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#Gasgrid. #LNG alus ei tuota #kaasua, vaan kuljettaa #Venäjä'n, aiemmin #Baltiasta ostetta tavaraa n. 3x hintaan  | 28.12. @valtionomistus
- 10 v. ajalta terminaalin kokonaiskustannuksiksi arvioidaan noin €460 miljoona, eli noin €126 000 päivässä.…
#Gibraltar buys all its #LNG supplies via #Shell | 25th Feb '22
- which sources #gas from its worldwide resources,
(The #Sakhalin-2 #LNG Plant Named the Asset of the Year in the Integrated Gas and New Energies nomination by #Shell.)…
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Picture of the Week: Speed of change around #energytransition is accelerating. Last year the @IEA projected that #renewableenergy installations would be 1800GW over the next five years. Now they are saying that it will be 2,400GW which is the installed capacity of #China.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
1. Geopolitics - #Ukrainian crisis has forced #Europe to accelerate #decarbonization. It has also been a wake up call for #China who is a huge #energy importer.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
2. Opportunity - #EVs, #batteries, #heatpumps and #Solar are multi-billion dollar markets growing at circa 40% per annum and are attracting the best entrepreneurs and businesses across the world
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There is a lot of #china bashers out there particularly with regards #energy. The bottom line though is that #China is not only the biggest producers of #solarpanels, #inverters #windturbines and #batteries in the world but also the biggest market for all these products.
This year #china will install circa 100GW of #solarpanels. If you add the 50GW from last year the country has installed over the last 18 months more than the total installed base of the #Unitedstates.
#china will install over 50GW of #wind in 2022 which is more than 50% of all global wind turbines installed this year.
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“Solar is the cheapest form of #EnergyGeneration on the planet, unsubsidized. Solar is the cheapest source of #energy in history. Nothing else is as cheap as #solar — today.”
“Solar is so cheap that the total costs are lower than just the #OperatingCosts of #coal, #nukes, #oil, or #gas generation… that’s today! Even if you get that gas #PowerPlant for free, the costs of running that power plant are higher than all the costs of #solar.”
“For purely economic reasons, #solar is already disrupting everything else.”
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A Picture tells a 1,000 Stories: This one show how #China dominates the production of key #cleanenergy technologies such as #solar, #wind, #batteries as well as the key #commodities that go into them.
I am thankful for the #Chinese and their great entrepreneurs for ramping up production as they have helped bring the costs of these #technologies down substantially.
#China has understood early the huge growth opportunity with these technologies and thet have also understood the strategic importance of #cleanenergy and supported their companies along their growth paths. Meanwhile, back in the #US and #Europe….well the picture says everything
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I have never been as positive about our #energy #future as I am these days. Not alone do we have the #technologies and the knowhow to #decarbonise but we have massive retooling taking place in #China and the #US around key future energy technologies
Such as #solar, #wind, #batteries, #digitalisation, nextgeneration #nuclear, as well as significant technology breakthroughs in #geothermal, #heatpumps #tidalenergy, #hydrogen
What we do need to change is the negativity around #climatechange. It was thus great to read this article from @greendig criticising the god father of #energyhistory Vaclav Smil…
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1/ Allons-nous manquer de #métaux pour réaliser l’indispensable #transition environnementale ? @lesechos s'en inquiètent et beaucoup en sont persuadés. Spoiler alert : non, même s'il y aura des tensions à court terme. #thread
2/ Débunkons d'abord une énormité : non, la croûte terrestre ne contient pas « juste assez » de métaux pour la transition énergétique. Les profs de SPC de 4e peuvent faire le calcul avec leurs élèves. Excellente application des puissance de dix + traitement anti-écoanxiété.
3/ Prenons le premier métal cité par l’article, le lithium (Li). Une bonne vielle table de Mendeleev un peu documentée nous donne son abondance dans la croûte terrestre, également mentionnée ici :…
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<thread> Tesla & #Lithium - a decade in the making

A lithium refinery has been in Tesla & Elon Musk’s @elonmusk thinking for ~10 yrs now & in (a serious way) for the best part of 3 yrs

The logic is sound

2020: 70-80% of lithium ion battery costs are raw materials

2010: 20-30%
Tesla has filed to build a lithium hydroxide refining facility in Texas (Gulf Coast).

