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This is your daily pension announcement. All public sector pension members must read this!

"Kenney seems not to understand the teachers' concerns. Or, perhaps more accurately, he understands perfectly well what they're saying but has turned a deaf ear."…
And from the indefagable @schill_dawg :
"There will still be an ATRF board. The board can give suggestions to AIMCo, in terms of investment management strategies, but they don't always have to follow it."
10-1 odds @jkenney flips out at the next Q.
#ABLeg #igotaproblemwiththat
I take no delight in the present festering cesspool of affairs. In fact, I will mention that Institutional Investor had more things to say about AIMCo today. I will reproduce the saucy bits here as it is for subscribers only and subscriptions are US$1,200 per year. #ABLeg #fail
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Let’s deep-dive into foreign agent Christopher Steele & the downsized intel office based in London. Yesterday, he dared to blather about US Government elected officials and this alone demands further scrutiny of his activities, current operations and public statements.✈️ #ORBIS
1. It’s obvious that disgraced foreign agent #STEELE(head of ORBIS intel office in London and author of the fabricated dossier on US elected government officials) has #done #immense #damage to relations between USA and UK. 🇺🇸💔🇬🇧
2. My country 🇺🇸 has been divided by an anonymous “field report”, full of bizarre statements that captivates the attention of the international media because it casts a doubt over the legitimacy of a US president @realDonaldTrump , First Family @FLOTUS and other US officials.
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#PuertoRico #USA #PuertoRicoEarthquakes

#PuertoRico still doesn't seem calm after so many #storms, and this Saturday there was a new 6.0 MI magnitude #earthquake on the momentum magnitude scale as part of a series of #aftershocks that have intensified since Friday night.
According to Prensa Latina, the meteorological phenomenon occurred in #Guánica, 14.87 kilometers south of #Peñuelas, at a depth of 5.04 kilometers.
On the other hand, the #NationalGuard of #PuertoRico considered declaring the island a #disaster area in order to receive additional funds after the #earthquakes.
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A magnitude 7.1 earthquake just occurred in Ridgecrest, CA. 113 miles from LA, 146 miles from Las Vegas. A magnitude 7.1 earthquake is 5 times bigger than
a magnitude 6.4 earthquake, which occurred July 4th in CA desert far from pop. This is 11 times stronger (energy release).
2. Very powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake described as rolling compared to the big jolt of the 6.4. Much bigger and rolled longer than the last one.
3. 7.1 hit Ridgecrest at 8:20pm local time, 36 minutes ago.
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Tweets series of what have been highlighted in the report “#SyrianRussianAlliance Forces Target 24 #Medical Facilities in the Fourth #DeEscalation Zone Within Four Weeks”
1/5 The failure of the #UnitedNations’ mechanisms to take any action to force the Syrian regime to stop bombing the protected #hospitals and facilities, the inability of the Security Council to act due to the #Russian veto, and the failure to create an international coalition...
...responsible for protecting civilians and medical and civilian facilities, have all contributed to enabling the #SyrianRegime and its allies to continue with their barbaric #Strategy of bombing of medical facilities.
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1/ #THREAD Ah, teeny tiny demographical instance of something, hastily wound up to a coy, careful kind of un-endorsement of something else, even uses paper in a medical / scientific journal to try substantiate this un-endorsement placement #Beware #BullAtWork How 'well-connected'
2/ and how reminiscent of a certain type of anti-vaccination trolling / disinformation.😬 #Questions such as: A/what percentage of the population actually use the product B/ what percentage of that specific demographic have been injured seriously, in a clinical sense or in the --
3/ particular mode described in the, eh, 'article' ? C/ So even if as seems likely this only verifiably happened to a tiny % of users,& even if the argument that it is all just public knowledge/public info. is applied so it appears to be, lets say for the heck of it, 'authentic',
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