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#ChooseFrance : serait-il possible de savoir combien y a-t-il d'argent public (subventions, etc) derrière ces 13 Mds € d'investissements étrangers annoncés ?

Pour la seule usine de batteries #Prologium, 1 à 1,5 Md € d'argent public est évoqué sur les 5,2 Mds d'investissements Image
A écouter la communication de l'exécutif, il faudrait se féliciter des annonces (13 Mds € d'investissements 8000 emplois), sans qu'il ne précise combien d'aides publiques (Etat, collectivités, Europe) les subventionnent.

Pourquoi @Economie_Gouv @RolandLescure ?

L'initiative annuelle #ChooseFrance vise à montrer un effet cumulatif : il suffit de jeter un oeil aux cartes annuelles des sites concernés pour se rendre compre que certains d'entre eux reviennent visiblement chaque année (#Mars par ex).
Pourquoi @RolandLescure ?
#OpenData ImageImageImage
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Google's chatbot panic; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ Tweedledee and Tweedledum, standing at the bottom of Humpty
This is the last day (Feb 17) of my #Australian tour for my book #ChokepointCapitalism with my co-author, #rgibli. We'll be in #Canberra at the Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum:… 2/
Google's chatbot panic: On the infinite insecurities of a self-styled creative genius who really just buys other people's ideas.

3/  Image: Cryteria (modified)
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#IKEA #Vindstyrka. Z promo fotek jsem nabyl dojmu, že se bude jednat o e-ink displej, ale nakonec je to obyčejný segmentový LCD displej s podsvícením. Asi největšího přešlapu se designéři dopustili ve chvíli, kdy přední plexi přilepili, takže pro rozebrání se musí odlepit. 1/x Image
ZigBee modul, na který jsme od IKEI už zvyklí, nepamatuju se, jaký MCU pohání #VINDRIKTNING, ale tady je to VINKA. Chválím za konektorovaný displej a hromadu odhalených test padů, ale na to jsem si u IKEI taky docela zvykl. Zajímalo by mě, kam vede ten neosazený konektor. 2/x Image
No a samotný senzor kvality vzduchu. Tenhle má zabudovaný ventilátor v sobě, takže žádne hacky se snižováním napětí, aby byl potichu. Mám ho ale na stole a slyšet není. Image
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Η δολοφονία χαρακτήρα του Ιασ. Αποστολόπουλου συνεχίζεται.

Σπιλώνουν την ομάδα διάσωσης, γιατί πήρε δωρεά από τη ναυτιλιακή-μεγαθήριο Maersk, παρουσιάζοντάς το ποσό ως "αμοιβή για διακίνηση".

Δηλαδή ο Ιάσωνας έχει βιτρίνα τη νο1 εταιρεία container στον κόσμο; Ούτε Τσακ Νόρις🤦‍♂️
Η λάσπη κατά του Ιάσωνα βασίζεται στη "δίωξη" από σαλβινικό εισαγγελέα -στάσιμη επί 2 χρόνια- και αποτελεί πάγια τακτική, σαν τον έρμο τον Σομαλό με τα 142 χρόνια πρωτόδικα, τις αδερφές Μαρντίνι που έγιναν ταινία στο Netflix & όλους όσους αθωώνονται, αφού πρώτα σπιλωθούν.
Διάφοροι "επώνυμοι" τουιτεράδες της ΝΔ άρχισαν ήδη να κατεβάζουν τουίτ όταν ο Ιάσωνας απείλησε με μήνυση.

Αλήθεια όμως, η #Maersk και το νομικό της τμήμα είναι ενήμεροι για την εμπλοκή τους στις υπόνοιες της γαλάζιας υπόγας;

Μέχρι πού φτάνει ο γαλάζιος τυχοδιωκτισμός;
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#Ikea ließ lange in #Belarus fertigen, deutsche Möbelhersteller tun es noch immer. Ein Report kommt zu dem Schluss, dass in der Produktion Gefangene eingesetzt werden. Was steckt dahinter? 1/3
Über ein Jahr lang sichtete die Umweltorganisation @earthsight eine Vielzahl an Dokumenten und sprach mit Zeugen und Inhaftierten. 2/3
@earthsight Auch der deutsche Möbelhersteller Polipol, der Billigketten wie XXXLutz oder Roller beliefert, ist von den Vorwürfen betroffen. Was sagt das Unternehmen selbst dazu? Und was ist an den Vorwürfen dran? 3/3…
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Depuis vingt ans, #IKEA se fournit en bois auprès de la Biélorussie

