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#BurismaHackingHoax 1/3
The domains, listed in the Area 1 report, were registered over the period of 30 days: Nov 4, Nov 26, and Dec 4.

This is not how phishing campaigns operate. Timing is critical, because the targeted organization would discover the phishing attempts
2/3 after the first received emails or even suspicious domains registration, & warn its users across all divisions and subsidiaries. Such spread in the registration dates suggests that either the hackers were amateurs (not GRU), or were not related to each other.
3/3 Three different registrars were used for three domains.

Of course, a sophisticated hacker could have been inconsistent intentionally, but #A1S makes its attribution based on consistency (patterns), not on the absence of it. Either way, #A1S is wrong.
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#Justice #Socialists #Crowdstrike
This will be LONG! Patience, please!
So, perhaps many of you recall a certain building posted by our friend before suspension!
Most thought it to be his 'dwelling'!
Some of us know that ALL his posts (except the rare personal one's, e.g. that he is well), are posted on purpose with special meaning (as he pointed out a few times).
He would NEVER EVER dox neither himself nor Ezra and wife. So WHY then did he post the building, wink wink?
For the record, it was also to trigger black hats (probably another reason that he was reported).
What is VERY much in news right now (when he posted + just before and after)?
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This is not good and hopefully will backfire BIGLY. @DilleyShow has a good source on this one. I am posting all of Q posts on #Crowdstrike below.
The Iranians coordinating their lies with the Deep State. Making up stuff as they go.

Moves and countermoves coming...…
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Blake Darché crowdstrike/area1 wikileaks…
Oren Falkowitz, Area 1 Security // The Future of Cybersecurity (Hosted by FirstMark Capital)

why does fake news claim it as fact when there has been absolutely zero proof? just because some guy says so, who works for hillary and soros? #crowdstrike
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#Burisma hacked by Russian Fancy Bear,
says Area 1 Security @BlakeDarche ,
Who was also a founder of #Crowdstrike
Coincidence ?

" Fancy Bear is actually #Ukrainian and works with CrowdStrike"
#RussiaReport @JoeBiden @BarackObama @nytimes @ABC @ABC
From Blake Darche's LinkedIn profile.

I'm not saying that #Burisma wasn't hacked but it seems a bit strange.

Keep reading the next 2 threads will show you exactly who #fancybear is.

It will pro've he works in #Ukraine with OSINT Intelligence and has worked with Crowdstrike
#Fancy Bear" the Russian GRU hacker 2016 election and now hacked #Burisma was arrested by Russia for hacking Russian top officials.
Working with foreign Intel #Ukraine
Previously he left Russian and was on the run.
If you want to know the real truth⤵…
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Seems a little to convienant.

Area 1 Security "Blake Darche" who found this #Burisma hack and did the report is also a founding member of #Crowdstrike
I would like to believe but this just seems a little to strange.

@BlakeDarche from #Crowdstrike
#Burisma and Crowdstrike are not in the middle of accusations from @POTUS
Seems abit odd and if @RepAdamSchiff says something is true, then it must be a lie.
U.S Cyberdome, a project involving James Clapper
Area 1 Security + others

will monitoring Presidential candidates websites for hacking.
(Which is a needed initiative)
However, anything involving James Clapper or CIA should be seriously questioned.

#Impeachment = #Coup #CIA
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01/09/2020 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
Trump talks about stocks gains and writes it as 409k
COMMS - Note the tweet before error is about a court win, after is about law enforcement, and most importantly in-between of good news about cancer. #RBG
01/08/2020 Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals she is "cancer free"…
The tweets in-between Trump fixes are key to decode comms. "Cancer" in this case and given Ruth Bader Ginsberg announced yesterday as being free of Cancer we get a clear subject matter #QAnon
Making it even more obvious the one just before Trump started the comms was about a huge court win. - The quick answer to the comm is in part the courts are now free from "Cancer". Check that nested thread for the long journey in managing that. #8kun
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🔅Ukraine Corruption🔅
Thread 6
(1 to 5 pinned on profile)

