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1 of 80) Please bear with me, because the following is filled with plenty of foul language & I'm taking off the professional mask to speak with you as a human being. I've had enough & I've hit my limit, putting up with all the #MeToo bullshit in #CDNpoli, #ONpoli, & #CDNmedia
2) For the past 2 years, you've been ruining my #FamilyDay because the lot of you picked this holiday to shove an alleged child molester down my throat. It's the ultimate in sick behaviour & your choice of holiday is astounding, to champion the cause of #ChildPorn in #CDNpoli
3) What's worse is that forcing me to say those words actually makes me appear like I'm out-to-lunch. Your outrageous acts of gaslighting, censorship, & obstruction, have made it impossible for anyone to tell the most important #MeToo story in #CDNpoli currently
4) Before I get any further, I will link the #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #ONpoli #MeToo #TimesUp story in question:

5) To summarize your responses, the Twitterverse basically says 'that's horrible'. Some even say it shouldn't matter which party is at fault, that child predators shouldn't be allowed to do this. They won't say #LPC though, & they won't contact anyone in @liberal_party to help
6) #CDNpoli Twitter activists & #LPC #CanFem activists are horrified that an alleged child predator operated in the @liberal_party. But none of them, not a single one, will notify the parents & affected youths. For that matter, @OYLorg has known for a year & refuses to tell
7) So none of you really wants to impugn the 'shiny pony' image of @JustinTrudeau. You hold that more important in #CDNpoli, #ONpoli, #CDNmedia & #LPC #CanFem, than doing anything to protect children in actual danger, confirmed by criminal charges #ChildLuring & #ChildPorn
8) You're so happy to be rid of the Harper Govt & his child molesting teacher-drummer, that you look away when even greater problems exist with @JustinTrudeau's @liberal_party & a hospital-worker-party-exec. #CPC had a school hunting ground. #LPC endangered all kids in #CDNpoli
9) How is that not partisan interference? How is it not the most dangerous, selfish, disgusting thing that anyone could do? How can any of you keep a straight face & talk about #MeToo #TimesUp issues, when you're sacrificing the #LPC kids in #CDNpoli to child predators knowingly?
10) I mean seriously, WTF is wrong with you? YOU ARE PART OF THE #MeToo #TimesUp PROBLEM! Yes, you!

You, @JustinTrudeau. You, @liberal_party. You, @OPP_CR. You, @OntarioAdvocate. You, @puglaas. You, @CTVNews. You, #CDNmedia, #CDNpoli, #ONpoli & you, the Twitterverse
11) The gaslighting is so suffocating that you'll now question 'how many cats I have', because I bothered to tag the prime minister & police. I said something that wasn't flattering to the #CDNpoli establishment & you'll challenge my mental stability + credibility because of it
12) The @OPP_CR really screwed the pooch regarding this #CDNpoli #MeToo #TimesUp #LPC complaint. But instead of questioning the police, because it's a *political* sex allegation, I can worry about a repeat of the Don Dunphy drama, more than hoping someone will be held accountable
13) I can expect you'll try to hold me more accountable as a #MeToo witness, than the investigating police force that purposely lost the report. To protect your image of @JustinTrudeau as a #CanFem prime minister youd rather throw me under the bus along w #LPC kids you sacrificed
14) For the act of calling you out, I'll be labeled an 'extremist' cat-lady & you'll fail to see how that's part of the #CDNpoli #MeToo problem as well. You'll fail to read a year's worth of professional & legal letters & procedures that were attempted before it got to this
15) For a year straight, you've required that I justify my qualifications to speak about these #CDNpoli #MeToo matters. You've demanded that I disclose my agenda, because you'd rather believe that I'm seeking personal gain than actually trying to protect these #CDNpoli children
16) Moreover, you've done this to me under threat. You've challenged my mental stability, intelligence, honesty, agenda, & professional standing, while the @liberal_party threatens a libel lawsuit & possibly criminal harassment charges, to gaslight me & obstruct my police report
17) It's equally threatening when the @OPP_CR is operating in a #CDNpoli conflict-of-interest with the #LPC regarding this particular case, & they refuse to allow a criminal report for an accused who is already before the courts about these very #ChildLuring & #ChildPorn issues
