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A Pennsylvania casino table dealer and an apparent coconspirator have been charged for allegedly running an illicit cheating scheme at an electronic craps game. #Zilliqa #ZAM2023 #XRP… Pennsylvania State Police say Jason Richard Kutney, 52, of Bear Creek, and Louis Grasso, 66, of Pine Bush, N.Y., conspired to swindle money from the Mohegan Pennsylvania casino in Wilkes-Barre.… In charging documents, law enforcement alleges that Kutney repeatedly pushed a button early that rolled the dice prematurely. That allowed craps players at the electronic table game being run by Kutney to place their bets after the winning numbers were
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What is #Sharding and which #blockchains are utilising this incredible technique?

This crypto guide as well as other free guides & project reviews can be read more clear on my website:

1/ 🧵👇
2- There are so many #blockchains using different technologies and processing methods to create the most sustainable and scalable #blockchain. One major problem we will have in a world where #Cryptocurrency is adopted would be network congestion...
3- One special technique called #Sharding, used by a handful of popular #blockchains like #Zilliqa, #Polkadot & #NEAR, believes that sharding is the most efficient method of creating a scalable #blockchain!
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QUELQUES #Cryptos que j'accumule en cette PÉRIODE de législation/regulation, et de #bearmarket

$BTC #Bitcoin
$ETH #Ethereum

Privacy Coins
$XMR #Monero
$ZEC #Zcash
$SCRT #SecretNetwork

Cosmos Ecosystem
$ATOM #Cosmos
$TORI #Teritori
$EVMOS #Evmos
$JUNO #JunoNetwork

$FLUX #Flux
$QNT #Quant
$HFT #hashflow
$VRSC #VerusCoin
$KAI #KardiaChain 

DEX Tokens
$UNI #Uniswap
$LRC #Loopring
$CRV #CurveDAO

Yield Farming
$AAVE #Aave
$SNX #Syntetix
$BAL #Balancer 
$BIFI #BeefyFinance

$GRT #TheGraph
$LINK #Chainlink
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$ENS #EthereumNameService

Médias, Gaming, Sports, Vidéos
$CHZ #Chilliz
$VRA #Verasity
$ENJ #EnjinCoin
$TFUEL #ThetaFuel
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$UFC #UltimateFCFanToken
$VIT #TeamVitalityFanToken

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The World's first Sharding-based Blockchain...

Meet @Zilliqa!

Here's an extensive project review! 🔍

All my info, blogs, crypto guides & much more can be found on my website 👇


@Zilliqa first launched in 2017, as they saw other blockchains struggling with one major problem, scalability. That is where 'Sharding' comes into play...
#Zilliqa's very own engineering team also created a programming language, 'Scilla' which is supposed to guarantee the safety of smart contracts by limiting the exposure to attacks on the blockchain.
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Potential Alpha: Why @demexchange's $SWTH may be the most undervalued perpetual platform in the #CosmosEcosystem and can do another 10x from here.

Most perpetual platforms on Cosmos are being valued at above $100m market cap.

However, $SWTH is only at $10m market cap, 10x lower than competitors.

With the launch of leverage perps today, $SWTH is potentially undervalued and presents a good risk/reward bet. Let me explain.
The volume on perps or margin pair on a CEX is usually about 10-15x the spot volume on average due to leverage.

Demex's volume was mainly spot, but with perps and leverage being enabled, our volume may multiply by 10-15x, bringing our #realyield and valuation up.
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Increasing the no of users on-chain requires faster execution times, higher security, & cheaper txn fees.

#Sharding is one solution that claims to scale blockchains to process up to a million txns per second.

What's sharding? How does it work?

Let's find out 🧵👇 Image
In non-sharded blockchains, each node is responsible for processing every transaction and storing the entire state.

Even if there are 1000 nodes (⬆️ nodes = ⬆️ security), the TPS of the network is limited to the processing power of one node.

This creates a bottleneck.
Sharding is one of the most viable solutions to this problem.

It focuses on splitting the blockchain into smaller pieces called "shards."

Each shard can process a portion of the total transaction processing load, increasing the network's processing power. Image
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1/⚖️ [CIP-11] The V2.6.0 upgrade is here 😉

Key improvements to #Carbon
🔹 Bridge module
🔹 Token import
🔹 Promoting greater participation → Slashing inactive oracles

Calling all $SWTH stakers!

📜 Proposal details…
🗳 Vote…
2/ Bridge module 🌉

The bridge module will enable users to bridge tokens in just ONE transaction — without needing an account on Carbon. Soon, you will be able to bridge $SWTH across #BNBChain, #Ethereum, #Neo, #Zilliqa and #Osmosis directly on CarbonHub!
3/ Token import 🪙

#Carbon is here to streamline your #DeFi experience. With the upcoming token import feature on #Demex, users can list tokens permissionlessly in just 2 steps without having to submit a proposal!