Les principaux sous-traitants du groupe suédois ont recours au travail forcé dans les prisons de la dictature
L'enquête de @Disclose_ngo révèle qu'au moins 10 sous-traitants de #IKEA en Biélorussie ont profité du travail forcé dans 5 prisons du régime

Des établissements connus pour des faits de torture, de privation de nourriture et de soins
Parmi les cinq prisons ayant travaillé avec les fournisseurs de #IKEA⬇️

IK-15 : "territoire de l’horreur absolue", selon Tsikhan Kliukach, un ancien détenu de 19 ans joint par @Disclose_ngo

IK-2 : une prison pour mineurs dont un chef a été accusé de "traitement inhumain" par🇪🇺
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$ID @EverestDotOrg is an all-in-one provider of traditional and DeFi financial services #CeDeFi that will offer regulatory compliant solutions

The token is below all private prices (distribution done)

Market cap is around $8M Image
In fact, $ID is one of the most regulatory compliant projects out there, taking every possible step to prevent any future issues

It's the only one with $CRO that has a VFA License, enabling cross-border payments and fiat on/off ramps worldwide Image
The team is filled with highly experienced individuals ( while the advisory board features people like the Ex-President of Estonia or the Executive Director of Ethereum Foundation

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I'd like to talk to you about hacking IKea Bror metal shelves for better holding aquariums. My wife has a large number of aquariums and she recently put a 20 gallon aquarium on the top shelf area of her Bror shelves. #ikea @ikeahacks
And it was ok for about 2 days. Then I walked through her office and noticed that it was cantilevered out from the wall about 20 degrees. Terrifying because if it moved more, it would topple over, breaking two aquariums, killing the fish (No pic; too scared
And dumping 40 gallons of water into the floor (and room below). I got some bar clamps from my shop and clamped it in place temporarily. The next day I screw gunned the right hand frame of the shelf to the door jam and that removed the immediate worry.
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Address (no older then 3 months), this could be a water/electricity bill, bank statement, clothing account and sometimes even proof of your bank card or e-wallet account. It is very important to note that you should ALWAYS read the terms and conditions before #Morbius #Ikea with this type of offer and also make sure the casino you are playing at is reputable and trusted, see our warnings list here for more info.
We also have some great information on No deposit frequently asked questions and the The Wizard Of Odds has… done an in-depth write up on all the no deposit bonuses available for USA players.
Cashback rewards are a type of promotion that's often seen in online casinos, and they're essentially a special type of bonus that's earned in a different way than most.
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На смерть IKEA в РФ. Роспатент получил пару заявок из Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга (та, что с ©). Трупоеды х♣евы.

Ничего не выйдет. Как правильно заметил Рондарёв:

«Та же ху♥ня с ИКЕЕЙ, собственно, — примитивная мебель, но упакованная [прим.: от меня, не только упакованная, но и  дополняющая друг друга, и аксесс
дополняющая друг друга, и аксессуары и т. д. и т. п.] так, что нищеброд, покупая ее, ощущал себя нормальным человеком, ради которого кто-то запарился. И теперь эти
ох♥еть просто какие элитарии радуются тому, что у несчастных забитых людей этого больше не будет, — не будет возможности за небольшие деньги хотя бы символически
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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Read "Liddle' Adam Schiff's coded message.

Looks like "WE the PEOPLE" have a lot of EXPOSING to do today!!!
Alice Liddell?
#StadardHotel #Bear?
#Haiti #Sacrifice
#PizzaRelated #FBIfile?
Define: Hank? ImageImageImageImage
What did [AS] COVER-UP?
What did the FBI Cove-up?
Confronting signs of spring in our Garden?
Paint the [R]ose [RED]?
Grandma's Flower Garden?
"SLAVE" Garden?
Hillary Clinton Foundation
James 8 Corney?
No leaks? ImageImageImageImage
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Olaf Scholz is elected new chancellor of #Germany. How can quality of relations between Germany and #Russia change?