Fancy Bear, the Russian Military Hackers that #Crowdstrike said with 0 evidence, was actually living in #Ukraine and was later arrested by Russia for
Treason working with Ukraine, hacking Russia…
Thread 6 was long but very important to the conclusion.
▫Fancy Bear was born is Russia but left a decade earlier.
▫Fancy Bear was on the run from Russia for hacking Russia's Prime Minister and Putin.
▫Fancy Bear was later tricked into crossing into Russia then arrested
So why would #Crowdstrike
want to falsely accuse Fancy Bear?
▫Fancy Bear being in jail on treason in Russia for hacking Russian top officials, makes a perfect scape goat.
▫It can solve a long list of Problems : Buckle !
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🔅#Ukraine Corruption🔅
Thread 6
@johnpodesta's own emails prove attempts to gain access to his gmail account came from #Ukraine

John's staff email back and fourth to reset his password.

Google was the 1st warning source to the problem.

#2019in5words #GITMOIsStaffedAndReady
I have verified all information.

Location: Kiev Ukraine
Address: 53 Degtyarevskaya St.

Net service provider : Kyivstar

@johnpodesta email hacks,
the DNC hacks and #ClintonFoundation hacks are 3 events separate events.

I am not disagreeing that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 elections.
 I am questionig what role did, if any did Ukraine play?

#Crowdstrike did the dnc server analysis.
The conclusion was that the dnc hacks were from a hacking group known as "Fancy Bear"
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
Here's the lastest of today's #QAnon drop...
#Q 3773 ==> 👀once again proving that #Anons have known all along.
Included is a 2 year old read which still holds true.
3) #QPlus2020 [ ! ]
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#QAlert 12/28/19 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Saturday December 28, 2019. Post drop? 5:5? and more!

Let’s Go!
#QAlert 12/28/19 Q3759

DJT retweets himself 2 hrs later
Driving the point home.

Post drop?

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1. #QAnon Our tax dollars have been funding high-end criminals (corrupt politicians).
Pearson Publishing $$$$$$$$--> [HUSSEIN]
$65 million for a book? Corruption is
Disguised under book deals.
Follow the money.
2. #QAnon Add Pearson Chief Executive John Fallon to the list of 11,046 RESIGNATIONS since President Trump was elected and issued EO allowing seizure of corrupt assets.…

Pearson Publishing $$$$$$$$--> [HUSSEIN]
3. #QAnon "Pearson PLC said Wednesday that Chief Executive John Fallon plans to retire next year, and that it has agreed to sell its remaining 25% stake in Penguin Random House to Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA for $675 million."… #Q
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AWAN is bigger than you can imagine
Matters of National Security: There is a secret Ongoing Case Related to Imran Awan=Blackmailer
AWAN is Pakistan Intelligence (ISI)/MB
AWAN worked for Debbie W. Schultz/DNC and was given access to HRC private server(s)&House server's
Secret Ongoing Case Related Imran Awan
Debbie in panic mode 😎 "It's Classified", Debbie
DOJ Refuses To Release Records On Awan, Citing ‘Technical Difficulties’ And A Secret Case
AWAN was spying/Blackmailing Congress +++
Potus has the server
The 'server' brings down the house
FBI & Crowdstrike Concealed the Real Source of the DNC Data Breach (Seth Rich) and Framed Russia
CIA & FBI use #CrowdStrike software as a back door into the nation's cyber systems-software is installed in every federal department including Congress, FBI, DoD, WH
DNC hires AWAN
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This month Obamas officially purchased the Edgartown Estate, an $11.75 million waterfront mansion in Martha’s Vineyard.

In 2017 the Obamas purchased an $8.1 million home in DC’s Kalorama neighborhood & own a 6,243 sf home in Chicago’s South Side Kenwood neighborhood.
The listing details the property’s “long and winding driveway, sprawling lawn and incredible water views” and notes that the main residence is “finished with the finest details,” including...
...“multiple seating and entertaining spaces, a modern Chef’s kitchen, and a formal circular dining room surrounded by a wall of windows overlooking the grounds.” It is also equipped with a jacuzzi located off the second-floor balcony...
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Did I seriously just get Q’d?! Pinch me! Follow your dreams everybody. They’ve taken them from us. Be strong & bold. Unleash OUR true potential as united #Patriots! Fight for what you know is right. #WeAreTheNewsNow! #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Trump2020
I’m hard at work on some really big #Thread’s and Q decodes coming up. I’ll pin this as my main Twitter master thread.
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EX-CIA Ray McGovern Drops BOMBSHELL:


#SethRich w/ a Thumb Drive, Physical Access

& #CROWDSTRIKE added Metadata w/ CIA #Vault7


@POTUS: Let #Assange Prove it!


