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3 protected witnesses are testifying against their former #UCglobal boss David Morales, who boasted that he was a "mercenary" while selling embassy data and videos of Julian Assange to the CIA. #FreeASSANGE…
2 of the witnesses confirmed that Morales ordered workers to install new embassy video cameras with audio recording ability in December 2017. #Ecuador President @Lenin Moreno assumed office in May 2017. After that Assange's conversations with his lawyers were recorded.

@Lenin The witnesses provided the judge with evidence of massive espionage including videos, audio and emails (some already published by El Pais). Morales ordered that passports be photographed, mobile phone and iPad data downloaded, notes copied and all visit details recorded.

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Why Assange Extradition Case Matters to Our Democracy… @Antiwarcom #FreeAssange #WikiLeaks
@Antiwarcom 1. What is this prosecution of Julian Assange really about? #WikiLeaks has radically changed the media landscape. By publishing truthful information about the United States, the organization came head-to-head with the Pentagon and the CIA. #FreeAssange
@Antiwarcom 2. Yet,effectiveness of his fearless journalism is not the only reason Assange became a political prisoner, being designated as an enemy of the state. He has been psychologically tortured inside Belmarsh prison, once known as the UK’s Guantanamo Bay. #FreeAssange
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Sometimes I feel like history's #1 superpower has spent years & $$$ millions on teams of psychologists & lobbyists & information warfare bots whose entire goal has been to frustrate & silence truth-tellers like @wikileaks & #Assange & supporters like me.
Of course that is true.

We are not paranoid. We have proof.

So why are Western governments wasting so much money to silence the truth?

Because they are totally corrupt.

So where is the media?

They deride us all as gullible "Assangistas".

But @wikileaks would not even need to exist if they were doing their job of holding power to account.

It feels like we are the last people left arguing that two plus two does not equal five.

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#SundayMotivation #News #Q #Trump #QPlus

#QAnon #NewQ
#QPost 3768 (

No (R) option in CA when registering to vote?
Welcome to the [D] party con.
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1/7Dedicated to the British Government #UK🇬🇧 & Ms. Judge Vanessa Baraitser, in the certainty that your conscience will dictate the case of Mr. JULIAN ASSANGE:

Excellent text by Federal Judge Raquel Domingues do Amaral:

«Do you know what rights are made of, my
2/7 young people?

Do you smell it?

Rights are made of sweat, blood, rotting human flesh on the battlefield, burned in bonfires!

When I open the Constitution in Article 5, in addition to the signs, the statements in legal language, I smell old blood!

I see heads rolling from
3/7 guillotines, maimed young men, women burning in the flames of bonfires! I hear the crazed cry of the impaled

I come across hungry children, hardened by harsh winters, deceased at factory doors with empty stomachs!

I choke on the concentration camp chimneys, spewing human
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Values such as compassion, respect, humanity have been lost. When U look at a Christmas party, remember that the prisoner of the year is still forced into silence in boundless pain. Christmas is all year round, at a time marked by capitalism I couldn't keep silent #FreeASSANGE
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1/5-By the right to freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom to be born human, if one understands Mr. Assange's silence here is the greatest poem in the world for the whole year.
When a Man Wants
You who sleep at night on the sidewalk
a rain bed with sheets made of wind
you who have the Christmas of loneliness, of suffering
you are my brother friend you are my brother

And you who sleep only the nightmare of jealousy
in a bed of rage with sheets made of fire
and suffer the Christmas of loneliness without
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'All info on associations with ********* & Assange'

More news on US DoJ v Bean—Google sent the full (redacted) Search & Seizure warrant & gag order on informing me of this targeted surveillance. Revealing full docs here:… #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange
Excerpt from govt motion to seal the warrant: granted. 'Reason to believe notice will jeopardise investigation incl giving targets an opportunity to flee, destroy or tamper with evidence & intimidate witnesses.' Okay...

What was the US DoJ fishing for?

