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🎨🦇 You know their names - Sorolla, Van Gogh, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Klimt, and many others - but can you describe their unique artistic styles?

In this MEGA 🧵 let's use #BATMAN to learn what makes each renowned painter unique.

#midjourney #midjourneyAI #AIcommunity #AIart Image
All the #PROMPTS are as simple as this:
(i.e., Batman by Velazquez)

If the result wasn't good, a famous painting is added to the prompt:
(i.e., Batman by Velazquez in the style of Las Meninas)

That's it :)
1. #JoaquínSorolla

Known for his mastery of light and vibrant beach scenes, #Sorolla might depict Batman under the bright sun of Valencia, casting a dramatic shadow, with the cape mimicking the fluidity of the sea. Image
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It's Day 376 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread, bringing you the news, analysis and some interesting insights into what's happening on the ground. Today news of drone attacks + more..

To catch up on yesterday, click and scroll here:

Overnight #Russia released mulitple drones over #Ukraine, thought to be Iranian "Shaheed" attack UAVS.

Reports of explosions in #Dnipro turned out to be air defence according to local officials who say they shot down 4 drones.

In total Ukraine says 13 of 15 were taken down.
Today is a day of mourning for the victims of the Terrorist Attack on #Zaporizhzhia 4 days ago.

Emergency workers have finished clearing the rubble after the missile atttack on a block of flats.
13 people were killed including a baby and another child.

#RussiaIsATerroristState Image
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It's Friday, it's Day 282 of #RussiaUkraineWar

This is the start of another daily thread.

As always if you missed some of yesterday or need a catch up, here's the link to scroll through:

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine

All eyes on whether #Russia's death toll in the war will reach 100,000 by New Year and it certainly looks like it.

Today #Ukraine's estimate passes 90,000 and daily losses are trending upwards again.

#RussiansGoHome #SaveUkraine
Here's the daily update from the UK.

This points out how retreating brings further problems. #Russia now inviting #Ukraine's artillery to be able to hit more important targets.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine
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Thursday 17 November, Day 267 of the war as #Ukraine fights for survival and #Russia continues its string of war crimes

This is the start of the daily thread. It takes a lot of work and buying me a coffee (see profile) would really cheer me up on this wet day

All the news here:
It's been fairly quiet overnight again, #Russia seemingly using up its dwindling stocks of missiles after the mass attack earlier this week.

If you need to catch up on yesterday's news, here's the thread for Wednesday:

A reminder of this happening in the Netherlands today

#MH17 #RussiaIsATerroristState

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Saturday 12 November. Day 262 of the illegal war #Russia is waging on #Ukraine
This is the daily thread with all the news of the conflict

Quite a day yesterday, full of amazing emotions and joyous scenes. If you missed it, just take a scroll through here:

#Russia's (estimated) war dead today tops 80,000

Just two weeks ago today the total reached 70k.
The daily mean Russian deaths since then has been 711.

Today all the first four categories are above average
#SlavaUkraini #RussiansGoHome
the #UK's Defence Minister @BWallaceMP has a message for #Russia and its people after yesterday's liberation of #Kherson and the whole region east of the River Dnipro.
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After months of waiting, I finally got into @OpenAI's DALL-E.

I am trying to work within some consistent themes to learn more about how she thinks.

First up, Tokyo by {Artist}

I don't know that much about art, so I had GPT-3 help me think of artists to try.

