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I will hear no criticisms of Doctors Birx & Fauci (aka The Fauch). The parallels with war, while overdone, are you only have past experience & your best information at the time to plan next moves. If people socially distance, wash etc then models should be wrong #Coronavirus
Also the comparisons are ridiculous. Firstly, no one with even half or quarter of a brain believes the Chinese statistics. See the excellent reporting here for more on the Wuhan crematoria working overtime

Secondly, the US - like Australia and Canada - is an enormous, federal, English speaking, common law country...with a few dense cities, otherwise sprawling populations, and where officials keep very accurate statistics of causes of death. Most of the world does not do this.
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12 November 2015: "In an article published....on 9 November, scientists investigated a virus called SHC014, which is found in horseshoe bats in China"

Note the recently appended "Editors’ note, March 2020"

"A regional health official in Wuhan, centre of the outbreak, demanded the destruction of the lab samples that established the cause of unexplained viral pneumonia on January 1."

Well done to @jimgeraghty on compiling this shameful chronology of the communist PRC regime's lies about #Coronavirus…
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Putin speaking to the Valdai club always interesting but caution that Russia ever actually building this missile defence system for China on the scale necessary would almost certainly require China to pay most/all in USD
"For Beijing, Russia’s skilled engineers and mathematicians are a valuable resource for tech and defense industry giants that are hungry for talent and faced with increasingly unfavorable conditions in the United States and Europe"
China also leases large tracts of Russian agricultural land => "More critically, China appears increasingly intent on populating Russia's Far East with Chinese migrants, which has raised deep-seated Russian fears of outright Chinese annexation" #DragonBear…
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@vtchakarova @amlivemon @Halsrethink @LibrariumViews @JamesGRickards @gbponz @BaldingsWorld @C_Barraud @BcnFox @MacaesBruno @chigrl @RobertMCutler @GrayConnolly @DrPippaM @Kostian_V @wangxiangweihk @IndoPac_Info @michaeltanchum I really liked the piece. I’m particular I liked your characterisation of #DragonBear as a “temporary asymmetric relationship”. But some questions too:
@vtchakarova @amlivemon @Halsrethink @LibrariumViews @JamesGRickards @gbponz @BaldingsWorld @C_Barraud @BcnFox @MacaesBruno @chigrl @RobertMCutler @GrayConnolly @DrPippaM @Kostian_V @wangxiangweihk @IndoPac_Info @michaeltanchum 1) is the main common denominator of #Dragonbear really the exclusion of #US & #EU from #Eurasia (all very Mackinder!)? Are #China’s & #Russia’s #geopolitics the same? Does not Russia aim to exclude while China aims to bridge?
@vtchakarova @amlivemon @Halsrethink @LibrariumViews @JamesGRickards @gbponz @BaldingsWorld @C_Barraud @BcnFox @MacaesBruno @chigrl @RobertMCutler @GrayConnolly @DrPippaM @Kostian_V @wangxiangweihk @IndoPac_Info @michaeltanchum 2) Does #China really need #Russia know how in #diplomacy & #defence? I spent 5 years dealing with Chinese diplomacy, and it has nothing to learn from Russia. I suspect the day’s when China learnt from Russian military and military technology are also long gone
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