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Catching up on @SHO_TheCircus and @jmpalmieri interview with farmer & Senator @jontester really shows we have 2 put in ALOT OF WORK & HELP the #farming industry convert to affordable #greenenergy options for tractors so they can bring in their crops. #SustainableAgriculture
Had a typo @mmckinnon! Lol!
I was raised around a large farming community in NorCal and I have to wonder if @CSUChicoRegenAg is working on solutions to move tractors off of #diesel to #biodiesel on their @ChicoState Farm? They had some great #sustainablefarming going on there back in the day! #alumni
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This is going to be quite a long thread #BoatsThatTweet so please read all the tweets. Have you ever come across "sticky fuel"? There's been reports of an increasing number of fuel related engine breakdowns that aren't related to diesel bug. #Diesel #Fuels
Our friends at @RCRRescue report that there’s been an uncharacteristic peak in fuel-related component breakdowns not linked to diesel bug. Injection pumps were found to have failed even though the diesel was clear and bright.
RCR engineers found in both cases the injector pump racks had seized solid and the nozzles were blocked, and when replacing the plunger filter head, they found the fuel had a sticky, syrup-like substance.
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vielen Dank für den Hinweis auf meinen Artikel @VQuaschning…

Wer genauer wissen will, wie mit tendenziösen "Studien" #Elekrtomobilität schlecht und der #Diesel systematisch schöngerechnet wird, kann meiner Kolumne hier folgen:…
es sind immer die gleichen Parameter, an denen die Autor*innen drehen, um den Diesel schön zu rechnen:

1. viel zu niedriger Dieselverbrauch ansetzen
2. zu geringe Lebensdauer beim E-Auto
3. veralteter (und damit zu CO2-lastiger) Strommix
4. zu hohe CO2 Werte in der Akkuprod.
hier ein methodisch besonders schlechtes Beispiel, das trotzdem breite , wochenlange Mediencoverage hatte:…
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My most recent piece on why gas should power Africa’s Post-COVID growth:…
1/5. Facilitating broad-based economic growth for W. African countries to achieve upper middle-income status has become even more difficult of a challenge after #COVID
2/5. Access to affordable and reliable #energy is critical to the region’s development, and its abundant #naturalgas resources should underpin its energy system.

W. Africa cannot achieve high economic growth rates by framing energy policy around household energy.
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Gracias por la mención @edgarsigler, vamos a aclararle a @soyzen como está el rollo del #IEPS2021 en #Gasolinas dentro del marco del conocido como #Gasolinazo2021 que se plantea en el #PEF2021
Abri Hilo 🧵
1. El #IEPS es un impuesto al consumo, en el caso de las #Gasolinas #Diésel se grava en dos momentos:
a. En el internamiento aduanal, en el caso de producto importado, lo declara el importador y lo paga el comercializador/distribuidor, se traslada al resto.
b. En la salida de la Refinería, en el caso de productos de origen nacional, el fabricante lo declara y lo paga el adquirente, se traslada al resto de la cadena.

2. Estas operaciones, se les conoce como Venta de Primera Mano (VPM), las cuales, el precio se determina...
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21 day deadline count down for @ProSecurityMag #TPSO #firespecial submission deadline

Get your article in to @SecurityRollo or myself as guest editor by 21st August for the bumper September #Firespecial

#security #fire #firerisk #firesafety #majorincident #disasterresponse Image
Day 1/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 1 #Arson

The #security professionals role in arson assessment, prevention, control & response

DM your views, articles & comments @SecurityRollo or myself ImageImageImageImage
Day 2/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 2 #FirePrevention

The #security professionals role in fire prevention - tactics beyond security patrols.

