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Il s'est passé 2 choses assez importantes lors de l'interview de #Trump chez Hannity son zélote de Fox News: d'1 part il a affirmé que NY exagérait son besoin de ventilateurs réclamés à l'État fédéral contre le #COVIDー19...RT
2) moment même où les hôpitaux de NYC voient les cadavres dont ceux des soignants démunis de matériel s'accumuler...
3) Mais surtout #Trump a dénoncé les gouverneurs démocrates Inslee (Washington), Whitmer (Michigan) n'en faisant pas assez contre le #COVIDー19 très présent dans leurs États pour mieux féliciter ceux RÉPUBLICAINS d'Iowa ou du Nebraska"contrôlant" le virus.
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The tragic effects of the #COVIDー19 outbreak in #Italy are showing up in demographic statistics. Weekly mortality rates for age groups 65-74, 75-84 and 85+ went above the 95% reference range during the week of March 8-14. Baseline is the average mortality rate in the past 5 yrs.
These figures are based on a sample of 19 large Italian cities, which is representative of the whole population, but it does not include Bergamo which is one of the most affected cities by #COVIDー19
Sadly, as we've already seen the numbers of the past weeks, in the next updates, I expect these curves to skyrocket. To read the most recent version of the report take a look here:… h/t @gianlucac1
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Scharfe Kritik an Berichterstattung von ARD und ZDF zum Coronavirus. Vor allem der NDR falle durch eine "besondere Form der Hofberichterstattung" auf, sagt der Medienwissenschaftler Otfried Jarren.… #ARD #ZDF #Coronavirus #Covid2019 #CoronaPandemie #ndr
Seit Wochen treten immer die gleichen Experten und Politiker auf, die als Krisenmanager präsentiert würden, führt Jarren aus. Dadurch inszeniere das Fernsehen zugleich Bedrohung und exekutive Macht - und betreibe "Systemjournalismus". #CoronaPandemie #COVID19
Auch der Journalist Andrej Reisin kritisierte bei "Übermedien", selbst in Krisenzeiten sei es nicht Aufgabe von Medien, den verlängerten Arm der Regierung zu spielen und Kampagnen à la "Wir vs. Virus" zu inszenieren. @Andrejnalin77 @uebermedien #COVID2019de #Medien
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I have carried out some personal studies on the #COVIDー19 situation in Nigeria and let me say here that we have another 2 weeks window to seize control or fall apart. We are not in that bad phase yet.

1st case - 25th of February
51st case - 26th of March
Are we testing enough? No. Is the disease spreading rapidly? No. Despite our nonchalant attitude, the attack rate seem a bit low here.

Young population / immunity? Maybe. If we assume that there are cases out there untested, it's almost a month after the first case..
There is no community spread yet. If there were cases untested, they should have been critically ill by now, regardless we should two batches of critically ill persons in Lagos who would either recover at home, forced to present at the hospital or die.
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Rishi Sunak, in the final third of his statement, crossed over from reassuring and sensible to peacocking “aren’t we the bestest?”. Got the tone on this one quite wrong. The first political bum note I’ve seen him hit.
Sunak keeps saying how “generous” he‘s been. He keeps using that word. He seems to be struggling to reconcile hawkish fiscal ideology with the scale of this crisis.

