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Acute effects of coffee consumption on health

1. A research was conducted on 100 healthy residents of San Francisco (mean age 39 yrs, 51% women, median BMI 24) to evaluate effects of #coffee consumption on various #Health parameters.
#MedTwitter Image
2. Coffee consumption did not cause an increase in the rate of premature atrial contraction (PAC).
PAC can be a risk factor for future development of atrial fibrillation (AF). So, possibly, there is no increased risk of AF with coffee consumption.
3. One cup of coffee consumption did not increase the rate of premature ventricular contractions. However, there might be a possible association between consumption of more than one coffee drink per day and premature ventricular contractions.
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🚨"चहा"सोडा आणि 100 वर्ष जागा म्हणे🚨

काही दिवसांपूर्वी @dr_prashantsb यांनी @qhaj यांचा Video Post केला,त्याचं Caption होत "प्रत्येकाला 100 वर्ष जगायला मदत करा"
-चहा खरंच विष आहे का?
-चहा ने आयुष्य कमी होतं का?
-चहा मधील Caffein ची एवढी भीती का?

-पाहुयात या Thread मध्ये👇
🔶Dr हेमंत म्हणाले "गरजेपेक्षा जास्त 1 चहा आणि 6 Biscuits रोज खाल्ले तर 1 किलो वजन वाढते"
▪️भारताच Average Tea Consumption 700-800 Gram/Person/Year आहे
▪️पाकिस्तान-1.5 kg, तर Turkey-3.16 kg/Person/Year आहे
▪️नक्कीच आहारातील Overall Refined Carbes/Foods कमी/बंद केले पाहिजेत,पण
▪️एक साधा प्रश्न डोक्यात येतो की "भारतात किती जण असतील जे चहा सोबत रोज Bread/Biscuits खात असतील"
- साहजिकच ज्यांच्याकडे Smartphone आहे ,Twitter वरील हा Thread वाचत आहेत त्यांची आर्थिक परिस्थिती Avarage Indian पेक्षा नक्कीच चांगली असेल😁
▪️बरं,वजन वाढणे हे फक्त चहा Biscuits शी…
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Does habitual #Coffee consumption increase the blood pressure (BP)?

1. Coffee is the most widely consumed drink (after water) and coffee lovers need clarity whether it is safe in all aspects. Does it raise the BP? Is coffee safe for people with hypertension (high BP)? Let us see
2. No added risk of high BP
The results of numerous studies and meta-analyses indicate that "moderate and habitual coffee consumption does not increase" and may even reduce the risk of developing arterial #hypertension.…
3. Coffee can be safely consumed by people with high BP
Moderate "habitual coffee consumption in hypertensive persons does not increase the risk of uncontrolled blood pressure" and may even reduce the risk of death from any cause.
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#CoffeeProduction thread!

1/ #Coffee is a popular beverage enjoyed by millions of people around the world, but did you know that only a few countries are responsible for the majority of global coffee production?
2/ The top coffee producing countries are #Brazil, #Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Together, these countries account for about 75% of the world's coffee production.
3/ #Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, with over 2.5 million tons produced annually. Vietnam is a close second, producing around 1.5 million tons per year.
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#Nestle business model analysis

1/ Nestle is a global food and beverage company that operates on a hybrid business model, using both in-house manufacturing and outsourcing to produce its products. #Nestle #BusinessModel #FoodAndBeverage
2/ Nestle sources raw materials and ingredients for its products from various suppliers around the world and manufactures its products at its own facilities in countries around the world. #RawMaterials #Manufacturing
3/ Nestle's product line is diverse and includes a variety of food and beverage products, including coffee, water, milk, ice cream, and snack foods. The company also licenses its brand to third parties for use on non-Nestle products. #Coffee #Water #Milk #IceCream #SnackFoods
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Heavy #coffee consumption can increase the risk of death among people with severe #hypertension

1. In a recent study, drinking 2 or more cups of coffee per day increased the risk of death by 2 times in people with BP>160/100 mmHg.
2. There was no additional risk of death in people with normal BP of those with grade 1 hypertension (BP<160/100 mmHg).