- aiding & abetting
- accessory after the fact
- misprision of a felony
- conspiracy
- false statements
- unauthorised access of protected computer
- obstruction of justice
- witness tampering
- wire fraud & conspiracy
- foreign contributions ban
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EX-CIA Ray McGovern Drops BOMBSHELL:


#SethRich w/ a Thumb Drive, Physical Access

& #CROWDSTRIKE added Metadata w/ CIA #Vault7


@POTUS: Let #Assange Prove it!


Flashback to Sy Hersh on Seth Rich:

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Finally received my badge of honour with notice that Google have handed over "information related to [my] Google account" to the US DoJ.

You think Assange case is just about Assange? Think again. #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange
Have emailed Google requesting the relevant order which prohibited them from previously notifying me about this. DoJ doc search to come. #FreeAssange
So, here's some further info on the US DoJ's investigation of me presumably for supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Oh it's "SEALED v. SEALED; Case is not available to the public."

#DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssange
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TS btwn TWTS @ 906>12[17] on 11/29>11/30 = GAPc @ 1311 or 2711 mirrors of all aswell AS 1631 @realDonaldTrump #qanon
CF > 4am> Monday ? Why did OB follow where is he now >> check his last tweet. >>how will the MSM Spin >>> thankQ
Remember to save everything >> they are watching and they are listening >>> trust Maggie knows
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Lowkey: "Julian #Assange is not being punished for anything he's done wrong. He's being punishes for everything he's done right!"
I thanked Fidel Narvaez when we briefly met before this #FreeTheTruth event for what I consider to be his true moral compass.
"It is my duty", he said.
Lisa Longstaff: "The people who want to prosecute #Assange, they are the rapists! They are the racists! They are the murderers!. ..the British media must take their part of the blame!"
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1. 'IF I DISAPPEAR, it will immediately appear': Giuliani claims he has dirt on Biden family's 'four-decade monetizing of his office' and warns files will be released if anything happens to him… #Trump #NEWS
2. Roger Stone Juror Outs Himself as Hard Core Leftist After Trial and Before Sentencing, Proves Poisoned Jury Pool Theory… #TRUMP #NEWS
3. HUNDREDS of Fake Driver’s Licenses Intercepted by US Border Patrol at Louisville Mail Facility… #TRUMP #NEWS
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The Prosecution of Assange Adds to the High Crimes of the West… #FreeAssange
1/12. While the established media with their allegiance to the state has been failing to inform the public, the US government has been waging a war against the First Amendment. Assange has become a political prisoner of this war. #FreeAssange
2/12. In the era of "hope and change", Assange and his organization became a target of Obama’s crackdown on whistleblowers, which now has escalated into Trump administration’s assaults on the press freedom. #WikiLeaks #FreeAssange
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Schiff Finally Releases Transcript of Tim Morrison Testimony
— NSC Sr. Director BLOWS UP Ukrainian Hoax
— Destroys Schiff Top Witness Lt. Col. Vindman… #NEWS #StopTheCoup #ImpeachmentHearing

– Obama, Brennan & Lynch Involved in Spygate Scandal

- Explains John Brennan’s many panicked attacks against President Trump on Twitter.…

3. U.S. defense chief rejects Amazon’s accusations of bias in cloud contract… #NEWS
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1/8 Mr. Assange's ideas
It is from the world of physics that their greatest intellectual references seem to emerge. In the interview with Obrist, he begins by explaining his intellectual relationship with physicists such as Werner Heisenberg & Niels Bohr.
“I developed an analogy
2/8 to explain how information flows around the world to cause certain actions. If we want another state for a more just world, the question is, what kind of actions produce a fairer world? What kind of information flow leads to these actions? & then where do these streams come