18) That's great that everyone is willing to ante up their #LPC first-born daughters to an alleged child predator, who is accused of making child pornography & distributing it. But I'm not okay with that & I think you all need serious mental help #CDNpoli
19) I interviewed @JustinTrudeau for more than an hour, when he was running for @liberal_party leadership (in Midland, ON). So I have some sense of his humanity & commitment to family, & I wish to ask if he'd let anyone in Simcoe-Grey babysit his daughter, Ella-Grace
20) Would Sophie Gregoire Trudeau & @telfordk advise @JustinTrudeau that his own kids are safe, in the hands of a riding where this is happening? #SGFLRA #CDNpoli #MeToo #TimesUp

21) And if they wouldn't put Ella-Grace in the hands of Simcoe-Grey, then why will the @liberal_party donate everyone else's daughters to the local #LPC #ChildPorn production line? @JustinTrudeau @telfordk #CDNpoli #MeToo #TimesUp
22) Likewise, how can the @OPP_CR behave like it has any credibility, when it's deliberately & maliciously blocking any reports to its criminal task force probe into Jared Nolan, because he was a @liberal_party riding executive at the time of complaints? #MeToo #CDNpoli #ONpoli
23) How can there be an @OPP_CR #ChildPorn task force that exists to *block* the #MeToo investigation in Simcoe-Grey? And why the hell wouldn't I be threatened by that simple fact? Just look what they've put me through in the hyperlinked evidence #CDNpoli #ONpoli
24) Regarding that evidence, it's linked multiple times under *details here* in my recent updated synopsis & it deserves some explanation @JustinTrudeau @telfordk @OPP_CR #CDNpoli #ONpoli #MeToo #TimesUp (see next posts, #25 to #36)

25) I had to write that 'open letter' while everything was still developing, you were censoring the info, evidence was tampered with & I was under legal threat. It was the centre of chaos & you all required that I take no position or *I* would be accused of partisan interference!
26) There was so much info to cover from so many vested interests that the only thing I could do was collect everything for you, to examine without my opinion. In case I had to become a witness, for or against any of you, I had to state each issue without inflaming any part of it
27) You might wonder if I had a glass of wine in my hand while I was writing that account, but I assure you I didn't. It's not easy to give evidence without the context of opinion when all parties are looking to kill the issue & my reputation along with it #MeToo #CDNpoli #ONpoli
28) @JustinTrudeau's @liberal_party didn't want any part to be true. They made the situation so bad, they may be open to lawsuits from kids & parents now. No matter what happens, no one can deny the cover-up left them legally 'exposed' & I begged them to consult with an attorney
29) The @OPP_CR lead investigator was downright nasty & intimidating, & he committed professional misconduct by refusing to take the report. Please tell me who could handle that situation with kid gloves & make a complaint, without making the OPP a personal enemy too
30 At the same time, @CTVNews was trying to exploit the very kids I was trying to protect. I went to them for help to blow the #CDNpoli #MeToo whistle & I nearly died when they responded by preying on the kids instead. I had now caused that predation by spilling & it made me numb
31) Furthermore I had to sell my soul to seek help from our MP. Leitch is not a nice woman & I was appropriately 'bitchslapped' for approaching her. We abhorred each other already & I had historic death threats from her volunteer. Ignoring these #LPC #MeToo kids was just too much
32) The @globeandmail's shenanigans nearly didn't count, but they vandalized a public record to protect the prime minister & behaved like complete idiots in a way that inflamed this #LPC #MeToo complaint. That pitted me against a prospective employer. Yippie & WTG #CDNmedia
33) While @PostmediaNews tried to cover the #LPC #MeToo story, exec editors didn't understand how the #Liberalist database worked, to understand why it was such a problem in the hands of Jared Nolan. The @OPP_CR didn't understand either & @CTVNews wanted the entire layout
34) Long story short is I had to write the evidentiary statement to educate all of you, while deflecting your social-professional-legal attacks & refusal to do any of your jobs – while also trying to convince you to protect these children nicely #ImpossibleFeat #CDNpoli #MeToo
