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trump's SCOTUS pick will be a terrible one.

But, it's important that Dems don't drag out the confirmation fight, because it's not *this* seat that will put Roe v Wade in jeopardy.

It's the NEXT one.

So, it might mean losing this battle to ensure we win the next one.

Yes, this new Justice will shift the Court to the right. But, it does NOT necessarily mean Roe v. Wade and abortion rights will be overruled.

There's only one Justice on the Court right now that would unequivocally overrule Roe-that's Clarence Thomas.
Alito and Gorsuch certainly don't approve of Roe. But, it's not clear whether they'd joined Thomas to overrule.

Even if they did, along with the new Justice, that would mean they'd have four votes to overrule. But, there's a good chance they wouldn't get the fifth vote.
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A Quick First Amendment Primer Thread

1. Does Twitter violate the 1st A when it bans users for their tweets? NO.
2. Does the NFL violate the 1st A when it bans kneeling? NO.
3. Does trump violate the 1st A when he blocks users? YES (for now)

The key to understanding these three answers is that the First Amendment only applies to the GOVERNMENT, not to private actors.

The 1A states that "CONGRESS shall make no law...abridging freedom of speech."

It also applies to state and local govts.
The 1A does not apply to private actors, and so they can ban speech that the gov't cannot.

So, a college student attending UC Berkeley has 1A speech rights b/c Berkeley is a state school.

But, a college student attending Harvard, a private school, does not.
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Forget the SOTU. Let's focus on how the Resistance should proceed in 2018.

Here are five things we should focus on in making the Resistance stronger and more powerful as we gear up for midterms.

The State of A New Union Thread.

#RebelScum #RBA⚖️
1. Shift from naked opinions to the empirical.

There's nothing wrong with us expressing our opinions on politics. But, I suggest we focus more on empirical analysis so that we can bolster our positions and arguments on policy matters.
So, if a trump fan says immigrants take away jobs from Americans, we can respond by labeling the argument as racist or dumbfounded. Or, we can rebut the argument with empirical evidence that their assumption is wrong.
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You may have heard that Roy Moore believes in getting rid of the constitutional amendments after the 10th.

Not entirely accurate. It's worse.

Moore effectively wants to get rid of ALL the amendments, including the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment. Thread #RBA⚖️
Moore has stated that repealing the amendments after the 10th would "eliminate many problems."

One of those amendments is the 14th, which protects equal protection and due process. Here's the thing. Getting rid of the 14th Amendment means getting rid of the Bill of Rights.
Why? When enacted, the original Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) applied only to the federal government.

This meant that the First Amendment only protected you against federal government attempts to restrict speech.
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Roy Moore is threatening to sue an Alabama newspaper for printing allegations of sexual misconduct against him. Here's why the newspaper actually would *WANT* to be sued. Thread. #RBA ⚖️
@stormresist2017 @1IronMan2018 @natasharesists @ScarletAvengers @Wolv_2018 @2HawkEye2018 The threat of a lawsuit for defamation is clearly frivolous. He's threatening a lawsuit to try to intimidate the newspaper into retracting its stories. However, if Moore were to file suit, it would be the dumbest thing he could do.
@stormresist2017 @1IronMan2018 @natasharesists @ScarletAvengers @Wolv_2018 @2HawkEye2018 That's because during litigation, there's a phase called discovery, where the parties share information/evidence with each other.
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<#LawyersResist #RBA⚖ Thread>
Many of us are very concerned 45 is about to try to fire Mueller. I'll lay out our concerns & how to help. ⤵
found a good @washingtonpost article (w graphic) on how Mueller could be fired. /2
I want to dig a little deeper on WHO can/would fire Mueller. Probably not # 1 or 2, per @benjaminwittes…
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<#LawyersResist #RBA⚖️Thread>
Many concerned about recent EO amending #EO13223 on IRR. I want to explain why we shouldn't be too concerned.
IRR—Individual Ready Reserve—is classification given to former military. IRR callups=backdoor drafts of those who've already served. Scary.
Helpful to read the original #EO13223 and the amendment side by side. To my eyes, very little substantive difference
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