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Maaz was in the final year of his engineering when he started looking for someone’s help to start building on his vision — to convert existing fuel vehicles into fully functioning EVs. Image
This brought him to a non-academic start-up incubator EdVenture Park, which focuses on student innovations. With their support, the youngster began working on his dream project and eventually founded Torq Electric in March 2021.
He launched his prototype of a two-wheeler EV on 27 August 2021, which he built by transforming an old petrol scooter & spending Rs 60,000. The media covered the model widely & popularised it further through the internet.

#EV #TwoWheelers #InnovativeIndians #Sustainability
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Do you know this week is dedicated to #Sustainability?? ♻️ Yes! Today is the Day 5 of #ESDW2022, the European #Sustainable #Development week ✨ A good moment to share some nature-friendly proposals 👀👇
1⃣ Healthy #soil for food sovereignty 🍏🌽🥬…
2⃣ Crushed rocks to increment the #soil fertility and #CO2 sequestration🌱…
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IUS Coin will be doing an #airdrop for the first 5000 people to follow our page, repost this and/or tag 3 friends with the hashtag #Iustitiacoin. Like our page, reshare our post, tag 3 friends and we will airdrop you! To find out more about IUS Coin, visit Image
Thank you to all for continuing to support our vision and project at IUS Coin. We thank you for your patience as we work to #airdrop IUS$ to the first 5000 that have retweeted our post! The future is near and we are looking to reshape it with you all.
#cryptocurrency #IUSCoin
We are also looking for #ambassadors #partnerships and #influencers who wish to collaborate and/or can refer us to those making positive impact in the #green or #sustainability #crrypto space! DM us - we want to hear from you
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Do you have expertise in #Health, #Environment and/or #Development in SE Asia?
Apply for a tt position as Asst. Prof at our Dept of #Geography .@UUtah -- a thread 🧵 with more deets below ! 1/5

Link to position description and application link
2/5 Some example research in SE Asia for this hire include (but not limited to) #illness & #disease, #population, #environmental challenges & #inequality, #sustainability, #climatechange impacts, #agriculture & #foodsecurity, #urbanization, #development, #conflict, #migration...
3/5 ... #Diaspora...
We value diverse perspectives and seek to build more inclusive faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student bodies. Applicants from underrepresented backgrounds are encourage to apply by 1 September 2022.
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Sanitary pads take 250-800 years to decompose, which is pushing young Indians to opt for greener alternatives


By @karunasharmaa
Every year, around 12.3 billion used sanitary pads are dumped in landfills in India, said a report by the environmental group Toxics Link. Each of these non-organic sanitary pads is equivalent to four plastic bags, and it takes 250-800 years to decompose.

To reduce their carbon footprint on Earth, young #millennials and #GenZ are switching to greener options like menstrual cups, reusable pads, period discs, tampons, period panties, etc. Not only are these alternatives greener but some of them are also cheaper.

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1/10: Options are complex. How are we making it easy for everyone? A 🧵:
#Options #NFTs #Crypto #DeFi #GameFi #P2E #Trading #OptionsTrading #Volatility #Sustainability
2/10: We’ve seen the DeFi implosion driven by unsustainable yield farming and leverage, and the collapse of P2E GameFi built on ponzinomics. What if P2E was driven by proven real world market activities? Cue GameFi backed by Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Options aka PokPok Protocol
3/10: When you purchase a PAYG option, you only pay a small % of the premium upfront, and fund the rest over the option's life. You can default and save the remaining funds if you decide you've made a wrong call. This SAVES you $$$.
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#Sustainability and an ethos of #Care – something I am pondering about for quite a while now. Two recent publications offer new insights and inspirations – recommended reads!
#SustainabilityScience #AcademicChatter
“A feminist ethos for caring knowledge production in transdisciplinary sustainability science” offers insights into the work of María Puig de la Bellacasa and relates their ethos of care to #transdisciplinary #sustainability science.…
The authors elaborate on three modes of knowledge production: (1) thinking-with, (2) dissenting-within and (3) thinking-for, and derive concrete actions to produce caring knowledge in #transdisciplinary #sustainability science.
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Our recent article published in #JCLEPRO is out! "Institutional pressures as drivers of circular economy in firms: A machine learning approach".

