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Occupati di cinema, non discutere di cose che non conosci.
Tu vorresti consegnare i #dati di milioni di italiani ad una cazzo di società #USA coinvolta in #CambridgeAnalytica, il più grande scandalo di #cessione di #dati a terzi nella storia della Rete? 🤔
Ci sei, o ci fai? 🤨
Per concludere, una lezione (gratis) del Prof. Stefano Zanero | su Twitter, @raistolo.
Buona lettura, @GabrieleMuccino…
@raistolo @GabrieleMuccino Poi, se non si accontenta, @GabrieleMuccino, dia una lettura anche a questo.
E' tutto (anche per @MaurizioBaraban, che dovrebbe continuare ad occuparsi di videogiochi e non di ciò che non conosce).…
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1/ On Wednesday 23 October 2019, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the House Financial Services Committee. He was questioned regarding Facebook’s plan to create a cryptocurrency (known as Libra).
2/ Zuckerberg also was asked questions regarding election security. What follows is an analysis of a crucial portion of Mr. Zuckerberg's testimony — specifically with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
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.@repfranklucas makes the obvious point that one of the issue with people being "underbanked" is lack of institutional trust. He asks Zuck why people who are distrustful of banks would trust FB. Zuck - in contradiction of earlier media statements - basically says people trust FB.
@RepFrankLucas .@RepGregoryMeeks asks Zuckerberg if FB has worked with any minority-development depository institutions, given that he cares about the "unbanked" so much.

Zuckerberg admits he has no idea if FB has done this.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
@RepFrankLucas @RepGregoryMeeks #Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

Stop it.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
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Let's look at Brexit Party HQ, 83 Victoria Street, London...…
Conservative Way Forward was registered to (Blaney / Griffin Law) 60 Churchill Square, West Malling, Kent which is now registered address of #Emerdata previously known as #CambridgeAnalytica CWF then transferred over to 83 Victoria Street, London
83 Victoria Street London was the registered place of business for The Tax Payers Alliance (pre- 55 Tufton Street/ Civitas) at a time when Matthew Elliott was also on the Speakers' Panel for Blaney's YBF
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Tallying the obstruction in plain sight.
I think we know the answer already.
45 is using his office for his own personal benefit, not the good of our nation.

You know what this says, Anderson?

It says 45 & $ondland are obstructing justice in plain sight.…

Hidden or not, obstruction is an impeachable offense.
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1/ thread on excellent new episode of @reveal on #geneticgenealogy, the use of #DNA profiling to target criminal suspects, which features many of my "favorite" themes… #consumergenetics #geneticdata
2/ theme: researchers who can't burn down the world fast enough, here in the form of one of the top genetic genealogists in the world (whose name is in the transcript), who sounds completely uninterested in the obvious perils of this tech, so pushes on regardless
3/ theme: "crowdforcing," when the data someone else shares inherently shares information about you and other people who have in no way consented to their data being shared at all (comments toward end by Maryland law prof Natalie Ram)
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NEW: Excerpt in @NYMag from @chrisinsilico’s forthcoming book #Mindf_ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America…
“The [Palantir] staff suggested to Nix that if Cambridge Analytica gave them access to the harvested data, they could then, at least in theory, legally pass it along to the NSA.” #Mindf_ck #TheGreatHack…
“…we used focus groups and qualitative observation to…learn what people cared about — term limits, the deep state, draining the swamp, guns, and the concept of walls to keep out immigrants were all explored in 2014, years before the Trump campaign.” #Mindf_ck
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Seriously I just recently bought my Cell phone and the FB app is installed on it! I am Sick of FB they rook all my photos all my poetry.. anyways I am over that. I am moving on.. but Why is FB installed on Cell phones? @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump Check it out Facebook is Installed in your Cellphones you can never Remove it #DARPA #CIA if you didn't see this than you need to #WakeUpAmerica fast! Technology has taken over our lives. If you think you wont be hacked or your bank account think again. You on FB 3rd party..
.. 3rd party games you play on Facebook they will hack your accounts. #Facebook #SpamBots and all that bs.. Its absurd! #BigBrother is Constantly watching you and you on FB must obey the rules. you are servants to BIG BROTHER. Remember Obama Oct 1st 2016 Surprise? This was it!
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Axciom sold our data to Cambridge Analytica so tell me more about responsible data brokers.
You’ll recall scene in @thegreathackdoc when Brittany Kaiser is going thru her hard drive and finds keynote presentation created after CA/SCL falsely certified to FB that it deleted deceptively harvested data. There’s @acxiom among other data brokers used for illegal profiling.
It’s pretty outrageous but unsurprising that the @PrivacyProject didn’t insist that @acxiom’s data ethics chief acknowledge their own role in the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, as if they weren’t complicit in illegal profiling per UK law and data privacy watchdog, the ICO.
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No election law cops on the beat to serve and protect just when you need them the most. It’s all up to voters to turnout in large enough numbers to beat the cheaters backing an un-indicted co-conspirator.
Britain struggles with its own existential electoral fraud enforcement crisis. How much more democracy needs to be subverted before the tides turn?
The @FEC’s response to #CambridgeAnalytica’s blatant campaign violations is now effectively shelved with the vacancies. Is it time to sue the FEC?
#DarkMoney #DarkData #TheGreatHack
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DEVELOPING: Washington DC AG lawsuit yields internal #CambridgeAnalytica emails per deal with Facebook. They knew. Zuck weaseled his testimony big time.…
You’ll note CA/SCL client ForAmerica is mentioned in the Facebook internal emails released thru DC AG suit.…

You’ll also note the ForAmerica contract was included in @chrisinsilico’s evidence submitted to @CommonsCMS…
FB argues data scraping and harvesting were two separate issues by CA/SCL but when US and UK lawmakers asked about this stuff they rightly expected FB to come clean about everything. They. Did. Not. #TheGreatHack
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Prior to it’s use in targeting voters, TAA was being developed for use in information warfare.