#Tokyo by #Rembrandt van Rijn
Tokyo by Salvador #Dali
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[A LA UNE A 20H] La Cour suprême des Etats-Unis a invalidé une loi de l'Etat de New York sur le port d'armes, consacrant au passage le droit des Américains à sortir armés de leur domicile. Une "victoire" pour la NRA, un "jour sombre" pour la gouverneure de New York #AFP 1/5
[A LA UNE A 20H] "Aucune ville" de la région de Donetsk, dans l'est de l'Ukraine, n'est "sûre" pour ses habitants, les combats entre armées ukrainienne et russe étant trop violents, déclare dans un entretien à l'AFP le gouverneur régional Pavlo Kyrylenko #AFP 2/5
[A LA UNE A 20H] L'UE, réunie à Bruxelles, s'apprêtait à entériner la candidature de l'Ukraine, une étape hautement symbolique près de quatre mois après l'invasion lancée par l'armée russe, qui continue de progresser dans l'est à coups de bombardements destructeurs #AFP 3/5
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[A LA UNE A 18H] La Cour suprême des Etats-Unis a invalidé une loi de l'Etat de New York sur le port d'armes, consacrant au passage le droit des Américains à sortir armés de leur domicile. Une "victoire" pour la NRA, un "jour sombre" pour la gouverneure de New York #AFP 1/5 Image
[A LA UNE A 18H] L'Union européenne devrait entériner à Bruxelles la candidature de l'Ukraine, une étape hautement symbolique près de quatre mois après l'invasion lancée par l'armée russe, qui continue d'avancer dans l'est à coups de bombardements destructeurs #AFP 2/5 ImageImage
[A LA UNE A 18H] 🇫🇷 L'opposition a renvoyé la balle dans le camp d'Emmanuel Macron, refusant l'idée d'un gouvernement de coalition et l'enjoignant à proposer des mesures concrètes, en souhaitant redonner au Parlement son rôle dans l'examen de textes "au cas par cas" #AFP 3/5 Image
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Hey guys, you heard about #BAYC or #cryptopunks and you ever wanted to start #NFTs #NFT but afraid of #blockchain #cryptos or the tremendous prices of these collections? Here is a thread to tell you how to join the NFT community in an affordable way 1/n
First, choose the ecosystem you want to dig in, #NFTs on ethereum can be sometimes difficult to handle, especially because of transactions fees, so I may advise you to start with a lower gas fee such as #Avalanche @avalancheavax: nice people, low gas fees, fast network 2/n
To begin with, you need #cryptocurrency #Crypto. If you are a newbie, start with a big exchange such as @binance. There is a website and an app: subscribe and you can get cryptos right away with credit card. For Avalanche you need to buy #AVAX 3/n
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BOOOM 💥, part 2 of 10 is here as promised 😇 This one concentrates on #NFTs, Educate yourself ahead of others on #NFTs, this tweet will give you a totally different perspective of #NFTs, please read through and let me know your thoughts!
Most smart folks in #Crypto agree that most NFTs will go the way of most 2017 ZERO! NFTs will impact every sector of the economy,kids will own more stuff that “look like NFTs than physical items.” understand the impact NFTs will have by 2040 even if you don’t care today
An #NFT could be a share of stock, a virtual sword in a MMORPG, a profile picture on social media, a new unique digital art piece ( imagine owning one of #Banksy’s unique digital artwork as an #NFT) , a plot of land in the metaverse, or your data record on Facebook.
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¿Te imaginas que las Meninas se convirtieran en un símbolo gallego? 🤨

Pués está ocurriendo en Ferrol.

Alguien está inundado el barrio de Canido de meninas modernas, críticas y radicales. Nada de versiones ñoñas cómo en la capital... incluso algún troleo 👹

Abro 🧵#StreetArt Image
Canido era una aldea cerca de Ferrol, convertido en barrio obrero en los años de prosperidad económica 🏠🏘️

Todo bien... hasta que los Astilleros de Ferrol comenzaron su declive ⛴️

Los barrios como Canido se despoblaron y deterioraron. Nada nuevo 😓
Entonces surgió una movida de ésas de #StreetArt 🖌️

Eduardo Hermida, un artista del barrio, decidió embellecer Canido pintando lo que considera un icono de la crítica social: una Menina 😱

¿Las Meninas un cuadro de crítica social? 🙄 Image
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(1/12) #Dotdotdots: A thread and temporary change from my #BAYC pfp to shed some light on what I feel may be the next big NFT project, #dotdtotdots by @functionofdots. Available at…

(2/12) ..with a floor of 0.75 ETH and a supply of 4360 #dotdotdots (increases as Ethereum hits all time highs up to 10,000) and with 47.55% unique holders (2073), viewed from the perspective of both the innovative #NFT and #tradart worlds, I think it’s clear this project is a... Image
(3/12)..a multifaceted outlier.

Incorporating the best of #PFP art, generative art as well as a unique and infinitely more complex and unique narrative than almost every project up to this point, + the potential and in my opinion likelihood of a major (at this point... Image
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على مساحة 1500 متر مربع في مركز الفنون داخل #مول_الإمارات.. يستطيع الزوار مشاهدة أكثر من 100 عمل فني من أعمال الفنان العالمي اللامع #بانكسي

@DubaiCulture #Banksy
حيث ينظّم #مول_الإمارات، معرض "#عالم_بانكسي"، بالشراكة ودعم من هيئة الثقافة والفنون في دبي "#دبي_للثقافة" لأول مرة في #الإمارات، وبإشراف شركة "فردار" للعروض الترفيهية @DubaiCulture
ويقدِّم المعرض تجربة غنية لعشاق الفن ومتذوقيه من جميع الأعمار، والشغوفين باستكشاف عوالم #بانكسي أحد أشهر رسامي #الجرافيتي في العالم

