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"on peut pas s'opposer à la violence dans un cas et légitimer celle dans un autre" BLABLA #PunchANazi #GénérationZ

Stop de mettre sur le même plan la domination, le pouvoir et les réponses contre eux.
Apparemment, on comprend en quoi ces équations posent problème que quand ça c'est passé "ya longtemps" ou alors que c'est "loin".

Avec les exemples par excellence (utilisés de façon opportuniste): "Allemagne", "Afrique du Sud" !!

Suivi de "ms c'était pas pareil !"

Sauf que, même si c'est évident (truisme !!) que les contextes st jms identiques, ça serait bien de voir que les conclusions sur certains drames de l'histoire ne st surtout comprises que "après".

Perso pas envie de "tester" en quoi l'après Zemmour ressemble ou non à X contexte
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Good morning! In about 10 minutes, we will be expanding on our discussion of Individual Causes of Delinquency by looking at #gender & #delinquency

I look forward to your questions & following along. How do you identify?

#CRJ107 #MoraineValley
The term #gender is complex, so what elements of delinquency are we going to examine in this discussion?

We are going to try to answer the question as to why gender differences are significant in the study of delinquency

#CRJ107 #MoraineValley Image
I think it is essential to acknowledge that gender identity is much more complex than differences between male & female offending

#CRJ107 #MoraineValley
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I hope you'll join me at 2pm to look at Juvenile Corrections

THINKING CHALLENGE: Does the Juvenile Justice System have a responsibility to keep kids out of a punitive system?

#CRJ107 #CommunityBasedCorrections
Let's start by testing our knowledge of teens today. Do you believe we can better understand age groups by generational differences?

#CRJ107 #CommunityBasedCorrections
What generation do you most closely identify?

#CRJ107 #CommunityBasedCorrections
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Scientists knew how bad everything was and warned us. Then billionaires worked up a campaign to put ALL of the blame for global warming and pollution onto citizens. We were taught in school that it was all our fault. If only we turned off the water while brushing our teeth, 1/
And recycled our plastic, everything would be fine. The problem wasn’t them, it was us.

They turned us against one another, so that we would feel self righteous when we told people to recycle.

Meanwhile, they knew most of the recycled plastic ended up in the landfill. 2/
They paid politicians to say that climate change wasn’t real so we could keep cars on the streets, destroying us all.

There wasn’t money in supporting mass transit, and alternate energy.

They taught us in school that it was all our fault, AS CHILDREN, and I believed it. 3/
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🧵Today marks four months since the #MilitaryCoup in #Myanmar - my heart is heavy thinking of all those whose loved ones have been killed, have gone missing or are detained. Thinking of all the parents who have lost their children, especially. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #June1Coup Image
2. Thinking of all the brave students and pupils of #GenerationZ who have lost their education and their social contacts. Of all workers who have lost their jobs and struggle to feed their families. Of soldiers who know they are committing crimes but don’t know how to get out.
3. Thinking of all the Myanmar expats safe in other countries watching their home country and the suffering of their families from afar, feeling helpless and that they are not doing enough. For all the journalists and human rights defenders in hiding who can’t speak out any more.
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THREAD 21 of writing against the 🪖-coup is a thread in which I will look at what the so-called “international community” can/might/won’t do for the #CivilDisobedienceMovementMyanmar #WhatsHappeninglnMyanmar #March3Coup #RejectTheMilitary #UN #EU @UNHumanRights @coe @RapporteurUn Image
1. The calls for “action” are getting louder. And rightly so! From the moment 19-year old Mya Thwet Thwet Khine was shot, the police/military has continued committing the most serious crimes. To shoot, beat, and arrest peaceful protestors is against national and international law
2. Since #Feb28Coup the day of #MilkTeaAlliance protests we have seen an escalation in violence by the military which no longer targets protestors but bystanders. It is also clear that people are getting executed: shot in the head.Result is instant incapacitation and likely death
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