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歪脑 on Chizuko Ueno, #China's "backward" feminists, and whether wanting "to have it all" is a viable positio within feminism 评上野千鹤子对话全嘻嘻:如果女权的答案是“结不结婚都一样”,那我们在说什么废话呢?…
SCMP: Quan Xixi posted an interview that she & two classmates from 北大conducted w/#Japan's most famous feminist on #Bilibili that began w/ the question "Are you not married because you have been hurt by men? Or is it bec. of the influence of your family?”…
After a torrent of criticism, the #Bilibili video was removed but not before it garnered more than 10 million views, generated 35k+ comments, & even made it to the top of #Weibo’s hot search list, a demonstration of the depth of popular curiosity about feminism in #China today
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*A thread on why the trouble in #China is real*

#Singapore is one of the best test cases to judge the sentiments in #China. Now I gather that many Mainland Chinese families living in 🇸🇬are shipping essential medicines to their loved ones in 🇨🇳owing to a lack of stocks.
Reports show that anxious relatives in #Singapore are waiting for hours together in long queues to procure medicines and then courier them to addresses in #China.

Seeing this, Singapore's Ministry of Health has advised the public to buy medicines for their own use only.

The major drugs being shipped from SG to 🇨🇳 include the painkiller Panadol & the traditional Chinese medicine #LianhuaQingwen.

Now, there is a story about LianhuaQingwen!
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News coming in of #protests in #China against #XiJingping . Anger over #zeroCOVID, harsh lockdowns, #Henan bank crisis & more culminating into tensions 3 days before #PartyCongress. Unlike #XiCoup news, protests intel appears legit. However, I'm unsure if "protest" is right word
Images coming out mostly show non-group action; rogue disgruntled citizens taking banners up appears more likely. This image, from what I confirmed used image search, is from Beijing's 3rd Ring Road in Haidian. People appear to be going about their day normally. Image
The slogan is reactionary & most images circulated are of this one banner in Haidian, Beijing only. However, it will be investigated thoroughly so close to Congress, & police patrol can be expected to be amped up even more (which anyway has been high in the city in prep for NPC)
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1/6 A #CCP influencer, who has over 7M followers on #Weibo, is calling for #China, #India, #Pakistan, & #NorthKorea to throw
#nuclearweapons together at #NATO countries, esp. the #US to save the world.
What is his rationale? The following is the translation of his entire post:
2/6 The United States + Europe (NATO countries), in terms of territorial area, are at least 3 million square kilometers smaller than #Russia, but their population is Russia's six or seven times, and the density is great. The number of nuclear warheads on both sides is comparable.
3/6 Russia and #Europe are adjacent, so if NATO and Russia really start a nuclear war, throwing nuclear weapons at each other, NATO must be damaged faster, greater - - of course, if the Earth is completely destroyed in this case, that is another story.
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In my first collaboration with talented @WendyZhou502 for @TheAtlantic we argue that #China primarily sees the #RussiaUkraine conflict through the prism of the #UnitedStates and more broadly of the #West. 1/11…
We analyze #China's debates about #UkraineWar on #weibo, official statements and in selective media, and find that #ProRussia leaning is rooted in anti #Western sentiments. The key protagonist in many of these posts is not #Russia or #Ukraine, but #US and #NATO. 2/11
#NATO and the #US are portrayed as the source of the conflict, #Russia (and #Europe) as trapped by the #US, and #Ukraine as a powerless proxy of great power competition. 3/11
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张俊华 for DW:From "world class universities" to one voice: can an intolerant CCP possibly coexist with #academicfreedom on any level? Even @HuXijin_GT recently acknowledged the need to protect "academic space" (学术空间)for inquiry 从一流大学到一种声音…
On 17 Dec., XJP presided over the 23rd meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, which reviewed & approved several documents emphasising #China's need to build world-class universities with top-class disciplinary divisions...
The mtg overlapped w/news of the firing of Song Gengyi, a lecturer at Shanghai Aurora Colleage, allegedly for "causing a serious teaching incident that resulted in severely bad social impact." Song had pointed out...
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多維新聞: #Walmart is accused of completely delisting #Xinjiang products in its stores in #China, as per the US "Prevention of Uyghur Forced Labor Act" (in effect Dec 23). Chinese consumers are calling for a boycott 沃爾瑪被曝下架新疆產品,會員紛紛退卡抵制…
Reports on #China's #Weibo claim that when the "Sam's Club" app is keyword searched using "#Xinjiang," relevant products do not display after being clicked on (inc. Xinjiang cantaloupe, Hotan dates, raisins, etc.) 疑似下架新疆产品?沃尔玛旗下山姆超市回应…
Just prior to the exposure of Sam's Club "quietly removing #Xinjiang products," an open letter from #Intel demanding that suppliers to ban labour, products and services from #Xinjiang circulated on social media in #China, drawing strong reactions...
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In #China the Party’s media has now released videos purportedly showing #PengShuai at a restaurant. Again many questions being asked: Was this staged? Who gave the video to the Global Times? Who took it?
A question regarding the second clip released by the Party’s media said to be of #Pengshui and friends at a restaurant: If a friend took this video why would they film a notice on the door showing the month ‘proof of life’ style? If a friend didn’t film it who did? #China
Why is none of this being posted on #Weibo? Why are #PengShuai’s original claims regarding sexual assault and #ZhangGaoli being censored in #China? Why is Global Times Editor @HuXijin_GT posting this stuff on Twitter but not having any of it reported in his newspaper?
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4. Is this regulation something new? It is officially codifying existing facts on the ground. The rumor is after the Edu regulation debacle/Edu Minister fired, this is govt trying to set it officially, so private capital doesn’t come in, then got banned, raising another uproar.
5. Will @caixin_intel /@Caijing be banned now? Likely not. They are state owned media, as Twitter labelled them thus, even though in China, they are considered somewhat opposition media and got article censored left and right.
6. What about Weibo/Tencent? First order effect are small because they were only in news distribution business, never in having actual journalists and news creation business. But there are some secondary effects.
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1 A thread on China NDRC proposed ban on private capital in news media business and potential impact on companies like #Weibo #Tencent, @caixin_intel, #36kr etc. and other private financial companies like #蓝鲸 #财联社…
2. NDRC:I have written about it and how central it is in China’s state-owned part of the business, which is still close to 40-50% of China GDP. It is central to understand the energy crisis because it has a say on coal production and electricity price.
3/12 China Market Entrance Regulations, similar to the Foreign Capital Entrance Regulations that's behind the reason for the VIE structure, creates a lot of arbitrage opportunities, if you are a brave lawyer/businessman. Link in Chinese of the 2021 Reg.…
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Cited yesterday's protest in Nanjing as an example of how quickly news of protests in #China actually disseminate internationally vial social media (on yesterday's protest in Nanjing in which students held their principal hostage see, for example,…)
Dissecting "visible and invisible components" in "repertoires of contention" (Charles Tilly 1986)-- "invisible components" include attempts to attract attention that ask supporters to spread information.
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Well, for those who MARVEL at how well China is doing in keeping #COVID19 at bay, residents in the city of Tonghua, Jilin are taking to Weibo to beg for help. Rough translations:

- We weren't defeated by the virus, but now we're losing to hunger and common sickness.... /n
...young people can drink water to survive, but what about our aging parents? Patients w/high blood pressure, diabetes etc have no medication. We are begging the world: who can save us?

- I am an 8 month pregnant resident of Tonghua, I haven't eaten fruits in days...
...authorities never contacted us, we asked the community shopping team what we can do, they said they're crazy busy, so my goal is to not go hungry. But at night I constantly wake up to hunger as I'm almost about to give birth

#China #COVID19

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El 25 de noviembre de 2020 quedará en la historia como el día en que Diego Armando Maradona pasó a la inmortalidad. La repercusión y los homenajes dieron la vuelta al mundo como jamás se vio en la historia. Por eso, siempre será el más grande de todos los tiempos. Pasen y vean… Image
Esta historia no puede comenzar de otra manera que no sea en Nápoles. Porque Diego y la ciudad del sur de Italia 🇮🇹 tienen una relación especial.

Uno de los primeros videos en aparecer fue el de Maradona con la camiseta del Nápoli haciendo jueguitos en el cielo.

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How much of a difference can 100 miles and effective social media surveillance make? A whole lot if you take Taiwan’s success against #COVID19 into consideration.
#Taiwan, is only around 100 miles away from the coast of south eastern China. The country has a lot of trade and exchange with #China and yet is at a healthily low 159th position when it comes to the COVID19 standings. Taiwan only has a paltry 455 cases and 7 deaths.
If someone were to place a bet on Taiwan having only 455 cases after 6 months of #COVID19, that too without nationwide lockdowns, that person would have become a billionaire now. #Taiwan owes its success to technology. Period.
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In China, the #CCP has convinced a lot of people that the #coronavirus was imported into Wuhan by the U.S. military.

Here’s how they did it:… 1/7
The conspiracy theory is not new. @vanessa_molter and @gwbstr from the Stanford Internet Observatory found a YouTube video debunking the theory from early January. Since then it has been shared and boosted by state media and CCP officials.… 2/7
While it has been debunked globally, inside China it has taken hold and is widely discussed on social media like #Wechat and #Weibo.

“Sadly most Chinese people really believe the U.S. brought the virus to China and they call it ‘USA virus.’”… 3/7
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"Commenters have especially condemned the perceived absence of the local, provincial &even nat'l authorities in the heart of the outbreak..Xi had made few public remarks about the disease bf Sat, when he called for officials to “stand @ the front line to safeguard social stablty”
"'Where is that person? He is not on the front line,' 1 user wrote on #Weibo, a Twitterlike platform, an apparent reference to Mr Xi. The posts were quickly deleted."…

"Beijing’s response highlights longstanding tensions between national & local officials"
"A professor of infectious diseases in #HongKong who helped identify #SARS, Guan Yi, has accused #Chinese authorities of delaying action & of obstructing his efforts to investigate the #outbreak."…

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"Today, #China faces the spread of another mysterious disease, a #coronavirus, which so far has killed 17 [+] people & infected > 540 [++]. And while Beijing’s response has improved in some ways, it has #regressed in others. It is #censoring criticism."…
"It is detaining people for spreading what it calls 'rumors.' It is suppressing info it deems alarming. Though China’s censors are busily scrubbing the Chinese internet, the... online community is registering its disappointment & alarm over Beijing’s handling of the new virus..."
CCP "has tightened its grip on the & civil society. It has deeper pockets & a greater ability to control the flow of info.[Thus], many of the media outlets, advocacy groups, activists &others who held the gov't accountable in 2003 have been silenced or sidelined."
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Happy #ChineseNewYear! 新年大吉

2019 is the Year of the Pig 🐷 This plump pig was made in Cyprus nearly 2,000 years ago – it’s a terracotta rattle that might have been used as a child’s toy.
People born in the Year of the Pig are thought to be modest and honest, with lots of friends. What’s your zodiac animal?

Find out what your zodiac animal says about you in our #ChineseNewYear blog post:
Did you know we’re also on #Weibo and #WeChat? Follow us!


WeChat: search for 大英博物馆BritishMuseum.
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