*Drinking coffee up to 1 cup/day was found to be safe in people with or without high BP.
3. In contrast, green #tea consumption was not associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease deaths across all categories of BP.
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How can one reduce the risk of knee #osteoarthritis?

1. Knee osteoarthritis (OA) causes knee pain. It limits mobility, hampers physical activity and contributes to sedentary lifestyle, which in turn, increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke.
2. Who are at risk of developing knee OA?
*Non-modifiable risk factors:
Female gender and older age
*#obesity: Increases the risk of knee OA three-times. It also accelerates the progression of disease.
#MedTwitter #orthotwitter #orthopedics
3. Knee injury: Traumatic joint injury is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis, particularly at the #knee (i.e. meniscal damage, anterior cruciate ligament rupture, or direct articular cartilage injury). Ref:…
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For fellow drinkers of #coldbrew #coffee: here are 2 v important charts from a food science journal showing how efficiently #caffeine is extracted. As I learned early on, it's deceptively easy to consume an unpleasant amount of #caffeine using this brewing method.
1. Caffeine concentration begins approaching steady state after about 400 minutes (6 2/3 hours). If you think that a 7 hour counter steep will avoid most of the caffeine ... this is wrong. You've extracted almost all of it at this point.
2. While cold water extracts caffeine less efficiently than hot brew methods, this is more than compensated for in cold brew by the much longer time the grinds are in contact with the water.
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Yang harus kita tahu ragam dan jenis minuman kopi ..

Biar tahu dan tidak salah pesan
Sambungan ...
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Here, the consumption of caffeinated coffee was inversely associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes among US nurses with a history of gestational diabetes, with higher intakes being associated with a more favorable glucose metabolic profile among the type 2 diabetes-free women.
A few other notable findings:
- "This current study presents complementary findings on the inverse associations of coffee, particularly caffeinated coffee, with T2D progression for high-risk individuals with a history of GDM...
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This Mendelian randomization study finds coffee consumption to be causally associated with risk of oesophageal cancer, with some evidence that this is related to a temperature effect.
- Augmented risk of oesophageal cancer was the main determinant of the increased digestive system cancers with coffee drinking reported in the present study.
- Interestingly, thermal injury to the oesophagus may also be an important oncogenesis driving factor.
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Does coffee cause dehydration?

A thread 🧵👇

#caffeine #coffee #hydration
It is often suggested that coffee causes dehydration. This is because coffee contains caffeine, which has a dehydrating effect. However, coffee also contains fluid which has a hydrating effect. Therefore, it can be questioned if coffee intake really causes dehydration.

This study investigated the effect of coffee intake on hydration levels in habitual coffee consumers (3-6 cups a day). Each subject participated in two 3-day experiment periods: one coffee period and one water period.

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One of my favourite programming & Python analogies…

The Coffee Machine—Function analogy

Let's make some coffee…

Read on

1/ coffee machine in action, m...
A function is like a coffee machine

It needs inputs to work (arguments):
— water
— electricity
— ground coffee beans (or pods if so inclined)

You can choose to put different blends of coffee into your machine (choice of what argument to pass to function)

You press the "On" button—this is equivalent to calling the function.

You can almost see the similarity between the typical "On" button and the parentheses ( ) used to call a function in Python!

3/ On button icon on most device
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In this one, coffee was inversely associated with chronic kideny disease in a dose-dependent manner, particularly in females with the effect being stronger in those with higher SHBG and lower testosterone concentrations.
- Among more than 350,000 participants in the UK Biobank, coffee consumption reduced the risk of CKD regardless of genetic risk.
- The effect was sex-specific, and was modified by testosterone and SHBG.
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According to common folklore, India’s tryst with coffee began in the early 17th century, when Baba Budan, a Muslim saint from Chikmagalur, smuggled in seven coffee beans from present-day Yemen while returning from Hajj.
The use of the word ‘smuggled’ is intentional as in those days, it was considered illegal to transport green coffee beans out of the Arabian Peninsula. This was to ensure that the region continued to have a monopoly on its trade.
Baba Budan managed to bring it to Chikmagalur in India and began growing the crop. Firstpost writes, “Qahwakhanas (coffee houses) were soon established, and many upper-class Indians took to the drink.
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Unknown deaths in Alberta and New Brunswick