Simply select your desired blockchain & token address to go🚀
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1/ Here is a little 🧵 update on my journey if you are interested in my work and project @SoullessCitadel. I started out in crypto in 2017. I jumped slowly into #NFTs in 2019 to buy a few of my friend's work. I didn't fully understand the significance of it, but wanted to support
2/ Covid Lockdowns hit the world, all a sudden I was stuck inside a house with my family and unable to do the thing I love the most -- Create stories and put them into the medium of video/film. I never considered myself an artist for some reason, even though I was a filmmaker
3/ I decided to give my shot at making some digital art and fell in love. This jump-started the beginning of my personal #NFT journey. I tried a lot of different styles of art from photo manipulation, to 3d and 2d art. Trying to find my style, as it was all so new to me
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$ZIL #ZILLIQA - H12 - Impact Kijun-sen. Les Kijuns D & 2D & W & M sont dans cette zone des 0.13$
Un rebond devrait se faire dans ces eaux là.
Achat en cours Image
$ZIL #Zilliqa - Si ça lâche j'attendrai les 0.105-0.11 Image
$ZIL #Zilliqa - Toujours là Image
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(1/8) Why is #Zilliqa going ⬆️ all of a sudden last days?

A $ZIL 🧵
(2/8) As some of you know, I've been leading partnerships at Zilliqa for over 2 years and recently left to focus on @IgniteDAO. In the last years I've seen a lot of metagames and narratives for Zilliqa and other projects.
(3/8) When Zilliqa went ⬆️ in 2020 it was mostly because of the sharding narrative and it being the first. However, this narrative got cannibalised by @NEARProtocol @harmonyprotocol @ElrondNetwork. What we see now that the 'wisdom of the market' is telling us something different.
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Guess what the 28th of Feb means?

@SoullessCitadel Mint Date!!

Such an exciting project and bringing good vibes to a pretty crazy time in the world at the moment

Here is a little thread about Soulless Citadel.

Built on @zilliqa #NFTs #art #Zil
The opportunity here:

@SoullessCitadel has a unique opportunity to harness creativity and express it through generative art and provide exclusive access as well as other future benefits for users that hold an NFT.
99% of NFT projects are just a mint and a Discord community, this project is much more than this and aims to be one of if not the top NFT project on #Zilliqa.
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Imagine you have $ZIL now. You decided to stake it instead of selling it in the middle of a bear market 🐻. You can use standard Zilliqa staking and get ~13% APR. It's not bad, but you can only withdraw if after 2 weeks. Want to know how to optimize it? Then read this thread🧵
What are the limitations?
Your $ZIL is locked in staking and you don't have access to it.
You can always withdraw it but you need to wait approximately 2 weeks ⏳ (30800 blocks). And during this time you will not get rewards.
No automatic restaking.
Is it possible to stake $ZIL without these limitations and even get more rewards🤑? Yes, it's possible with a help of liquid staking protocol @AvelyFinance and $AZIL token. Interested? Then read this thread futher🧵 Image
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Update on my job application with @zilliqa

Thread time of course. 🧵

The Head of Community is the role that I have a chance of securing.

This would be a great opportunity to serve all my friends in the #Zilliqa community and help bring in new friends.
This thread will explain briefly ways in which I would assist @zilliqa and of course serve you as the #ZilFam community members.

Let me know what you think and enjoy. 😀
1. Community engagement and interaction on multiple channels.

Consistent community engagement across Reddit, Discord and Twitter to name a few platforms.

Fortnightly AMA’s with members of the core team, plenty of Twitter Spaces etc.
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Building a mindful #metaverse -
1/6 There won't be an overarching #Metaverse in #web3. Each will have its own use case, economics, rewards, features, policies but ultimately - #interoperability is a must.
2/6 #Interoperability or Io, allows for #Metaverses to speak to each other.
#Metapolis is being built as the first L1 metaverse to make this a “reality.” #Blockchain will serve as the bridge. More on this in due time.
3/6 Consumer behaviour was changed by mall culture, digital marketing & later, the internet. The #Metaverse will change it again: #borderless, #accessible, open for all - an always-on layer of engagement.
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Making a mindful #metaverse > jumping on the hype train. @zilliqa


1/6 One ‘metaverse’ should not dominate Web3. Yes, one could enjoy market power based on its economics, rewards, features, policies but ultimately - must integrate with other environments.
2/6 This can be done by making interoperable, utility-driven features that speak to other chains. Don’t leave people stranded on an island - Make them bridges.

#Metapolis is being planned as the first L1 metaverse to make this a “reality.” #Blockchain will serve as the bridge.
3/6 Consumer behaviour was changed by mall culture, digital marketing & later, the internet. The metaverse will change it again: from window-shopping to brand loyalty. If you play your cards right, you might end up having a lucrative career or more spending power in this realm!
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1/ Thank you to @cosmos & @ticojohnny for having us in the community AMA! We’re stoked for #Carbon to be joining the booming Cosmos ecosystem ⚛️💠

Check out the AMA with @ivan_switcheo 👉

2/ Say hello to Carbon, a Layer 2 trading protocol powering cross-chain financial markets and infrastructures. Carbon envisions to be the core of all financial ecosystems in the multi-chain world, & hopes to integrate every chain and token possible ♾

3/ Meet $SWTH! The native governance token of Carbon that helps to secure the Carbon protocol via the dPOS system. ☑️

You can choose to stake your $SWTH on Carbon or to provide liquidity to our $SWTH pools on #Demex to start earning rewards! 🎁
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To all those who swear by $bZIL, we have made great progress on the vault contract that will interface with the existing staking contract.

