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Case 66 #Walmart Inc

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#WMT 1/4
Walmart spent 12 years trading in a monotonous $22 range, then finally it began to take off in 2012 and the old 1999 high of 70.25 was overtaken several times.

WMT 2/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: The main object stands between 136.80-137.60. Currently slightly overextended. Good #support seen from the #SMA 20 in line with the rising trendline. Major support lies between 73.00-68.50 and the SMA 200 at 65.08

WMT 3/4
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BREAKING: In 2014, @MomsDemand started a campaign to ask @Kroger to prohibit open carry using the hashtag #groceriesnotguns. Today, Kroger announced that they're telling customers to quit openly carrying guns in their stores.…
@MomsDemand @kroger Kroger is the second largest retailer in the country and the nation’s largest supermarket retailer. In addition to numerous open carry incidents at several Kroger locations, there were also dozens of shootings and threats at stores across the country.…
@MomsDemand @kroger These are some of the ads @momsdemand created as part of our campaign to get Kroger to prohibit open carry. In addition, we held rallies at their stores and attended shareholder meetings.
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.@MomsDemand volunteers have been asking #Walmart to block open carry in its stores since the 2014 shooting death of John Crawford III in an Ohio Walmart. Crawford was shot while holding a BB gun, even though openly carrying any type of gun was allowed in Walmart.
This is not the first time #Walmart has done the right thing on gun safety. In 2015, they stoppped selling semiautomatic rifles. In 2018, Walmart agreed to no longer sell firearms to customers under 21 years of age.
In 2008, Walmart worked with @Everytown to adopt a “Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership.” They now go beyond what federal law requires for gun sellers, by taking additional steps such as closing the Charleston Loophole in its stores and videotaping all firearm transactions.
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Gun Nuts: "OMG!!! I can't open carry in #Walmart?? I'm pissed. BOYCOTT!!"

Rest Of Society: "Uhm sorry...kinda hard to tell the good guy with an AR-15 from the bad guy with an AR-15 until they start shooting ppl in the face.
And I'm just trying to buy eggs."
And before ANYONE says ANYTHING stupid...
I am not only a gun owner, but I also support people's rights to bear arms-for many reasons.

What I don't support is you inducing a public panic because you feel the need to wear an assault rifle while buying chicken nuggets.
My father was a Marine sniper.
Let me share a little tidbit of wisdom from him.
In a normal/non-war setting, if you can't hit and immobilize your target with a handgun, bitch-you can't shoot.

You need those semi auto bullets to make up for your inaccuracy.

Let's get real.
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1) Part II, Tisha B’Av research. 8/10/11-8/11/11 concerns.
2) Another reason to think about this is Prince Andrew UK now on the hot seat.…
3) FISAgate, pedogate, 9/11 date in reverse, Tisha B’Av. High alert.
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26-year-old Richard Clayton is in Orange County jail, accused of posting a threat on Facebook, saying he was getting his AR-15 back and to “stay out of @Walmart next week.” He was arrested at the Winter Park house of his family #WESH
Investigators with FDLE also say Clayton appears to “believe in the white supremacist ideology” and has a history of posting threats
Police say while being arrested, Clayton said he prays the arresting officer would be shot, said Hispanics are “what is wrong with this country”, and threatened to pee in the officer’s car. He didn’t, though, because the officer told him he is not Hispanic #WESH
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Pfft. #Walmart owned by #Luficerian #SamWalton happens to be location for #Freemason #FalseFlagShootings.

Light this one up anons!
Walton joined J. C. Penney (High level Freemason) as a management trainee in Des Moines, Iowa, three days after graduating from college. This position paid him $75 a month. Walton spent approximately 18 months with Kenan haley and J. C. Penney.
He resigned in 1942 in anticipation of being inducted into the military for service in World War II. In the meantime, he worked at a DuPont munitions plant near Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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There are WAY MORE than 2 #ConnorBetts.

✔️When news 1st came out of #daytonshooting in OH it was #ConnErBetts, then corrected to ConnOr
✔️His sister #Megan or #MeganBetts was 1st called BECKY (#BeckyBetts)
✔️Like #elpasoshooter they seem to have clones or... as well as MANY other news outlets posted all this CRAP about #ConnorBetts

✔️Meet the multiple Connor Betts
✔️Same article
#MeganBetts is also known as #BeckyBetts, and not just in this article...
•So is she #MeganBetts or #BeckyBetts?🤔

Here’s the article link:…
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[THREAD] 1/7
In a couple weeks @wyer222 and I are going to be out of the country for 3 weeks. I can't really express how much I am looking forward to being away from here for a while.

