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So I went to VeteransToday to see what else they had to say about the Q movement because they have always been strong Trump haters so I put in Qanon & searched try it yourself this is what I got… what did not come up was the 3 part Interview with Micheal..
If you read that article you see the real agenda of Qanon to convince American's that all of @realDonaldTrump supporters are crazy domestic terrorists. No where there or in any MSM piece will you find anyone exposing who any of the people are behind Q & if anyone tries to they
are shadow banned. The easiest way to put an end to Qanon is just expose who the people behind it really are & yet not 1 person in the media has done that. Why because it is a psyop. You will see more & more of this as we get closer to the election with the goal being to get
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Warning To All you are about to Learn just how much control the Liberals have of the Internet & Mobile. To those of you making the Move to Parler don't waste your time. It is an app that means it is 100% controlled by 1 of 2 Monopolies Android or Google they control whether it
works or not. For an app to work it must connect to the apps servers. This is controlled by Apple or Android. The same with any updates. To the user it will look like the app is working but has a lot of bugs when they do not connect it to the server. People will start giving it
bad reviews & pretty soon no one will use it or even down load it. They will lie about the number of downloads, remove positive reviews & add fake reviews. The masses have been so brainwashed to look at those things they will not even bother downloading it. This is why their are
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My friend @thomasfabbri pointed me to this @algorithmwatch study. Here's why I think that saying Instagram favours nudity is incorrect, given my own research on the #shadowban & algorithm bias.… 1/
Given my own experience and autoethnography of the shadowban [more to come in a forthcoming paper + blogs], and as someone who mainly follows half-naked womxn and people (hello, lovely pole family), I often see more cats than I do #poledancers, even if I willingly follow butts 2/
Particularly after FOSTA/SESTA, a variety of people - sex workers, pole dancers, athletes, sex educators etc - have found that their bodies were excessively moderated by FB/IG. [More info in this post & next tweet]… 3/
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@realDonaldTrump I just got my report from Twitter after turning this account in please look at the rules that he was guilty of violating & of course the results which was absolutely not thing because if you are a #Conservative you better not say boo on Twitter but if you are a
Liberal you have free reign to do whatever the hell you want including posting content on a platform that has a minimum age of 13 for those who are +18, abuse and harassment, & encouraging people to break the law, cause civil unrest. I said before that the EO will do nothing
on its own they are sociopaths & the only way they will stop is for the government to shut them down. Because these are platforms of propaganda & brainwashing part of a long plan that they will not give up with out a fight. #Freespeech #Shadowban @GenFlynn @NSAGov @VP @POTUS
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So about this time last years I got in a big war with #Anonymous on Twitter I was trolling them all actually seeking them out through the search feature. They threatened to destroy me, to doxx me to hack my twitter & every thing else an I kept saying
I mocked them & Mocked them saying if they truly were hackers that could do it with ease. Twitter itself is easy to hack. I even mocked all their official accounts calling the Mommy's basement dwelling, unemployed losers who could not hack their way out of a wet paper bags.
I mocked & mocked & laughed & laughed at every single threat they made to me repeating over & over Bring it you losers it went on for several days & you know what happened? They blocked me & stopped replying to me stopped threatening me & you know why because everything I was
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1.) There MUST be a way to shatter this algorithm. This is far more dangerous than a simple #ShadowBan. You realize the sheer devastation that censorship can cause? How influential group-think is?
2.) Why do I bring this up now?

We're on the precipice of unprecedented times. The apex of the tipping point. The edge of the tomorrow.

And yet... all of our enemies surround us, shouting down the truth, censoring, attacking, silencing us...
3.) And for what? All for a #LARP?

No way. I would never believe this. This #censorship is very intentional and very, very strong. What places like @Twitter and @Facebook and @YouTube have all done is no more than a temporary dam in front of the flood.
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1) Today when I went to, it said that I had lost 89 followers today alone which seemed suspicious being that it's only 11 am.

The graph below shows every time I get a surge in followers, I also get a surge in unfollowers.
2) So I went to check out who all had unfollowed me & noticed 1 of my new unfollowers was someone I know in real life. I texted him to ask him if he had unfollowed me on purpose. Surprise, surprise! Nope..

So the question remains - is Twitter messing with followers/unfollowings?
3) Then I take you to this post from 3/26/19 - "How does 1 lose 237 followers in 1 day when I've been suspended today until about 2 hours ago?"
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THREAD: What do we KNOW about @Twitter’s “Secret menu” of rules punished by a #Shadowban:

1: A user is #Shadowbanned for posting the same URL more than once ... whether it’s FOX or NY TIMES, twitter will instantly limit your reach for at least 24 hours if you break this rule...
2: @Twitter will #shadowban and limit a users reach without them knowing if they follow “too many” other users in a 24 hour period...this value varies and is either seemly unknown or is arbitrary based on the level and priority ”censorship”.
3: @Twitter will #shadowban or suspend a user if they __________

Ultimately, because this AI “tool” is enforced with a secret menu of rules, beyond what I mentioned above, the reasons could be anything and frankly that is the problem and the point! @jack NEEDS to #StopTheBias
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Check the top comments. @jack doesn't really have control...
Who has the 'real' control?
Can you remove the top comments?