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0/ Predictions for 2021:
(This is not investment advice, or any other type of advice. DYOR)
1/ #ETH hits new ATH(s).
2/ #Bitcoin breaks $55K; but BTC YE2021 close is < $30K.
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#Bihac, #Bosnia migrant camp
#Baseball,Ty Cobb and chemical weapons
Jackie #Kennedy and the horse from Pakistan
#Belarus waits for Biden
#NewYear’s resolution: support your local birds
A Cold Warrior’s advice on dealing with #Russia…
1. If you look at Banksy’s art with the same set of eyes that you would use on a Monet garden scene or an Edward Hopper painting, you won’t get it. ImageImage
2. If you see Banksy’s work as social commentary, however, then it makes perfect sense. Art is simply the medium Banksy uses to have a word with the world, as he did in the “crude oil” style painting he entitled Monkey Poison. Image
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1. Las conspiraciones sobre quién está detrás de #Banksy continúan🕵️🖌️🎨

La última teoría que se ha hecho viral es que el artista callejero es Neil Buchanan, presentador de "Art Attack" entre en 🇬🇧 1990 y 2007 (en 🇪🇦 era el que hacía los enormes murales).…
2. Todo empezó con un tuit (que ya cuenta con más de 2 mil 🔄 y casi 10 mil ❤️)
Que señala el rumor basándose en que el presentador también es músico y que sus giras coinciden con los lugares donde han aparecido pintadas de #Banksy
3. Por su parte, Neil Buchanan ha negado ser el famoso grafitero en su página web. Image
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Police brutality is abhorrent, but #PsyOpBob played no innocent roll. Everybody there knew he wanted to cause trouble, and was calling him out. He brought a helmet, but did he put it on when the cops came? No, but he put on a mask. #BuffaloPD #SocialEngineering #CivilWar
I've seen many a #CrisisActor, but this guy is a like their stunt double. Sure, he probably did hit his head, but it was "all for the cause". I don't buy the fake blood thing. That would make the cops actors too...
which ain't that far of a stretch considering whackness out here.
I have no idea who to trust any more, but I definitely know who not to trust. So if this is going down, I'm going to support the guy who lets me defend myself form the #LiberalZombieApocalypse, with force if necessary.
I'm Packin' #MAGA for my protection.
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Edinburgh Place is full for the #HK rally in solidarity w #Uighurs . In our nearly 800 protests since 6/9, this is only the 3rd to stand for others. There was a small 1 at CUHK for Uighur uni pres rumored sentenced to death & 1 for Catalunya.
Great to see the #EastTurkestan & #Tibet flags flying at the #HK solidarity rally for #Uighurs. Our fate is tied to theirs. We all have to fight together for our freedom & our rights.
Free #IlhamTohti , Free All Political Prisoners at #HK rally for #Uighurs . Ilham just received EU parliament’s #SakharovPrize this week. He’s serving life in prison in China on the entirely false charge of ‘separatism’. His daughter @JewherIlham accepted the award on his behalf.
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Mega HILO de #divulgación dedicado al AVE DEL PARAÍSO >

Con enlaces a hilos recientes y todas las imágenes que me han enviado diversas instituciones y personas.

El hilo se irá actualizando a medida que me lleguen más respuestas.

Usaré el hashtag #avesdelparaíso. Image
Hilo 1: Las aves del paraíso de la Expedición #Magallanes #Elcano

Dedicado a la historia de las #avesdelparaíso que en 1522 llegaron a Europa a bordo de la nao Victoria, junto al resto de la expedición que completó la primera circunnavegación del mundo:
Hilo 2: La Adoración de los Magos de #Rubens (@museodelprado) y el ave del paraíso

Dedicado a la representación de #avesdelparaíso en varios cuadros de Rubens y otros artistas de su época:
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...#Positivity is in each & everyone of us. Let it flow more often, makes a better day. #SirLRO
...#Positivity ~none said it was easy, all you have to do is one step at a time. I know you can, keep going. #SirLRO
~ #Positivity there is no need for deprecating others with words, when it calls for~there is a need for compassion, it’s in you, #SirLRO
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Short thread on how I got involved in #Activism - I have been an activist since I was 17 (1989) - I campaigned with EarthWatch Ireland about, 'The Greenhouse Effect' (now #ClimateChange) raw sewage / river pollution and recycling.
In 1994, I moved to London for work and joined @GreenpeaceUK as a volunteer working on #StopEsso campaign and #SaveorDelete an Ancient Forests campaign. In 2002, #Banksy worked with us to create a poster and I was in charge of sending them around the UK along with this stencil
First rule of stenciling - Don't have your name printed on it!
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