#JCLEPRO #Sustainability @ELSenviron @Essex_EBS @UniofGreenwich @UoS_Management

🧵👇 Image
1/7 Here is a summary of the paper: Image
2/7 Discrepancies on the effect of institutional pressures are due to methodology.
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In addition to the very cool name (#FalconCurve), you’re *really* going to want to know what’s in our paper if you’re at all interested in:


Direct fossil fuel consumption by buildings, burned in water heaters, furnaces, and other heating sources, account for nearly 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.
Switching to an electric system that powers heating through renewable energy sources, rather than coal, oil, and natural gas—the process known as building electrification or building decarbonization—is a crucial step towards achieving global net-zero climate goals.
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Power interruptions are more than a minor inconvenience in #factories. It takes conventional generators some time to power up when a blackout occurs. This short but critical ‘change-over-time’ impacts the production process and efficiency.
Our factories, therefore, provision for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) through established methods. However, the #HCCB factory in #Khordha, #Odisha, has recently deployed a UPS system that uses only 30% of the space versus the traditional power backup system.
#Lithium #Ion batteries require much less energy to keep them charged. They charge much quicker, too – almost 1/3rd of the time.

Moreover, these batteries have an extended life of 10-15 years compared to the 3-4 year life of the traditional batteries.
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#HCCB turned #waterpositive, half a decade ago. Simply stated, ‘water positive’ means that HCCB returns more water to the aquifer than it uses in its operations. While a large part of HCCB’s #sustainability efforts is focused on ensuring water positivity,
we also work towards lowering the Water Usage Ration (WUR) in our daily operations. WUR indicates the total quantity of water used to produce one liter of #beverage. With this view, our factory in #Khorda #Odisha introduced a new Ultra Filtration,
Reverse Osmosis (UFRO) system in the Effluent Treatment Plant, wherein the wastewater is treated with the UFRO technology to an extent that it is recycled for multiple purposes such as cleaning, washing during the manufacturing process, and a lot more.
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As a responsible user of #water, HCCB’s approach to #waterstewardship incorporates a multitude of initiatives such as the construction of check dams, desilting, and restoration of ponds and natural water bodies, rainwater harvesting,
and building bunds and conservation tanks and so much more. These initiatives help us maintain water positivity which means that we return more water to the aquifer than we use in our operations. An example of this can be seen in #Gujarat,
where our water recharge shafts enabled us to replenish 100% of the water that we consumed in 2021. Going a step further, #HCCB replenished 12.98 L kiloliters of water in #Rajasthan, despite having no operations in the state.
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As a brand that strives to leave things better than first inherited, the theme of this World Nature Conservation Day, ‘Living sustainably in harmony with nature,' resonates with our ethos.
At HCCB, we believe that every environment-friendly step we take should be sustainable and effective enough to help build a better tomorrow. Promoting harmony between nature and people is the key here.
Through our many initiatives, we make every effort to give back a considerable amount of what we take from Mother Nature every year.

While at it, we ensure to partner with all sections of society and
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So you're ready to take some #ClimateAction...but don't know where to start?

Here's some 'pick and mix' ideas! The #IPCCReport2021 says ALL action counts so start where you are, do what you can 🧵👇
Fill your newsfeed with solutions, not doom mongering! It'll keep your eco anxiety at bay and help you have constructive, inspiring and action-sparking conversations. Recommended: @EthicalHourNews @PositiveNewsUK @HappyEcoNews
Read @ProjectDrawdown to understand that we have all the solutions to the #ClimateEmergency - we just need the political will to make them happen.

No time for the book? Here's the TED Talk!…
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Recalling the vivid imagery of the mounting garbage in the landfill, Kanika also remembers growing up in a household that was extremely conscious of how much and what they consumed.
“Trying to find ways to move towards a circular economy became something I consciously started working towards,” she says.

In 1998, Kanika’s parents, Anita and Shalabh Ahuja established Conserve India, an NGO focused on energy efficiency.
They eventually started working on ways to tackle the plastic menace that Delhi was and is still grappling with. While her parents were neck-deep in running this NGO, they were not keen on having Kanika join this line of work.
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When the #4IR tastes like feces from the streets and there's nothing to eat on the actual plate & table:

HEIL Sustainable @ProfKlausSchwab' Economic Smegma Potpourri spiced up with @SadhguruJV' Tryptamine RCs, served by Bank of International Settlements (@BIS_org), HEIL AyyLMAO
Connected. Watch the commercial, and ask yourself,...
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Unseen and hidden effects of pesticides: pesticide suppress natural soil fertilizers.

Our new study in @NaturePortfolio demonstrates that pesticides suppress the natural nutrient uptake capacity of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi with 42%.…
This result is important because 70% of all land plants and many crops form a beneficial symbiosis with #mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi supply nutrients to the plant in return for sugars and fatty acids. They do this through highly sophisticated arbuscules in plant cells.
This study confirms our previous study showing that the abundance of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi is strongly and negatively linked to the number of pesticides in arable soils.…
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📍🧵 THREAD #Creator #DigitalFashion

We partner with footwear creators (designers and brands) to pave the way for the next-gen sneakers and design the future of footwear. During the @drp_ville festival we showcase and highlight 3 of our creators 👇
1/ Redd Smith

He's a footwear designer based in Bristol 🇬🇧 He's exploring the bridge between virtual and physical sneakers by designing in #VirtualReality and using the disruptive 3D printing tech of @TheZellerfelds Redd is currently designing footwear at @GravitySketch ✍️ Image
👟 His model on our booth is the “Regenerate”. Inspiration for this concept came from the way plants and trees generate growth around man-made objects such as railings and walls.