Flashback to Sy Hersh on Seth Rich:

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Q mentions +#Crowdstrike+ how many times?🤨

See below 👇

Feel free to add!! Memes or links 👊

This will be very relavant in the next few weeks


-Notice ALL Q Post Dates-

Linked articles included 👀

#QAnon #QArmy @POTUS #Epssteindidntkillhimself #WeKnow
INVESTIGATION on a US person!!!

Q Post #436 Dec 22 2017

CLAS: 1-12>
#QAnon #QArmy @POTUS @BarackObama
#Q Post #445 Dec 23 2017…

CrowdStrike provider of the first true Software-as-a Service (SaaS) based next-generation platform, today announced that the company has completed a $100 million Series C financing round, led by Google Capital. Rackspace

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Anons, my God look at these connections w/ #Google, #Amazon, #Facebook, #Microsoft & #JeffreyEpstein #LeslieWexner & the #NewAlbanyCompany! They’re centralizing 🤡 ops. I’m being #censored like crazy exposing this. Please RT if you see this. Community needs to know.
Please tag some big accounts if anybody sees this. Why is this not a massive known in the Anon community? Am I over reaching #LeslieWexner’s connections or are they just refusing to show these connections? If anybody has ties to big accounts please tag & have them spread this
Boom! Here’s the proof #LeslieWexner got huge kickbacks from #SergeyBrin #Zuckerberg & #JeffBezos through the #NewAlbanyCompany. #Crowdstrike was a cover for their own trafficking ties #Qanon…
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🔅Ukraine and Corruption🔅
Inside the Embassy:
Private emails edition.
Under @BarackObama + @JoeBiden + @HillaryClinton
Unless otherwise stated.
#Ukraine #Embassy re cieved an email
Sept 14/14 : regarding #Military Aid and sanctions the US imposed on Russia.
The Ukraine cable discusses the upcomiby then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who will be addressing Congress on Sept.18/14.

Militar y aid was previously requested from #America to Ukraine in order to defend itself from #Russia
Poroshenko to most likely request military aid again, even though at that time Obama refused.
Ukraine's defense is not an option despite the fact that in 1994, Ukraine voluntarily surrendered its entire nuclear arsenal.
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1. #WheresHunter? #QAnon 10th time (#3625): "[HUNTER]s become the hunted". When he first said it on Nov 20, 2017 (#158), we'd no idea the allusion to #HunterBiden & vast #PayToPlay kickback$: BILLIONS to #Ukraine.
"What a coincidence"
"Future proves past."
"Family proud?
2. #QAnon Why'd Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, rush to cut biz ties w #HunterBiden over #Ukrainian #Burisma kickback$ scheme? He's co-owner $2.4 BILLION #Rosemont, w college roomy, Devon Archer, managing partner. #Q points to Grassley's new letter.…
3. "A 'Codel' is a congressional delegation that takes trips to work out the payments terms/conditions of any changes in graft financing. This is why Senators spend $20 million on a campaign to earn a job paying $350k/year." - CTH
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A member (Alperovitch) of George Soro’s funded think tank “Atlantic Council” is also the owner of #Crowdstrike. Atlantic Council, is funded in part by the governments of Latvia & Lithuania, the Ukrainian World Congress, and the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump V.Pinchuck mega donor to Clintons. Atlantic Council signed cooperative agreement with Burmisa, worth as much as $250,000/year. Atlantic Council has featured Biden as a star speaker at its awards ceremonies over the years. Other advocates incl. Michael Carpenter. @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski was a BOD member of Burmisa with H. Biden, today Kwasniewski is a member of Soro's Atlantic Council’s international advisory board. #CrowdStrike received major funding from Atlantic Council.@realDonaldTrump
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