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📝🛠️ Hoy les platicaré mi investigación sobre nivelar la cama de impresión:

He visto muy buenos tutoriales en YT al respecto, pero siento que falta el detalle que les voy a comentar o por lo menos yo no lo ví tan obvio.

Me acompañan? 👨🏽‍🔧

#3Dprinter #maker #impresion3D
Llevo mejorando la nivelación en mi Ender 3 pro, por 7 meses aprox, porque el centro siempre me ha dado problemas, he probado usar un pedazo de papel y las "galgas" o niveladores de bujías, estas últimas definitivamente me han gustado mucho y he tenido resultados buenos.

Ayer, nivelando la cama, me quedó una hermosura de primera capa, tanto que me dieron ganas de llorar 😂 ok, no.

Me dí cuenta que en ningún vídeo había visto una imagen tan clara de cómo debe quedar una primera capa, motivo por el cual me puse a investigar más al respecto.

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0/ stablecoin liquidity is a core element of a flourishing, decentralized financial system

let's explore the #stablecoin landscape & have a look at the largest & most innovative stablecoins out there

featuring $USDT, $DAI, $FRAX, $UXD & more

mega-🧵 on stablecoins (0/50)✨👇 Image
1/ stablecoins are #cryptocurrencies the value of which is pegged, or tied, to that of another currency, commodity or financial instrument
2/ most #stablecoins use the the U.S. dollar as their “stable” reserve asset. Stablecoins are designed to reduce volatility relative to unpegged #cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and bridge the worlds of crypto & fiat currencies
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Angeregt durch den #Maker @guido_burger schraube ich an meinem #SolarTisch mit einem 180Wp 12V Panel. Kein Microwechselrichter sondern eine #Powerstation kommt da dran!
Der #SolarTisch soll überall stehen können. Deshalb sind die Beine klappbar. Er kann in verschiedenen Winkeln gekippt werden.
Oder wenn das Gras zu hoch ist, der Boden dreckig, dann die Beine ganz umknicken und das Panel anlehnen.
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Empiezan las ofertas del #AmazonPrimeDay y os voy a recomendar algunas cosillas. ABRO HILO
Empiezo por una impresora 3d de gran tamaño 30x30x30 a un precio de derribo. Calidad contrastada. No lleva "florituras", pero merece mucho la pena ¡153 euros!
Si buscas en #AmazonPrimeDay una impresora que incorpore lo último como calibración automática, silenciosa y en general, de mayor calidad, la anycubic Vyper de @anycubic3dprint es una elección segura. Ahora la tenéis por 399 euros, 100 euros de descuento
¿Quieres entrar en el mundo de la impresión 3d de resina? Te recomiendo esta impresora en el #AmazonPrimeDay. Alta resolución (4K), rapidez y gran calidad de los acabados. ¡Nono dudes!
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This is a real & proper product
Let's see what we can find…

I would say that there are already some visual similarities... perhaps political ..

#Drone #AntiDrone #AntiDroneGuns
#DIY #HomeMade #Maker #Assembled
Some journalistic articles

Donetsk soldiers make their own anti-drone jamming guns in the spirit of soil guns…

Russian-Backed Separatist Shows Off Questionable Homemade Counter-Drone Jamming Gun…

#Drone #AntiDroneGuns
To Be Negotiated....
Contact Supplier
Mr. VinceXXX ChenXXX
WhatsApp: +86 150XYZVXYZVX
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1/ I just read #KuCoin's 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Forecast on the Crypto Industry.

Here are my key takeaways, a thread. 🧵

Lets go! 👇👇👇

#DeFI / #NFT / #DAO / #Stablescoins / #Memecoins / #Risks Image
2/ #BTC and #ETH remain the undisputed market leaders.

🔸BTC was the best performing major asset in 2021
🔹ETH has also been gaining traction as a store of value

ETH becoming deflationary is a big change (pictured).

More on ETH next 👇 Image
3/ #ETH Gas Fees

ETH network occupancy rate was over 98% in 2021 (pictured)!

This is close to its resource critical point leading to high gas fees / the scaling problem.

#DeFI ecosystem is limited by the performance of ETH.

