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BREAKING: An Iowa judge has ruled U.S. Senate candidate Abby Finkenauer has failed to qualify for the Democratic primary ballot — a major setback for her campaign that is likely to be appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court. #iasen…
The judge's ruling reverses a state panel's decision which found Finkenauer did qualify for the ballot. The judge wrote that the panel was wrong to count three signatures with missing or incorrect dates. Without those three, Finkenauer fails to qualify.…
"This misguided, midnight ruling is an outrageous and partisan gift to the Washington Republicans who orchestrated this meritless legal action. We are exploring all of our options to fight back hard against this meritless partisan attack," Finkenauer says.…
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CRYSTAL BALL: Some takeaways from what we have so far of the #NYC primary, notes on #IASen, and a few polling observations. From me, @kkondik, and @ParakramKarnik.…
To be clear, the "Second Place" map isn't a "second preference" map -- we won't know that for a while, but I thought it would still be interesting to look at.
This first point is probably the most stereotypical Election Twitter acknowledgement I’ve ever put on a map.
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Congratulations to our hero, Senator @joniernst on her re-election victory! #IASen #IApol #ElectionNight
Re-electing Ernst was a top priority of SBA List this cycle. WSO PAC's $500K GOTV campaign included:

🗳️ 251K targeted voters reached

📫 338,000 voter mail pieces

💻 1.6M digital ad views

📞 171,000 live voter calls

📳 353,000 texts
Ernst is a co-sponsor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act & the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Her leadership in the Judiciary Committee was vital to #ConfirmAmy! We're excited to continue working with this #ProLife hero!…
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Mitch McConnell's @Senate_Fund dropping over $22.5M in eight races tonight:
138,632->#KSSen… ImageImageImageImage
Independent expenditures in the North Carolina Senate race are about to hit $150 million Image
Rough approximation of the total Senate IE spending over the entire 2020 cycle so far:

$146M - North Carolina
$107M - Iowa
$76M - Georgia (Both races)
$74M - Montana
$70M - Maine
$58M - Arizona
$54M - Michigan
$31M - Colorado
$30M - Kansas
$19M - South Carolina
$15M - Alaska
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RT for Iowa!

Did you see that debate? @joniernst was a disaster.

She has NO good answer on healthcare b/c she voted to repeal ACA & remove protections for Iowans with pre-existing conditions.

@GreenfieldIowa can beat Ernst. Help her! #IASen #DemCastIA…
You can stay up to date on Iowa news via the Iowa Newsroom! We're curating amplifiable content here from lots of sources about IA elections, politics & activism. #DemCastIA
Visit the Iowa 2020 Action Center to find out how you can help Theresa and other great candidates win big in November! #IASen #DemCastIA
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People for the American Way is coming out with its second ad targeting Sen. Joni Ernst centered on judges. #IAsen

It urges Iowa to "vote her out" after noting President Trump's Supreme Court prospective nominee's expected role in ACA jurisprudence amid the #coronavirus pandemic.
Here's the ad, which is running on digital platforms:
.@BenJealous, the progressive group's president, tells reporters they'll soon be targeting Sens. Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, and Lindsey Graham as well.
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Theresa Greenfield led Joni Ernst by 3% in Selzer's June poll.

And she leads Joni Ernst by 3% again in today's poll, 45% to 42%.

note: in 2016, Selzer was a rare pollster to capture that something was going deeply wrong for Dems in the Midwest. #IASen…
Ernst has already made it explicit she is fine confirming for Trump's appointee this fall. She may be in a position to do it having already lost.
(I really wish media didn't separate the presidential/down-ballot portions of a poll. I get the need to build interest, but substantively it's helpful to have the full picture in assessing a poll.)
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@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems At this juncture, it’s clear to explain
an old saw from Mike Parson’s campaign:
random rural yard signs to
applaud Mike’s designs to
continue his post-Greitens reign.
In this specimen Parson would take in
uninformed voters in County Macon. 1/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems The reality, though: far more grim
as school districts may soon sink, not swim
in each piteous scene
of a mass quarantine as
new cases exceed counties’ brim.
Yet the venue’s the same:
still in Macon. Why no
mask mandate? Parson’s mistaken.
2/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems Yes; thank goodness the
National Guard, unlike Mike,
at this moment works hard
citizens to protect.
Parson’s lies we reject,
evidenced by his COVID scorecard.
Folks still ask: why no #MaskUp
mandate? Parson’s post outweighs
the #ShowMe State.

