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Was passiert eigentlich, wenn die Welt die #Klimaziele NICHT erreicht?
Andere Länder entwickeln längst #PlanB.

Ja, Pläne von #Superreichen für Reiche.
Aber die Ergebnisse solcher Forschungen und Projekte werden uns allen nützen.
Dafür brauchen wir #Superreiche!
Nicht alle Städte erscheinen mir realistisch oder schön.
Aber aus allen Projekten kann man lernen.

Und ja, für solche Projekte braucht man Menschen mit Ideen und Menschen mit Geld, mutige oder leichtsinnige #Superreiche.
Auch durchgeknallte Typen wie #ElonMusk.

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2022 was quite the year for NEOM 🚀
Let's take a look at some of the incredible things we've achieved. #NEOM

In January, we announced the creation of the world’s first physically and technologically integrated hub - a new center for the region’s media and creative industries💡

#NEOM #MadeToChange
In February, we showed people how we are changing the future of energy. ⚡️Moving beyond zero carbon to a circular economy ♻️ our energy uses future thinking to drive change.

#NEOM #MadeToChange
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🧵🇩🇰@DanishMFA and @thetradecouncil encourages companies to participate in the 🇸🇦Saudi Arabian prestige project #NEOM. Story by investigative journalists @SandraBlenner & @FlorianElabdi from @DanWatchDK❗️I contribute with the part on sport and politics👉… /1 Image
#NEOM is a $500-billion mega-city and one of the Public Investment Fund’s most ambitious projects. NEOM is set to become “the future of sport” and “a top destination for major sporting events”. /2
The latest addition is the 2029 Asian Winter Games. Sport and the hosting of sporting mega events has a key role in the Kingdom's 'Vision 2030' and their pursuit of becoming the Middle East sports hub. It's about #NEOM /3
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داستان اژدها در صحرا
۱. اینجا پایگاه مخفی موشکی چین در منطقه الدوادمی در عربستان است. ریاض که تا پیش از این خریدار موشک‌های بالستیک از چین بود سودای تولید موتور موشک دارد. علیرغم افشای آن توسط سیا٬ ریاض اما بر همکاری خود با چین افزوده است. این همه داستان همکاری چینی-سعودی نیست.
۲. ریاض با کمک تل‌آویو سودای راه‌اندازی راه‌آهن از بندر اماراتی فجیره در کرانه دریای عمان تا حیفا در کرانه مدیترانه دارد. در ظاهر، این پروژه نمود ترانزیتی #صلح_ابراهیم است. همکاری چین اما در این طرح نشان‌دهنده اهمیت این مسیر است. صلح ابراهیم در راستای راه دریایی #BRI عمل می‌کند
٣. همکاری نوین چین با عربستان ریشه در #Arab_Policy_Paper مصوب 2016 دارد که منافع چین را در «سیاست 1+2+3» نسبت به اعراب نمایان می‌سازد:

1: انرژی به عنوان هسته همکاری
2: زیرساخت و تجارت به عنوان بال‌های همکاری
3: انرژی هسته‌ای، انرژی‌های پاک و هواوفضا به عنوان پیشرفت‌های همکاری
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#NEOM aka “#TheLine”, #SaudiArabia will take 10 years to build, 105-mile-long linear city for 9 million people. No cars. Super-high-speed train to connect end-to-end in 20 minutes. Mirrored exterior. 500 meters tall. My thoughts follow... #Future
2/ #CitiesSkylines #STEM Don't get me wrong. I love technology and was fascinated by giant space stations in the sky as a kid. But... The first problem I see is there's no existing anchor town or organic reason for #NEOM to exist where it is to be built.
3/ #Ghosts People don't like moving 1,000 miles to an empty city where there is no one and especially no one they already know. The city is actually a series of modules / mini-cities. I'd build one of these around a metro stop in Riyadh and see if anyone moves in.
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Habt ihr auch die Nachricht über diese geplante saudische Stadt gesehen? #NEOM - #TheLine soll 170km lang und 500 Meter hoch werden und nach außen verspiegelt sein. Bis 2045 sollen dort einmal 9 Millionen Menschen leben. Was als Utopie angepriesen wird, ist eine Dystopie. Image
Schon 2030 sollen in Neom angeblich 1 Million Menschen leben, ganz ohne Autos und Emissionen. Es soll kein Zuhause für Menschen aus Saudi Arabien werden, sondern für die hypermobilen Beschäftigten aus Start-Ups und Big Tech, eine Mischung aus Singapore und Silicon Valley. Image
Als Sonderwirtschaftszone gedacht für die transnationale kapitalistische Klasse, die durch ein autokratisches Regime beschützt dort residieren soll.
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"You can't be serious."
You can't say I didn't tell you...…

Chapter 20, page 365, The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

@NEOM #NEOM #SaudiArabia #MirrorLine
@NEOM Get up-to-date commentaries on how the cycle is turning, visit:
@NEOM More sign:…

Thanks @PorcoRoss1 for the link you sent.
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1/ Somany Home Innovation Limited

Proxy play company to real estate


Attempt to analyse the company as a movie rather than a static picture.
Motivated by @ishmohit1.

"Legacy business nurturing the baby segments" Image
2/ About the Company

SHIL was formed after the demerger of HSIL to separate retail and customer products by the end of CY19. Brilloca is a fully owned subsidiary. Image
3/ Careful to keep business asset-light and prefers to act as contract manufacturer so that management can focus to improve distribution and marketing.
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#SaudiArabia #NEOM

Cause It would be insane to have palaces for kings without golf courses in the desert
Carefully engineered quarters and compound for security officials and other workers in royal palace. But unlike the royals they dont deserve green.
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#LIVE: A panel discussion looks at AI national policy at the #GlobalAISummit

Read more:
#LIVE: Jordanian Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Ahmad Hanandeh tells a @globalaisummit panel that Jordan had an AI policy that aimed to use AI in digital services in government


Read more:
@globalaisummit #LIVE: French Ministerial Coordinator for Artificial Intelligence, Renaud Vedel says 'contemporary AI is data driven', at the #GlobalAISummit

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Salman's coup and purge flowered briefly under Trump and Simple Jared (more from Mueller via Nader) and is back to the 7th century. Goodbye to #NEOM #Yemen #Rights #
Suddenly all the monetary mercenaries who want to hustle the bedu for bucks at "Davos in the Sand" are double checking to see if their hotel reservation is at the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton.…
And for some inexplicable reason the fire works ceremony was cancelled.
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Saudi Arabia and SoftBank Plan World's Largest #Solar Project #supergrid #HVDC #MENA #NEOM #OBOR @geidco
Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also planning a$1.6 billion, 3000 MW transmission line to link the two countries and the GCC Gulf State grid -
.@Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is also driving force behind Asia #SuperGrid project, linking power grids + renewables in 4 countries: China, S. Korea, Russia & Japan - #solar #wind #HVDC #climatechange
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