3/8 from ?Accessible information in the world is one of the most recurring points of Julian's thinking & it is from here that he says he has developed an analogy where the principles of his great creation, Wikileaks, are already glimpsed. Assange fosters his idea on the
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Expert and clinical examination of Julian Assange by Portuguese expert
The forensic expert was part of a team composed of Professor @NilsMelzer , United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and Psychiatrist Dr. Pau Peres.🐱🌏 #FreeASSANGE🇦🇺✊⏳…
@NilsMelzer Portuguese doctor who examined Assange says « isolation causes physical and psychological disturbance »
Duarte Nuno Viera was part of the team that examined the physical and psychological state of the #WikiLeaks founder 🐱🌏
@NilsMelzer 1/3 Speaking to SIC on Friday night, Duarte Nuno Viera explained that the examination sought to ascertain whether there was any kind of maltreatment inflicted on #Assange and whether the situations to which he was subjected constituted “a cruel condition”.
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“I read about Stalin’s Russia, Mussolini’s Italy, East Germany in the 50s, Czechoslovakia in the 60s, Pinochet’s coup in Chile in 73. I saw that the great dictators learned from one another, what was essentially a blue print for closing down an open society.”— Naomi Wolf, 2008
Step 1) Invoke an internal and external threat. “What we as American citizens believe is that we are potentially threatened with the end of civilisation as we know it. Of course, this makes us more willing to accept restrictions on our freedoms.” — Naomi Wolf
“After we were hit on September 11 2001, we were in a state of national shock. Less than six weeks later, on October 26 2001, the USA Patriot Act was passed by a Congress that had little chance to debate it; many said that they scarcely had time to read it.”— Naomi Wolf, 2008
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War On WikiLeaks: The US government is openly manipulating the judicial proceedings in #Assange's extradition case while Belmarsh prison continues to violate his human rights by denying him the ability to prepare his defense. @WikiLeaks #FreeAssange
@wikileaks During a hearing this past Monday, a UK judge denied Julian #Assange’s request to delay his extradition trial by 3 months.
He is accused of conspiring with Chelsea Manning to obtain and publish government documents and is being persecuted for exposing US war crimes, US torture, and embarrassing state secrets.
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Here's a 17 second video of #JulianAssange as he was leaving the courthouse today
Where are my lip readers at? What is Julian Assange saying here? Also, does anyone know Morse code? I'm curious to know if Julian is awkwardly blinking on purpose

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1. President Trump’s First 1,000 Days: In Spite of Constant Harassment from Deep State and Dems, President’s Accomplishments are Historic, If Not MIRACULOUS!… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News
2. Swing Voters In Ohio Focus Group Slam Democrats
– Say Impeachment Is Distraction From Important Issues… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News #DemDebate4
3. Tyrant Kamala Harris Calls 4 Twitter to Silence Trump, Delete His Account – Dems Continue to Crap on Bill of Rights

VOTER MEDDLING against her 'opponent', yet they scream about #Trump is meddling against 'opponent' BIDEN!… #Qanon #Trump2020 #News
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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I received this today from Belmarsh! It's the return letter I enclosed in my letter to Julian Assange, sent by someone from Belmarsh staff, to let me know my letters are not being given to him!

#FreeAssange #news

@hmpbelmarsh @AssangeMrs @Unity4J
@OpFreeAssange @YourAnonNews
Belmarsh staff are still violating Julian Assange's rights by witholding his mail! We must continue to inform the Governor's Office of these violations of British law & the Geneva Convention. 👇

This article is now very relevant! 👇

Julian Assange sent a message to WikiJustice in Morse code.

Please share!

#FreeAssange #news
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THREAD: There is no case against #AssangeSunday #FreeAssange

The Swedish allegations were bogus, never resulted in charges & are now expired. The US grand jury is a nonsense, seeking to charge a non-national as a traitor... for disseminating true information he didn't steal. 1/
SW never alleged no-consent. Ex US embassy @therealardin took her to the police to compel JA to do an STD test. Ardin sat in on SW Interview, counter to police rules, where SW said she felt "railroaded" into an accusation. She didn't sign her statement. 2/…
Text messages after both encounters showed they continued positively, with social engagements & bragging from both women. After Ardins forced allegations, the original prosecutor assigned to the case closed it immediately saying there was 'no case to answer'. 3/
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