It isn’t about generosity. It’s about trying to limit an economic catastrophe. It’s not “a kindness” by the gov’t.
I wonder if there is another gov’t in the whole world that has used an information press conference on the #COVIDー19 pandemic to announce a tax rise.
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A few minutes ago, at my third broadcast to the citizens and residents of Delta State on #COVIDー19, I announced that after marathon meetings with the Central Committee on Managing/Containing the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have made several far-reaching decisions.
1. From Friday evening at 6pm, Asaba Airport will be closed to traffic.
2. At 6am on Sunday, March 29th, all land borders into and out of Delta State are to be shut.
3. From Wednesday, April 1st, all citizens and residents of Delta State are to stay at home and all businesses — malls, supermarkets, markets and shops are to remain closed.
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#Cardiology #medtwitter Read this, circulate to all, esp. on hospital service. Practical guidance re risk of QTc prolongation with hydroxychloroquine/ chloroquine #longQT @drjohnm @MKIttlesonMD @HeartOTXHeartMD @HeartDocSharon @drmulpuru @SurajKapa @Grace_Lin_MD
Measure QTc at baseline , if < 470- 480 (male/female)Green light; 470-500, Yellow, > 509 RED LIGHT
Use Telemetry 12 lead, watch to minimize exposure to #COVIDー19
See guidelines
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The ventilator is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the fight against coronavirus. If a patient can’t breathe on their own, a ventilator helps move air in and out of the lungs for them - providing oxygen and also, importantly, removing carbon dioxide. (1/19)
Ventilators are also called breathing machines. They were also previously called respirators, but that is an outdated use of the word. Respirators in a health care setting typically means a protective mask. (2/19)
Respiratory therapists help manage the ventilators and help care for patients using them. And, the room where a ventilator is stored has to be properly equipped, including oxygen and back-up power supply to make sure the ventilator never stops accidentally. (3/19)
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Hi 👋🏽- I have #COVID19.

Isolated at 🏠 away from my healthy & unexposed family.

Seeking ways to help as a research subject (take my serum!) & hope to be back on front lines soon w/my #ICU & #anesthesia colleagues as an🤞🏽immune #COVIDー19 fighter.

Oh & anosmia= 100% REAL. 1/
My #covid19 symptom timeline were:
Day 1: myalgia
Day 2: chills, coughing, malaise
Day 3: coughing continues, exhausted, intermittent nausea, myalgias
Day 4:myalgia, cough, nausea, decreased taste, fatigue
Day 5: myalgia, cough, malaise, ANOSMIA

Symptoms come & go in 🌊 2/
Anosmia. The strangest & most fascinating symptom of all. Discovered it when the brand new diffuser wasn’t working despite dumping several drops of strong scented oil in. Then a friend asked “so is that anosmia thing real?” Then it hit me. 3/
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The stages of grief are not linear. They do not happen in a neat order. But it could be useful for you to know more about them as we collectively grieve the impact of #coronavirus
#coronavirus #COVIDー19
“There’s something powerful about naming this as grief. It helps us feel what’s inside of us. So many have told me in the past week,“I’m telling my coworkers I’m having a hard time,”or“I cried last night.”When you name it, you feel it & it moves through you. Emotions need motion”
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I see a lot of ongoing debate, and some snark, about people pivoting into #COVIDー19 related research, particularly in #psychology. As the PI of a lab working on one of these projects, here is a thread on my thoughts:
First off, I totally get the snark. Academics are like baby ducklings. Someone gets a Nobel Prize or a Nature paper on something, a year later there are 300 new projects on that topic. VSS last year was Deep Learn All the Things. No doubt that we love a good bandwagon.
When I first started seeing psychology papers rolling out, my first reaction was a) mild jealousy at being so incredibly productive at a time when my brain was in complete failure mode and b) mild ire at what seemed, at first, a bit opportunistic.
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In my new @DelorsBerlin Policy Brief, I argue that the limitless @ecb Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) is LAWFUL, since the PEPP is (i) within the @ecb's mandate, (ii) proportionate, and (iii) compliant with the monetary financing prohibition. A short thread. 1/10
(i) The PEPP is within the @ECB's mandate, as it seeks to repair monetary policy channels that were affected by the #Covid_19 pandemic. The @EUCourtPress confirmed in Gauweiler "that a programme to safeguard the appropriate transmission of monetary policy is likely to 2/10
contribute to the ECB’s price stability objective. Since the @ecb considers that the COVID-19 pandemic poses a risk to the smooth transmission of monetary policy, it may swiftly intervene in bond markets to fulfil its (price stability)
mandate. 3/10
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Dado que se está hablando mucho de este vídeo y sus implicaciones clínicas creo que puede ser de interés hacer unas cuantas aclaraciones.
A ver si soy capaz.
Voy con #HiloYTal
El #SARSCoV2 es un virus muy hideputa.
Sin más.
Pero el modo en el que hackea la respuesta inmune aún está en estudio. Eso no quiere decir que ignoremos todo, pero sí una parte. Aunque se sabe más o menos cómo suena el río y el agua que lleva.
Este virus es capaz de alterar la respuesta inmune innata mediante la vía del interferón.
¿Y esto qué es?
Una movida.
El intereferón para la respuesta primaria frente a un virus es como las balas para una pistola.
Puedes hacer que disparas pero no das una sin ellas.
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Today our world faces a global crisis that threatens our peace, hope, and freedoms. Across the globe is the climate of fear,  havoc, and consequences of a new enemy, Coronavirus Disease- COVID - 19.
Dear Compatriot, this is not a time to fear or despair; it's a moment of responsibility, courage & faith. It's time to demonstrate good citizenship by yielding to relevant  policies & guidelines put in place by government and its agencies to combat the challenge of COVID- 19.
As a country, ours is a history of many triumphs in times of global and national challenges.In 2014, through solidarity and unity of purpose, we combated the dreaded Ebola virus.
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CSR during #COVIDー19