DM your views, articles & comments @SecurityRollo or myself ImageImageImageImage
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wäre ich die "FAZ" und Katrin @Luisamneubauer , würde ich hier texten: "Wird @kkklawitter nicht gefallen: 'Entgegen d landläufigen Meinung, dass junge Städter kaum noch Wert auf eigene Autos legten, erfreut sich d Dienstauto ungebrochener Beliebtheit.“…
aber da ich weder die "FAZ" bin, noch mit HW Sinn gesprochen habe, noch auch nur im Entferntesten vorhabe, im Stile eines 6-Jährigen @kkklawitter zu ärgern, bin ich der Kiste mal auf den Grund gegangen und hab geschaut, warum . :-)
1) in Deutschland gelten #Dienstwagen noch bei doppelt so vielen Managern als Incentive für Mitarbeiter Gewinnung und Halten wie im Europ. Durchschnitt
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En menos de una semana volvemos a ver un incremento importante en los precios al público de #gasolina y #diesel
Ahora, los repuntes se ven más marcados en Nuevo León, pero es generalizado en todo el país.
Todo esto tiene una razón, más bien varias y aquí les explico.
Antes de comenzar, les comparto un hilo de hace 6 días dónde explicaba el porqué están aumentando los precios de #combustibles y adelantaba (cómo hace 2 meses), que estos incrementos tendrán un tope por encima de los 25 pesos por litro de ⛽ regular.
Ahora sí, ¡Comenzamos!
Intentaré ser lo más sencillo posible, pero será largo 🧵, así que paciencia, gracias.
Y recuerden, sintetizaré en terminos sencillos, abarcando lo más importante.
Ahí va.
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Have appealed to PM @narendramodi ji to direct @PetroleumMin to reduce central excise on #Petrol & #Diesel. Also written to Punjab CM @capt_amarinder to reduce state taxes on fuel. Farmers, transporters and the common man all are groaning under the weight of hefty taxes on fuel. ImageImage
SAD has received representatives in this regard and there is a feeling that fuel prices should be brought down to save the common man from the cascading inflationary effect. Reduction in #fuelprices would also help the industry to get up on its feet by reducing input costs.
In #Punjab, state tax on petrol has gone up as much as 27.27% even as total state taxes on diesel constitutes 17.53% of its price. Reminded the CM of his 2017 poll promise that he would reduce fuel prices if #Congress came to power, but prices have increased manifold since then.
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I request Pb CM @capt_amarinder to collectively write to the Union govt on behalf all political parties in #Punjab to get a clear cut answer as to whether there is any truth in the propaganda about the so-called end to #MSP system for the purchase of foodgrains. 1/5
#AllPartyMeet Image
.@Akali_Dal_ is ready to sign any document seeking a written answer to this query. This isn't all. In Parl also during the discussion on #Ordinance, we will insist on an assurance from the GOI that #MSP and Assured Marketing system will remain in place. 2/5
#AllPartyMeet Image
For @Akali_Dal_ no ministry, govt & alliance is beyond the welfare of ‘anndaata’. We are ready to make any sacrifice for the welfare of farmers & disadvantaged sections of society. We'll steadfastly continue to protect the rights of Punjabis & the core principle of federalism.3/5 Image
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Chief Minister @capt_amarinder shouldn’t mislead Punjabis by indulging in farcical opposition to the Farming Produce Trade and Commerce Ordinance 2020 when his government had included its provisions in the State Agriculture Produce Markets Act by amending it in 2017. 1/3
#Punjab Image
His statement demanding the withdrawal of the Ordinance is nothing but a ploy to inflame farmers' sentiments. If the CM is really worried about the welfare of farmers and the common man, he should imm take back the steep increase affected in the #VAT on #Petrol and #Diesel. 2/3
The new APMC Act provides adequate guarantees for the continuation of MSP & assured mkting regime. Still, I would like to assure that @Akali_Dal_ will continue to follow a policy of zero-tolerance against any step which hurts the interests of Punjabis, Sikhs & farmers. 3/3
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The current round #petrolPrice hike by Delhi govt has narrowed gap between #Petrol & #Diesel fuel in the city to a historic low of just Rs 1.87 per litre. In May 2012, this gap was a monstrous Rs 32 plus. This will have a significant impact on sale of diesel cars.
In 2012, sale of diesel cars had overtaken petrol for the 1st time with a share of over 53%. It came down to just 33% in 2019 & will surely fall further this year. Many companies including market leader @Maruti_Corp & @RenaultIndia @Nissan_India have exited this segment entirely
Not to forget, petro products continue to be highly taxed & remain a source of big revenue for both state & central govt. In Delhi, taxes now account for 55.3% of retail price for #Petrol & 50.4% for #diesel. Excise duty for centre remains higher than VAT for the state.
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Ich versuche mir zu vergegenwärtigen, was #R2G im Bund bedeuten würde. Eine rechnerische Mehrheit lt. Wahlumfragen hätten sie.

Ich werde hierunter meine Befürchtungen sammeln.
Warum R2G und nicht Schwarz/Grün?