ETH2.0 is expected in 2022. Next, #shitcoins 👇 Image
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I have read the 162-page #Messari 's 2022 #crypto prediction report, so you don't have to. I will try to finish the report in a few threads. Dive in and save yourself some #TIME, so that you can use this info to make better decisions in #cryptotrading -Part 1 of 10
/1 Very IMPORTANT one first - The get rich quick crowd will evaporate when the #bearmarket comes, but the next cycle’s unicorns will get built during this upcoming bear market as they will get themselves ready by buying full-on when the entire crypto market will be down 80%🔥
/2 Top 10 coins invested by Venture capital funds in 2021(by number of venture capitals invested in them) - #DOT #NEARProtocol #OasisNetwork #Terra #ARWEAVE #MAKER #NervosNetwork #Solana
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Hey @TheIET, @EngineerDG & @iamwill we are totally with you on #EngineeringKidsFutures! We @Sheffielduni can see a very bright future for home-grown engineering talent. Let me explain in this thread 🧵where we are at. 1/
The UK currently has some of the world’s best, top level engineering. But there’s a massive shortfall of new talent and the picture is getting worse as country after country overtake us in skills and knowledge. What are we doing about it? 2/
#Engineering has an image problem, particularly among certain under-represented groups. Not everyone can identify as an engineer, but most people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, dis/ability can identify as a #Maker. 3/
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1jour d'atelier du CAP menuisier !
On fait des copeaux et de la sciure... Pour mon plus grand bonheur !
#teambois #menuiserie #groskiff ImageImageImage
Oh le chouette et bô livre sur la menuiserie ! Une petite pépite pr un apprenti comme moi !
#TeamBois #menuiserie #menuisier ImageImage
Allez hop on fait des copeaux !
Après un passage à la mortaiseuse on finit les angles au ciseau à bois et on fait enfin des #copeaux
#menuiserie ImageImageImageImage
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Am letzten Samstag haben wir aus gebrauchten #solarpanels neue #Balkonkraftwerk‘e gebaut.
🗺 In diesem Thread will Tipps & Anleitung geben, wie das geht & was man beachten sollte.
#upcycling #Solarpunk #solarmodule #balkonsolar #guriellapv #energiewende #maker #makerspace
Was braucht man?
☑️ Alte #Solarmodule, kommen derzeit viel von den Dächern weil nach 20 Jahren die #EEG Förderung endet & sich dann teils der Weiterbetrieb wirtschaftlich nicht lohnt.
😎 Solarvereine vor Ort
😎 Ebay Kleinanzeigen
😎 Solateure
☑️ Mikowechselrichter - die können 300w oder 600w Gleichstrom aus den Solarmodulen umwandeln in 220 V Wechselstrom.
⚡️etwa den Hoymiles HM-300…
⚡️ Envertech EVT-300…
⚠️ prüfen: wie wollt ihr Anschließen? Sind Kabel dabei?
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#DeFi was battle-tested in last week's dip, that would have sent TradFi into turmoil.

DeFi Pulse Index $DPI gives broad market-cap weighted exposure to blue-chip protocols in the DeFi space.

14 DeFi tokens wrapped into ONE!

Current $DPI allocations 👇 1/16

Video: @earth_maze
$AAVE - #Aave - 21.09%
@AaveAave is a decentralized money market protocol where users lend and borrow crypto using crypto as collateral. Lenders earn interest by providing liquidity, borrowers borrow by collateralizing their crypto to take out loans from the liquidity pools. Image
$UNI - #Uniswap - 20.38%
@Uniswap is a DEX that allows users to swap ERC-20 tokens on #Ethereum with no centralized intermediary. Traders are not exposed to the security risks of a centralized exchange. V3 allows for "concentrated liquidity" which limits impermanent loss. Image
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موضوع: نقش #اثرشبکه در پروژه های #کریپتوکارنسی
وقتی دارید پروژه های کریپتو رو بررسی می کنید، نکته حیاتی رو باید در نظر بگیرید که تا حالا چقدر این پروژه کاربردی بوده؟ چند شرکت، کاربر یا dapp از اون استفاده می کنند، میدونید که از ico های سال ۲۰۱۷ خیلی از پروژه ها مردند.
صرف یک ایده نمیتونه نشان کاربردی بودن پروژه باشه،کاربرد باعث ایجاد اثرشبکه میشه واثرشبکه محرک رشده، چرا قیمت اتریوم با اینکه مشکل مقیاس پذیری داره درحال رشده، چرا قیمت ایاس و ترون ضعیفتر از رقبا، افزایشی است؟چون کاربران وبرنامه های زیادی دارنداز اونها استفاده می کنند(اثرشبکه)
بعضی ها می پرسند کار دیفای کی تموم میشه؟ من میگم هیچ وقت، نیاز به کاربردهای دیفای همیشه وجود داره، آیا ممکنه روزی بیاد مردم وام نگیرند یا سپرده گذاری نکنند؟ هرگز، ولی خیلی از پروژه های دیفای هم از بین خواهند رفت مگر اینکه کاربران خود را زیاد کنند.
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1. ♥Ethereum is still the most actively developed Blockchain protocol, followed by #Cardano and #Bitcoin ;

♦Multi-chain protocols like #Polkadot , #Cosmos and #Avalanche are seeing a consistent rise in core development and developer contribution.
2. ♦In the year of its public launch, decentralized file storage project #Filecoin jumped straight into the top 5 of most actively developed projects;

#Ethereum killers #Tron, #EOS, #Komodo, and #Qtum are seeing a decrease in core development metrics;
3. #DeFi protocols took the space by storm with #Ethereum being the choice of the underlying blockchain and smart contracts platform. They saw an increase in core development and developer contribution activity over the year which was all open sourced.
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[DAY 11/24] 🎄🎄

Support the #openhardware movement!

