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My Journey of trading, stock market till now in last few months

A compilation
An update
A magic
And a future
The thread highlights what we have done in past few months & what we intend to do soon!!

Let's begin

When I was adding portfolio in 2021 & many friends were keen
I shared my new additions with them
It was around 16200-400 nifty when we added that
& Rally was expected which happened and took market to 18800!!

As a Prediction
I was uncomfortable after that
So I made an announcement and started to book huge whopping profits of around 40% plus average portfolio with 3-4 months of adding
I foresaw 15800
I gave that number in group
All were like, what???
Not possible
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Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #ADANIPORTS: ₹562
2️⃣ #ASIANPAINT: ₹2,552
3️⃣ #AXISBANK: ₹620
4️⃣ #BAJAJFINSV: ₹10,445
5️⃣ #BAJAJAUTO: ₹3,280

Save it for later ✅
#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

6️⃣ #BAJFINANCE: ₹4,668
7️⃣ #BHARTIARTL: ₹552
8️⃣ #BPCL: ₹255
9️⃣ #BRITANNIA: ₹2,534
🔟 #CIPLA: ₹850

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #Trader #OI

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #COALINDIA: ₹163
2️⃣ #DIVISLAB: ₹3,154
3️⃣ #DRREDDY: ₹3,365
4️⃣ #EICHERMOT: ₹2,431
5️⃣ #GRASIM: ₹1,221

Save it for later ✅
#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #BSE

Thread 🧵(3/11)
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Buying/Selling climax is very common in the #stockmarket and it is completely based on the price.

#Volume #Climax is something that I have observed.

In this thread🧵, I am sharing a #trading strategy that I am using based on this.

Like❤️and Retweet🔄 for wider reach.
What is this Volume Climax?

You would have seen some kind of spurt in volume in a day after a up/downtrend. Here, we don't consider any day in which there is corporate action or quarterly result.

Let's see some chart:

Below Chart is of #Metropolis when volume spurt occurred.
Now one to observe in Metropolis chart is after that volume spurt candle, the uptrend had paused.
This means at this candle smart money had offloaded the stock and retailers bought it. Hence stock went in the downtrend and Metropolis went down by 20%.
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Te traemos 8 Cripto-Herramientas 🛠️ que te serán de mucha ayuda en tus análisis.

Esta es una recopilación de #dApps, #Apps y páginas recomendadas anteriormente, resumidas en este 🧵.

Agradecemos su apoyo con un ♥️ y dando RT 🔄 para hacerlo llegar a más personas.

#Bitcoin #BTC
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 1️⃣

⚙️ DappRadar

DappRadar proporciona información y perspectivas sobre todas las Dapps (Aplicaciones descentralizadas) existentes.

🔗 Enlace:
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 2️⃣

⚙️ DefiLlama

Esta herramienta es un rastreador de protocolos #DeFi. En ella encontrarás prácticamente todas las plataformas que hay actualmente para hacer #farming, #lending mint etc.

🔗 Enlace:
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Mega hilo Lady Market

A continuación, voy a armar un mega hilo con los mejores tweets de aprendizaje de todos los tiempos de Lady. Esto les va a servir para poder hacer trading desde el tipo Scalping, al Daytrading o Swing en mayores plazos.
Mi nombre es Ornella, pero aca soy LadyMarket. Soy Arquitecta recibida de UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Tengo 38 años, soy hincha de River Plate, me gustan las bromas, los memes, divertirme, disfrutar, hacer yoga, la playa, el mar, el SUP y lógicamente
el trading es mi pasión. Aunque no parezca soy tímida y tranquila (hasta que me hacen enojar ja). Abajo les voy a dejar información de todo lo que van a necesitar en su vida de trader.
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Some of the F2F Interviews done by @Abhishekkar_ and @elearnmarkets @vivbajaj have helped us to sharpen our skill in #trading and #investing.

These 10 F2F videos could make you one step closer to be a better trader !

5th one is our favourite !

A thread 🧵
@Abhishekkar_ has shared about his trading journey in his video. How he started trading with his savings from pocket money and right now he is one of the best trader who has helped us and many others in their trading journey.

@Mitesh_Engr Sir have make big money in Futures and Options. His trading style is simple short when supports breaks and long when resistance breaks.
Simple strategy to execute provided one is disciplined.

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@izra_elf a student of #DG_ACADEMY will ride us into the world of indicators as he will explain "RSI: RELATIVE STRENGTH INDICATOR"

#Value awaits as we ride 🚀🚀

#ValueSeries #trading #Crypto #dgcryptotv #indicators #RSI
The #Relative_Strength_Index is a convenient indicator for one to use for trades. This #indicator mainly spells out the #overbought and #oversold situation of the market. So, What exacty is the Relative Strength Indicator?

Commonly called the #RSI, this is a technical analysis tool that can help show the momentum of a market. The #RSI when added to your chart, acts like an oscillator which rotates between 0 and 100.