This is a revisiting of its 2020 plan to build a spodumene conversion facility to make lithium hydroxide at #GigaTexas

Originally planned to launch Q4 2022.
This #GigaTexas lithium refinery would have been using a new hydromet process, as not to be reliant on sulphuric acid.

Our estimation was a smaller refinery to start with 15,000 tpa lithium hydroxide. Could now be 25,000tpa

@benchmarkmin story>>>…
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"The key question around the #GreenEnergy transition is technological progress, and which technologies would improve..."
- SFI Prof J. Doyne Farmer (@INETOxford)

Follow this 🧵 for insights from today's seminar, streaming now on our YouTube channel:
"We're tracking the evolution of the global #energy landscape over about 140 years: which source is providing our energy, and how much is it providing us with?"
- SFI Prof J. Doyne Farmer (@INETOxford)

Speaking now:

#Solar #Wind #Nuclear #Oil #Gas #Coal
"#FossilFuels cost about the same now as they did a century ago. #Renewables have been dropping in price at rates of about 10% a year and deployment has been shooting up at about 30% a year, and this has been continuing for several decades."

- J. Doyne Farmer (SFI, @INETOxford)
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#EV #ElectricVehicles #batteries #manufacturing #BILL #PASS #INCENTIVES


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🧵While it’s popular these days for Republicans to bash the #Manchin-Schumer proposal, look closer and there are things that pro-energy conservatives should like in the deal. Specifically:
1. #Drilling: significant increases in onshore and offshore drilling.

2. #Renewables: wind and solar subsidies/tax credits are contingent upon the granting of drilling permits (protecting against a Biden Admin "bait & switch").

3. #Nuclear: funding for nuclear investments.
4. #Carbon: funding & rules for carbon capture—allowing firms to keep current power plants open longer—giving the US a longer runway to reach its "energy transition" goals.

5. #Batteries: requires high levels of local material in production—curbing incentives to build in China.
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Why #Lithium is a great investment in a possible recession?

1. Automakers promises to shareholders

The promises to shareholders are EV-heavy to say the least. Global automakers plan to spend more than $500 billion to ramp up EV production through 2030…
2. The Lithium Supply Situation

The supply/demand gap will grow substantially in the years ahead when available expansion capacity from operating lithium projects has been used. New mining projects take ~8-10 years to come online from initial exploration to first production
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I can talk about where $SDRC is going until I'm green in the face.

@SDRCMINING can be quoted projecting profitable #gold production at $400 per oz spot. This is an industry-breaking metric. Let finding out why be the theme that leads you down this rabbit hole.
A real need exists as less & less material is found globally as a result of exploration every year. When a mine is deemed unfeasible, it halts. So many open mines lay dormant or haven't started due to vein structures too narrow or because of environmental hurdles imposed by govts
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#RussiaUkraineConflict - we are getting a lot of inquiries about Russia and critical minerals, esp for #ElectricVehicles & #batteries

A few @benchmarkmin facts:

#Nickel is on red alert.

Norilsk is the world’s largest class 1 nickel producer accounting for 20% of global supply
Norilsk overall accounts for 7% of all in nickel supply. But EV makers, auto OEMs and battery cell producers will terrified of losing 20% of a market with prices already at decade long highs.
China will not place real any sanctions on Russia and as a result ensure all #nickel continues to flow into its mainland and into Chinese made battery cells and EVs

Follow @GregMiller_BMI @CDMRawles for more
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#Automobile : la #réindustrialisation en France doit-elle passer par l'électrique ?…
#Électronique : Vers une #relocalisation de la production d'écrans en France ? La start-up française #Aledia veut changer la donne grâce à la création d'un nouveau site de production.…
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Système 100 % #EnR : un besoin en #batteries 30 fois inférieur à celui des #véhicules électriques

Tout le monde le sait, le #solaire #photovoltaïque ne produit que le jour. On peut donc légitimement se demander comment faire pour allumer la lumière la nuit avec un système électrique reposant fortement sur cette énergie.
La solution généralement proposée, c’est le stockage, en particulier par batteries.
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1/Electrification of the global economy requires batteries, lots and lots of batteries.

I interviewed dozens of experts about the state of battery tech, costs, etc. this past year.

This 🧵 is the Best of 2021.