But it's definitely not the clot shot they got

#Alberta #NewBrunswick #Deaths #MysteriousDeaths #vaccine #BigPharma #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Meme Image

Hotter nights increase the risk of death from heart disease for men in early 60s

It's definitely not the clot shot they got

. Image

Lonely older women at greater risk of heart attack, study shows

It's definitely not the clot shot they got

. Image
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Good news for coffee lovers

#Coffee drinkers, even those with a sweet tooth live longer as per a recent study

Among more than 1,70,000 people in the #UK, those who drank about two to four cups of coffee a day, with or without sugar, had a lower rate of death than those who didn't drink coffee at all
The results were assessed after a 7-year study by U.K. Biobank about half a million people between 2006 and 2010
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"You have the feeling, when you ride, that this animal understands you and you understand this animal. You also have this feeling of mastering this big animal — it makes you feel powerful.” -- Ludovic Orlando @LudovicLorlando…
Genetic roots of three mitochondrial diseases identified via new approach…
#MitochondrialProteins, #CRISPRCas9, #GeneEditing, #MitochondrialFunction
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1. A few thoughts on the #Coffee debate with regard to what comes next ( a short thread). Government incentives such as tax relief, land etc are essentially equivalent to commercial and monetary value that the state "invests" in the given project
2. In short, incentives are a proprietary tool by the government to give up expected revenue, say from tax or other sources, in order to advance some greater public purpose. In the case of the Vinci deal, the stated purpose is value addition to coffee
3. The decision to extend equity ( through incentives etc) to a project is not only about strategic value of the project. Any public investment must pass a commercial, strategic and political test. Much of the defence of Vinci deal has been only that it is legal.
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Does caffeine improve exercise performance for everyone?

A thread 🧵👇

#caffeine #coffee #performance Image
Caffeine has shown to improve exercise performance. Therefore, caffeine is a popular supplement among athletes.

2/x Image
There appears to be much variation in the individual response to caffeine. This may be explained by variation in the CYP1A2 gene, which determines whether caffeine is metabolized fast or slow. Therefore, the effects of caffeine may depend on the activity of this gene.

3/x Image
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This one suggests that conventional daily caffeine intake does not provide sufficient time for the elimination of caffeine and paraxanthine. Image
- Worse still, even though the salivary caffeine nearly reaches a clear state, the caffeine-associated brain responses seem to require a longer time to be fully restored.
"The concurrence of a reduced hippocampal GM intensity and an incomplete caffeine elimination, together with a GM recovery after being deprived of caffeine, underscore the importance of a sufficient cessation period...
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1. Hi! I'm KUSH! Let me introduce myself!
30+ YRS in Music and Multimedia
Entered the NFT space in FEB '21 and the ride has been amazing. I make all this art MYSELF 100%. Hope you enjoy this intro! ⬇️ #NFTartist Image
2. I started by creating MetaMushrooms, to showcase music and 3D Animation I was designing. I was looking to create psychedelic art with music that would be displayed in HIGH END VIRTUAL OR TERRESTRIAL GALLERIES. 3.6 $ETH Volume @opensea #OpenSeaNFT
3. I created Shroom Coin as a LIGHTWEIGHT DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT COLLECTABLE that could be enjoyed on your mobile device, and comes with a COMMERCIAL LICENCE TO USE THE MUSIC.
SOLD over 1000 Shroom Coins by APRIL 2021. #shroomcoin 🚀 Image
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It's been one of the more eventful weeks in cybersecurity history. In my little corner of the world, it went a little something like this... 1/n
The first #log4j / #log4shell blog from #SURGe @splunk… was published a week ago with @meansec leading from the front and jump-started by @DrShannon2000 and @jsy9981 2/n
Meanwhile, hundreds of Splunkers worked through last weekend to publish our official advisory. If you take one thing from this thread, it should be this! It's updated frequently and includes details about CVE-2021-45046 and more.… 3/n
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