Trump and Q-team have made Twatter their bitch...
What, no krassbros?
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So, about a year ago I was thinking, what's going on, it's been a year and no new wars? The world didn't end? What's this I'm hearing about North Korea and the CiA? Time to dig.
I found #Qanon, #maga, #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA .
Lots of great #memeammo
Lots of #DeepState #DeepStateCabal going on
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I once paid @Twitter $ to promote my Tweet.
@TwitterSupport advertised and promised 35,000 impressions.
Upon completion, it had only 1/5th the impressions promoted.
This came the day after I TRIED to promote a tweet in support of #LauraLoomer. @Twitter declined.
So, it's been awhile since I made my complaint to @TwitterSupport but received no response or answers as to why @Twitter would charge me $50 but not deliver the service they advertised?
I get that my support of #LauraLoomer was likely not popular w/ @jack but this is ridiculous!! Image
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Since people have been asking I thought I'd recap my #dystopia talk at @theuxcrunch from Thursday. The examples used are not what if scenarios. These all happened. #triggerwarning's apply. If you can make it thru to the end I have suggestions for how we can claw back some hope.
This is a quote you’ve all probably seen a million times. #Advertising & #techie shitheads love quoting it before they do trends porn. What they never seem to understand is how politically subversive the last bit is. B/c those wankers abuse it I swore I’d never use it.
Still, paraphrasing it is useful for my point. One person’s future is another person’s dystopia and thanks to the fundamental power of the Internet as a tool for distribution we can spread dystopia far and wide. Often before we know it, realise it, or even imagine it.
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"Brett Kavanaugh raped and murdered my wife."
Brett Kavanaugh killed Nicole and Ron Goldman
Brett Kavanaugh is responsible for the death of Chandra Levy
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The opposition to #QAnon is mildly shocking and shows me how little the average person is interested in deep dive research, reading and soul searching critical thinking. I get it but it’s still so appalling that people will reject something so adamantly without reading it.. #MAGA
I started following #QAnon back around Halloween of 2017. Just after the posts started to appear on #4Chan. I never migrated to that board. Originally I heard about Q on the generalist conspiracy message board Above Top Secret.
#ATS was a place I visited mostly for entertainment value. At first when I read about #QAnon, I was intrigued but not at all sold on what was actually happening. As certain events such as Podesta and #HRC‘s supposed Arrest Dates passed, I questioned the movement.
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#facebookdown we tried to tell you to stop the #ShadowBanning of Conservatives

#FactFriday it is illegal to censor #Shadowban users on any social platform
Cc: @Policy @AjitPaiFCC @realDonaldTrump
#facebookdown is the future of @Twitter, @jack. Stop attacking the right of free speech on @Twitter. Stop #Shadowbanning conservatives, @jack. Mark is a dick. Don’t be like Mark.…
There are 3 types of people in America right now:

Those who knew @realDonaldTrump would do a great job & supported him

Those who see how great President Trump is doing & now support him

& those who refuse to admit they were wrong about @POTUS Trump
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UPDATE: 💥💥 (part 1)

💥To my patriot #maga Twitter followers💥

This is how we fight the #shadowban.

Twitter hides tweets by pushing them passed your live feed into already read tweets.

(Part 2)💥💥

We can bombard twitter with retweets. So the few that that see them and retweet are important!

1.💥 Retweet 10 of your Following patriots a day.
Of my 10,000 followers THAT WOULD BE 100,000 ReTweets a day.

2. 💥Followback all that Follow you.

(Part 3)


3. 💥Unfollow those that Unfollow.

There is no way Twit can limit you if enough patriots follow these steps.


My influence on Twit is less important than the network WE create.
#KAG2020 #MagaTogether
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A memed thread with 6 tip sheets.

First, tweet right.
Second, tweet like a boss, not like a slave.
Third, be choosy in who you follow.
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@jack Dear Jack, there is not the "perception of #shadowbanning”, but the reality of it and much worse: The #suspension of many bona fide #Twitter-users, who do not troll, harass or engage in #hatespeech, but simply push a conservative agenda. This happened in the #US, #UK, FRA & #GER.
@jack 2. You now find many of those accounts on #GAB & users like #KoljaBonke, an author from #Frankfurt, who was suspended on #Twitter for giving daily updates about migrant #crime in #Germany (just posting articles or police reports). So content you find in a newspaper!
@jack 3. So Jack, this is NOT about perception, but your "conversational health work" is clearly just one sided #censorship, which many users have experienced for years, from the reality of #shadowbanning, to the many #suspensions! @nicolabeerfdp
#Twitter #Zensur
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This is massive. Zuck has lost 20 BILLION in after-hours trades. HE'S SELLING ALL HIS STOCK. 👍
#Shadowban AWAY!
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We will Join the Class action Lawsuits if my account isn't IMMEDIATELY Removed from any & ALL lists/algorithms that Restrict ANY of my RIGHTS on Twitter

@Jack you have been legally informed & have 14days Notice by law
Whoopi Goldberg dismissed Judge Jeanine off The View after Pirro correctly stated,

"when people who shouldn't be here end up murdering the children of American citizens"

Democrats don't care when illegal aliens murder Americans
Dear @WhoopiGoldberg,

Since you had a tantrum & kicked Judge Jeanine Pirro off #TheView when she talked about illegal aliens murdering Americans

Kate Steinle & Edwin Jackson were killed by illegal aliens. Kayla Cuevas & Nisa Mickens were killed by MS-13
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1) How to get Un-#Shadowbanned.
First, the Why...
2) I think I was banned for bot-like behavior! I did HUGE follow back train by @TT45Pac.
3).Not only did I follow everyone on a train with 50 or so cars, I also followed everyone who RT'd the cars. It was hundreds of follows because I'm trying to get to 5K.
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Twitter Manipulates Search Results (Thread) 1/21/18

1. While checking handles, I found this account
—> @CitizensFedUp <—
has been shadowbanned by Twitter.
2. I wanted to tell the account holder in case they were unaware of their #ShadowBan — the account does not exist.
3. After a bit of scrolling, and some luck, I found it — @CitizensFedUp is not only an active account, but one with nearly 20K followers
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