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Affects GENDER AND FERTILITY. Hmmm... I wonder if there's a group on the planet trying to influence those two items and more in order to enslave the population and move us all into a full blown #TranhumanistTechnocracy? 🤔 Let's take a look---
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Holy Crap.
If you haven't unchecked all of your "Tvvitter Inferred Interests" data yet - you should do so.
Somethings really going screwy with their censorship lately.
Triple of everything... 👉
(Needs more #CBC...)
The Tvvitter censorship is off the charts.
Every single one of these were checked off.
3X @SenatorHousakos 🤔?
3X @lraitt 🤔?
3X @LindaFrum 🤔?
These #Fake inferred interest used to censor accounts are getting out of hand!
Ask yourself why there are 3 of each? 🤔? #Censorship 👉
When filtering, it's a fair question to ask why there are 3 of each person.
Why is there 3X of @jkenney?? 🤔?
Why 3X of @denisebatters?? 🤔?
Why 3X @acoyne?? 🤔?
WHY 6 different #CBC???!
I like the #CBC as much as I like taxes or Liberals.
Why 3X @BernieSanders??
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With the 2020 elections coming on strong already, I think it is important to talk about keeping yourself safe from "hacking".
When you think of hacking, most envision someone using a computer & complex code to break into your computer.
#Hacking can take many forms, many can be done done over the phone or through email messages. These scams are known as #Phishing.
Example: A phone call where someone asks you for information that are common security questions:

Your first car
Mother's maiden name
Birth City
They might pretend to be from your bank, your email or internet service provider, or your mortgage lender. They might pose as someone looking to verify your identity because of "unusual activity". This can come many ways, e.g. via a phone call, text message or email.
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[THREAD] - Passionnate about #OSINT, #SocialEngineering or #PhysicalIntrusion ?
Here is a brief list of books to read :
"Unauthorised Access" by Wil Allsopp…
"Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert B. Cialdini…
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Weird Catfish thread:
So earlier today I got a DM, I was very excited to get this, as I've not had a Catfish scammer DM me in a while.. so this is how that turned out.... some NSFW in here.
So then we get into this.. at this point they have not tagged I have #socialengineering on my profile..
I might of tried or might not of tried using an IP grabber..
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I have been asked to write formally on #Collapsitarian and am looking forward to qualifying and quantifying what I believe can become an outlook that is invincible in culture.
Many years ago, in martial arts, I came across Don Rearic who was a very competent trainer that wrote a very interesting article titled, "I will fight you on broken glass."

While his article was focused on people sparring vs. survival, the odd mindset became something of my own.
As my transition from being a (III%er) Republican to a Libertarian that held my III% values very dear, I began the difficult task of determining where the #COTUS failed the country, or if the people failled the #COTUS
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@JustinTrudeau Watch:
Nearly 1/3 of all RT's on this tweet are #Bots.
Go ahead - Look.
Nearly 1/3 of all positive comments regarding PMJT are #Fake accounts.
Click on them - Look.
#SocialEngineering is happening right in front of you. You are being manipulated.
@JustinTrudeau Wattch. A simple screenshot and then click on the supporters. You'll see that most are fake. #SocialEngineering
You are being #Manipulated
Let me demonstrate: 1. ➡
@JustinTrudeau Wattch. A simple screenshot and then click on the supporters. You'll see that most are fake. #SocialEngineering
You are being #Manipulated
Let me demonstrate: 2. ➡
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They target generations of families in #Minnesota and is all tied to the #NWO #depopulation and #SocialEngineering with the goal to exterminate entire bloodlines. My Koski famiky being one. It's a deep rabbit hole that involves covertly arranged marriages!
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