Roads lead to... St. Petersburg!
#Scholz: "#Hamburg and #StPetersburg are twin cities and twin ports".

Scholz's "Petersburg connections" and the SPD.
Thread 🧵👇 Image
#SPD in #Hamburg has strong ties with #Russia and, in particular, with #StPetersburg. In 2012, Henning Voscherau became chairman of BoD of South Stream Transport AG, #Gazprom's project to build the South Stream gas pipeline bypassing #Ukraine, which was never implemented. #ONGT Image
Scholz was in contact with politicians and businessmen from Petersburg. He visited city more than once, including in 2016 to participate in German-Russian forum "Petersburg Dialogue". In summer of 2017, when Hamburg hosted #G20 summit, Scholz met with Russian President #Putin. Image
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Ab morgen ist die #LucaApp bei #IKEA verpflichtend für einen Besuch. Nur blöd, dass die App nicht #barrierefrei ist. Was machen denn #Blinde und sehbeeinträchtigte Menschen, die die App nicht nutzen können? Müssen die draußen bleiben?… Screenshot von der IKEA Webseite. erforderlich für einen Be
Das wird wohl bald für sehr viele Geschäfte gelten. Der Fehler liegt da aus meiner Sicht auch nicht bei IKEA, sondern bei den Entwicklern, die die App nicht barrierefrei gebaut haben und bei der Politik, die die App dennoch als erforderlich freigegeben hat
Auf diese Weise werden Menschen, die auf Barrierefreiheit angewiesen sind systematisch von der #Teilhabe ausgeschlossen, da sie Geschäfte nicht mehr besuchen können.
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#Acrysil Ltd

~Market leader in quartz sinks
~Only one of four companies in the world with Schock technology
~Strong earnings.H2 expected to be even better
~Expanding capacity from 500000 to 600000 sinks.
~Recent tie up with IKEA.

Technicals @krishchess 🙏👇
#Acrysil Ltd to list on NSE..Big Positive 👍👌 Image
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The ruling class "imperative" to save, rebrand & expand the capitalist system, is coming down like a sledgehammer over our collective heads. The "#reset" social engineering & behavioral change campaigns have just begun. Know your enemy. This is #classwar.

Revisiting The #BTeam. Image
B Team: Founded by billionaire Richard Branson (Virgin) & Zeitz former CEO of Puma, co-founder of eco-luxe lodge Segera Retreat & the Zeitz Foundation in #Kenya.

Managed by PR firm Purpose co-founded by Heimans (Avaaz, "New Power", Share Verified).… ImageImageImageImage
Benioff: Founder, CEO of #Salesforce. B Team Leader. World Economic Forum's Board of Trustees member. Inaugural Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the #4IR. Owner of TIME magazine. Co-founder of Breakthrough Energy w/ Gates et al. (nuclear, #CCS)


#IngkaGroup is #Ikea Image
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🚨 RISE AND FALL @UrbanLadder 🚨

On November 14, Reliance Retail announced an all-cash buyout of 96% stake in @UrbanLadder for ₹182 Cr.

A #Thread 🧵

@dmuthuk @SahilBloom @FundamentalGems @FinKrypt @stockskibaat @stocks_in @nifty_baba @FinancialAdda @trdessai @join2manish
Think for a moment, how billion-dollar edtech startup shelled out $300 Mn to acquire a smaller company within 18 months of its launch.(@whitehatjunior)

Urban Ladder, which been since 2012 & built coveted private label, took a 75% cut in paper valuations.

#StockMarket #nifty50
The company (@UrbanLadder) focussed on a private business model, which was not bad idea & it also got them a good brand recall.

But the furniture retail space is tough market & everything depends on strategy” says a VC requesting anonymity.

#Share #sharemarket #banknifty
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This is going to be one of my most important threads.

On Oct 24 2020 we analyzed the Rockefeller Foundation "Message Handbook - #Covid19 Testing & #Tracing, Sept 2020".