🔥 #mogov 🗳️
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Since @GreenfieldIowa hasn't made the effort to visit 45 Iowa counties in over 15 months of campaigning, I thought I'd do a thread celebrating these amazing communities!

First up: Adams County, where I visited Fostering Hope of SW Iowa in early January. #IASen #IAPolitics
Just last week I stopped by Allamakee County to meet with the folks at WW Homestead Dairy. Great visit! @GreenfieldIowa has never been to Allamakee County after 15 months running in the race #IASen #IAPolitics
In May, I was in Appanoose County to meet with the folks at Inhance Technologies, where they do great work to improve our ag. @GreenfieldIowa has never been to Appanoose County as a candidate in this race #IASen #IAPolitics
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Is this something a #BananaRepublic strong man or a #Stalinist East European dictator would have done? Sadly, #GOP is now an empty box, filled with wishes & nostrums of #SupremeLeader. No citizen input required unless you have his ear & money. #KAG2020…
2) #Iowa now crushed by many farm disasters, some #Trump inflicted: #China grain embargo, #CornEthanol market cut by #Trump's #EPA, #Covid's hit on meat market, extreme drought & now #Derecho, which destroyed 40% of the crop. Where's the ag plank? NADA! #IaPolitics #IaSen #IaGov
3) Is this a job for @SenJoniErnst & @KimReynolds, both of whom will speak at @GOPconvention? Will they say the #Emperor has no clothes & NO commitment to #Iowa farmers after Inauguration? Or will they continue to sing his praises as #Trump walks over #Iowa? #IaPolitics #IaSen
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If you wanna know what a campaign with no message in late July looks like (And still throwing random trash against the wall), here's how fact-checkers have debunked every line of attack against Theresa the NRSC & Ernst have put on TV since the start of the general. #IASen
Let's start with Ernst's ad trying to lie about Theresa's pledge to take #ZeroDimes in contributions from corporate PACs.

@KCRG gave the ad a “D” noting: "Greenfield has kept her promise and did not lie."…
Next, the NRSC tried to smear Theresa's record on taxes, since Ernst is on the run for her record of devastating Iowa's farmers.

This ad easily got a "Mostly False" from Politifact.…
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.@TeamJoni's best excuse for @SenJoniErnst's biofuels failure is her #IASen challenger wasn't calling her out... but @GreenfieldIowa's been talking about this all along.

