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2 everyone saying #coronavirusus is no big deal, you get it, you recover.
you will fucking overwhelm the medical system apparatus when you need help, which means the ones with serious medical complications may not get a spot in time & FUCKING DIE you selfish pricks
Just to give some perspective to the fucking pricks mentioned above:
We have 925,000 staffed hospital beds in the entire United States.
One average, 67% are already occupied.
That leaves roughly 300,000 beds, or 6 football games attendance.
Now think hard you selfish assholes
And here is why I am pissed off in this thread:
I have existing lung issues, it has been managed for decades. However, there are times when things get complicated. when they do, I usually have 20-30 min to get my ass to a hospital and get care or....
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Seems to be business as usual at @PHXSkyHarbor, where I’m waiting to board the first flight of my (long) trip to Salvador, Brazil, to see my mom. But I’ve noticed something interesting—and concerning—about people’s perceptions about #coronavirusus #COVID19 here in Arizona. 1/ Image
2/ Several people I know have dismissed #coronavirus #COVID19 and all of them mentioned the same fact: The flu kills more people and we don’t freak out about it. All of these people have something in common: They’re conservative Republicans who don’t trust the media much.
3/ I’m not saying this w/ the intention of making a political statement. Rather, it’s out of concern that a large # of Americans may not be taking #coronavirus as seriously as they should bc they don’t trust the media. That is dangerous.
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Great event and panel put together by @livemint @UtpalBhaskar converging diverse views from financing, #fossilfuel generation, #energytransition #technology and business operations in the #electricity value-chain! 1/n
As Power Minsiter @RajKSinghIndia rightly said, problems of capacity and #energyaccess has been solved, and the next problem to be solved is reducing #India's #carbonfootprint - #electrification of #mobility and #cooking is one pathway.
Increasing domestic and international demand for #electricity will lead to more #RenewableEnergy capacity installation; new connections and usage will ⬆️domestic demand, integration & #export (neighbors inc #Myanmar #SriLanka) will ⬆️cross-border demand, which India can supply.
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कोरोना वायरस से बचने के उपाय:

विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन (WHO) की सलाह के मुताबिक रोजमर्रा के जीवन में हम अगर हम छोटे-छोटे काम करते हैं, तो संक्रमण का खतरा काफी कम हो जाएगा। 

1. नियमित तौर पर हाथ धोएं 
दिन में कई बार नियमित तौर पर साबुन और पानी से हाथ को कम से कम 20 सेकेंड तक धोएं।
बैक्टीरिया मारने वाला अच्छा सेनेटाइजर का भी उपयोग कर सकते हैं। ऐसा करने से हाथों पर रहने वाले वायरस से छुटकारा मिल जाएगा। 

2. उचित दूरी बनाकर रखें 
अपने आसपास के लोगों के साथ कम से कम 3 फीट का फासला बनाए रखने की कोशिश करें। खासतौर से उस व्यक्ति से जिसे खांसी या जुकाम हो। 2/n
जब कोई व्यक्ति खांसता है या छींकता है, तो हवा में वायरस फैल जाते हैं। अगर आप ज्यादा करीब रहेंगे तो सांस के रास्ते ये वायरस आपके शरीर में जा सकता है। 

3. नाक, मुंह और आंखों को बार-बार न छुएं। अक्सर हम अपनी नाक, मुंह और आंखों को बार-बार छूते रहते हैं। ऐसा न करें। 3/n
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Seems legit, can someone help me verify the validity of this statement:

Advice from Charles Robb, virologist, "What I am doing" re Coronavirus

Date: February 26, 2020 at 2:35:50 PM EST

//begin thread//
#covid 19 #COVID #coronavirusus
1) Subject: What I am doing for the upcoming COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

Dear Colleagues, as some of you may recall, when I was a professor of pathology at the University of California San Diego, I was one of the first molecular virologists in the world to work
2) on coronaviruses (the 1970s). I was the first to demonstrate the number of genes the virus contained. Since then, I have kept up with the coronavirus field and its multiple clinical transfers into the human population (e.g., SARS, MERS), from different animal sources.
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This is something that you need to understand regardless of your politics because it is a FACT.

They can throw all the $$ they can at the #coronavirusus response. It will be ineffective because trump gutted the entire workforce & programs who spent decades planning for this.
2-Billions will not buy back those programs, those teams, the response network they developed between local/state/federal resources and private entities in medicine, Pharma, first responders, ACADEMIA ( university research programs are IMPORTANT) since 2003 SARS.
3- Also:

No one trusts this administration and their intentions. I spoke to two people yesterday who worked on one of those programs under Dubya and Obama, and they said FUCK NO, instead they offered their help to their local state officials.
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What needs to be clearly communicated about the #coronavirusus debacle is this: We’ve survived Trump this long because he inherited American institutions that were developed and maintained by generations of smart and dedicated people, and it’s taken him 3 years to corrode them.
If we elect him to 4 more years, it WILL all fall apart. That’s an inescapable truth and we’re seeing the start of it.
1) Obviously this isn’t one guy; it’s 40 years of Republican corrosion, but the message must be Trump is not survivable.

