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#ElectionResults2019 were not a surprise.

I predicted a Tory majority of 30 to 40 before the election.

The size of the Tory majority is a surprise & reflects Labour's disastrous policy of cancelling #Brexit

Jo Swinson's LibDems Nazi Party got hammered she lost her seat 🤣🤣🤣
We now get #BRINO with Boris.

Boris's deal is Lipstick on the Pig of Theresa May's disastrous & Treasonous non-exit "WithDrawal Agreement."

We remain Slaves, paying £16bn a year, to be under the total control of the EU & all current & future regulations
We now get total farce of Boris "negotiating" a Trade Deal for a year.

EU have got us right where they want us.
Paying £16bn a year to be Slaves under total EU control.
EU will NEVER negotiate a fair deal

ONLY way we can Leave is with "No Deal" on WTO terms
Jeremy Corbyn has paid the price of capitulating to Blairite Neocon / Neoliberal Globalist Fascists instead of fighting them, deselecting them as MPs / Candidates, & kicking them out of the Labour Party.

Corbyn "will not fight next election as Party Leader"

Jo Swinson's anti democracy Neoliberal Globalist Fascist Nazi Party have been handed TOTAL humiliation, with fewer MPs than they got in 2017.

One piece of good news was the Globalist Fascist defectors to the LibDems, like Chuka Umunna lost their seats.

The Neoliberal Globalist #Brexit sell outs - Blairite Trilateral member Keir Starmer, John McDonnell, Emily Thornberry & Diane Abbott must take a large part of the blame with Jeremy Corbyn for Labour's humiliating defeat.
Labour's worst election since 1935.

We now have to FIGHT as never before.

Boris Johnson does NOT want the UK to leave EU or Globalist control, he is a SCAM artist.

BoJo has signed up to UK's total Loss of Sovereignty with "EU Defence Union" handing control of UK's military to Brussels.

The new "EU army" / "EU Defence Union" is designed to OPPRESS EUROPEANS as the EU sinks into increasing authoritarianism, poverty & social unrest.

German troops will suppress French protesters & vice versa etc.

Total control by the EU & subjugation of Europeans has ALWAYS been the aim of the European Project.

The new "EU Army" / "EU Defence Union" will crack down on internal dissent in the EU.

The EU and the warning signs of Fascism
Must watch!

The EU takeover of UK Military & Intelligence Services by Stealth.
Briefing by Lt. General Jonathan Riley.

This means the TOTAL surrender of UK Sovereignty to Brussels (and applies to every other country in the EU too).

Boris Johnson has signed up to the disastrous & treasonous "#GlobalCompactForMigration" which encourages tens of millions more illegal immigrants into the EU to impoverish Europeans by suppressing wages & increasing housing, health, education & welfare costs

The authoritarian Globalist Fascist EU is now passing laws to CRIMINALISE criticism of its DISASTROUS Open Borders, unlimited illegal immigration policy by labelling it "hate speech"

UN #GlobalCompactForMigration was signed Dec 2018

The authoritarian Globalist Fascist EU passed new laws for Mass #Censorship in April 2019.

Article 17 (previously article 13) allows EU to censor EVERYTHING they don't like on the net, WORLDWIDE.

NO #FreeSpeech or #FreePress in EU.

We have to FIGHT for "No Deal" on WTO terms.

It's ONLY way we can ever escape control by Authoritarian Fascist EU.

Cancel agreements for EU "Defence Union", #EI2, #GlobalCompactForMigration & Article 17 Mass #Censorship.

We ALL need to be #GiletsJaunes.

Leave voting seats OVERWHELMINGLY turned against Globalist sell outs Labour & LibDems which is why they got CRUSHED.

There is a CLEAR MANDATE for a CLEAN #Brexit.
We must fight for it, and not accept BoJo's sham BRINO non-exit which keeps us as Slaves of EU
Survation are the most reliable & accurate pollster for UK #GeneralElectionResults.

Showed a big swing to Tories in last 10 days before the vote & Tory Maj of 40+

Forget all the complete garbage & lies endlessly spewed by MSM and non credible pollsters.
As usual MSM continues to endlessly spin & deflect from real info on #GeneralElectionResults with lying, corrupt pundits

MSM is a Disinfo Spin Machine.

REAL info is List of Seats that Changed Hands, %age swing & %age of #Brexit & #Leave voters in each of these seats in 2016.
REAL info would also be a list of prominent MP's who lost their seats & their recent history, E.G.

Anna Soubry Globalist Fascist defected to now defunct Blairite Corrupt, Racist, Fascist, TIG.

Chuka Umunna defected to Blairite LibDems Nazi Party

There's also a VERY long list of anti Democracy, Globalist Fascist, Treasonous 5th Columnist MP's who didn't even bother standing b/c they became so unpopular, e.g.:

Amber Rudd
Alistair Burt
Bilderberger's Ken Clarke & Rory Stewart
Racist Joan Ryan
I was criticised by a few Labour supporting followers for reporting Tories were headed to 30 - 40 Majority when Disinfo MSM were reporting a Hung Parliament was likely.

I endeavour to report the Truth as honestly as I can.

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