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Do you recognize this baby?

Hint: he was the last Emperor of Russia. #history
Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich, later Tsar Nicholas II.

His reign saw the fall of the Russian Empire from one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse.
He was given the nickname Nicholas the Bloody due to the Khodynka Tragedy, anti-Semitic pogroms, Bloody Sunday, the violent suppression of the 1905 Russian Revolution, the executions of political opponents, and his perceived responsibility for the Russo-Japanese War (1904–1905).
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On this day in 1923, Adolf Hitler attempts a coup in Munich, the "Beer Hall Putsch,". #history
Approximately two thousand Nazis were marching to the Feldherrnhalle, in the city center, when they were confronted by a police cordon, which resulted in the death of 16 Nazis and four police officers.
Hitler, who was wounded during the clash, escaped immediate arrest and was spirited off to safety in the countryside. After two days, he was arrested and charged with treason.
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Macedonia 1912- 1913 Balkan wars
Macedonians lived in compactness at their historical and ethnical territory up to the Balkans` wars from Shara to the river Bistrica, from Aegean Sea to the river Mesta, Prespa and Ohrid Lake

Maкедонија Балкански војни #историја #history МКД MK
Macedonians were majority at their territory. Macedonia had its ethnical sign and Macedonian ethnical feature. Macedonian ethnical feature gave special status to Macedonian language. Macedonian language was the most used one up to 1913 besides the fact that Turkish was official
2.250.000 inhabitants lived in Macedonia before 1913 and almost 90% of them used Macedonian language for communication. Living at ethnical and historical territory, Macedonians created objective perspective historical courses benefiting the Macedonian people or Macedonian nation.
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I knew that a massacre took place during 1947. But when I started to read up on the subject, it shocked me to see just how unaware we are about the "Nakba" that took place & the tales of horror it caused & most of all how the narrative got distorted by the perpetrator.

Because how can this crime, nothing less than a genocide, be so ignored outside of the area? How can massacres, several hundred thousands killed & a million forced to flee, not even render a whisper in our history books?

It is time to lift this historical injustice to the surface & give the victims the right to own their stories.
I have collected some articles dealing with the forgotten massacres & expulsion of the Kashmiri people. Each article has a short intro or quotes from content.

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Eustace Mullins with Rick Adams : The Zionist-Controlled Vatican

AA-1025 The Memoirs Of An Anti-Apostle is about a Communist who purposely entered the Catholic priesthood (along with many, many others) with the intent to subvert and destroy the Church from within.

PDF :…

#Communism #Catholic #History #Occult #QAnon
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Last year on this day, Banksy threw a mock 'apology' party for Palestinians marking 100 years of the Balfour declaration and the creation of the Rothschild-Zionist State of Israel... #Zionism #History #QAnon
They knew the Holocaust was coming, but the State of Israel was more important. #History #Zionism #QAnon
Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel - Full Interview #Zionism #History #QAnon
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1...#QCHistoryEngages On why I chose an MA in Library Science and History - My love of History was not sparked from a single visit to a museum, but rather continuous interactions with educational institutions.
2...My first memory of such a place was a visit to the @FloridaMuseum in Gainesville. The two exhibits I recall from the trip were displays on #bats and #dinosaurs, two things many 8 year olds enjoy. Still have the bat book from the trip.
3...My parents would always encourage visits to the #library as I had an interest for reading from a young age (not sure how they inspired that from the beginning - gladtheydid). This turned into an opportunity for me to discover new topics such as astronomy and other sciences.
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Bedros Hajian interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes, concerning the horrifically tragic Zionist orchestrated genocide of Armenian Christians that took place during the early 1900's. #History #Zionism #QAnon
2018 : Israel's Evolving Stance and the Armenian Genocide #History #Zionism #QAnon
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THREAD: #OTD 1966: Aberfan Disaster.

The Aberfan Disaster killed 116 children and 28 adults.

On Friday morning, the 21st October 1966, a wave of coal waste slid down the Aberfan Valley.

#Wales #History
At approximately 9.15am this coal waste hit Pantglas Junior School, Aberfan and destroyed a number of houses nearby. In less than five minutes 116 children and 28 adults were killed in the disaster- the majority within the primary school walls.

#Wales #History
The coal waste hit the classes at the back of the school building killing the headmistress, four teachers and almost all their pupils.
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Why is Jewish deicide Antisemitic? Because Christians blame Jews. But why?Pharisees tried to kill Jesus on several occasions by the orthodox Jewish method of stoning. Sadducees were willing to accomplish it through their political union with the Roman power. #Occult #QAnon
The Jewish Leaders - Pharisees and Sadducees #Occult #History #QAnon
The Romans #Occult #History #QAnon
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Danny Dyer's going to present a new BBC #history series. Let's take a look at the highlights...
Danny Dyer on Roman #history: "Treacles, nuffin but trouble. Honorious must've had his nut well done in..."
Danny Dyer on the Gregorian calendar: "Needs less latin an' more Bristols."
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[THREAD] 14 OCT 1973 is the day that Thai people known as “October 14 Event” or “Day of Great Sorrow”. It is the great uprising of students in Thailand against the absolute dictatorship regime. #Thailand #14ตุลา #14October #History #ColdWar
It is remembered as one of darkest day in Thai Cold War history because there were many people died that day due to the fight between the students and government forces.
It started with “Thai students’ activism” which inspired by leftist ideology mobilizing and organizing demonstrations and rallies against the pro-American policies of the ruling government and ruling government itself.
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Whites have always been disposable to non-white supremacists. We make money for them and fight wars for them. We protect their tribe and culture, so they can destroy ours and make us feel guilty for being white. No wonder we have the highest suicide rate. Sad! #CulturalMarxism
Read this book and get over your white guilt.… #history #culturalmarxism
Staggeringly High Suicide Rates for White Men. Guess Who Feminists Blame… #CulturalMarxism
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The "Jews" that engineered the Holocaust, run the media & worship Satan are most likely Sabbatean-Frankists / Cultural Marxists / Crypto-Jews #CulturalMarxism #Sabbateanism #Zionism
The Architects of Western Decline - A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism #CulturalMarxism #History #QAnon
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Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post”

By Ron Rosenbaum @RonRosenbaum1

Is there any comparison? Between the way the campaigns of Donald #Trump and Adolf #Hitler should have been treated by the #media and the culture? The way the media should act now? The problem of #normalization?
Because I’d written a book called Explaining Hitler several editors had asked me, during the #campaign, to see what could be said on the subject.

