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T-34 #military #history – The apex of Soviet Christie suspension #tanks is the 33 mph T-34/85 with the L/55 D-5T 85mm main gun. Note: the larger vehicles (T-34/76, T-34/85, British A-27 and A-34) had five wheels a side).
#military #history – The most-famous Christie suspension vehicle is the Soviet T-34/76. It lacked the hybrid solid rubber tire road wheel/track configuration but just superb wide traction tracks helping it sprint over terrain its opponents couldn’t handle.
3/ #TankTuesday I'll post four T-34 interior shots in a moment as a reply to this later model T-34/85 with the larger gun, larger turret, and five-man crew instead of the original T-34/76’s four-man crew.
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"My grandmother would wake me really early to go swimming with me at Anderson Club. She swam and exercised every morning, and this was her routine for a few days before she passed away.

#IndianAthlete #WomenInSports #History #RepresentingIndia #WomenEmpowerment
She believed she had survived long because of how fit she was," says Ritendranath Mitra, grandson of Bengal's gifted athlete #IlaMitra who⁠
once qualified in 1940 to compete in the #Olympics.⁠

At 12, she was well-recognised in the region for her sports abilities.⁠
Her proud father would take her for swimming practice and escort her to several track competitions all through the city while managing his office schedule.⁠
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An upcoming biopic featuring #SaraAliKhan will tell the incredible story of unsung freedom fighter #UshaMehta.

#AeWatanMereWatan #FreedomFighter #Biopic #ForgottenHeroes #WomenInHistory #history
Born on March 25, 1920, in Saras, Gujarat, Usha was just 22 when she helped establish the underground station Congress Radio, which amplified #MahatmaGandhi’s message of rebellion.
After the clarion call to #QuitIndiaMovement was blown on 9 August 1942, a young Usha told her father that her education would have to wait and left her home to contribute to the freedom movement.