This thread examines the #UN [Share] Verified Guide to COVID-19 #Vaccine Communications (released Nov 18). Image
Before we begin, we need to understand who/what [Share] Verified is. Self-described as "the biggest team the world has ever seen" Verified is #Purpose PR firm (sister org of #Avaaz) partnered w/ #UN, #Luminate (#Omidyar) & #Ikea. Image
[Share] Verified "Collaborators" include #WorldBank, #Facebook, #Twitter, #TikTok, etc.…

"Verified works with the support of #Luminate, #IKEA Foundation & UN Foundation & partners all over the world." ImageImageImageImage
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Wir haben uns mal das neuste Video von #HeikoSchrang "gegönnt". Der #Clickbait Titel "Hammer: Wird der Führerschein verboten?" war einfach zu verführerisch.

Ein Thread.
Erstmal kommt ein 4 Minuten langer Werbeblock. Er redet über Unterstützer aus der Schweiz & Österreich, die für seinen Gerichtsprozess nach Deutschland kommen.

T-Shirts verkauft er nicht am Gericht, aber online. Online!

Er wünscht sich ein "T-Shirt Meer" statt Fahnenmeer.
"Diese Sendung wird anders als alle anderen."

Wir bezweifeln das einfach mal.

Und gleich Werbung für seinen Newsletter.
Danach Telegram.


Brieftaube fehlt nur noch. Oder Fax.
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No longer is it necessary to pay attention to my 2019-2020 ramblings/warnings of a global economic reset. Instead, as of June 3, 2020, you can now hear it directly from the source: the World Economic Forum (#WEF).

The World Economic Forum: home of the #FourthIndustrialRevolution as designed and desired by the ruling classes in tandem with the world's most powerful and ruthless corporations and institutions.

Leveraging #COVID19 (& global #protest) for all it's worth, the virus is indeed the new war on terror.

"The Great Reset" - "A better #capitalism and a better world—to help shape the recovery from COVID-19, the Forum has launched the Great Reset Initiative"

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"The biggest team the world has ever seen" - Purpose PR firm (sister org of #Avaaz) partners w/ #UN, #Omidyar NGO & #Ikea for "Share Verified".

*Fight accelerates for independent #journalism - journalists that serve people/planet rather than ruling class, foundations & capital.*
The EU Commission, WWF & chosen "influencers" are assisting in the promotion of Share Verified launched by the UN (partnered w/ World Economic Forum in June 2019) in partnership w/ Purpose, Ikea, & Luminate (Omidyar).
#WWF is committed to serving corporate funders & capital.
Purpose co-founder Jeremy Heimans is also co-founder of Avaaz - and author of "New Power". Purpose, which works closely w/ Black Lives Matter, has launched a new campaign "Win Black" as a means to engage new voters. MoveOn - a founding NGO of Avaaz, serves the US Democrats.
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#IKEA devient le symbole d'un #déconfinement chaotique en #Israel. La firme a pu rouvrir quand tous les autres magasins restent fermés. 1 choix insensé qui attise la colère des commerçants contre #Netanyahu. Plusieurs rebaptisent leur boutique du nom du géant suédois
#COVID19 ImageImage
La dérogation obtenue par #IKEA en #Israel est si absurde qu'elle éveille les soupçons: les frères Bronfman, propriétaires de la firme en Israël, sont des ultra-orthodoxes comme le ministre de la Santé Litzman & les alliés de #Netanyahu au gouvernement
Cela se confirme: les propriétaires d'#IKEA en #Israel ont versé plus d'1 million de dollars au mouvement de Gour, auquel appartient le ministre de la Santé #Litzman. Celui-ci nie tout lien avec la dérogation délivrée à IKEA en plein confinement
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"An Ongoing Ethereum Adoption Megathread

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JPMorgan, AXA, StateFarm, MetLife, EY, Fidelity, NASA, UN, Docusign, and even the world's tallest skyscraper... are building on #ETH.

When the world say blockchain, it's #Ethereum.

👇Evidence Below👇"

Forbes Releases ‘Top 50 Billion-Dollar Companies Exploring Blockchain’ — Over Half are Working with #Ethereum Amazon, Google, Samsung, Facebook: The race is on for the world’s leading companies to implement blockchain.

"#Ethereum is being used for developing blockchain applications by 22 companies on the Forbes 50. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Ethereum was designed to accommodate decentralized applications and smart contracts."
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