Two years ago, summer of '17, we had a short vacation (5 days) in #ElPaso, to do some hiking...
...specifically in Guadalupe Mountain National and Hueco State Parks. We took along 3 of our "godkids" (not officially, but we treat them as such). In #ElPaso, we stayed at a Best Western at I-10. The #Walmart closest to this hotel happens to be...
... the one where today's #shooting took place. We went to this Walmart several times.

The parents of these kids are right-wingers. Trump supporters. The only reason we put up with them is on behalf of the kids, most of whom are mixed race (the kids were adopted).
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#Breaking: Just in - At least 18 people got shot by gunman who opened fire at crowds at an #Walmart store.
#Update: Just in - The Shooter who shot at least 18 people, happened at a #Walmart in the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, #Texas.
#Update: Just in - Situation at the shooting!

- At least 18 people shot.
- One person believed dead.
- Shooter still at large.
- Happened at a #Walmart in in the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, #Texas.
- Massive police and rescue crew responds.
- Active crime scene avoid the area.
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Please listen to this interview w/#AngelMom Kathy Hall @jestkathy whose granddaughter was stolen from her family by the corrupted #CPS/#FamilyCourt in Arkansas & given to a #WalMart Executive

They are a 26 year #PurpleHeart Vet Family

#LindaCollinsSmith was assisting her👇
Kathy and Linda w/Senator Tom Cotton
Kathy's daughter, Hailey, and her granddaughter, Brooklyn
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#BlackoutInfo What might be consequences of a national or even european #Blackout, lasting more than 72 hours in our electricity addicted society? How is our country prepared for? And how much our politicians engage for this catastrophic case?
#BlackoutInfo Within hours after a national #Blackout for 90% of all homes no more drinking water will flow out of the tap. Flushing the WC will work only one last time. Therefore risk of diseases is growing fast. No human can stand more than 3 days without water supply...
#BlackoutInfo As a follow of a national #Blackout production of food isn’t possible anymore. Distributing still available stockpiles is becoming difficult & very quick impossible. Automated warehouses can’t deliver anymore, because all is offline. Supermarkets run out of stocks.
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Hey @Walmart, I have a story for you. Tonight I visited store 908 in Orlando. I was on my phone reading my shopping list when an employee approached me. He was a young man between 18 and 25 I’d guess. In a very high-pitched, falsetto, Mickey Mouse-like voice, he said,
“Can I help you find anything?” Now, my first thought was “Oh my, what an unfortunate thing it is, to go through life as an adult male with that voice.” But, I shrugged it off and thanked him saying I was good. Since I was near the toy aisle, he then asked if I was shopping for
toys for anyone. I said I was just going through my shopping list making sure I had everything. And then, to quote Will Smith as The Fresh Prince, “ life got flipped, turned upside down.” Bryan then looked at me and said “Ok, thank you for shopping at Walmart!”
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In 2016, under the #ObamaAdministration, a member of #ICE took his own life... Suicide note Contained a dire warning for Americans... Sure explains why @realDonaldTrump is bringing US Troops home...
👉🏻NYPD👈🏻 Investigated 🤔 #QAnon #16YearPlan #WWG1WGA
2/ #JFK designed Emergency Executive Orders to all Protect “The People” from Illegal Invasions, (#FEMA) FEMA-CAMPS were designed to detain illegals
#ObamaAdministration Changed That in 2012 Read 👇🏻 #QAnon #COG #16YearPlan #HRC
3/ #Walmart locations turned into #FEMA camps
#HRC Connections
1) War & #HumanTrafficking re:Syria
2) Director - Walmart 1986-92
re: “Death Industry”
#16YearPlan #Clintoncrimes
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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It's the night before thanksgiving. It's cold and wet outside. #CampFire evacuees are still bracing the elements and looking for shelter. Here are some images I'd like to share some images from my time exploring the Chico Walmart parking lot, a temporary refuge for some.
Folks like Sarah, Martin and James, from Magalia, have made the most out of their circumstance. A parking spot was their living room. They set up a propane heater (which was stolen in the middle of the night later) and a television to watch the latest news on the #CampFire.
Brenda Wilson tried very hard to keep her dog Scooby warm. The dog was shivering. She slept in the car. She was cold herself. She was distraught and wanted to go home. When I spoke to her, she had no idea if her home survived the #CampFire.
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Walmart insists you show a receipt. They can’t do that. 1) you didn’t sign a membership agreement (aka Costco) and 2) once you buy a product, they’re searching your property. You have the right to refuse. @Walmart any comments on how your worker treated my mother?
2) She behaves differently pre-recording. My mother had to go into Walmart for a can of paint (we avoid at all costs) and she insinuated my mother was stealing when she said “no” to the receipt check. She threatened to call a manager.
(3) the manager arrived. Allowed her to belittle the customer and speak in a patronizing tone. She then doesn’t like hearing the word “sh*t”? Please 🙄 #walmart #KnowYourRights #Shopping #CustomerService
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