@UBAGroup is providing N5Bn ($14m) to #COVID19 Relief Support Across Africa

Lagos: N1Bn
Abuja: N500m
35 States in Nigeria: N1Bn
Africa countries: N1.5Bn
Medical Centres with equipment & supplies: N1Bn
Free Telemedicine call centre facility


2. @gtbank donates medical facility for #COVIDー19 - a 100 Bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

3. @Atiku donates N50m Relief Fund to support the Federal Govt's battle against the #Coronavirus pandemic in the country. - Channelstv

4. @AlikoDangote donates N200m to fight #CoronaVirusInNigeria.

5. @DrPaulEnenche, @DrBeckyEnenche & @DunamisGospel donate medical equipments to FCT Admin

8 units of hospital beds & mattresses,
2 units of the height measuring sticks, 
1 unit examination couch

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So I wanted to rant since yesterday but wasn't in the mood. Hear me out now.

So I traveled to be with my family yesterday so I could escape the boredom of being stuck in Lagos all alone at home for days now. Yes o, I had to self isolate! I'm an obedient citizen nah. Lol.
Then the impending lockdown rumours were getting scary. Barely a week away from work and I was almost going crazy! Not to talk of an indefinite solitude. Man had to escape mehn! I set out and the road was pretty free. The fear of Miss Rona is the beginning of . . .
Fast forward to few minutes away from Ore and I meet these guys in uniform. I had met quite a number all the while anyway and most just waved me off. I figured my face mask scared them or something. Some of them also had masks and gloves too. Responsible officers! Lol
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Very commendable effort.
I'm just going to share my thoughts I've had for some days now.
While people were complaining that Nigerian Billionaires were not doing anything about the #COVIDー19 case, I just kept thinking about it and I knew it would...
...affect them on the long run.
Why? Most of these Nigerian Billionaires who got their money from doing business here in Nigeria understand that we are their market, and as a young business man, I understand to an extent what it means to invest in my market
Imagine they don't save their market? It's just like an investment; spending so much to set up a classic restaurant, you'll have to put in every resource to make the environment appealing to the eyes and for the potential customers to be comfortable.
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Italy's death toll from Covid-19 could be severely underestimated.

The town of Nembro, near Bergamo, had 158 deaths so far this year vs 35 on average in the recent past.

Only 31 deaths were attributed to Covid-19. (@corriere)…
This study points to a severe flaw in the global Covid-19 death count. It's impossible to track everyone who died from it. Also, there will be deaths from other illnesses which couldn't be treated properly. The measure of the true human cost of the disease will be "excess deaths"
The tragic cost of #COVIDー19 in one chart.

The number of monthly deaths in Bergamo since January 2019, by age group. Note March 2020.

