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Top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News /Scientific papers from the past week covered in a 🧵below: ⬇️

1/15 Image
1️⃣ 🌊"Dalhousie receives historic $154‑million investment to study the ocean’s pivotal role in climate change. The 𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭 in Dalhousie history"!



2️⃣ 🚜🌾"The Carbon Business Council (@CO2Council) released a policy brief on #CarbonRemoval and the #2023FarmBill."


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"#Afforestation & #reforestation are worthwhile solutions for C sequestration, but lack of hierarchical spatial-temporal maps for national scale #CarbonSequestrationRate hinders scientific implementation."

In this regard, a new study is published, details ⬇️
1/8🧵 Image
🌲Researchers assessed "the spatial-temporal #CarbonSequestrationRate (CSR) per area for #Afforestation & #Reforestation at the provincial, prefectural, and county levels in China using a forest carbon sequestration model under three climate scenarios."
🌳🌱Results showed that "the #CSR of vegetation (CSRVeg), soil (CSRSoil), and the ecosystem (CSREco) significantly varied across space and time. In China, the CSRVeg, CSRSoil, and CSREco were primarily regulated by the spatial variations in temperature and precipitation."
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Hey everyone, let's talk about the business model of #AdaniEnterprises! Adani is a diversified conglomerate with interests in a wide range of industries, including #energy, resources, #logistics, and infrastructure.
One key element of Adani's business model is its focus on infrastructure development. The company has a strong presence in the construction and development of #ports, #airports, and other transportation infrastructure.
Adani also has a significant presence in the energy sector, including #coal mining and power generation. The company has invested in a number of coal-fired power plants and #renewable energy projects to meet the growing demand for electricity in India.
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The myopic focus of companies on profits has been criticized in recent years. Mads Øvlisen, the former CEO of @NovoNordisk, explains how the pursuit of a corporate purpose beyond short-term profits, can actually lead to higher long-term profits @TimaBansal…
Corporate purpose isn’t just about vision and values, it’s about keeping an eye on the long term. Upholding #corporate purpose requires leaders to resist the short-term demands of shareholders & investors in order to build good & successful companies #CSR…
In 1971 for the first time in Novo Nordisk’s history, #Øvlisen’s father-in-law had to make the decision to lay off employees. Faced with a similar challenge, Øvlisen worked hard to relocate them elsewhere in the organization, even if the fit wasn’t perfect
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Some people want to promote #homeschooling that will eventually embed caste system back in India because they feel Indian schools unfairly promote class-system and class-discrimination based on parental income.

1. They clearly seems to have not attended their Social Science 101 lessons.

The struggle against caste, class, racial, color discrimination is a perpetual struggle. What they do not know is our common schools are at the forefront of these struggles, against odds!

2. When India introduced RTE and allowed 25% 'poor' children to attend a private school near them for free, it was the upper-middle class parents who were up in arms against it, not schools. Imagine, you are pushing the same parents to do #homeschooling!

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@narendramodi @nsitharaman @PiyushGoyal Sirs , when #RussiaInvadedUkraine govt of India evacuated nearly 30000 youths from ukraine.Many behaved as if by going abroad ty have obliged this country.It's not case abroad it's easy & &here it's hell
It's just a crazy flock. There are instances in families where one person has sacrificed life so others can study and progress. At that juncture that person was not aware that after 20 years the person for whoes survival ty sacrificed will fly abroad
I am highlighting serious social issues. The emotional turmoils which other members go through is of no concern. Systematic way a huge section of old class is created who search for a security and love.This is in million. It's a social medico issue
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‘Un-disciplinary’ – that’s how @g_kallis describes his research. With a background in chemistry, economics, and environmental policy, he now works on #degrowth and environmental justice at @UABBarcelona Image
@LenaRethel joins us from @warwickuni She is Professor of International Political Economy and Director of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR) and her research has been grounded primarily in insights from the Southeast Asia region. Image
Joining us from @ELTE_UNI in Hungary is @Miklos_Antal. Originally trained in engineering-physics, he turned to economic and social aspects of environmental sustainability. To find out more, check out his @TEDx-Talk Image
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion with @amitabhk87, Gwendoline Abunaw, @KettelThomsen, @Joojin_SFOC and @shikha_bhasin

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova #Greentransition
.@amitabhk87: The financial architecture wasn’t designed for #climatechange. There is a vast amount of capital available for climate change, but it will flow in when the risks are mitigated. For risks to be mitigated the financial architecture needs to be altered.

.@amitabhk87: If the developing world wishes to have #green, #resilient and #inclusive growth, it will only happen with concessional financing which would enable technology leapfrogging.

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1. Minerals fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of provinces. As per Aghaaz Huqooq Balochistan package, ownership of #Saindak should have been transferred to GoB upon expiry of lease in 2012.

Qs for you:
I) Why GoP still manages the project? Why SML remains a GoP-owned Co.?
2. In original negotiations held in 2001-02, it was agreed tht a copper refinery would be established in Balochistan in 10 years’ time.

Why has the refinery not been setup after 20 years?