#batteries #ElectricVehicles
2/Non-lithium battery technologies, chemistries set for rapid expansion
3/Stretchable, washable battery could revolutionize wearable technology
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“With subsidies and a protected home market, CATL became extremely profitable… The effort has also made #China a giant in electric car #batteries. China has 14 times the #EV battery-making capacity of the U.S… CATL holds one-third of the global EV battery market.”🤔
“CATL’s biggest rival globally is LG, with a one-quarter share. At one time, CATL also faced a tough rival at home. BYD, based in the city of Shenzhen, boasted a big-name backer, the investor Warren E. Buffett.“ #China #competition #EV #batteries
“Unlike CATL, which has invested heavily in #lithium-#cobalt #batteries, BYD bet on traditional lithium batteries… BYD is now exploring production of its own lithium-cobalt batteries. But CATL is also manufacturing more batteries now w/o cobalt…”🤔 #EV #ESG #compliance #Congo
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1/ Mitra Chem has raised a $20 Million Series A. @chamath and Will Drewery (@Astra VP) have joined our Board of Directors. Ever since I started my #battery materials journey at @Tesla, 5 questions plagued me:…
2/ Why couldn't we differentiate #chemistry by the intended use case's unique application requirements?

Why use the same chemistry across sports cars,
mass market cars, and pick-up trucks?
3/ Why does an atom of #lithium effectively travel around the world twice before it makes it into a vehicle?

Why wasn't the battery #supplychain being built right alongside the battery factory itself?

What more can we do with iron-based cathode chemistries?
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ERCOT's Jones tells Carrollton City Council: Generation fleet lost 50,000MW because of equipment failure and lack of fuel supply. That's equal to all of California's peak and was more than half of Texas' entire generation fleet.
#txlege #txenergy
When we lose supply, we have turn to the load side to keep balance. We turn to large facilities that have given us the ability to turn down their usage. (he's talking about #demandresponse which we need more of!!!) Once that's exhausted we have to turn off residential customers.
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Long🧵on the provisions of #BuildBackBetter on all things #electricity & #grid. The act starts w/ ~3bn in loans for electric co-ops @NRECANews, incl. projects w/ #batteries. Co-ops have been very involved in @ENERGY-funded R&D & are now enabled to bring results to practice! 1/
It is funny that in my postdoc work @CMU_ECE & @NRECANews w/ @eeregov funding, we actually studied the added value of #battery to #photovoltaics for residential customers' energy cost savings:… & [1],[3], [4] here… 2/
Another ~10bn to co-ops for loans until 2031 to improve #resilience & #reliability w/ investments in #renewables & #transmission . Co-ops 'own' transmission lines & this money can motivate adjacent upgrades. Also critical that #renewables & #transmission appear together here! 3/
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Prof Dong wrote :

Fully funded PhD student positions available in my lab in Mechanical Engineering at University of Oklahoma! We are looking for 1-2 graduate student researchers in the following exciting areas:
(1) Modeling, simulation, optimization, controls, and data science
(2) Battery management systems, thermal management
(3) Next-generation energy storage - theory and experiments
If you are interested, please email me at with your CV, transcript, and a cover letter describing your background, experiences, and fitness.
More info: Looking forward to interacting with brilliant minds! Please share. #energy #controlsystems #batteries #recruiting #phd
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1st day of the #Slovenian 🇸🇮presidency of @EUCouncil Watch this space for live updates from @EURACTIV 👇
For a short take for what's on the menu today in #Ljubljana, check out…
#Cybersecurity and #AI will be one of the priorities for 🇸🇮@EU2021SI, first briefing of the day by @BostjanKoritnik, responsible for #DigitalTransformation, who says "it is important for us to create a high level of trust in human-centric #AI"
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The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a hearing on infrastructure this week:…

Lots of discussion about water use and wildfire management, but also commentary on nuclear power and critical minerals that may be of interest to investors. Image
In his opening remarks, Chairman @Sen_JoeManchin talked about supporting our “zero emission #nuclear fleet” and rebuilding our domestic supply chains by responsibly mining #criticalminerals
Ranking member @SenJohnBarrasso also opened with a mention of the “necessity of advanced nuclear”

It is notable that the two most senior members, Democrat and Republican, are both strongly supportive of #nuclear power.
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