For a fortnight, there was no knowledge of her whereabouts.
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فلوجودیئس (اسکندریہ، مصر)
Philo Judaeus (Alexandria, Egypt)
سب سے پہلافلسفی اور وہ بھی یہودی
10th BCE - 50 BCE
یونانی دسترس والےیہودی فلسفی ہیلینسٹک یہودیت (Helenistic ✡️ Judaism) کاسب سےاہم نمائندہ
فلسفہ صرف ارسطو سےہی منسلک نہیں۔فلسفےکاذکرآئے اور
فلو کا ذکر نہ ھو یہ ممکن نہیں!
اولین یہودی فلسفی فلو نے اسکندریہ میں قدیم یونانی فلسفے سے متاثر ھو کر یہودی فلسفے کی بنیاد رکھی۔ فلسفے کا لفظ بنیادی طور پر فلو سے ہی اخذ شدہ ھے۔
فلو کی تحریریں ڈائاسپورا میں یہودیت کی ترقی کاواضح ترین منظر پیش کرتی ہیں۔ ظاہر شدہ عقیدے اور فلسفیانہ
وجہ کی ترکیب کی کوشش کرنے والے پہلے شخص کے طور پر، وہ فلسفہ کی تاریخ میں ایک منفرد مقام رکھتا ہے۔ اسےعیسائی بھی ایک گرو کےطور پرمانتےہیں۔
فلو کا خاندان اپنے نسب کی شرافت میں سب سےآگے نکل گیا۔ اسکندریہ جانےسے پہلےاس کے والد نےبظاہر فلسطین میں نمایاں کردار ادا کیا تھا۔
فلو کی تعلیم
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#OnThisDay 22 January 1879 the Battle of Isandlwana, the day of the dead moon, was fought in the modern-day province of KwaZulu-Natal. The action was a decisive victory for the Zulus; one of the worse defeats ever suffered by the British #AngloZuluWar #OTD #History Thread 1/12
2/12 - But how did events play out that ended with Ntshingwayo KaMahole, #Zulu commander at iSandlwana, inflicting one of the most decisive defeats ever suffered by the @BritishArmy at that time? #OnThisDay #History #AngloZuluWar
3/12 - During a morning patrol #OTD 22 January 1879 Lieutenant Charles Raw, Natal Native Horse, stumbles upon the main Zulu Impi of 20,000 warriors in the Ngwebeni Valley #OnThisDay #History #AngloZuluWar
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مکھی ہاءوس (حیدر آباد، پاکستان)
Mukkhi House (Hyderabad, Sindh)
کیا محض تقسیم کی ایک لکیر یادوں، عمارتوں، ورثوں کو مٹا سکتی ھے؟
ہرگز نہیں!
ھوسکتاھے پاک وھندمیں جگہ جگہ بکھری تاریخ میں نقش یہ حویلیاں۔ محلات، یادیں اس لکیرکو مٹادیں۔ ImageImageImage
اسی کی ایک منفرد اور پہلی ہی نظر میں دنگ کر دینے والی مثال حیدرآباد میں واقع "مکھی ہاءوس" ھے۔ مکھی ہاؤس 1920 میں ایک سندھی ہندو خاندان مکھی جیٹھا نند ولد پریتم داس نے بنوایا تھا۔ اس کی موت کے بعد اس کا بھائی گوبندرام اس عمارت کا جانشین تھا۔ عمارت پکا قلعہ کے مین گیٹ ImageImageImageImage
کے قریب اور ہوم سٹیڈ ہال کے سامنے واقع ھے۔
یہ ایک دو منزلہ مکان ھے جس میں 12 کمرے اور دو بڑے ہال ہیں۔ چھت پر ایک خوبصورت گنبد بنایا گیا ھے جسے دور سے دیکھا جا سکتا ھے۔ انہوں نے اس محل میں جو پتھر استعمال کیے وہ بھی بھارت کے شہر جودھ پور سے درآمد کیے گئے تھے۔ یہاں تک کہ دروازے ImageImageImageImage
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#OTD in 1871 the US Senate passed a resolution creating the Select Committee to Investigate Alleged Outrages in the Southern States. The select committee investigated white supremacist violence in North Carolina and was pivotal to the passing of the Second Enforcement act.
The select committee was made up of five Republicans and two Democrats and held hearings in Washington D.C. to investigate Klan violence in North Carolina during the Kirk-Holden War.
The two Democrats concluded that the racial violence in NC was carried out by Northern "carpetbaggers" while the five Republicans rightfully determined that the Klan “sought to carry out its purpose by murders, whippings, intimidations, and violence, against its opponents.”
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Richard H. Cain passed away #OTD in 1887. Cain represented South Carolina in the US House of Representatives. He was one of six Black men to represent South Carolina in Congress during Reconstruction. Cain was also an abolitionist, newspaper editor, entrepreneur, and minister.
Cain was born to free parents on April 12, 1825, in Greenbrier County, Virginia (modern day West Virginia). He and his family moved to Gallipolis, Ohio, in 1831. Because Ohio was a free state, Cain was provided an education and learned how to read and write.
He became a licensed minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1844 and moved to Hannibal, Missouri. He left the Methodist Church in 1848 to join the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church where he became a minister and deacon.
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The Manhattan Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb and its Impact on the World"
How was a double-edged sword created that, if the wrong people were given control of it, would cause chaos in the world?
There was a time, in the middle of the 20th century, when war raged throughout the globe. Germany, Japan, and Italy, the Axis powers, were at war with the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom, the Allied powers.
It was evident that the Axis powers were gaining the upper hand as the war raged on. 

To change the course of the war,  the leaders of the Allied powers knew they needed to devise something innovative and potent.
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Considered one of the classic romantic comedies of all time in #Bollywood history, #Padosan starred a series of stars.

#HindiCinema #IndianActors #Legendary #History
For the first movie of his own production, Mehmood wanted #KishoreKumar to play the role of one of the leads, Vidyapati. However, Kishore was not interested in acting and only wanted to sing.
#Mehmood followed him for one month and was convinced after spending a whole night in front of Kishore's house asking him to do the role.

Later while filming the #MeriBindoo song, the choreographer was not present. So Kishore Kumar stepped in and briefed the cast on the lyrics.
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#मगध 1⃣

मगध के राजवंश

1. महाराजा मगध :-

राजा मगध ने मगध साम्राज्य की स्थापना की।

2. महाराजा सुधन्वा :- कुरु द्वितीय का पुत्र सुधन्वा अपने मामा महाराजा मगध के बाद मगध का राजा बना।
सुधन्वा राजा मगध का भतीजा था।

3. महाराजा सुधनु

4. महाराजा प्रारब्ध
5. महाराजा सुहोत्र
6. महाराजा च्यवन
7. महाराजा चवाना
8. महाराजा कृत्री
9. महाराजा कृति
10. महाराजा क्रत
11. महाराजा कृतग्य
12. महाराजा कृतवीर्य
13. महाराजा कृतसेन
14. महाराजा कृतक
15. महाराजा प्रतिपदा
16. महाराजा उपरिचर वसु :- बृहद्रथ के पिता