Does an independent mechanism exist to verify quantity of gold & copper being produced?
3. GoP has refused to transfer ownership of #Saindak on ground tht it has made Rs 30 Bn investment.

Can u share profits earned by MCC, GoP & GoB between 2002 & 2021? @Hammad_Azhar

On what grounds does GoP want 30 Bn when it has been getting bulk of profit since 2002?
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NEW by me: Twitter has quit taking action against lies about the 2020 election: CNN report. An open letter to Twitter CEO and board chair from a $TWTR shareholder.

CC: @paraga @btaylor @nedsegal
Source @ddale8 @CNN:

"Twitter quit taking action to try to limit the spread of lies about the 2020 election... a day after another social media platform, YouTube, removed a Republican congressman's campaign ad because it included a 2020 lie."

Twitter's largest institutional shareholders should be alarmed by Twitter's decision not to enforce policy against tweeting election lies. Repercussions from election lies hurt investments and the economy. $TWTR

CC: @MorganStanley @Vanguard_Group @BlackRock
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@ItaSIF @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started ⚡ #Nov17

about 700 people are attending this webinar, that proves today's topic is crucial, says @fbicciato1 Secretary General @ItaSIF in his opening remarks…

#sustainablefinance #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #greenfinance Image
@ItaSIF @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit @fbicciato1 congratulations for sharing the knowledge and raising awareness of #sustainablefinance, the 20th anniversary @ItaSIF is celebrating this year is impressive, says Ulla Hudina-Kmetic, Deputy Head of Unit, DG GROW

#SettimanaSRI #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #greenfinance Image
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பழங்குடி மக்களுக்கு பிரதமரின் நல திட்ட உதவிகளை வழங்கிய ஸ்டாலின்! விடியா தி.மு.க அரசின் ஸ்டிக்கர் ஒட்டும் அயோக்கியத்தனத்தை முறியடிப்போம்- எஸ்.ஜி.சூர்யா!
@SuryahSG @annamalai_k @BJP4TamilNadu
மாமல்லபுரம் பெருமாள் கோயிலில் தமிழக அரசின் அன்னதான திட்டத்தின்படி தினசரி அன்னதானம் வழங்கப்படுகிறது.அங்கு உணவருந்தச் சென்ற பழங்குடியினத்தவரை அவமதிப்பதாகவும்,அனைவருடனும் அமர்ந்து உணவருந்த அனுமதிக்கவில்லை.அறநிலையதுறையினர் என தமிழக அரசு மீது பழங்குடியினபெண் அஸ்வினி என்பவர் அண்மையில்,
பேட்டியளித்த வீடியோ வைரலாக பரவியது. ஜெய் பீம் வெளியாகும் நேரத்தில் இந்த வீடியோ வைரலானது.

அதன் பின் அறநிலைய துறை அமைச்சர் பழங்குடி இன பெண் அஸ்வினி அருகே உட்கார்ந்து அன்னதானம் சாப்பிட்டார். அந்த சம்பவமும் வைரலானது.பிறகு முதல்வர் ஸ்டாலின் களத்தில் இறங்குகிறார்.
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Online global e-commerce platform @Etsy still has not responded to the petition calling on corporate heads to stop selling incest + child abuse themed merch.

So we got together with some of our global anti sexploitation partners to send a letter to #Etsy's major shareholders.
These companies are profiting from @Etsy's sexploitative merch - including replica child body parts marketed for men's sexual use, and products with slogans which normalise + fetishise child sexual abuse. #EtsyExploitation…
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#SriAgenda starting now 💥 #July5 3pm CEST

What it means for corporations | 3rd in a series of 6 webinars (until #July19) by The EU Platform on #SustainableFinance
Hosted by @ClimateBonds…

#eutaxonomy #sri #esg #climatecrisis @SRI_Natives @andytuit
@ClimateBonds @SRI_Natives @andytuit about 1,500 partcipants registered for today's webinar, says Mr #GreenBonds @seankidney in his opening remarks

#eutaxonomy #corporations #eupsf
@ClimateBonds @SRI_Natives @andytuit @seankidney the recording of the webinar will be soon available on @ClimateBonds' #Youtube channel, notes @seankidney

#eutaxonomy #corporations #eupsf
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We have baby geese on campus -- and 5 more jobs with @EssexLawSchool!

In order of my own personal interest... the first job is for a Lecturer in corporate governance. #CSR #BizHumanRights…
We're also hiring a Senior Lecturer interesting in leading in one or more of the following areas: international criminal law, terrorism, international criminal procedure and evidence (including digital evidence), and international environmental law.…
Job #3: Senior Lecturer in our Law Clinic:…
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📣 NEW: PREPARE THYSELF: It may be in fits & starts, but #ACA2.0 *is* happening:…
Four years ago I posted my (now sorely outdated) list of 20 changes to the #ACA I'd make If I Ran The Zoo (yes, I understand how awkward that title is at the moment):…
In January, Sen. @MarkWarner introduced his Health Care Improvement Act which includes many of the same provisions:…
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Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) recently made amendments to the national Corporate Social Responsibility (#CSR) policy enshrined under the Companies Act 2013. The amendment has subscribed several changes to the provisions relating to CSR.