35) That's why it was so frustrating to assemble this statement-overview, so none of you could censor the Simcoe-Grey #LPC #CDNpoli #MeToo kids anymore @JustinTrudeau @telfordk @liberal_party @OPP_CR @CTVNews @glen_mcgregor @puglaas @ProvincialAdvocate

36) It's not because I wanted to appear non-committal or be all over the map. Most people walk away when things get this difficult but I continued to try my very best under the circumstances. For the record, this is exactly why #CDNpoli women don't report their #MeToo experiences
37) After putting me through all that just to tell you a @liberal_party riding exec was charged with #ChildPorn & working with party children, each & every one of you did nothing except ignore, threaten, or debase the witnesses @JustinTrudeau @telfordk @OPP_CR @CTVNews @puglaas
38) I had no say in the matter when you made me an enemy of the @liberal_party & @JustinTrudeau for #MeToo reporting. You required that I keep the secret about obstructing the @OPP_CR forensic warrant (erasing all ties between Nolan & #LPC + LPC kids) to stay on your good side
39) With all due respect, I couldn't do that. And I couldn't know if @JustinTrudeau or @telfordk were aware when this all happened, but Anna Gainey definitely knew & you forced me to prove the @liberal_party's additional obstruction. It was done in front of the damn news #CDNpoli
40) No one can deny the PMO became aware via my open letter with all the details/evidence (it was sent directly to you last year) & still, @JustinTrudeau @telfordk @liberal_party @puglaas refused to respond about #MeToo #ChildPorn in the Simcoe-Grey riding exec #CDNpoli
41) So plz, don't anyone tell me I wasn't threatened, there wasn't obstruction, or you didn't know. You allowed evidence to be destroyed & revoked the @liberal_party constitution to silence any reports. You blocked parents from being informed & even threatened @CTVNews as witness
42) But for all the big balls swinging about, I'm the only 1 still standing here whether my voice is quivering or not. Its not because I need attention. Its because I know what you did & I understand the harm. I know these kids remain in harm's way due to your collective actions
43) When the justice minister herself, @puglaas doesn't respond, & the @OntarioAdvocate says there's no mandate to protect kids from sex crimes in political parties, how is any parent or child supposed to trust the #ONpoli & #CDNpoli govts, as the @OPP_CR bans #MeToo reporting?
44) So many things went wrong with this case because the alleged perp was an #LPC exec. Because every angle was corrupted by political agendas, the @liberal_party @JustinTrudeau @OPP_CR @OntarioAdvocate @globeandmail @PostmediaNews & @CTVNews thought we could just forget about it
45) You hedged your bets in many ways instead of being honest RE the children. You figured at least Nolan was charged for some kids, so why did anyone need to make a bigger issue by notifying more people. But that answer is the same reason we have a #CDNpoli sex offender registry
46) What you did was halt the #MeToo movement. You stopped one youth from being empowered by another. You stopped letting kids feel safe to come forward & instead scared the shit out of them by behaving like a bunch of neanderthals #CDNpoli #ONpoli
47) You also put every part of this @JustinTrudeau @liberal_party @OPP_CR #MeToo #TimesUp #ChildPorn problem on my plate. You expected me to do all your jobs on your behalf, if anyone would do anything at all to protect the kids in Simcoe-Grey & take the damn police report
48) I'm not quite sure, but I might be most upset with the @OntarioAdvocate. If your mandate forbids you from supporting #MeToo #ChildPorn victims in #ONpoli #CDNpoli political parties, you have a duty to lobby for it. But you closed your eyes & hoped this would go away too
49) So please tell me, @OntarioAdvocate, why isn't it #TimesUp in your office? Is your esteemed position & govt budget more important than tens of thousands of children being gifted to criminals & child pornographers? The cops don't give a damn, but how do *you* sleep at night?
50) With all the sexual abuse affecting First Nations & #MMIW, do you think it will build trust when @puglaas is discovered to be part of the #CDNpoli #MeToo problem? How will they feel when they learn the @liberal_party is harbouring a criminally charged child predator?