Die Grünen werden nur mit R2G selbst kanzlern können. Sie werden so mehr Einfluss haben. Zudem sind deren inhaltliche Überzeugungen kompatibler mit Rot/Dunkelrot.

Schwarz/Grün, erst recht unter ggf. Merz, halte ich für unwahrscheinlich.
Das wirft die Frage auf, wer kanzlern wird.

Habeck, wenn die Realos die Mehrheit haben. Baerbock, wenn die Ideologen die Mehrheit haben. Wie das gerade bei den Grünen aussieht — keine Ahnung. Habeck würde R2G erträglicher erscheinen lassen.
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We cannot call it #India-#Bangladesh prime ministerial meeting in true sense of the term, since #SheikhHasina came to the WEF meeting. The bilateral visit is scheduled later. However despite its limited scope I find the meeting very encouraging and beneficial for either side. 1/n
Key takeaways from #Modi-#SheikhHasina
Meeting 1) The LPG deal is consequent to #India's decision to invest in LPG terminal in #Chittagong. With time we wil see rise in supplies and #Bangladesh-#NorthEast LPG pipeline. 2/n
LPG deal is a mirror of #India-Bangladesh #diesel pipeline with the exception that in the case of #LPG, #Bangladesh is also getting #FDI. This is early stages of creation of a regional oil & gas grid, which may be expanded to #CLMV #Asean in the days to come. #Modi- #Hasina
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Bin gestern über einen Twitter-Thread gestolpert, in dem jemand mit vorgeblich wissenschaftlicher Methodik vorrechnet, dass ein #Diesel-Autofahrer angeblich 6% weniger CO2 emittiert als ein #Radfahrer auf derselben Strecke. Vorab: Das ist völliger Unsinn. 1/28
Besagter Thread () hat inzwischen über 300 Retweets und bald 700 Likes. 2/28
Die Rechnung, die @EchteFreiheit dort präsentiert, hinter viel Meinung versteckt, war auf den ersten Blick ausreichend komplex und nicht auf Anhieb widerlegbar. Die Komplexität des Themas ist hoch, da hat er Recht. 3/28
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Durante el 1 de septiembre, el presidente #Lopez realizó su #PrimerInformeGobMx . Aquí te compartimos los datos falsos y las medias verdades.

Agradecemos compartan este hilo.
1. El presidente #Lopez comenzó su discurso asegurando la separación del poder económico del poder político. Su grupo de asesores empresariales demuestra lo contrario. Este grupo lo conforman:
-Hank González, Bernardo Gómez, Salinas Pliego, Gutiérrez Muguerza, entre otros.
2. #Lopez argumenta que ya existe un auténtico Estado de Derecho, donde ‘Al margen de la ley, nada; y por encima de la ley, nadie’. Esto es #Falso
- Aún continúa la corrupción e impunidad. En Julio la ASF le perdonó a Manuel Velasco el desvío de 685 MPD.…
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1/9 I have purchased a car very recently. So, I went through the usual motions of a large and involved purchase at the time of my decision. This might also give you an insight into the auto sector slowdown #AutoSector #SlowDown #Economyslowdown #economy
2/9 Clean fuel vehicles are coming: Hydrogen fuel cell, & #ElectricVehicles (#BEV & #PHEV) are coming sooner than we thought. Govt envisions an electric mobility future for us & is taking a lot of steps to push EVs under #FAME2 scheme. To reduce pollution & fuel import bill.
3/9 If I buy a regular petrol/diesel car, it may get obsolete sooner than I imagined. Eg: NCR banned 10yr old #diesel vehicles to improve air quality, push towards electric. All this affects resale value of the #cars. Hence, I considered pushing the life of my current car
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Un par de cosas sobre los #incendios, la #ContingenciaAmbiental y las políticas públicas:
1. Lo malo de cómo el @GobCDMX ha enfrentado la #Contaminacion de estos días no es lo que han hecho -han actuado bien dentro de lo posible-, sino que estan reaccionando a la situación, cuando deberían aprovecharla para pasar a la ofensiva.
2. Tiene que caerles el 20 de que gobernar no es sólo aplicar criterios técnicos y diseñar políticas: es también liderar a una ciudad y llevarla a una nueva senda y poner en línea a todos los actores que tengan que intervenir para lograr esos resultados.
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Boire de l'#eau en bouteille contribue 1000 fois plus au #ChangementClimatique que boire de l'eau du robinet. Ainsi, une bouteille d'eau de 50 cL en #plastique aura émis 100 gCO2éq, contre 0,08 gCO2éq pour l'eau du robinet.