(Thanks to @EasyInve and @webecodibergamo, the local paper in Bergamo. They have become essential read for understanding the pandemic in Italy)
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327,969,000 people (at of now) do not have a documented case of #coronavirus in the #UnitedStates . The fact that you know ANY celebrities with this virus is like win ning the lottery! Yet many celebs and politicians are sick. That simply is NOT POSSIBLE #COVIDー19 #WakeUp
Here is what appears to the deal.
Major Hollywood Celebrities, are into.
Pedophilla, Human Trafficking, and a Drug Called Andrenochrome.
A major Sting operation has been taken place. And the hammer is being dropped.
Around 10 high profile celebrities appear to have been
indicted, under house arrest, ankle trackers and have been told to say it's because of Corona as it's in the early stages of the sting operation.
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Ti chiami Kristian G. Andersen.

Ti laurei in Biologia Molecolare e, dopo anni di studio, ottieni un dottorato in Immunologia presso l'Università di Cambridge.
Diventi ricercatore post-dottorale non nell'Università degli Studi di Capracotta, ma ad Harvard, fino a guadagnarti il ruolo da docente presso il Dipartimento di Immunologia e Microbiologia del The Scripps Research Institute di La Jolla, in California.
Non contento, una volta esplosa l'emergenza #COVIDー19, guidi il tuo team di ricerca internazionale in uno studio volto a dimostrare l'origine naturale del virus e a negare quella in laboratorio.

Il tuo lavoro risulta talmente valido, rigoroso e meritevole che viene pubblicato.
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Günaydın. Herkesin kafasını çok karıştıran gıda yoluyla #coronavirus veya #COVIDー19 olma üzerine çok soru var. Aşağıda yazdıklarım kişisel görüşlerim değil. Bilimsel güvenilir kaynaklardan (kaynakları da eklenmiş olarak) paylaşacağım bilgiler. @esenol
COVID-19'un şu ana kadar gıdalarla bulaştığına dair hiç veri yok.
İlk önce virüsün dayanıklılığını konuşmak lazım. Dünya Sağlık Örgütü (WHO) tarafından bildirildiğine göre: 56 C'de hızlıca sayısı azalan bir virüs. Buradan çıkarım şu: İyi pişirilmiş bir yemekten (temiz ellerle servis yapıldıkça) bulaşma riskiniz yok.…
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The @kwaragovt ably led by Mallam @RealAARahman on Tuesday 24th of March, 2020 inaugurated a Technical Committee on #COVIDー19 with a mandate to contain the spread of the #Coronavirus pandemic that has killed thousands across the globe.

It is against this backdrop that members of the Technical Committee headed by the Deputy Governor, Mr. Kayode Alabi inspected the ongoing expansion of Kwara Isolation Centre situated at Sobi Specialist Hospital, Ilorin to around 100 capacity...

#Covid19KwaraUpdate order to accommodate more patient as part of the government's several proactive measures already put in place to contain the spread of the pandemic in the state.

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Following the outbreak of the deadly #COVIDー19 pandemic across the globe, the Kwara State Government, despite not having any recorded case have swiftly swung into action to prevent the spread of the virus in the state.


The State Government ably led by His Excellency, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, set-up a Technical Committee on Covid-19.

The committee headed by the Deputy Governor of the State, Mr. Kayode Alabi has announced that as part of the already laid down preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 in the state, there will be a partial lockdown effective from 6am on Friday 27th March 2020.
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A quick thread on Congressional procedure! So, if and when the House passes this #COVIDー19 bill, it’ll likely be via UC, or unanimous consent. It means everybody agrees and therefore there won’t be a recorded vote - in other words, no members registering yays and nays. (1/6)
When bills pass on UC, the record is always murky years out, into the future. UC means everyone *kind of* liked the bill, but after 5 or 10 years, it’s trickier to suss out who really thought what. (2/6)
It also means no Rules Committee - where amendments are submitted and posted publicly, and where key members decide which amendments get voted on in the full House of Representstives. The Rules Committee record is important for history books. (3/6)
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