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How I got my biggest drawdown of 2022 #trading on 6/14,mistakes to avoid & how Im fixing it: A Thread🪡

Started day with acct Bal@ 7.4k+ was working to 10k &plans of withdrawing half then,rinsing & repeating.Ended close to 5.2k

Beggining of April worked it up from over 2k. 1/16
6/14 Trading Recap $TSLA 1st #trade Entry 9:44am👉🏽 13.80
Exit 9:56am👉🏽 9.00
Size: 2 Volatility was high+at that price 2 cons were too heavy 4 me making it to where mentally I was more reluctant to cut.

🌱This is where hard stops takes the hope+the emotion out of the equation. 2/
I expected more downside room. Should have reacted to price action & what chart was telling. Went over my 1 min chart trendline. It even double bottom & I still didn't exit until it was way further.

🌱Theres no guarantees in the market, so don't marry an idea.3/16

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Most heavy damages to short only biased traders are done all within 2-3 week period of very strong cycle (as current one) without doing any adjustment.
If this isn't good enough reason to start defining cycle conditions and get more adaptive...
#smallcaps #trading
Many short sellers don't bother changing anything because they think this strange market won't last. And they are right. But it all depends, if trading very stubbornly or aggressive one such cycle can come rarely and still do so much damage that adjustment is a must.
If you think your drawdown is not acceptable then start forming plan on how to get better at recognizing cycles. Score tickers daily and be objective, get out of your "shorting trash" mindset, this is exactly what probably gets you I to trouble in first place. Objectivity.
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✍️ XOR Data News ✍️

A general reflection on how the market works.

The #crypto market is a Darwinian system.

Before the start of new bullish runs for survivors, observed that :

Out of 12,922 #cryptos,

- Over 99% have fallen 70% from their all-time highs.
- Over 98% have fallen 90% from their all-time highs.
- Over 96% have fallen 99% from their all-time highs.

The probability of new bullish runs for the "survivors" is very high.

Our algorithm implements strategies exploiting the strengths of the best players in a Darwinian system and recalculates these "strengths" ("strengths" which mathematically correspond to the probability of the crypto c rising over the next x hours), every hour, night and day.

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⚡️Timeless lessons from the book The Psychology of Money

Financial success is not a hard science. It’s a soft skill, where how you behave is more important than what you know.

We will talk about some of the most important lessons from the book.


1⃣ No one’s crazy!

Young households in the 1980’s were less likely to invest in the stock market in response to the poor market returns of the 1970’s.

As a result these young adults missed one of the best times to invest, The S&P 500 returned an average of 14.9% from 1980-1990
Young households in the late 1990’s were more likely to hold a high percentage of their net worth in the stock market.

They were informed by a hot market in the 80’s and 90’s. Many of them piled into stocks right before the dot com crash, and they lost decade during the 2000’s.
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1/ There have been many amazing #threads about $stETH and $ETH, to complement that we will uncover the basis of #liquidstaking in our latest #visualguide

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
2/ #LiquidStaking is one of the ways to generate a #yield from an asset by utilizing the #composability of liquid staking derivative (LSD) #tokens

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
3/ #LiquidStaking is needed to reduce the barrier to become #validator and indirectly to increase #liquidity across the networks.

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #staking #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #NFT #Lido #LDO #trading #merge
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9️⃣ Animals of the Stock Market Investment & Trading that you may not know:

Almost every investor knows about Bull 🐂 & Bear 🐻 but few know that there are other animals in the market too.
Let's See Below👇🏻

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing

Thread 🧵
1️⃣ Bull 🐂
Bulls are investors who are optimistic about the Stock Market. They believe the price will continue to rise. A sustained uptrend is called a Bull run.

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing #DayTrading #NSE #BSE #SGXNIFTY #Traders

Thread 🧵
2️⃣ Bear 🐻
Bears are the opposite of bull. They are pessimistic about the Stock Market & believe that prices are likely to fall. When shares consistently decline, it is called a Bear Market.

#StockMarket #Trading #Stocks #Nifty #investing #DayTrading #NSE

Thread 🧵
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Btst - Buy Today Sell Tomorrow

Why BTST is special:-

Overnight is when big money is made in the stock market.

#Btst #Stockmarket
When to buy BTST:-

3-3:30 is the best time.

When to sell BTST:-

First 5 minutes of market opening. FROM 9:15 to 9:20.
Which stocks to Trade for btst:-

Always try to trade BTST for 20% circuit limit stock.

Also, never buy (BE) category stocks as you will not be able to sell the next day.
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Thread: 5 Important bullish & bearish chart patterns in technical analysis.

Triangles, Broadenings and Rectangles.

#trading #investing
Many traders analyse and practice western chart patterns. There are many such patterns and enough is talked about them in various books and resources.
Long back, I read a book “Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns” by Thomas N. Bukowski. It’s a brilliant work (Must read).
He backtested many patterns & ranked them based on their performance. Most imp is that he separated the patterns based on their performance in uptrend & downtrend.
I read about those patterns at many other places & in different theories and I realised that most of them are-
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Traders must treat #trading like a business. It isn't a lottery ticket that will just hand you money.

