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How will #web3 transform healthcare? A 🧵 with questions, not answers! 1/8
Will patients curate their own digital health ‘wallets’, with verified diagnoses, self reported symptoms and reconciled medication lists with up to date allergies? 2/8
Your #applewatch and other smart devices all communicate, so there is a record of your vitals, activity, sleep patterns etc 3/8
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Apple Watch ECG recordings. Boon or bane?
#Wearables Thread
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52y old man, takes BP medication. Felt mild ‘butterflies’ in the left side of chest for a minute, for the 1st time in his life. Glanced at his #AppleWatch & saw that the heart rate was 222 per min.

Had absolutely no other symptoms whatsoever

Went to a doctor. ECG & Echo were done, no abnormality was reported. Diagnosis of Supraventricular tachycardia made, medicine to control future such events prescribed. 24 hour Holter monitoring & a consultation with an electrophysiologist (EP doc) suggested, saw me instead

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Yesterday morning, @Apple released emergency software updates for their products (#iPhone, #AppleWatch, #iMac, #iPad) to prevent users from the critical #Pegasus spyware vulnerability:
The vulnerability, discovered by @citizenlab, are available for all Apple products. Details of the updates can be found in @MITREcorp’s recent CVEs.

The @nytimes released an article yesterday, on the eve of Apple’s Product Event, sharing Apple’s latest update, explaining the Pegasus #spyware to their audience, as well as where it comes from (@NSOgroup).…
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#AppleEvent starting in a few mins ! As usual, I will be posting my thoughts .. follow this thread !

Lots of drones used in this musical video. All California stuff.
Apple TV+ - how many of you use it ? I could not really find anything on it which held my interest.
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1) I have a rant about today's many negative @oneplus #OnePlusWatch reviews...
But first, read my own review on @HotHardware -- I gave it a 4/5. My analysis goes beyond the narrow, US-centric view of what a smartwatch should be!…
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2) 1st, I was @Pebble's chief evangelist and head of communications during the company's heyday -- I know a thing or two about smartwatches :)
2nd, The #OnePlusWatch is far from perfect. The hardware is excellent, but the software needs improvement -- it's unfinished. (cont'd)
3) It's bad enough that we pretty much have a smartphone duopoly is the US -- @Apple and @SamsungMobile -- when Chinese phone manufacturers like @Xiaomi and @Huawei are the ones really innovating and pushing the envelope. We don't need the same thing with smartwatches. (cont'd)
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#AppleEvent | #Apple kicks off its Annual September event with CEO @tim_cook's keynote address

#AppleWatch #AppleEventAnnoucements Image
@tim_cook "Today's launch will focus on two products integral to people's daily lives": @tim_cook

#AppleEvent Image
@tim_cook #AppleEvent | "Researchers are using #AppleWatch to conduct #COVID19 research to detect symptoms before they appear": @tim_cook

#Coronavirus Image
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Back home with Oxygen after what’s been a scary few days. Feet up for now... COVID plus blood/heart issues is no joke.

I’ve used the NHS more than I’d like to count over the years. You guys are amazing and I’m so grateful to every single one of you that make it what it is! Image
One more thing. Heart rate records over the past week from my #AppleWatch helped notify NHS staff that something wasn’t right. My INR had gone up and down like a yo-yo in the space of this week. My watch is the priority each year when upgrading. Previous gen will be handed down.
Update: Almost nebuliser free now. Will get the energy levels up in time but feeling a lot less fed up today.
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a few fun facts to celebrate 5 years of #AppleWatch

here’s a photo taken of the team on launch day, that’s me in the centre. (the beard ages me but my wife @bella_bongiorno won’t let me leave home without it)
here’s a reproduction of my original sketch for the home screen. the shape of the circular icon was driven by the clock that lived in the centre of what i originally called the dock. the crown gave the home screen a dimensionality, allowing you to scrub through layers of the ui.
digital touch was originally called E.T. for electronic touch. i called it that for its potential as a new form of emotional connection.

the drawing “ink" was inspired by my graffiti days. the ephemera was designed to communicate transmission while making it guilt free.
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It's that time again, folks: Apple Day 2019. Let's see what we're gonna get.

Follow along with our livetweets here, and check out the liveblog for even more:
The opening video is a reminder of Apple's more iconic devices, Mac, iMac, etc. #AppleEvent
Let's get right to it! First up: App Store #AppleDay
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The countdown to #ACC19 has begun!

Here’s a THREAD about the much anticipated #AppleHeartStudy

(results to be presented at 9am THIS Saturday, March 17 at #ACC19 by #EPeeps Mintu Turakhia AKA @leftbundle from @SCCR_Stanford!)

The #AppleHeartStudy aimed to test the ability of a smartwatch algorithm to detect an irregular pulse consistent with AF, & to estimate its diagnostic yield in a large population:
The cool thing about the #AppleHeartStudy, is that all of it was done virtually. ALL. OF. IT. Enrollment, consent, study visits, patch monitoring. Here are the #AppleHeartStudy ‘s main objectives in detail:
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Apple has a section of their website answering questions doctors may have regarding their latest #ECG technology. Where are the answers to the REAL questions #patients want to know about? For example, if I get an alert:

#AppleWatch #digitaltech #wearables #PatientAdvocacy
2) when do I confidently ignore, act upon, or wait to make actionable decisions about alerts I’ve received? #AppleWatch #digitaltech #digitalhealth #wearables #Innovation #PatientAdvocacy #healthcare #medtwitter
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Closing the loop on #Diagnostics #Tweetorial with example #AppleWatch #AFib #Screening. From a company website: "Atrial fibrillation is a silent killer. The heart arrhythmia causes more life-threatening strokes than any other chronic condition, and will affect 1 in 4 of us."
"But the sad fact is that atrial fibrillation often goes unnoticed: It is estimated that 40% of those who experience the heart condition are completely unaware of it."
Using #AppleWatch technology and #DeepLearning #AI #ML, a device algorithm can reportedly detect atrial fibrillation with high accuracy (c-statistic 93%).
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#Tweetorial on #Diagnostics and #Screening interpretation.
An otherwise healthy 40 year old woman comes to you after reading on the internet about a terrible disease that one in a thousand women get, and a highly accurate test that can save her life.
The test is over 99% accurate in people with the disease. For those without disease, the test is only wrong 5% of the time.

You order this test and it comes back positive. The woman anxiously asks you, do I have the disease? What is the chance this woman has the disease?
Assuming they weren't immediately fooled by the "test is only wrong 5 % of the time," most I've asked correctly recognize the stats provided are Sensitivity = 99% and Specificity = 95%, and that the objective is to determine the Positive Predictive Value.
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