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Clarifying Thread: Why I speak up for #HinduAmericans and #Hinduism.

My friends and colleagues are often surprised by how vocal I am in speaking up on #HinduAmerican and #IndianAmerican issues on @Twitter (only).

They are surprised for a number of reasons.

a. Focus of my professional work is #GlobalHealth, #Innovation, and #HealthTech adoption. Focus of my community work is underserved communities in the Bay Area, which tend to be non-Indian and non-Hindu for the most part.

b. My friends know that I’m fairly understated in my faith, which is more philosophical, less rituals. I am informed by a decision my widowed great-grandma made when she chose an egalitarian, spiritual group that eschewed caste labels. My family still follows that path.

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As someone who mostly covers #globalhealth, I find it remarkable that the closing statement of #HGESummit specifically addresses "Equitable access for somatic human genome editing".

So let me quote that part here in full:
"As interventions based on somatic genome editing become more widespread, a commitment to equitable, financially sustainable, and accessible treatments becomes more urgent."
"In many cases, costs and infrastructure needs of current gene therapy treatments are not manageable for either patients or healthcare systems."
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It has been another busy sad interesting infuriating illuminating year in #globalhealth and #infectiousdisease.
Or as @DrMikeRyan told me: “2022 [was] kind of a mixed year, filled with terror and hope in equal measure.”
My colleague @SalmLaura and I asked doctors and researchers to look back at 2022 for an end-of-year episode of our @pandemiapodcast (and another episode to come soon on what 2023 may bring).
Podcast is here (in German) and a few main points to come:
of course dominated yet another year. As @DrMikeRyan told me: “I think we’ve all been a little surprised that the pandemic extended so fully through 2022.”
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Diamonds are forever, but #COVAX & @gavi, poster children of (Northern) narcissistic charity & (Southern) dependency, should exit the stage.@sarajerving @DevTodayJournal @TheLancet @paimadhu @CKyobutungi @seyeabimbola @WALETOM @BillGates @GaviSeth @WHO @raj_devex. Thread:
Institutional malpractice:“If ever there’s an enquiry into how this happened, we can find Covax culpable. We were misled.” That was @_AfricanUnion Envoy Strive Masiyiwa on #Covax.… @sarajerving
“GAVI has done a great job, but it has also hampered development in recipient countries,” Professor Oyewale Tomori, an eminent Nigerian virologist and former @gavi board member told VICE World News. “The last question I asked at a GAVI meeting was ‘Is GAVI forever?’"
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“Als de pilot bij het Haaglanden Medisch Centrum slaagt, zullen meer ziekenhuizen hun blik op Azië richten.”

Essentiële vraag die gesteld en beantwoord moet gaan worden: áls we dit gaan doen, hoe gaan we het dan op de juiste manier doen? /1…
Want dat dit niet een vanzelfsprekende oplossing is voor #codezwart en tekort aan personeel in de zorg moet duidelijk zijn.

1) er zijn verschillende internationale afspraken over het invliegen van zorgpersoneel uit lage-en midden inkomenslanden door rijke landen /2
Zie hiervoor oa de policy brief van @Wemos… /3
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Very interesting piece by @shoffmania and colleagues:…
Incredibly interesting methods of assessing the impact of international treaties which can have important impacts on #globalhealth.
@shoffmania @MathieuJPP @SuzyRVK @lathika_srithar @ggigigii @sophiercampbell @GuyattGH @RoojinHabibi @lavisjn @ranjananagi @jarottingen In short: treaties ain't great mechanisms; and if they work, it's mostly because they are trade-related or otherwise have strong related enforcement mechanisms (also smaller treaties work better than bigger ones).
@shoffmania @MathieuJPP @SuzyRVK @lathika_srithar @ggigigii @sophiercampbell @GuyattGH @RoojinHabibi @lavisjn @ranjananagi @jarottingen However, questions still remain:
1. Is it possible that there is a correlation between treaties having economic components and being easier, their impacts being easier to evaluate?
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This will likely have incalculable
repercussions in lives lost. #globalhealth #snrtg #openscience #scicomm #medtwitter #VaccinesSaveLives Image
Expect a likely resurgence of vaccine-preventble pediatric infectious, communicable diseases - according to this study...measles, rubella, mumps, pertussis, polio, rotavirus...
Likely causes of this backslide in childhood vaccination:
▪️ global vaccine-"fatigue"
▪️ hyper-focused attention on one disease (🦠
SarsCov2), while virtually ignoring all others.
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Today marks the start of #WHA75!

This week, @WHO, Ministries of Health, civil society, & more will discuss #GlobalHealth priorities.

Missing on agenda? #GlobalSurgery & 🫀 care.

Hence, I'll be sharing key points, papers, & developments in #GlobalCardiacSurgery in 75 tweets 👇 Image
(1/75) To start, what *is* #GlobalCardiacSurgery?