Here she is last August slamming EPA's interference in the biofuels waiver program:…
Here's @GreenfieldIowa calling out @SenJoniErnst for rubber-stamping the confirmation of fossil fuel lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to run the agency despite his promises to put this thumb on the scale for Big Oil over Iowa farmers #IASen…
When Iowa farmers were struggling last year, @GreenfieldIowa was right there, holding @SenJoniErnst accountable for her votes with Mitch McConnell and against Iowa farmers and workers. #IASen…
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Senator @joniernst has:
-never parted ways with Leader McConnell on any significant vote or issue
-never held the Trump administration accountable for anything
-either remained silent about abuses of power by POTUS or echoed White House talking points to downplay them #IASen
Since joining Senate GOP leadership team shortly after 2018 election,…
@joniernst has appeared on tv more frequently to promote talking points from Mitch McConnell or the White House.
Literally echoing what other people told her to say on a regular basis.
Despite posturing as a committed advocate for US military aid to Ukraine,…
Senator @joniernst was a reliable voice for whatever message Trump wanted out there during the impeachment saga. #IASen…
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19% of precincts reporting (all in Luzerne County) in #PA08 GOP primary to take on Dem Rep. Matt Cartwright. Former Trump admin official Jim Bognet leads 43-19
16% of precincts reporting in #PA01 Dem primary to take on Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, and Christina Finello leads 76-24. She became front runner after a better-funded opponent dropped out after filing deadline
48% of precincts reporting in #IN05 primaries. On Dem side, Christina Hale's lead has expanded to 39-27. For GOP, Victoria Spartz still up 39-19
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Here is your 🚨 Super Junesday mega-thread🚨 with all the races @businessinsider covering today with results from our friends at @DecisionDeskHQ. Here’s our main post with a presidential primary map and links to the down-ballot races we’re watching:…
First, there’s the Democratic primary for #IASen, where DSCC-backed Theresa Greenfield is facing Mike Franken, Eddie Mauro, and Kimberly Graham to run against GOP Sen. Joni Ernst. If no candidate gets >35% of the vote, the race goes to a party convention…
The most-watched House primary today is in #IA04, where embattled GOP Rep. Steve King — after losing his committee assignments and being largely shunned by his party — is facing a well-funded primary challenge from GOP State Sen. Randy Feenstra…
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NEW: In her bid against @joniernst, @GreenfieldIowa is telling a compelling personal tale that doubles as a pitch, w/ notes that aim at the state's large share of Obama-Trump voters she'll likely need in order to win #IASen.

My dive into the race:…
In @MorningConsult interview, Greenfield's fiercest attack against Ernst comes on social security, replicating a tactic used by Bruce Braley in '14 with a personal touch: “I would not be here today without union benefits and Social Security.”… #IASen
Researching this over the past week, I picked up on something familiar in Greenfield's approach from Ernst's '14 campaign. A @davecatanese story at the time said that Ernst sold "biography over ideology" in her successful bid. His story:… #IASen
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Just watched our first Iowa senate race primary and am now extremely excited to vote for @KimberlyforIowa this June! 😍
(Also I’m laughing that at the end of the debate the moderators said “thank you for answering our questions, I know some of them were a little pointed at times.” We love #IowaNice 😂)
.@KimberlyforIowa said our system should work like a public library and I literally fell in love 😍😍 #IAsen
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Biggest cheer during @iowademocrats chair @troymprice's opening remarks came after he predicted #Iowa Ds will "send @joniernst into an early retirement." #IASen #HallofFame
Sen @CoryBooker is 1st candidate to speak at #HallofFame event. (19 candidates will each have 5 minutes)
"We are being tested. This is a moral moment in America, and we must meet this test. I'm running for president because we can't take 4 more years of Donald Trump." #iacaucus
But @CoryBooker isn't just running to beat Donald Trump. That's the floor, not the ceiling. We can't just run on what we are against. Democrats need to tell people what we are for. "Every American needs health care, and make no mistake, abortion is health care." #iacaucus
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Senate Republicans and @realDonaldTrump continue to attack the Affordable Care Act. Now the Trump administration is trying to strike the entire ACA down. These Republican senators (all are up for re-election) are not taking your access to health care seriously:
David Perdue (R-GA), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Cory Gardner (R-CO) have voted over and over again to risk protections for pre-existing conditions and make health care coverage more expensive. #gasen #ncsen #cosen
John Cornyn (R-TX) has voted over and over again to risk protections for pre-existing conditions and make health care coverage more expensive. And don’t forget, Cornyn was in charge of rounding up the votes to dismantle the ACA in 2017. #txsen
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Waiting on white smoke to arise to let us know the name of the next white man who will be chosen to interpret the our founding text in a way that confirms all of his political preferences
The fact that the Warren court, which existed for less than two decades, is the lone exception to this, speaks volumes about how reactionary & undemocratic the Supreme Court has been. With extremist Republicans about to take charge, it's poised to become outright anti-democratic
Trump's next Supreme Court appointee will help the Republican Party tear our democracy to shreds @SeanMcElwee
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