#Law #Policy #TAExplains #Explainer
However, one of the key changes made by the amendment is Impact Assessment. Company having the obligation of spending the avg CSR amount of Rs 10 cr or more in the 3 immediately preceding financial yrs in pursuance of Section 135(5) of the Act, shall undertake impact assessment.
#ImpactAssessment to be done by an independent agency and with respect to #CSR projects having outlays of 1 cr or more and which have been completed not less than one year before undertaking the impact study.

The impact assessment reports shall be placed before the Board.
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📢We are gearing up for the #IRMIAC2021, with a #workshop on pre-award #grant management!

IRMI (India Research Management Initiative) Annual Conference is focused on “Bringing Professional #ResearchManagement into the Indian #Science & #Innovation Ecosystem”👥

Stay tuned! ImageImageImageImage
⏱️The clock is ticking!

#IRMI Annual Conference - the first-of-its-kind for #ResearchManagement professionals in India - starts at 2:30 pm today👥

Watch this #thread for updates from #IRMIAC2021!

Glimpses from Pre-Conference #Workshop 3 on 'Post-Award Grant Management'👇 ImageImageImageImage

Inaugural session of the much-awaited #IRMI Annual Conference 2021🥁

India Alliance CEO @VasanSambandam1 takes through India Research Management Initiative - the history, purpose and opportunities🧑‍🏫

If you're at the conference, give us a shoutout using #IRMIAC2021! ImageImageImageImage
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Leslie Miller is vice president of government affairs and public policy at @Google, where she leads the @YouTube public policy team. Ms. Miller must address: Were Kelly Loeffler's ads removed for lying / #misinformation? Georgia voters deserve to know. $GOOGL #ESG #CorpGov #CSR
Hi @hannahfrankau You work in public policy at @YouTube and @Google. Since this is a matter of urgent global concern, would you please address: Why did YouTube remove two of Kelly Loeffler’s ads? Was she spreading #misinformation? Georgia voters deserve to know.
YouTube must say why it removed two of Kelly Loeffler's ads. YouTube parent company @Google must do the right thing. $GOOGL #ESG
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On now #ResponsibleMining #SDGs via @UDelaware @saleem_ali @PactWorld @RMF_foundation @CCSI_Columbia with +1000 strong community of practice on the webinar 👏🏽👏🏽
.@ECA_OFFICIAL's Antonio Pedro notes that in #COVID context, discussion on #ASM, #SDGs cannot afford to be neglected.
.@J_McQuilken from @PactWorld Mines to Market program speaks to #ASM impact on #SDGs 2,3 & 6. #Nutrition & Healthy Lives.
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Hi @McGrathFdn we support the aims and the work of your charity. We have lost loved ones to breast cancer and see the value of your important work.
#breastcancer #charity
We are therefore troubled to see #HoneyBirdette misusing your brand once again. Just like 2019, the shopping centre sex shop, has plastered your logo on its sexual objectification of women like a stamp of approval. #csr #ethics #adstandards @AANA_says… ImageImage
Last year, commenting on an identical ad campaign you said:

“We are aware of some complaints in response to our supporter Honey Birdette’s promotional content. This content has been removed as it is not in line with our agreement with them.”… ImageImage
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Media Release: New advertising code of ethics unlikely to rein in repeat corporate offenders #mediarelease #advertising #aana #csr #ethics #adstandards… Image
The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) this week released its updated Code of Ethics following a review. While we welcome some new elements in the Code, we have reservations about its overall effectiveness.
The updated Code – taking effect Feb 2021 - includes restrictions on undue focus on male or female anatomy, unless relevant to the product being advertised, use of sexualised imagery or graphic violence where children are likely to view it, & avoiding harmful gender stereotypes.
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Kmart responds: sexualised LOL surprise dolls gone!
#LOLSurprise #lolsurprisedolls #kmart…
Kmart has responded to consumer feedback about sexualised #lolsurprisedolls #Kmart said:

“Our teams have been working hard behind the scenes investigating this issue and we can confirm that will be withdrawing the Hairvibes range from show immediately.”
“We’ll be working closely with our suppliers to ensure this does not happen again.”

This is great news. Thanks #Kmart for taking action!

@Targetaus what will you decide?

Read more >>…
#lolsurprisedolls #LOLSurprise
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1. During his #IndependenceDay2020 speech, PM @narendramodi again highlighted the necessity of #AtmaNirbharBharat. We went one step ahead asking us to move from #MakeInIndia to #MakeForWorld.

I wonder, why can't the same apply for NGO sector?
2. Do we have dearth of our homegrown NGOs that we need international NGOs to occupy our space in India, who primarily exist here to take benefits of the funding now available in India, including the #CSR funding?
3. We have a rich history of the CSOs, playing important role before the independence and afterwards. That has been undermined due to the heavy presence of international NGOs through their country offices.
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