GCS extends far beyond OR, from community-based disease detection & efficient referral networks to timely care, long-term follow-up, robust supply chains & adequate financial risk protection. #WHA75

Read:… Image
(2/75) Why does #GlobalCardiacSurgery matter?

⚠️ Every year, 18 million people die from #CVD

🫀 500 million live with CVD; 100s of millions more to come.

🏥 Up to 1/3 will require #CTSurgery or interventional care in lifetime

Data @IHME_UW:…

#WHA75 ImageImageImage
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Throughout #ClinicalTrialsDay, we shall share infographics highlighting a key point from each presentation from our Clinical Trials at the Speed of COVID-19 event (a 🧵).

1/ Dr. @PeterASinger introduced our event, emphasizing the importance of clinical trials in innovation.
2/ Dr. Cecilia Costiniuk discussed the challenges faced when conducting the ongoing nationwide COVAXHIV (@CIHR_CTN), including the need for research protocol flexibility during times of uncertainty.
3/ Dr. Natasha Press highlighted the importance of preparing physicians with supportive infrastructure to guide and support their participation in clinical trials.
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A few reflections on and highlights from Preventable by @devisridhar #Covid19 #pandemics #globalhealth Image
Preventable is a #mustread. A clear, fast-moving time travel through the past years of #Covid19.
Gone into print in August 2021, the book is a reminder of harrowing images (and for many very real personal experiences and losses). I sadly think many of these have already been forgotten, just a few months later. Image
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Opening recorded remarks from @ALMA_2030 chair President #UhuruKenyatta congratulating African countries on averting the predicted doubling of malaria deaths during #COVID19 and urge the #GlobalHealth community to get back on track to #EndMalaria, TB, and AIDS in Africa by 2030. photo of President Kenyatta’s recorded remarks
Kenyatta says the first step in this noble journey to #EndMalaria by 2030 is to address the significant malaria financing gap in African countries. About 63% of activities in national malaria strategic plans in Africa are today currently unfunded.
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Here we go. 1st intl work trip since Feb 2020.

I used to travel outside UK almost once a month before 2020 -spreading msg of health justice.

I know I will not do that again soon, if ever. Let’s see if we can spread the message without as many airplane trips!

#Raisina2022 🤞🏾 Image
The reason for travel.

The Raisina Dialogue 2022.…
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Hello friends. What issues facing women and girls living with diabetes need more attention at the global level? No wrong answers #insulin4all #diabetes #NCDs #globalhealth
Burner account and/or DMs welcome
FYI things I have read/been told include:
- gender-based discrimination, pre-mature mortality, abandonment
- Marriage discrimination
- Body-image and diabetes
- Menstration
- Menopause
- Pregnancy
- Disordered eating and diabetes
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The U.S. only ever led on “elite feminism”

elitist, controlling anti-woman American women will be the death of any small prior progress in gender equity

Women need to stop with the required solidarity or forced support of fellow women who harm

Actions matter, not anatomy
The maternal mortality rate, especially for Black women is appalling. Has American feminism ever concerned itself with deaths of fellow women? No. Count number of women in C-suite (who align with anti-justice incentives) and fight for privileged access of a few. Trickle down.
Even as a nation of elitist feminism, have these women, mostly wives of or daughters of, become President? No. That would require a woman having value or respected as an individual, as opposed to American culture of women valued or gaining access for their relationships to men.
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👩🏾‍🔬Response to the most common question I got today:
The new variant has a lot of mutations, what does this mean in terms of epidemiology & vaccines❓

🧬 short answer: to early to tell‼️

🔬Long, more nuanced answer: whilst having too many mutations, some of which are known to
affect for instance how fast the virus replicates inside our cells or how it interacts with our immune system, it is difficult to say what synergistic effect all those mutations could have when put together, without functional assays coupled with real-world data‼️
Analogy: some vegetables on their own taste quite meh, some combination of those vegetables put together could make an absolutely awful meal, but sometimes you add in a bunch of other ingredients & you get something that’s tolerable‼️
(Can you tell I don’t like vegetables 🙃)
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✨🆕 IHME researchers published today in @sciencedirect – "Estimating the population at high risk for tuberculosis through household exposure in high-incidence countries: a model-based analysis" using #TB data from the 2019 #GBDstudy. #tuberculosis…
The researchers estimate that in 20 high-incidence countries, 38 million individuals live in a household with someone with pulmonary #tuberculosis — with children under 5 making up 12% of populations with home exposure.
➡️Findings include: #Zimbabwe, #Mozambique, #Zambia, and #Pakistan have the highest proportion of the population with household exposure.
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“In South Asia the public health care system is in a terrible state, from decades of neglect and decay, particularly in the countryside.” — Dr. Zayar #EndCOVID #October24 #COVID19 #Globalhealth #WorldPolioDay2021 #India #Pakistan #Srilanka #Bangladesh #Nepal
"Even basic needs like water and sanitation are not met. The cities are covered in slums. Under these conditions the fight against the pandemic is a great challenge." -- Dr. Zayar.
“No mass testing or contact tracing has been conducted. Lockdown was imposed without any aid given to the millions of working masses.” -- Dr. Zayar
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1⃣ McCormack Charles Farrell Easmon (1890-1972) was born in Accra, Ghana. 🇬🇭

He later studied at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, as well as at LSHTM.

