:

Introduction of my journey so far:
I started my #StockMarket journey Jul- 2016:

•During 2016-17, as a typical new investor, started with TV Tips, and IPOs,
this (IPOs) helped in a way, best #DMART has still been the best of IPOs I applied for, got allotment, and kept for couple of months and captured fastest 282% of my #StockMarket journey.

• During 2017-18, decided not to go after TV Tips,
and started doing something on my own including a little Option “BUYING” 12, lost some funds in Option Buying, but gained a lot of experience regarding not to so something you don’t know. Alongside this, also started exploring cash market strategies of buying what is going up and
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Mission 1 Lakh share price

#Honeywell Automation
#Abbott India
#Tasty Bite
Mission 20K share price stock list

#Bajaj Finserv
#Bajaj Finance
#India Mart
#Naukri (Info Edge)
#Affle India
Mission 10K share price stock list

#Amber Enterprises
#Asian Paints
#Fine Organic
#Gland Pharma
#GMM Pfaudler
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Use of AI to predict trends isn't really new. However, many still question on how realistic AI can model the trend. Well, it depends on the algo of course. But something came up in my reading & I was intrigued to dig deeper! It is about #SHEIN
Ask any female if they have heard about an app called Shine, and the answer will be an instantaneous yes. The app has taken fashion world by storm & the infatuation is simply explosive. To be honest, I too know Shein, well of course, for obvious reasons 😄
Shein in some numbers:
* Accounts for 28% of the US fast fashion sales
* Revenue has grown 100% each year since last 8 years
* Outpaced H&M, Zara & many more big brands
*Design to production time is just 3 days!
* Adds 1000s of inexpensive SKUs daily!
* Daily app download 650k
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Did you know? #BigBasket makes more revenue than 32-year old #SpencersRetail…

By @Krittiiii Image
@Krittiiii The year 2020 has been a game changer for India Inc. in many aspects. From shopping to working, everything has taken a digital spin and the debate of ‘online vs offline’ has been getting much stronger.

#BigBasket #SpencersRetail #Retail
@Krittiiii Online grocers are cumulatively the third largest player in the market behind #DMart and #RelianceRetail, according to a report dated June 4 from the broking firm Motilal Oswal.

#BigBasket #SpencersRetail #Retail
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Conducting study on how we would have done if we would have bought every valid #IPOBase breakout since 2017. This will help us in finding the success rate of IPO bases and also in identification of the characteristics of a high probability setup. While I wish to publish (1/n)
complete study & the results on completion, but as it includes too many stocks and multiple charts of each setup, it will become too much complicated to publish on twitter. Hence I will share some #CaseStudies here which I hope will be beneficial not only in understanding (2/n)
IPO bases but also trade management, scaling in & out, identification of warning signs and selling into weakness.

To achieve consistent success in trading, it is essential for us to reduce subjectivity in trading though we can't eliminate it completely. So, am following (3/n)
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Retail stores, bird's eye view 🧵

Reliance Retail is 5X bigger than DMart, but it is not listed separately. ImageImage
#DMart has the highest margin (5.5%)

Spencer and Taaza stores have the lowest margins. (Strongly avoid) ImageImage
Current trend : Reliance Retail and DMart are leading the pack. The rest are struggling to survive. Image
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Respected all sir
I have observe that many times after high volume candle formed stocks price drop and that high volume candle's high is protected and break that high by another high volume candle only.

Here are some examples.
I have cover all large, mid and small cap stocks ImageImageImageImage
Some more examples
#techm ImageImageImageImage
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⭐️ Every MASTER was once a STUDENT!

🔸 Mr. Ramesh Damani, who is the chairman of #Dmart is also one of the most successful investors in India.

🔸 Back in the 1980s when we was in the US to pursue MBA, his father sent him $10,000 (~₹80K) with one condition.

{1/3} Image
🔸 The condition was, he has to invest the $10K in the US stock markets. If he makes a profit he can keep the money, if he loses he didn’t have to pay back anything.

🔸 Ramesh took on the challenge but within 6 months he lost the entire sum of $10,000 in the US markets.

🔸 That loss was a big lesson for a young Ramesh and it crushed his ego as a bright and aspiring MBA.

🔸 Fast forward 30 years and we all know at what height Ramesh Damani is at now.

🔸 Like they say, the master has failed more times than the student has even tried!

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Walmart went from a single store in 1962 to more than 11500 stores in 27 countries with 510 bn $ in sales in 2019
Dmart has 214 stores as of March 20 ,whole India to cover,good management, long runway,steep valuations
@DMartSupport #DMart @Walmart @Flipkart #India @CNBC @ET_RISE Image
Avenue Supermart
Difficult quarter ,Eps for q1fy21 0.62 compared to 5.18 q1fy20
PAT June,20 40.09cr / Jun19 323.09 cr
Revenue fell 33.2%
#COVID19 ,lockdowns,restricted store timings,wavering policies,sales of only essential goods in certain places affected sales
Customers preferred local kirana shops post opening,home delivery
Footfalls extremely low in April,May recovery seen in June
Dmart ready App started for home delivery during lockdown,stopped once stores allowed to start,management should continue this segment seein Amazon,Flipkt
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Posting investment levels for a few good stocks. Not quite sure which levels we will get - totally depends on the market. But, one can add 25% of the planned quantity at each level. Define your risk first. 1/n

#Investing #Trendlines #Affle #Creditaccess #Dmart #Siemens ImageImageImageImage
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Did a 11 years #dataanalysis to find out what are some of the well known brands that has gone for #IPO and what would have been the returns if we have bought them on listing day instead of IPO, and hold onto it for a month. #IRCTC #ipoinvestment #investment #nifty #stockstowatch Image
And here's the list of IPOs and its monthly returns sorted based on recent listing period. #INDIGO #DMART #RBLBANK #INDIAMART #PNB #CDSL #THYROCARE Image
The detailed article can be accessed from this link…
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Screen inspired by #RameshDamani sir:
Read on moneycontrol - Ramesh Damani's thumb rule of 24% returns can make you really rich.
List of companies that are making 24%+ CAGR profits. Will add information about each company in this thread...Contribute generously to this thread :)
28 Jewels of Indian stock market:
- Rural focuse
- Improving Ratios (CASA, ROA, ROE)
- Great partnerships
- On track for vision 2020
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