51) How will a #CDNpoli female ever trust the #CDNmedia, when it's entirely dominated by male-white-knights who believe they're the saviours of #TimesUp & #MeToo? Meanwhile all they've ever done is destroy #MeToo cases, because they don't understand the social & legal minefields
52) The #CDNmedia circus already killed the Ghomeshi case. They were dishonest in their reporting & it set the complainants up for excoriated failure in the justice system. @jessebrown was first on the scene like an ambulance chaser just like the @barriebrown case now
53) And all hail @jessebrown, @glen_mcgregor, @stphnmaher, @IvisonJ, & @acoyne for being the voice of #CDNpoli #CDNmedia women, but your territorial pissing as the voice of the establishment has contributed to silencing & even harming the #MeToo movement across Canada
54) As a man who's never been dominated by another man, spent time volunteering at a women's shelter, been raped, been a witness or victim in a #CDNpoli #MeToo trial, or had to counter the police & establishment to get it investigated – how can you rep these issues as the expert?
55) Your track record sucks & for at least the past 10 years all you've done is screw up #CDNpoli #MeToo allegations so no one was able to receive justice. The effect of your expertise made the majority of cases exonerate the accused, so the news looks like no men are guilty
56) When your #CDNmedia sexual activism was vigorous enough to support a conviction, it cost #CDNpoli millions of dollars for *wrongful* convictions – because it wasn't actually *rigorous* & you reported for the revenue of incredibly salacious #MeToo clickbait
57) Worse yet is all the #MeToo women you deterred from proceeding through the #CDNpoli justice system at all, because you're pimping yourselves out as vigilante #CDNmedia warriors. The only problem is that you only know how to conduct a Monty Python trial
58) Instead of anyone getting justice (whether victims or exonerated) the #CDNmedia tried to replace the court system. It said come to us instead of the police & we'll do your political dirty work for ratings. The OPP_CR even sadly succumbed to using the news as a referral system
59) Further proof that #ONpoli #CDNpoli #CDNmedia & #CDNlaw are working from egocentric political agendas, is the fact that NONE of you will respond to anything I've said, whatsoever

60) Regarding this @liberal_party #ChildPorn issue RE Jared Nolan, it really does matter that @CTVNews @globeandmail @TorontoStar @TheTorontoSun @nationalpost @PostmediaNews & @CBCNews don't know what they're talking about when it comes to #TimesUp #MeToo allegations in #CDNpoli
61) This #ONpoli #CDNpoli #CDNmedia #MeToo problem can only entrench, claim more victims & grow worse, because y'all are more concerned with your political access, clickbait & power structures than you are with the health & safety of the electorate that you all claim to represent
62) At the heart of this @liberal_party #ChildPorn matter is #data & access to vulnerable children. Whether Jared Nolan is incarcerated or not, all the kids in #CDNpoli databases (#LPC & #CPC have them) are still in extreme danger. Any criminal in the country is allowed access
63) But a bunch of middle-aged men in the @liberal_party, @CPC_HQ, @NDP, @OPP_CR & #CDNmedia can't grasp why it's dangerous to allow any criminal, or criminally ill person, the ability to track women & children in real-time via these #CDNpoli partisan databases
64) You scoffed at me when I explained. You intimidated me when I explained. You threatened me when I explained. But maybe we can get a comment from @AnnCavoukian RE these #ONpoli & #CDNpoli #MeToo kids right to #privacy from a criminally charged child predator in party databases
65) That anyone would fight to keep it this way is beyond comprehension. @JustinTrudeau's @liberal_party @CTVNews & @OPP_CR screwed this up so badly that they're all sticking their heads in the sand to shield their biz from lawsuits. They froze instead of protecting #CDNpoli kids
66) They each want to place the onus on me to correct their behaviour. They're trying to run out the #TimesUp clock so the Nolan case concludes without this evidence being examined. Evidence of an #LPC #ChildPorn hunting ground. Evidence of breaking bail & tampering with evidence