Easmon faced much racial discrimination but still thrived in #PublicHealth.

Thread 👇 #BlackHistoryMonth #GlobalHealth Picture with McCormack Easmon as a student
2⃣ McCormack applied to the West Africa Medical Staff, which segregated doctors into ‘colonial service’ for Europeans & ‘local service’ for Africans.

He was rejected twice from the Medical Services
due to his race & instead took a role considered subordinate in Sierra Leone. McCormack Charles Farrell Easmon
3⃣ In 1914, he served with the British Army as a medical officer in Cameroon, again facing racial discrimination in his career progression, and campaigned tirelessly against it

He returned to England and his studies, before continuing his medical career in Sierra Leone. 🇸🇱
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Are you ready for more big malaria news? @PMIgov 2021 Strategy centers localization. Its principles include country ownership, #equity, & local leadership. 3 of its 5 focus areas incl community & local initiatives. Read on I want to share this rare gem example of impact.
Many of you saw this tweet that expressed a frustration that many researchers feel when funding is primarily provided to Global North-based institutions to “help” implement an LMIC-based program. 🧵re: a story of our collective #decolonizegh advocacy

Hundreds of you amplified the above tweet which was shared the same day that @rajpanjabi was appointed @PMIgov Global Coordinator. As the founder of @lastmilehealth we told him that we expected better and appealed to Him to improve PMI’s approach to empowering local leadership.
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Finally go to reading the great "Guide to a Pandemic Treaty" by @GHC_IHEID, @haiknikogosian and @IlonaKickbusch.
Serves as a nice one-click FAQ on the topic.
Recommended read to anyone in #globalhealth!…

Nevertheless, a few questions remain:
The world is still struggling with responding to the ongoing pandemic, most importantly (for public health + moral reasons) the extreme inequity in vaccine distribution.
What is the opportunity cost of treaty negotiations vs addressing immediately pressing issues?
The political considerations and the securitization of health diplomacy are intertwined in those discussions and will affect the outcomes.
Thus (while briefly touched upon in Q5/Q34), the topic of "in WHO or elsewhere" / "in Geneva or in New York" could be further explored.
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I am delighted to continue to serve the Co-Chairs of the @TheIndPanel, @HelenClarkNZ & @MaEllenSirleaf as an advisor and coordinator of the Panel's follow up work. The Panel produced a series of papers ‘#COVID19: Make it the Last #Pandemic’ for the WHA:
We now have the opportunity to work together with govts, civil society & international agencies on the implementation of a package of recommendations to help end the current pandemic and to ensure we centre equity, leadership and multisectoral responses to future health threats.
Key recommendations include:
- the urgent redistribution of vaccine doses, diagnostics & therapeutics to low-income countries, scaling up of technology transfer and manufacturing capabilities, and developing a ‘global public goods’ model to pandemic tools 💉
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1/ I loved writing this new @ASMicrobiology article. I talked to Dr. Derick Kimathi (@Toinoti, medical researcher in Kenya), about using fractional doses of yellow fever #vaccine. I hope you find this as interesting as I did #IDtwitter #epitwitter…
2 / This is a follow up article to the one I wrote back in May that briefly detailed the history of #YellowFever in the United States, and how the development of #diagnostics for the disease as well as modern research stemmed from that #history.…
3/ The #YellowFever #outbreak that started in Angola in 2015 ravaged major cities like Luanda & Kinshasa, and resulted in 11 imported cases in China - a country that harbors the mosquito that spreads the yellow fever virus and has a population immunologically naïve to YF.
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I have been asked where to donate for #earthquake response efforts in #Haiti. I donated to @PIH & @StBonifaceHaiti Both partner with local communities and govt to provide healthcare to those in greatest need. #haitiearthquake #globalhealth 💔 cc: @CPSolvers @DxRxEdu @rabihmgeha…
@StBonifaceHaiti is probably the best-resourced hospital in the affected region. I visited in 2012 and what was already an extraordinary facility and group of talented dedicated staff has only grown.…

@PIH has collaborated with rural communities and the Ministry of Health in Haiti for over 30 years. They were an integral part of the response to the 2010 earthquake, subsequent cholera outbreak, and rebuilding efforts.
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