और राजवंश के अंतिम राजा थे।

बृहद्रथ राजवंश:-

वृहद्रथ वंश➡वृहद्रथ का पुत्र जरासंध एक शक्तिशाली राजा था।

➡जरासंध की पुत्रियों अस्ति और प्राप्ति का विवाह कंस के साथ हुआ था।जरासंध के मरणोपरांत मगध का शासन -- जरासंध के पुत्र सहदेव को भगवान श्रीकृष्ण ने कार्यभार सौंपा।

(3/600) ImageImage
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Aftermath of the January 1966 Coup.

Footage of an ITN News report about the execution of the army revolt of January 1966 in which several important political figures were assassinated. They were Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa; Ahmadu Bello, Premier of the Northern Region
Samuel Akintola, Premier of the Western Region; and Fetus Okotie Eboh, the Federal Minister of Finance.

The Army commander, Major General J.T.U. Aguiyi-Ironsi took over the reins of power, lasting six months before a violent "counter-coup" overthrew his military regime.
There is an interview with Gabriel Fagbore, a Nigerian journalist.

Original credit: ITN News/Getty images Video. #ASIRIMagazine #History
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Relic Hunting
A long time ago friends sent me details of figures who scarpered over old battlefields with metal detectors.

Sometimes they found guns, usually scraps of metal, occasionally dead bodies... /1
#WW2 #SWW #History
After a while pics of amateur excavations came up, the poster would show & tell their discoveries... then ask if their 'friends' were interested. /2
Their luck depended on a few factors; local knowledge, kit, skill, & an ability to trawl the tinternet in search of data kernels to direct their efforts.

By day they dug.

By night they drank.

Sometimes both. /3
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Tesla was born in 1856ish during a lightning storm on the western border of Tartaria. A son of a Tartarian immigrant from the catastrophe that ravaged the eastern #Tartaria coast, circa ~1840ish.. ImageImage
Nikola Tesla was born a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1856 in a mountainous area of the Balkan Peninsula known as Lika. His father and his mother, were both Serbian by origin. At a young age, Tesla immersed himself in his father's library.

[snip] Image
Tesla Moves to the West ("America" [#Chilaga] Chicago~ in 1889 complete with knowledge of existing Tartarian tech...

These are some of his 'familiar' Tartarian-style residences:
(the 2nd demolished to make Empire State Building)
👇 ImageImageImageImage
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#SupriyaPathak is, without a doubt, one of the most gifted actors we've been fortunate to see on screen, who, from 'Khichdi' to 'Ram Leela', has never failed to wow us. ⁠

#History #Cinema #HappyBirthday Image
Not many know, but in the French movie, 'La Nuit Bengali', back in 1988, Supriya co-starred opposite Hugh Grant. The film also featured Soumitra Chatterjee and Shabana Azmi. ⁠
Ask her about the experience, and she says, “My daughter gets very excited about the fact that I once starred opposite Hugh Grant, but I have to keep reminding her he wasn’t ‘the’ Hugh Grant in 1988.” However, she admits, “He was just as charming even back then.”⁠
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🔕 We all know that the Collective #West has been #canceling and whitewashing #history for a long time now to #brainwash the #Ukrainians into #wrongbeliefs. Can anybody please declare #Canada and the #USA as genocidal countries against the #Aborigines, the #NativeAmericans and
and #Eskimos?Anybody? Please? And please keep banging on about it with fanfare from your rooftops about your own genocides so that the whole world hears.Aren’t the USA,UK,EU and the collective West“aided and abetted”byNATO doing the very same thing now under the pretext of aiding
Ukraine financially and militarily? Aren’t they doing the very same Holodomor upon Africa by stealthily stealing and redirecting the ships packed with tons of free grains aimed for Africa gifted by Russia and redirecting it to spoilt rich brats in EU and USA?
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Oh, Rome, the eternal city, the magnificent place, the capital of the mighty #RomanEmpire. Right?

Wrong. Ok, right, but only partially.

The capital (s) of the Roman Empire (as there was more than one) and the shift to the East.