Trading is a job, and it requires you to treat it like one.

Here are 5 Ways to Grow your Trading Business
1. Quality Matters

It isn't about the quantity of work. Successful trading is about the quality of the work

Only trade your A+ setups and accept nothing less. Nothing else

Every time you compromise you cheat yourself of future gains
2. Study the Facts

Track your performance and study your trades

Journal all your trades. Update your journal as the trade is going on with how you felt and why

Study your journal and keep refining until you find what you are best at. Then focus on trading and improving that
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I’ve been #daytrading for almost a decade now. Between trading for a hedge fund and managing my own money It has been the only way I have made a living since I graduated from Law School.

Here are 10 things I wish I knew when I started out my #trading career.
1. Mindset Matters 🧠

All the top traders I’ve met have been super optimistic and filled with self belief.

Their work ethic makes their success inevitable but they never behave like the market owes them that success immediately.
2. Every trader loses

No #daytrader has a 90% + win rate with zero drawdown. If they tell you that then they are bull shitting you. Run🏃

Elite traders have a win rate in the 70s.

It’s not about how often you win, it’s about how you protect yourself when you don’t
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10 BEST practices that can drive trading success.

#trading tip 1
the best winning attitude is to consistently improve trade execution.

P&L will take care of itself
Trading tip 2

If you know what to do as a #trader , you automatically know what you shouldn't do.

Your plan is there to guide you
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Breakout (BO) is a very popular technique among traders and investors who like to make their living out of stock market

If you love to trade momentum then here is everything you need to know about breakout trading, through live examples

A Thread

#trading #investing #finance
1/ Pre-Breakout Talk

We know that stocks do not move up/down in a straight line. They often pause to regain energy before resuming for a next strong move. During this phase many buyers and sellers exchange hands.
The price often squeezes in a range with declining volatility and low trading volumes
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To address ydays question, which pops up often: "Why is X ticker fading if it was trading high float rotation volumes, it should be going higher?".

#smallcaps #trading
High float rotation volumes as high chance of short squeeze is often overused term, because it is all based on assumption that mechanics work only in one sided direction. Which is incorrect. Market makers can also float rotate somewhat ticker that they are distributing (trap).
Its often very difficult to tell just based from volume and float if ticker is under accumulation or distribution process. So the assumption of low float+high volume=squeeze can also turn very noisy in performance (very much 50-50 guessing).
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If Short Strangle’s margin and unlimited loss potential is too much for you then the Iron Condor option strategy could be a perfect fit for you. It's not as complex as it sounds

A thread 🧵

#options #trading
1/ Big Brother of Short Strangle (SS)

I am sure you read our previous thread on SS where you sell slightly OTM options in a sideways market.

To create an IC

Create an SS first

Buy the next OTM CE

Buy the next OTM PE

Let’s clear with an example

If Nifty is trading at 16300 and you expect it to trade in a narrow range of 200 points till expiry then

Sell 16400CE

Sell 16200PE

This is SS, right?

Now Buy 16500CE

Buy 16100 PE

That is IC
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Let's celebrate summer with the long-awaited #trading #tournament from #Spin🔥

◽️370 $NEAR in prizes
◽️top 💯 users on the leaderboard
◽️10 days to compete in trading volumes
◽️special final score boosters

1/ Eager to learn the details?
Check the 🧵 below! Image
2/ How to win a reward from Spin? 🚀

1⃣ Trade actively on #mainnet to generate max trading volume 👉

2⃣ Make at least 1 trade per day to boost your final score by up to 30%

3⃣ Have a #FreakyElves NFT when the event ends to get an extra 20% to your score Image
3/ During the event (June 1, 15:00 UTC to June 10, 15:00 UTC) the leaderboard and final score will be regularly updated based on volumes, trader activity, and #FreakyElves NFT ownership 🌿

On June 10, we’ll take a snapshot of the trading leaderboard sorted by the final score🪂 Image
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Here's my #POWRTRENDZ System & Rules 📈📉

This is a Very Simple, yet Highly Effective #Trading #System that will help you with:


A thread 🧵
(I will try to add pics/examples later)
The Simplicity: Only EMAs. 1 short term, 1 long term. I use the 10/50ema
The Rules:
- Only take a trade when EMAs are STACKED
- Only play Calls when Price is Above the 10/50ema
- Only play Puts when Price is Below the 10/50ema
- DO NOT place any trade when price is BETWEEN EMAs
- All trades are placed on a 30m chart
- Enter only on a Retest of the 10ema (always happens); Stronger entry on a Reclaim of the 10ema
- Exit is on a CLOSE on the OPPOSITE side of the 10ema, or fat profits! Letting the candle CLOSE is very important, don't wanna be faked by wick
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Short Strangle

Net credit with a sideways stance

A thread 🧵

#options #trading Image
1/ Short Strangles

As the name suggests, you need to sell options in this strategy

It involves 2 legs:

Short OTM CE

Short OTM PE
2/ Stance

You expect the market to trade within a narrow range. A narrow range means low volatility and hence lowering option premium due to theta decay
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