India Farmers Protests Goes Vogue.

Celebrities, influencers – & British Vogue - suddenly interested in #FarmersProtests that began in Nov. Despite MASSIVE resistance, the protests have been largely ignored by Western influencers/NGOs, etc. So why now? Let's explore.
Twitter (tool of empire) promoted the #celebrity endorsement of Rihanna/Greta accounts – while it simultaneously banned/censored on the ground Indian farmers/activists. While highlighting Western #influencers, Twitter had deleted approx. 250 protest/alt media accounts in #India.
Rihanna/Thunberg accounts share CNN article which references Access Now, "an advocacy group which tracks internet freedom." In reality, Access began as an arm of Avaaz (Purpose), to destabilize #Iran. Another instrument of #empire.

More on Access Now:…
Perhaps the most telling – and #redflag waving share, is the re-tweet of the Rihanna comment by the imperialist Human Rights Watch led by Kenneth Roth. Included in the celebrity/influencer forces unleashed – was Meena Harris, #KamalaHarris's niece.

This came at a pivotal time. Citizen #protests had begun inside #Delhi with massive police presence. Blockades/barricades were being put in place all over in desperate attempt to contain the movement. Consider that #India represents approx. a fifth of the world's #population.
We must observe what is happening through a critical lens. 1. "Any account of #celebrities must be predicated on the recognition that 'the interests served are first of all those of #capital." 2. #Media is the key instrument of the ruling class.

3. Greta™️is capital's most powerful influencer. The Thunberg brand is credited by WEF's Klaus Schwab et al. w/ the uptake of stakeholder capitalism, offsets, etc. "Greta" is a creation of the very corporations looking to destroy every last farmer – & capture all life - on Earth.
The Climate Group / We Mean Business (1531 corporations representing 24.8 trillion in market cap) were involved in the creation of the #Thunberg campaign/brand from the onset.


A 100 Trillion Dollar Storytelling Campaign:…
#Rihanna is the founder of the Clara Lionel Foundation, it's focus on "groundbreaking education & emergency preparedness & response programs around the world". In Sept. 2016, Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation partnered w/ Global Partnership for Education & Global Citizen. #GPE
"#GPE aims to raise at least US$5 billion to transform education systems for more than 1 billion girls & boys in up to 87 countries" Under GPE, low-cost #private primary/secondary #education (for world's most #impoverished) has been expanding at a rapid rate in the #GlobalSouth.
In addition to #privatization, we now have children being identified/recognized as human capital data to be commodified on blockchain linking behaviour to benefits. (read @Philly852). With focus on #Africa/#India, #GPE is led by colonial rule & corporate interests. #WorldBank
Global Citizen (GC), targeting the youth demographic, works closely w/ #Gates & UN (partnered w/ #WEF) for uptake of #SDGs. Under guise of poverty, health, education, etc., SDGs are #EmergingMarkets. Upon GC-CLF partnership in 2016, Rihanna was named the GPE Global Ambassador.
Jan 25, 2018: "Today, at the World Economic Forum’s annual general meeting in #Davos, Switzerland, Prime Minister Justin #Trudeau announced that the Government of Canada will provide $180 million to the Global Partnership for Education (#GPE) for 2018-2020."

Thunberg earnings are directed to #WWF, #Greenpeace (& undisclosed NGOs). Behind the Thunberg campaign since inception, both work closely w/ World Economic Forum (& We Mean Business). The #NewDealforNature / #VoiceForThePlanet was created/led by #WEF in partnership w/ WWF et al.
This is the financialization & enclosure of nature, global in scale. The #WWF is complicit in the torture, rape, murder & mass displacement of #Indigenous Peoples. Those behind the creation of Greta™️are the very corporations & institutions that have destroyed the natural world.
#Celebrity "activism" / endorsement is targeting & capturing the youth demographic. Here we can note that #India holds the world's largest #youth #population: 50% + of India's population is below the age of 25. 65% of the population is below the age of 35.

A key component of the #4IR is "#smartfarming"; automation, genetic engineering of crops & precision #agriculture.

"Today, #data is a real wealth & it is being said that whoever acquires & controls the data will have #hegemony in the future." - #Modi, World Economic Forum, 2018
India's Ambani Mukesh is a member of the WEF Board of Trustees, #Brookings, #McKinsey, etc.; In 2020, Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health & Family Welfare, India, was elected to WHO's executive board; Priyanka Chopra, Indian celebrity, serves as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. #SDGs
Thus, it is unlikely that intervention is being sought. This is not a destabilization manufactured by NATO states. Not a movement created/financed by found. or NGOs ($$$ by/serving capital & ruling class). That said, w/ so much at stake, foreign intervention cannot be ruled out.
What we may see unfold is a calculated attempt to gain control what is happening on the ground. As Purpose is active in #India, we may see this as a test of "new power" - that is "the ability to #harness the connected crowd to get what you want" - Jeremy Heimans, Purpose/Avaaz
What do they want? To gain control of this massive #uprising, & channel it. The main fear/threat articulated at Davos was the opting out of the #socialcontract. Rebuilding #trust is required for global #greatreset that will secure/serve ruling class & corporate power expansion:
Or, will this serve as a further opening of the floodgates for Western NGOs & "leaders" in order to dominate #Indian terrain, #culture and #psyche. #SoftPower has been far more effective in implementing the will of corporate power, western ideology & ruling class desires. #NPIC
Where states fail, NGOs often can succeed.

#Oppression reframed as #empowerment has become an art form, shaped and molded by the non-profit industrial complex. Corporate capture reframed as sustainability - under guise of #climate mitigation & protection of #biodiversity.
There is another possibility to explore – looking more plausible as this plays out. In this scenario, the government is #reframed from oppressor to victim. Considering the criminal investigation filed against #Thunberg, Delhi-based documentary film-maker, Varun Mathur, theorizes:
In the coming days, as events unfold, we must resist #media and ruling class #manipulation. We must be cautious and retain our capacity for sound judgment and critical analysis.
The best way to support India #FarmersProtests – & the struggle of farmers & peasantry worldwide – is to fight against #imperialism, #colonialism, militarism & capitalism – upheld by OUR OWN governments & institutions. We must oppose/dismantle the power structures that oppress.
Thank you @Civilianaire_IN for polishing up & sharing my thoughts on this. Thank you also to film-maker @varunmathur5. For anyone wishing to read this thread in one place, it is shared here:…

#StandWithFarmers 🙏🙏🙏

• • •

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