D'après la base de données carbone de l'@ademe
Le fait de consommer une bouteille d'eau en plastique de 50 cL tous les jours correspond à l'émission de 36 kgCO2éq sur l'année, soit l'équivalent de la combustion de 11 L de #diesel (en comptant également les émissions amont de production du diesel).
A cela, il faut ajouter le fait que le plastique n'est pas toujours recyclé et constitue une source majeure de pollution de l'environnement.

Donc un geste pour la planète qui ne coûte aucun effort et permet d'économiser de l'argent : boire de l'eau du robinet ! :-)
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THREAD: "Time for interventions on specifics. #ESKOM board must ensure #diesel stocks are replenished. Also, ensure water levels restore to upper dams for OCGT plants." -Ronald Chauke.
Ramaphosa: Load shedding a 'hugely damaging reality check' via @Fin24…
"Exco should give weekly updates on number of irregular contracts being reviewed to be terminated to reduce pressure on #Eskom liquidity. Board should order exco to review procurement practices using middlemen who make Eskom buy at excessive prices."
"We need practical examples from #Eskom on how #costcutting is undertaken. Also, taxpayers wants to see timelines for this. And accountability for decisions at embattled power supplier." - Ronald Chauke, #OUTA's portfolio manager for energy.
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1/ Ich möchte kurz über die @NDR Doku "Das Diesel-Desaster" reden, die gerade von Diesel-Fans hier und auf Facebook abgefeiert wird.… #thread
2/ Seit mehr als 3 Jahren beschäftige ich mich mit Stickstoffdioxiden und dem #Dieselskandal. In der Zeit habe ich fast alle Artikel & Beiträge in namhaften Medien dazu gelesen/gesehen. Vieles davon ist schlecht recherchiert und/oder einseitig, aber diese Doku ist...
3/ ...ein besonders krasses Beispiel. In den folgenden Tweets erkläre ich, warum ich die Doku für tendenziös halt:
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La semaine dernière, notre pays a reçu une mise en demeure accablante de la @EU_Commission concernant la pollution de l'air. Ci-dessous traduction du récap’ de mon collègue @JoeriThijs #airpollution #cleanairnow 1/
Contexte : la @EU_Commission rappelle l'historique de la législation de l'UE sur la pollution de l'air et le dioxyde d'azote (NO2) en particulier. Nos gouvernements savaient que des valeurs limites allaient être implémentées et qu'à partir de 2010 (!), il fallait les atteindre 2/
La @UE_Commission indique que les gouvernements n’ont pas toute latitude pour décider des mesures à prendre quand l’amélioration de la qualité de l’air se fait attendre et que la réglementation européenne est sérieusement dépassée. La Cour Justice européenne confirme cela. 3/
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Vous avez sûrement vu passer ce tweet de @onestpret et entendu parler de cette démarche d'un collectif de youtubeurs qui se mobilisent pour le #climat

Une belle démarche pour une belle cause !


Et si un loup se cachait dans les détails ?...


Sur le site de onestpret. fr on retrouve cette bonne vidéo avec les youtubeurs dynamiques et motivés qui nous alertent sur l'urgence de la situation climatique et sur le pouvoir que les citoyens ont pour faire changer les choses.

Et puis il y a un bouton pour en savoir plus ...
Ce lien mène sur le site de ilestencoretemps. fr

Nous sommes invités à partager, via tous les réseaux, pour alimenter le côté viral de cette initiative

Et puis il y a des 31 propositions d'actions pour agir vraiment pour le climat sur de nombreux sujets...

Suivons ces liens...
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🇨🇳 #CHINA Q3 GDP Y/Y: 6.5% V 6.6%E (slowest growth since Q1 2009)
*NBS spokesman Mao Shengyong said that the international situation was bringing “downward pressure” on China.
🇫🇷 🇪🇺 🇨🇳 French tire maker Michelin warned of declining sales in Europe and #China in the second half of the year, dragging down shares of its competitors in the U.S. and Europe - Bloomberg
🇺🇸🇨🇳🇪🇺 In a volley of filings, the EU, #China and the U.S. this week escalated disputes over new U.S. metals tariffs, the European response to those levies, and Chinese intellectual property practices - Bloomberg…
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