"Open-source hardware was a key part of the Covid-19 response. Engineers, designers, and medical professionals collaborated from around the world to design and deploy equipment to meet the world’s unprecedented need." 👏 Image
Read more about the challenges of the #OpenHardware community ➡️…
Discover the work of the @ohsummit hosting the Open Hardware Summit and developing a certification program!
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#ChristmasIsComing 🖌️🎨🇫🇷

Troisième jour de mise en valeur d'activités #technocréatives - en Français !

Ne ratez pas demain, le 4/12, le Séminaire TechnoCreatic - Des activités de #résolution #créative de problèmes pour l’#apprentissage à l’#école du XXIème siècle.
Gratuit, en ligne et accessible à tous ! Co-organisé par le
@fabline06 et @Inspe_Nice
En partenariat avec les communautés #ErasmusPlus
@CaiCommunity et @lets_steam_eu et dans le cadre du projet #ANR #CreaMaker @creasmartedtech
9h00 : Mots de Bienvenue
9h20 : @margaridaromero @uca_education @fabline06
Les activités de résolution créative de problèmes pour l’apprentissage à l’école du XXIème siècle…
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Yupiiii, se acaba el curso y queremos dedicarle nuestro último #wisihilo a las queridas #creativas que tantos días nos han acompañado #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Cuando comenzamos este gran proyecto nuestro principal objetivo era dar a conocer al mayor número de profesionales femeninas en el campo #STEM #crearivas #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Lo más importante mostrar el trabajo que desarrolla cada una de ellas en su campo de acción #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
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Terminamos esta semana con nuestra décima #creativa para #wisibilizalas. Ella es @Iraisy de @Brico_Labs una grandísima #Maker @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Iraisy Carolina Figueroa Silva @Iraisy es una ingeniera técnica industrial cuya forma de vida se basa en la #creatividad, la #alegría y el #trabajo en equipo. Actualmente navegando en el mundo #maker y en la #educación #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Conoces el #manifiestomaker ? “Hacer es algo fundamental de la humanidad. Debemos hacer, crear y expresarnos para sentirnos completos." Ser una #maker es todo un estilo de vida @Iraisy @Brico_Labs #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
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Escape from Castle Covid.
(A thread from a #Maker in lockdown.)
For reasons too long to explain, I entered lockdown with no materials and no tools save for some foam board, a hot glue gun.. and a desire to escape. Slowly, a plan began to form.
2/ I watched the BBC documentary on the re-creation of the Colditz glider recently on YT so, with no engineering / aerodynamic knowledge at all.. I began.
Things then stepped up a notch when I found the radio gear from a long dead heli and a loony fast brushless motor. Gotta be done realIy so 3D printed a motor mount and added servos for the control surfaces.. 🛫
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I did not expect #Maker to add #LINK as collateral, but I'm also not surprised. It makes a whole lot of sense that, after #ETH and #DAI, LINK is the very next coin they want to add as THE collateral for the biggest ETH #stablecoin system. Here is why:
As collateral, you wan't something that is safe in the long run, that is not volatile and based on far fetched / high speculative value. You wan't something with high liquidity and a bit 'cash flow'. Unlike most ERC20, #Chainlink is not fueling new/different blockchains that
compete with Ethereum on the smart contract marketshare (which it has over 95% already). Chainlink does not compete with the Stablecoins where Tether alone has about 90% marketshare. Chainlink is a new 'thing', a new 'category' and serves the purpose of
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#fetc @BryanLMiller excited for some fun toys and tools today!
6 Cs used to evaluate toys for the showcase
#fetc standards for evaluation

The worse thing we can do is buy these things only tonrealizevit take 6bhrs to charge or 20 aa batteries @BryanLMiller
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Launch: Viral
Month 0: 100K users 🤯
Month 1: 30K users 🥺
Month 2: 20K users ☹️
Month 4: 40K users 🤔
Month 5: 80K users 😬
Month 6: 150K users 🤩

Don't give up and believe what you want, you will slowly but eventually reach your goal. Image
Launch plan is the half the battle, sticking along the path and surviving the long winds of winter is the real test while you dream for the spring to come.
Though all these months, even when I was busy adding features, fixing bugs, trying different ways to monetize it and rooting to win golden kitty award (lost by 4 votes 😝), I never lost sight of what's important, the USER growth.
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