Strategic communications expertise provided to private companies such as #CambridgeAnalytica were drawn from experience of psycological operations by NATO.…
”At the heart of TAA is the ability to empirically diagnose the exact groupings that exist within target populations... to be ranked and the ranking depends upon the degree of influence they may have in either promoting or mitigating constructive behaviour.” - Dr Steve Tatham
In nearly 25 years of military service Cdr Tatham has commanded 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group and been instrumental in UK influence activities in conflicts in Sierra Leone, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.
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@peterjukes @profcarroll Remember Bannon was the mastermind behind #CambridgeAnalytica in Trump’s campaign...the originator of the hatred which has taken on a life of its own...fueled by Trump’s rhetoric & mimicked by Fox News talking points.
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Ironically, just days before the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal broke last spring, SCL Group had presented research to State Dept’s Global Engagement Center about Counterpointing Digital Propaganda with their TAA methods, once export controlled by UK government. #TheGreatHack
And weirdly enough this contract to SCL Group for CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) with TAA (Target Audience Analysis) seems to have been secured no-bid/sole-source while Mike Flynn had previously undisclosed consulting gig with SCL Group. #TheGreatHack
SCL Insights Ltd is the last-standing SCL company, led by Nigel Oakes, who acquired assets from SCL Group before it went into administration. Sensitive security-clearanced clients and personnel were probably swept into this company.…
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Data rights for voters! @SenFeinstein introduces the #VoterPrivacyAct to prevent the voter surveillance and data abuse illustrated in #TheGreatHack
#VoterPrivacyAct would grant 5 basic rights that do not yet exist in the USA:
1. Right to Know
2. Right to Own
3. Right to Review
4. Right to Remove
5. Right to Refuse
#DataRightsAreHumanRights #CambridgeAnalytica #TheGreatHackNetflix…
Here’s how the #VoterPrivacyAct expresses these new rights (i was paraphrasing)…
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"[Bannon] sees cultural warfare as the means to create enduring change in American politics," Christopher Wylie, a whistleblower from SCL, told the Senate on Wednesday (via Reuters). "It was for this reason Mr. Bannon engaged SCL, a foreign (1/2)
military contractor, to build an arsenal of informational weapons he could deploy on the American population."… (2/2)
Trump is very suggestible:

"Trump tends to echo the words of whomever last spoke to him, making direct access to him even more valuable, the people said, requesting anonymity to talk about internal campaign discussions."…
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Just watched "#TheGreatHack" the #CambridgeAnalytica Netflix documentary featuring @carolecadwalla and Brittany Kaiser. It lays it all out there in a very compelling way, reminded me of #CitizenFour.… /1
@carolecadwalla As I watched it, it took me back to what turned out to be a prophetic story published by @NafeezAhmed back at the end of 2017, before @chrisinsilico went public, before the @Facebook day of infamy on capitol hill, and before anyone knew about SCL. /3
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Wow @netflix blaming @realDonaldTrump on #TheHack calling his campaign #ProjectAlamo and using #CambridgeAnalytica as a Back up source. FUNNY #QANON & #ANONS have proof #TheGreatAwakening you democratic fools and obama losers
Second part of video up above.. wtf. These guys are jerks!! #GOOGLE screwed us over. Look what they did to @Project_Veritas and there posts. Crying #democracy @POTUS you better deal with these losers. Brain washing the younger gen
Part 3 of this video. This is the most pathetic thing to rile up #Americans and #AntifaTerrorists and all haters!!! #Q do something thanks
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FTC suing #CambridgeAnalytica for deceptive practices and violating #PrivacyShield international data security framework. #TheGreatHack…
Corporate structure cheat sheet:

Cambridge Analytica Holdings LLC > Emerdata Ltd > SCL Group Ltd* > SCL Elections Ltd** > Cambridge Analytica LLC***

* acquired by Emerdata and SCL Insights Ltd
** liquidated in UK
*** abandoned bankruptcy in US
SCL didn’t bother renewing its UK govt export controls. Too much paperwork said Nigel Oakes* per Brittany Kaiser. Didn’t renew PrivacyShield either demolishing Cambridge Analytica’s prior claims it honored all applicable data protection laws & treaties.
*Now owns SCL Insights Ltd
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Holy Cow!!…
@Facebook just got handed a #5BILLION fine for their #CambridgeAnalytica data breach!


It’s time for these massive social media sites to become accountable!

The government agency’s maximum fine for privacy violations stands at $41,484 per affected consumer. An estimated 71 million U.S. residents had their data shared with #CambridgeAnalytica
If 71 million users were affected, max penalty for the #CambridgeAnalytica breach would be $2.9 trillion. Given that #Facebook’s total revenue in 2018 was $55 billion, “the FTC would effectively be putting them out of business” with a max fine for #CambridgeAnalytica violations.
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