$ZIL #Zilliqa

CC: @junhaotan_ @xiaohuo200
Basically, the way it will work is: Instead of staking directly with the staking contract, you will be staking indirectly via a vault contract (specific to you) which in turn will stake your ZIL on your behalf with the staking contract.
And for every ZIL you stake via the vault, you will be given 1 bZIL. These bZIL will have to be returned if you wish to take your stake out. The returned bZIL are burnt.
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I think many in the #Zilliqa space think I'm skeptical about @convoluted_code because he didn't say, "Oh, please interview me!" as soon as hired.

Completely the opposite.

👇 Read the thread!
2. My observation-fueled guesses are he's likely pulled people off comms and back to blockchain building.

• Fewer tweets from founders
• Less arguments from dev team
• More "ignoring" what's said in community
3. Do I know for sure? No. But imagine yourself as Ben promoted cross-company from CSO to CEO. There are two ways (and only two!) to play it:

A) Come in and play existing politics for favor.
B) Come in and do your job and change politics.

Those are a new CEO's ONLY two plays.
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You know the drill - another week, another @zilliqa weekly update... and goodness has there been a slew of protocol, ecosystem, and community news that surfaced recently.

There's DEXs, partnerships, token metrics, community initiatives, and more.

Let's begin, shall we? 🧵
1⃣ @Token_Traxx (TT) collaborates with @zilliqa, choosing the L1 protocol for its linear and robust scalability in preparation of 'outside-in' adoption.

TT is an NFT music platform founded by @milesleonard and @TommyDanvers, both holding prolific status in the industry.
1⃣ (Cont.) @Token_Traxx recognises the flaws in the music industry and is rectifying issues such as fair play/use through NFTs and blockchain technology:

'Be it performers, recording studios, collectors and fans, everyone gets rewarded and engaged.'
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The #Metaverse is an always on layer of engagement that is accessible to all. A 🧵on what the #Metaverse could become.

1- Social: A Place to socialise, meet new people, strengthen existing relationships, build and create communities.
2- Persistent: A place of perpetual and continuous existence; an engagement layer that is always on 24/7 whether people are online or offline.
3- Reactive: The virtual environment and the people inhabiting it will respond and react in real time.
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1/ Over the past week @zilliqa witnessed a meteoric shower of fantastic ecosystem, partner, and community updates; from new dApps to new staff, community proposals and Scilla updates - there's a lot to cover.

Let's dive into some of the #Zilliqa highlights from last week ⬇️
2/ After having served as Chief Scientist at @brave (See: Brave Browser & @AttentionToken), Dr Ben Livshits (Handle@ @convoluted_code) joins @zilliqa as the new Chief Executive Officer.…
3/ Throughout his career, Dr Livshits has spent over 2 decades being involved in pioneering tech companies that have helped shape the internet today - from @Microsoft to Netscape.

Dr Livshits will be driving @Zilliqa's global strategy & establishing beneficial initiatives.
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This is a thread is an introduction to @KlimaDAO and a step-by-step guide on how to buy $KLIMA on October 18th, 2021 or after.
To scroll down to the actual guide, click on this tweet and scroll down to the tweet that starts with “STEPS”.

$KLIMA is the official crypto of Kilma DAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to improve the efficiency of carbon markets and therefore prevent the negative effects of global warming.
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This thread is a guide to staking $GZIL tokens on the Pillar Protocol (@devpillar) for Passive Income. The Pillar Protocol is on the @Zilliqa blockchain. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know from the beginning if you are new to Zilliqa.
$GZIL is the governance token of #Zilliqa. Zilliqa is a completely scalable blockchain. Its ecosystem and use case is similar to Ethereum in many ways. The main difference is that on Zilliqa, you pay pennies in gas fees compared to Eth gas fees.
A bridge between $Zil and $Eth has been created so people can transfer ERC & ZRC tokens and Apps between the 2 blockchains.
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Gaming is the future and we are in the #GameFi era where #NFT collectibles have drew the interest of a large number of millennials, helping the NFT craze become mainstream.

Let’s talk about $BLOX, the gaming token of ZilliqaRoyale being developed by @ZilFlip on @zilliqa chain🧵 Image
$BLOX will gamify the blockchain via in-game rewards by integrating with game engines and enable marketplace transactions. The first game the project will go live with is @Minecraft.

Any game which has modding support or is build on the #Unity / #UnrealEngine can implement BLOX.
More than 1.3 million developers use @unity3d as their game engine. Minecraft has 140 million MAU and had generated $415 million revenue in 2020. It is still incredibly popular as their sales topped $200 million. It is a huge scope for BLOX.
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