67) The @OPP_CR lead investigator is more than happy to send me to the @OIPRD_BDIEP, where investigation regarding the force's conflict-of-interest & refusal to accept evidence for a @liberal_party #ChildPorn case will take longer than Nolan's trial - so the evidence gets buried
68) @JustinTrudeau's @liberal_party is daring me to get a lawyer, so I'd have to sue the full might of the party as a #MeToo witness. They want me to bear the cost of the Nolan case to be allowed to report it & waste years in court again, to bury evidence past the #TimesUp trial
69) And #CDNmedia is having an incredible ego trip, that they get to decide which parts of a #CDNpoli #MeToo allegation will be censored & which parts they're going to exploit to the fullest. The @CANmediacouncil has no actual power RE complaints & they already ignored anyway
70) So long as middle-aged men control #MeToo reporting, editing & producing, they'll continue to destroy women, kids & public trust playing politics w #CDNpoli allegations. But I could waste another year harassing @CANmediacouncil for no outcome & let them bury the evidence too
71) Except I don't appreciate being manipulated by all the power at your collective disposal & I know better than to let you run me in circles to destroy the kids in Simcoe-Grey & the trial of Jared Nolan. Thats why I would humiliate myself on social media to get your damned attn
72) The only way I can force you to do your jobs is to subject myself to the @rcmpgrcpolice. They'll have to investigate my Twitter posts to see if they constitute a threat to @JustinTrudeau & they don't, but at least someone will have to read this & deal with it, cc: @OBAlawyers
73) So thanks for trying to make me the bad guy for issuing a #CDNpoli #MeToo report, but I don't give a damn if it's the @liberal_party, @CPC_HQ, @NDP, @OntLiberal, #OntarioPCParty, PCPOLdr, or #ONpoli, because it's #TimesUp for all of you & I refuse to look away
74) As you try to compartmentalize this #CDNpoli @liberal_party #MeToo report to shield each of your interests from it, you fail to grasp the fed parties share these political databases w provincial counterparts, so every woman & child in the country is vulnerable to exploitation
75) As you jockey w each other RE police jurisdiction because it crosses so many boundaries, you give free reign to violent criminals, serial sex offenders & child predators. Anyone fresh out of prison can volunteer in #ONpoli & #CDNpoli to gain access to the #Liberalist & #CIMS
76) You can't afford to bury the @liberal_party's Jared Nolan case because he only represents one example of this danger. He's an actual case before the courts, connected to the ruling party, but anyone can repeat the process & do it again with zero safeguards in #ONpoli #CDNpoli
77) My god, if you need any more proof then please consider that Nolan maintained access to #Liberalist kids even under house arrest for #ChildPorn

It's not an isolated incident. THIS IS THE NORM IN #ONpoli #BCpoli #ABpoli #SKpoli #MBpoli #QCpoli #NSpoli #NLpoli & #CDNpoli
78) The only things I've asked is that @OPP_CR take this #MeToo police report. I've asked @JustinTrudeau's @liberal_party to conduct an internal investigation. And I've asked that #VulnerableSector police checks be required to volunteer with political party databases #CDNpoli
79) These are not unreasonable requests & some of them are mandated by #CDNlaw already. That any of you would try to paint me like a troublemaker is central to the #MeToo problem in #CDNpoli & #CDNmedia. Please stop destroying this #CanFem movement & turning it into a shitshow
80) Although this situation is hair-raising, it would have been easy to turn around to support the women & kids affected by #CDNpoli #MeToo abuses. Take the damn report & implement the industry norm of #VulnerableSector background checks. We can debate data #privacy another day
81 of 80) For #CDNmedia who dropped the ball & #CDNpoli who tried to bury it, here's 1 last link to my statement synopsis w hyperlinks to the extensive evidence @JustinTrudeau @telfordk @OPP_CR @liberal_party @CTVNews @glen_mcgregor @stphnmaher @puglaas

82 of 80 FINAL NOTE: I appreciate the Twitterverse support, but I don't want your messages that feign disgust. I only want to hear what you *did about it*. Did you call your MP, a police chief, advocate, a #CDNpoli party? Did you do anything more than look away? #TimesUp #MeToo
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