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Persistent childhood viruses are found in adult tissues, including internal organs, indicating the existence of a unique microbiome in our organs- the virome.…
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Bacteriophages can be robustly detected in microbiome samples like feces or skin swabs. But identifying latent viruses remains a challenge, as they can slumber as episomes or integrated within cells and tissues without actively replicating.
As these viruses are intracellular they are not restricted to body's outer surfaces where most other microbiotas dwell.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/01/2021…
Five ways to ensure flood-risk research helps the most vulnerable…

#research #ClimateChange #flooding #resilience #demographics
Neurons Act Not As Simple Logic Gates, But As Complex, Multi-Unit Processing Systems…

#neurons #dendrites #behavior #nodes #MultiUnit #ProcessingSystems
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1/ This excellent study by @aaronmring/@VirusesImmunity and team found that COVID-19 patients exhibit dramatic increases in the production of antibodies against thousands of human extracellular and secreted proteins (the exoproteome) compared to controls 👇
2/ The million dollar question is: what molecular mechanisms underly this antibody/#autoantibody production? It is worth interpreting the findings via the lens of human #microbiome/#virome activity + the activity of persistent pathogens (such as EBV) harbored by study subjects.
3/ Every study subject harbored extensive microbiome/virome communities comprised of trillions of organisms during #COVID-19 infection…with such ecosystems now understood to persist beyond just the gut but also in other body sites (#lung, liver etc).
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Important paper 👉 A team in Tokyo took RNA-seq data from the Genomic-#Tissue Expression Project: a public resource created to study tissue-specific gene expression/regulation from 54 tissue types collected from 1000+ healthy individuals at autopsy:…
2/ They successfully identified 39 viral species in at least one tissue (tissue types included #brain, pituitary, esophagus, thyroid, #heart, breast, lung, kidney, adrenal gland, prostate, #nerve, adipose tissue, blood vessel, ovary, uterus etc)
3/ Viruses identified in the various tissue samples included EBV, HSV-1, Varicella, CMV, HHV6-A/B, HHV-7, HCV, HPV, adeno-associated virus...and 16 RNA #viruses including Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Parainfluenza Virus 3..
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An evaluation of mass #azithromycin distribution on respiratory #virome suggests children have ⬇️non-SARS coronavirus viral load in communities receiving azithromycin compared to placebo. These findings are intriguing, with some important considerations.…
This is a non-prespecified analysis from the #MORDOR study. These data pre-date COVID19 emergence by years. Most importantly, this paper does not say anything about whether azithromycin does or does not work for COVID19.
Mechanism unclear (and this study is not designed to address that). Azithromycin has anti-inflammatory effects, so could be related to that. Could be some secondary effect of reducing bacterial effect, or an off-target effect on viral replication. Also could be chance.
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Glad to see #ME/CFS mentioned as a disease potentially connected to immunometabolic reprogramming of host cells. But #pathogen activity in ME/CFS is severely understudied. For example, no team has yet searched for organisms in patient cerebrospinal fluid
2/ Further, numerous outbreaks of the disease have occurred that were directly linked to #enterovirus/coxsackie #viruses + autopsy studies of patients w/ ME/CFS have identified enteroviruses in patient brain tissue + stomach biospy samples:
3/ Moreover early studies on #microbiome activity in ME/CFS indicate dysbiosis of #bacterial communities in patients w/ the #disease, w/ one study noting an increase in bacterial phyla in patient blood after a symptom-provocation challenge:
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Nice! 👉 This team used culture-independent methods to examine the #virome of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from a group of mostly healthy human subjects. They identified a community of DNA viruses, most of which were identified as bacteriophages:… ImageImageImage
From paper 👉 “There was an abundance of #viruses shared among CSF, breast milk, plasma, and body fluids, while each generally shared less with urine, feces, and saliva. These shared viruses ranged across different virus families...”
2/2 “...By identifying a #virome in the cerebrospinal fluid of mostly #healthy individuals, it is now less likely that any human body site is devoid of #microbes, which further highlights the need to decipher the role that viral communities may play in human health.”
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Every word of this article is interesting 👉 It discusses how human endogenous #retroviruses (HERVs) that have been incorporated into the human #genome☝️may still express viral proteins that impact progression of diseases including #ALS, #MS, #cancer and #schizophrenia.
Quote from article 👉 “...many human endogenous #retroviral (HERV) sequences can be transcribed and even translated in #human cells, with hundreds of HERV genes likely having the capacity to yield #viral proteins 👉 Cedric Feschotte, @Cornell University ImageImageImageImage
The article also provides case histories and pilot study findings 👉Which show that #patients w/ #ALS and #MS have benefitted (or are benefitting) from therapy with #antiretroviral drugs☝️In some cases, w/ #HIV antiretrovirals:… Image
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Disillusionment? No. 👉 Just last year, @Stanford’s Steven Quake identified over 3000 previouly undiscovered #viruses, #bacteria and fungal organisms in the #blood of immunocompromised subjects☝️Using cell-free #DNA sequencing that accounted for contamination...
Then concluded the paper by stating that the novel #organisms 👉 “...have potential consequences for human #health. They may prove to be the cause of acute or chronic #diseases that, to date, have unknown etiology…”☝️What hope for #microbiome-based therapies! ImageImageImageImage
Also, as #microbiome researcher, I am incredibly encouraged by the explosion of human #phage + #virome research in just the past years (+ associated tools for novel #virus identification) 👉 Plus, better #archea-targeting methodologies like those used… ImageImage
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