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Here’s one of many costs of #war no one talks about: 736% Increase in Sexual Exploitation Of Migrants Children (Most From #Syria) & Booming Sex—Trafficking Business for the Criminal Networks. Shame. #Cumhuriyet #cumhuriyetgzt
Wars: They Name them for PR- Think “Operation Enduring Freedom”!; They Make Them “Hollywood entertainment”- Think “Shock & Awe” & Live Fireworks; They Turn Them Into BS Rhetorics- Think “Bringing Democracy” & “MidEast Spring” ... But Never Show or Talk About This. No?
When Needed Most, #Antiwar Movements & Groups Have Gone Dormant- been hibernating for over a decade. Look around- You See Any?
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Unpopular opinion:

The World Wars never ended, neither did the Cold War, and neither will the War on Terror.

Wars based on demonizing all people "over there" as equally scum will always result in the remainder of jingiosm after they're "over".

Want it to stop? See next tweet.
The only way to stop this is to realize that we're people.

And the world would have to do it - because if the majority of the world still thinks everyone born elsewhere is subhuman garbage, war is always around the corner.

Which means this is incredibly unlikely.

So what?
"Certainly the game is rigged - don't let that stop you; if you don't bet you can't win!" - Robert Heinlein

So be the better person - realize civilian casualties, and troops dying unnecessary deaths for a bankster or a corporation, and withdraw your consent.

It's very simple.
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The Promise of @TulsiGabbard: A Partial Response to Skeptics
by Prof. #RichardFalk, he served as #UnitedNations special rapporteur on #HumanRights in the occupied #Palestinian territories, co-authored UN Report accusing #Israel of #Apartheid & #WarCrimes.…
The @TulsiGabbard phenomenon as a diagnostic tool
"The putatively “liberal” legacy Ziomedia hates Tulsi with a passion. Maybe not as much as that legacy Ziomedia hates Trump or Putin, but still – the levels of hostility against her are truly amazing."…
Rep. @TulsiGabbard has been pretty consistent on #antiwar, anti-#RegimeChange #ForeignPolicy issues, since before she became a Congresswoman.👇
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Holy Crap! @TheYoungTurks' @AnaKasparian says,
@TulsiGabbard Is Not A Progressive, on #ForeignPolicy issues she is not a progressive"👈😡ASTROTURFING FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT!
The only #antiwar candidate is not progressive on foreign policy⁉️WTH‼️
This👇isn't progressive enough on FOREIGN POLICY for @AnaKasparian from @TheYoungTurks‼️
@TulsiGabbard on CNN New Day talking about her new bill, Stop Arming Terrorists Act. Dec 21, 2016
@cenkuygur @nikoCSFB @jimmy_dore #Syria #ISIS #AlQaeda #SaudiArabia
Rep. @TulsiGabbard Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Terrorists- 12/8/16
Stop Arming Terrorists Act (H.R.608) would stop the #US govt from using Taxpayer Dollars to Directly or Indirectly support groups who are allied w/Terrorist groups like #ISIS & #AlQaeda:…
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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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How many of the novels in #pbsgreatamericanread #GreatReadPBS are for #peace #antiwar? Here's the ones I know or hope are:

1) 1984 by George Orwell
2) A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving
3) Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
Others can be read to contain anti-war messages

Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya
Dune (esp later books in the series) by Frank Herbert
Game of Thrones series by George RR Martin
Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
War & Peace by Tolstoy
I haven't read all of them. I expect Vonnegut's "The Sirens of Titan" to be anti-war.

On the flip side, The Left Behind series is fanatically sectarian hate speech celebrating mass killing. One wonders if PBS would have allowed Mein Kampf or The Turner Diaries to make the list.
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