Until the morning after the election I had declined them.
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The Reichstag Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️

By @TimothyDSnyder
On February 27, 1933 the German Parliament building burned, Adolf #Hitler rejoiced, and the #Nazi era began.
#Hitler, who had just been named head of a #government that was legally formed after the democratic #elections of the previous November, seized the opportunity to change the system. “There will be no mercy now,” he exulted. “Anyone standing in our way will be cut down.”
The next day, at Hitler’s advice and urging, the #German #president issued a decree “for the protection of the people and the state.”
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Okay. History time!

You've probably seen photos of Commonwealth war cemeteries, with rows of white graves. They're heartbreaking images.

What you DON'T see are the thousands of small, tragic stories on each gravestone.

So I'm going to share some with you here. /1 #history #WW1
These stories exist because although every stone is similar, family members were able to pay to have a small, custom inscription made on each stone.

Which is why on Pvt J Low's grave you'll find this desperately sad inscription:

"Until we meet again. Mother." /2
Of course, the ABSENCE of anything is even sadder. Too often you'll see the nine saddest words in the English language:

"A soldier of the Great War. Known only unto God"

Those words appear when we know a body is there but not who. It was Rudyard Kipling who came up with them /3
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Latest #Qdrops
#Qalert #QArmy #Qanon

#Anons ready?

#Memes ready?

Are you ready to see #arrests?
Are you ready to see #PAIN?
Are you ready to be part of #history?
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The medieval formation & modern history of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania) is a very intricate, difficult topic.
Sadly, key artefacts were deliberately blown up (Boris Stones) stolen (Euphrasia’s Cross) or erased (by propaganda or genocide)
after the 1939 Soviet-Nazi pact such that the 1 artefact unifying the area in #medieval times - the COG ship used by Catholic Crusaders then adopted by Orthodox colonizers & Slavic tribes along the Neman, Daugava, Emmajõgi, Velikaya, & Volkhov Rivers - is terribly rare.
Yet of the COG remains its MOSS - polytrichum commune - flourishing all over the region.
Since Soviet studies had to ignore dendochronology (tree-ring dating) & Chernobyl’s radiation (=false chemical dating) & skirt the limits of KGB monitoring,& since 1992 each free
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Kicking off my #aashtoAM tweeting with a few relevant tweets from #WalkBikePlaces below. And really, you should just go look at that whole thread if you work in transportation.
Taking @RelayBikeShare in Atlanta bike infrastructure. Raised path an interesting experience--I like it. Celebratory 100-mile marker a nice touch--recognizes progress. #AASHTOam #infrastructure #BIKES TO #bikeshare
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There's been so much hype about #Zanzibar, but at the same time, a few people weren't particularly thrilled. Had to go find out for myself ,so some friends and I planned a trip. What I think? Top rating for beaches, good food, so much to see, history. Read this thread... #Travel
From #DaresSalaam, you have the options of flying or going by ferry to #Zanzibar. On the other hand, you could fly directly there. We spent a few days in Dar, then we went by cost $35 per person for economy and $50 per person for VIP. We travelled in the VIP section.
It takes 1hr30mins to get to Zanzibar by ferry. It could take longer when it's turbulent. The hotel we stayed in was an hour away from stone town. We stayed in Nungwi which is North of Zanzibar. #Travel #Africa #Tanzania #holidays
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Strap in for some crazy #Texas #history:
"The time they lynched Santa Claus for robbing a bank."

Let me set a scene:
1927: Texas Banker's Assn. responds to rash of bank robberies (3-4/day) by offering $5K reward for shooting a bank robber in the act.
Group of 4 criminals plan December 1927 heist of Cisco, TX bank:
1. Robert Hill
2. Harry Helms
3. Marshall Ratliff
4. Louis Davis
Ratliff was veteran bank robber, Helms and Hill he knew from Huntsville prison.
Davis was a cousin of Helms brought in because safe cracker got flu.
Ratliff borrows a Santa Claus suit from boarding house, dropped off blocks away, followed by children as decoy for entry of the 4 men through alley entrance of bank.
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#History/#Art thread – From my recent trip to Madurai/Tirunelveli. On Jain sites (some with a rich history dating back to at least the 3rd cent. BCE), early Pandyan rock-cut cave temples (7th-8th cent. CE) & the amazing Vettuvan koil.

Pic: Mahavira (~8 cent CE), Kizhakuyilkudi
Before I start on the places, the history around all this is fascinating & splits opinion. Is it apt to call the script Tamili/Tamil Brahmi? Did it develop independently in the Tamil country/come with the Jain monks from the north? Were 8,000 Jains actually impaled in Madurai?>
>Were the Saivites overaggressive in promoting their faith? Shall only be happy to discuss on these separately (unless it gets too long/irrational). And I’m not posting every inscription from the places here, despite their importance. Again, shall be happy to discuss them.
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