He will be present on our booth Saturday June 25th. Image
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Next Steps for #VicFoodSystemsConsensus - 1. Create policy briefs for govt 2. Get State govt to take coordination responsibility. 3. Fund food policy officers in all local govt. 4. Funding for community #FoodSystems. 5. Great role for uni students in research.
6. Local govt to drive community #FoodSystems strategies through amending Public health & wellbeing Act 7. Resource local govt to do this work 8. Leverage #ClimateEmergency and #sustainability 9. Build on existing work 10. Creat a participatory democracy & communities of practice
11. Public sector healthy food procurement/ retail - changing language around #foodwaste 12. Costs of #foodwaste vs cost of procurement 13. Data metrics 14. Bringing more ppl into agriculture 15. Nutrition & #foodliteracy 16. Food culture & time to prepare healthy food
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As part of our growing Sustainability work, we’ve been inspired by leading climate scientists, such as Katharine Hayhoe, who are engaging hard-to-reach audiences on the issue of climate change.
#wessexarchaeology #wessexarch #sustainability #sustainabledevelopmentgoals
This links to important heritage sector debates on the importance of engaging communities on the need for rapid action essential to help our communities adapt and develop resilience to increasingly frequent flooding events.
#wessexarchaeology #sustainability
Heritage and archaeology’s role in building resilience is an area we have been researching within archaeological organisations and related disciplines. Evidence from the past can help contextualise perspectives on climate change and develop narratives with time depth.
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The @EnR_Network held its first in person meeting in over 2 years in #Lisbon. After a first day of fruitful discussion on collaborative action between Energy Agencies, today, the network held a seminar on #energy and #water #efficiency at national and local levels.
The President of @EnR_Network, @nelsonlage highlighted the role of energy agencies in the #GreenTransition, as enabling agents acting between international and local level, to balance the three dimensions of the #EnergyTrilemma: Security Affordability #Sustainability
Sec of State @Joaogalamba described the vision for national-local level governance towards #NetZero in 2050: "energy agencies work to mobilize local authorities, economic players, and citizens to fight #ClimateCrisis, to foster cities’ pivotal role to deliver the #EUGreenDeal"
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Another busy day exhibiting at #FloodandCoast2022!

One of our key #FCERM case studies is our creative heritage project, ‘The Ripple Effect’. The bespoke project for the @EnvAgency aims to further amplify the social value and community benefits of the Salisbury River Park scheme.
The project will improve people's well-being through positive engagement with the local environment, the community and each other, and engage people across all generations through walks, workshops, creative moments and shared experiences.

Image credit James Aldridge
We're committed to using #archaeology and #heritage to help our #FCERM clients deliver real benefits for communities and the environment, and to meet their #sustainability commitments across a wide range of social, environmental and economic goals.
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We’re at the 7th International Congress for Underwater Archaeology in Helsinki, Finland until 10th June.
#wessexarch #wessexarchaeology #7thinternationalcongresforunderwaterarchaeology #maritimearchaeology #marinearchaeology #underwaterarchaeology #heritage #sustainability
So far, our Coastal and Marine experts have been having valuable conversations, including taking part in round table discussions on ratification of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Finland.
#wessexarch #wessexarchaeology
We’ve seen the legacy of our work on wreck site management with a presentation from Dr. Matt Skelhorn, Wreck Manager for Salvage & Marine Operations at the Ministry of Defence, on ‘HMS Prince of Wales & HMS Repulse: Environmental and safety implications of illegal wreck salvage’.
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Fifty years on from UN Summit, the International Science Council, Future Earth & the Stockholm Environment Institute convened an Expert Writing Group of natural scientists, social scientists & humanities scholars to modernize & extend the historical call on eve of Stockholm+50.
The writers are natural scientists, engineers, social scientists and scholars from many disciplines & countries. We see the evidence of global environmental change, assess its impacts, untangle its causes, & see the connections between our social & environmental challenges.
ATREE's, Dr Sharachchandra Lele is the Co-Chair of the Expert Writing Group. ​He says, "Technology empowers us to change the world, science predicts its impacts, social science illuminates our motives. But only an ethical framework tells us whether and how we should change it.
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