A thread 🧵
A town founded in 753 BC at the banks of Tiber, by the first century BC, Rome turned into the most important city in the Mediterranean. Its optimal location, in the middle of #Italy, right in the centre of the Mediterranean basin, resulted in the rapid growth of the city. /1
It also helped that #Rome was the capital of the rising power, the Roman Republic, which by the end of the first century BC, defeated all its major rivals, including Carthage and the Hellenistic Kingdoms in the East. /2
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You are a #Roman soldier born in province of Dalmatia (modern-day #Croatia). Most of your life you've spent on the Adriatic coast, in the warm Mediterranean climate. It is a paradise on Earth. And it is the heartland of the mighty #RomanEmpire.

Your life is about to change... /1
Then, your emperor, great #Hadrian, commands you and your unit to move. Not to the East, where you could still enjoy all benefits of civilization. Or to Africa, also a place to be.

No, Hadrian dispatches you to the ends of the known world. To the cold and hostile Brittania /2
Precisely, you and your unit are sent to man the furthermost part of the northern frontier. To the Hadrian wall, which is nearing its completion. In the following decade, you will guard this remote outpost against the barbarian threat. /3
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Comenzaremos a descubri el continente Asiático, empezaremos con el pais de Corea de Sur. Image
Antes de empezar con los lugares mas ideales para visitar dicho país voy a comenzar a dar un poco de información sobre Corea.
El país de #CoreadelSur, tiene como lengua oficial el coreano, que es hablando tanto en ambas Coreas 🇰🇷 y 🇰🇵 y en Yanbian ubicado en China Provincia de Jilin, prefectura fronteriza con corea del Norte. Tienen como escritura el Hangul, que fue creado por "Sejong el grande"
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Midbrain Syndromes: Parinaud, Weber, Benedikt, Claude and Nothnagel.


#Neurology #Anatomy #Neurotwitter #History

Before we describe the main characteristics of these syndromes, it is improtant not to forget the main structures present in this region. ⚠️

Note: this is not a neuroanatomy 🧵

Structures not to forget at this level:

1️⃣ Corticospinal tract: motor function (contralateral)
2️⃣ Oculomotor nucleus: CN III👀
3️⃣ 🔴 Nucleus: rubrospinal tract 🦾 (arm flexion)
4️⃣ Subst Nigra: basal ganglia relay (more complex than that)
5️⃣ Inf Colliculus

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This day in #history (1777) General George Washington writes a letter from Valley Forge. The army was struggling, and Washington pled for help. A copy of Washington’s letter was delivered to nearly every state. /1 of X #America #AmericanRevolution
Would states think he was exaggerating the gravity of the situation? Was his story even believable? But clothes & other supplies were desperately needed. Nearly 3,000 of his 11,000 men were “unfit for duty by reason of their being bare foot and otherwise naked.” /2 of X #history
That didn’t even count the soldiers who had been “detained in Hospitals and crouded in Farmers Houses for the same causes.” /3 of X #America #history #AmericanRevolution
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Belgium's Hidden Holocaust in the Congo

This is the story of how Belgium’s Leopold II colonised, exploited, murdered, enslaved and maimed the people of the Congo - and how Brussels’ dark past is catching up with it today.

#DRCongo #Holocaust #Belgium
Between 1885-1908, Belgium’s King Leopold II was responsible - directly or indirectly - for the deaths of 10-15mn people, in what’s today known as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

#imperialism #colonialism #history #kingleopoldII
Belgium joined the Scramble for Africa in the late 1800’s. Leopold colonised the Congo while maintaining that it was a civilising mission to spread Christianity.

#Africa #colonialism #Belgium #Congo
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This day in #history (1825) James Wilkinson dies in Mexico City. He has been called the “most notorious American traitor you’ve probably never heard of.” Another historian has called him the “the most consummate artist in treason that the nation ever possessed.” /1 of X
He must have been! His questionable activities were not proven until decades after his death. /2 of X #history #America
Wilkinson had his finger in many pies. Early on, he found himself in trouble during the Conway Cabal, an effort to have George Washington replaced as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. He even had to resign from the army for a period of time.
/3 of X #history #America
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Important lessons from "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel

I have read this book so many times and will post my favorite quotes here … do read the book #thepsychologyofmoney
"The best way to think about money is to think about it as a tool for creating options."

When we have financial security, we have more choices and opportunities in life.
"The most important thing about #money is how you think about it."

Money is just a tool, but it can have a powerful influence on our thoughts and actions.
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