2) “The WTC must not have been too well built if one plane could take it down”
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When the dust finally settles and it always does, India will end up as a major gainer from the Crisis. #coronavirusus
Of course, that doesn't mean that one needs to go out and Buy today or tomorrow unless one has a plan he is just executing. This is more on the longer term (5 years and above)
Compared to say US, stocks (other than a few front-line / quality) have already been closer to their long term average valuations.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS 🦠⁦@realDonaldTrump and his incompetent administration ⁩ F*CKS UP again‼️#COVID19 #coronavirus #Covid19Whistleblower…
🔥You know that person in California that they have NO idea how they contracted #COVID19 ⁉️They live in Solano County, where Travis Air Force is based. The whistleblower’s unit that was not wearing protection was working there... 🦠#coronavirusus
🔥🚨🔥The whistleblower who is BRAVELY trying to protect America from a pandemic has ALREADY suffered reprisals because she spoke up‼️👇What exactly is @realDonaldTrump’s goal? WTF is going on⁉️
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Y’all wanna refuse to accept a fascist America? Here’s a thread from our new Statement of Conscience. #TrumpPenceOutNow #OutNow
Silent No More, We Say:
The hour is late. For over three years, the Trump/Pence regime has brought an unrelenting barrage of insult, injury, and atrocity, with catastrophic consequences for all humanity. #TrumpPenceOutNow
There are times in history when a people must reach deep into their collective conscience and act with unprecedented moral courage to stop the crimes of their government.
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بیش از سه ماه از سرکوب مردمی که برای پایان دادن به محرومیت‌های زندگی‌شان به خیابانها آمدند و به #اعتراضات_سراسری دست زدند گذشته است؛ اما هنوز از آمار دقیق جان‌باختگان و سرنوشت هزاران نفری که روانه بازداشتگاه‌ها و زندان‌ها شدند خبری در دست نیست.۱/۳ Image
اکنون با روند رو به رشد شیوع ویروس کرونا در کل کشور و با توجه به پایین بودن شرایط ایمنی زندان‌ها، جان زندانیان سیاسی و معترضان آبان‌ماه در خطر مضاعف قرار دارد و بیم آن می‌رود که فاجعه دیگری این‌بار در داخل زندانها رخ دهد.۲/۳
جمهوری اسلامی موظف است که به خواست خانواده‌های زندانیان سیاسی مبنی بر آزادی فوری عزیزان‌شان عمل کند و بدین‌ترتیب از بروز فاجعه‌ای دیگر جلوگیری نماید. بدیهی است که مسوولیت هر اتفاق ناگواری برای زندانیان سیاسی با جمهوری اسلامی و رهبران آن است.۳/۳

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Terrific, the @CDCgov @CDCGlobal just confirmed coronavirus infection in Sacramento California, what may be the first “community spread” case in the U.S. #coronavirususa #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronavirusus #CoronaVirusUpdates
Update: It turns out this patient has been at UC Davis since February 19 – a full week ago and was only diagnosed with Covid-19 on Sunday, February 23. The hospital had to request the CDC do the test and since the patient did not fit the existing diagnostic criteria for Covid-19
A test was not immediately administered. On Sunday the CDC did the test and today the CDC confirmed the patient tested positive. How many people, nurses and doctors were exposed?They are now asking a small number of employees to stay home and monitor the temperature.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS from 12/20/2016: How a Pandemic Might Play Out Under ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ 🔥This is terrifying 🦠#coronavirus #covid19 #CoronaVirusUpdates 🎩 tip ⁦⁦…
🦠“Trump responds w a quick succession of moves: He seals the borders with Canada and Mexico; he quarantines sick Americans; he declares martial law, builds detention-style camps for quarantine-defiers, and uses epidemic conspiracies to launch a trade war w China”#coronavirusus
Trump: “I’m, like, a smart person." Actually, @realDonaldTrump is a conspiracy theorist who is not known for his intelligence or his reliance on facts or science... This spells chaos and deaths in a pandemic emergency👇
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You can always rely on CNBC's on air talent to spread PANIC. Remember TARIFF ON MECIXO will crash the economy and INVERTED YIELD CURVE means a MASSIVE recession? Sheesh. Take a chill pill. 2019 was of the best economic years since Clinton's 1990s!

Inbox: People say that Stock Market gains are a bubble. Well, so are the losses. There is no #coronavirus deaths yet in the US and it sure is not on a mass scale which even if it happens we have 60K flu deaths annually and life continues, yet the Stock Market is now crashing!
Inbox continued: People are losing big money in this panic-driven market plunge. This can kill consumer confidence; which kills spending; which slows businesses which causes people to lose jobs - All while #coronavirus deaths are zero at this time in the US.

cc @jimcramer
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#Coronavirus UPDATE Feb 23 9PM EST
The current statistics for #China alone:
Of the 79,157 confirmed cases globally
- 76,554 cases are in China
-10,968 cases of those are severe
-2,450 patients have died
-23,532 have recovered
1a/7 Info outside China & US #Covid19USA 👇🏾
1b/7 #Coronavirus outside China Feb 23 9PM EST

Graphic indicates all cases outside China EXCEPT:
for the #DiamondPrincess
Of the 3,711 passengers and crew:
-691 are confirmed infected w/ #COVID19
-all are either hospitalized or quarantined

#US #Covid19usa Info below
#US #COVID19 Update Feb 16 9PM EST
- 36* confirmed cases in 6 states
- 42 states waiting on 50 test results
- US Citizens under Mandatory Quarantine: 750+
We are also monitoring the 320,000 US service members stationed in Europe.
2/7 #CoronavirusUS #Italy #Coronavirus #Covid
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What do Chinese whistle blowers say about #Wuhan #coronarvirus?

Chinese youtuber/political show host Mr. Lude said following:

1. China held military drill on Sep. 18th. Before the drill, officials of Hubei province was given a medicine can block corona virus.

To be continued
2. Military World Games, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan. They wanted spread the virus to the US military, but failed.…

To be continued
3. Zhou, Peng 周鹏was hired by Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2018. The job description:

who will use "bats to research the molecular mechanism that allows Ebola and SARS-associated coronaviruses to lie dormant for a long time without causing diseases."…
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