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Thread on #Magnesium and why it is fundamental for our #health. #micronutrients
..many people debate the various ratios of #macronutrients like #protein, #fat, and #carbohydrates in their diet to find their optimal health. Which is great as we are #bioindividuals but most miss out on #micronutrients like #vitamins and #minerals.
The way our bodies are able to use the #macronutrients is fully dependent on how our #enzymatic pathways are influenced by various #micronutrients. One of the most important amongst is #magnesium.
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So excited to finally share our paper, now available as a #bioRxiv preprint!

We found that enhancing #mtDNA replication can be highly deleterious, causing #Ferroptosis and neonatal 🫀#HeartDisease. 🧵thread coming soon..…

#newpublication #mitochondria
This project would not have been possible without the fantastic work from many people, so thank you all! @ASW_lab, @Kivela_lab, @WickstromLab, @JMitophile, @AWartiovaara et twitterless al.
@HelsinkiUniMed @helsinkiuni @HelsinkiUniMed @MitoResearch @uniofjyvaskyla @UniEastFinland
Recent years have brought several promising approaches to treat different kinds of #mitochondrial dysfunction, and increasing #mtDNA amount has been proposed to be beneficial for certain defects.
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@Mktweets0 Going to start a thread on #melatonin & its effects on CKD validated by scientific research. Please correct if you find any medical faults.

@Mktweets0 1/ Melatonin was first purified and characterised from the bovine pineal gland extract by Aron Lerner and co-workers in 1958.

However it has systemic effects. #Kidney cells (proximal tubule) express a melatonin receptor of type MTNR1.
@Mktweets0 2/ Looking at mRNA expression across several human tissues, surprisingly it's rather strongly expressed in colon and #kidney.…
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The Aus Senate this Weds will vote on so-called 'three-parent #babies'. These would be #donorconceived babies, genetically the child of 3 people not 2, made by an unregulated, for-profit industry, where there are serious questions about the future for the resulting child. A 🧵
Three-parent babies are made from #mitochondrialDNA donation. For eg: you fertilise a would-be mother's egg, and a donor egg. You suck the middle (the pronucleus) out of both. You put the would-be mother's pronucleus in the 'shell' of the donor egg. You gestate the embryo.
This is to avoid a child inheriting mitochondrial disease from the mother. What it means is: the child inherits DNA from 3 people - bio father, the would-be mother, and the donor. This *is inheritable*. If it's a girl baby, DNA from THREE people will be passed on to her children.
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Does #gut #microbiota interact with #microglia in the #aging #brain? Are microglia metabolically affected (#mitochondria)? Does #diet take part? any #translational data?
Our paper made it last week in @NatureNeuro
so it's about time for a 🧵!… Image
1. Microglia from aged and young-adult #male & #female mice, under SPF or #germ_free conditions were profiled by bulk #RNAseq. We identified a gene-set, which depended on the housing condition regardless of #age & regulate central processes in microglia. "Microglial GF signature" Image
2. Utilizing #WGCNA, we found major differences between microglia of SPF and GF mice in the aged groups. But do we see any functional difference on a cellular level? Image
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“There is quite convincing documentation that supports that the MEtabolic energy turnover is disturbed by #ME. By metabolic energy MEtabolism we mean the biochemical processes in the body, that transform, distribute and utilize energy sources in the food👇🏻…
“Oxygen is the most important single factor for the cells' production of the important energy molecule ATP. The oxygen consumption of the muscle cells increases dramatically during physical work, but it has a limit. As the oxygen supply becomes insufficient, 👇🏻 #PwME #MEcfs
the production of lactic acid (lactate) increases, and then the working capacity of the muscle will rapidly decrease.” #MEcfs #PwME #ImmunoMEtabolism #ATP #KrebsCycle
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Very excited to share our recent article on the effects of dietary #spermidine (SPD) on neuronal #mitochondria and cognition during #aging. Out this week in @Cell_reports This marks my 2nd co-first research article from my PhD time. A long thread 1/12 Image
After a crazy 1.5 years revision during a global pandemic finally time to celebrate. Take-away for PhD students in aging research: you'll age with your project. Specifically aging + behavior tests = never-ending experiments and lots of new grey hair. 2/12 #AcademicTwitter
It was worth it, though! We analysed the effects of dietary SPD on neuronal mitochondria. In cardiac tissue this was reported by @EisenbergTobias in @NatureMedicine Using @OroborosI respirometers we showed increased respiration in flies and mice 3/12
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I am super excited to share our latest work!!

We developed a human model of Leigh syndrome with brain organoids. Thread below.
Led by @GizCicada with @N_Rajewsky

@MDC_Berlin, @HHU_de, @MedHHU, @StemCellsNRW, @SpringerNature, @NatureComms

Full text:
Leigh syndrome is a #RareDisease caused by #mitochondria defects, causing neurodevelpmental impairment and early death. No treatments are available . SURF1 mutations are a main cause but animal models do not recapitulate clinical features.
We used patient-specific iPSCs and CRISPR/Cas9 to generate a human model using 2D neurons and 3D brain organoids.
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Our latest paper from @LabMetabolism is out! 🧠🔥

"Changes in mitochondrial morphology modulate LPS-induced loss of #calcium homeostasis in BV-2 microglial cells"

#Metabolism #NeuroTwitter #ImmunoTwitter
This was @osvaldo_rpe's first publication and a pretty cool debut indeed!

Osvaldo is a brilliant scientist that I had the honor to co-advise. No doubt I learned from him way way more than I taught.

A well-deserved first-authorship for an undergraduate student! 👏
Go, go #mitochondria!

We already knew that microglial activation induces mitochondrial fragmentation and that mito morphology correlates with its Ca2+ uptake

But the influence of mito Ca2+ handling on #microglial activation was still unclear...
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Happy 2021! @MBVanElzakker and I are excited to share our new article published in #Immunometabolism: “Pathogens Hijack Host Cell Metabolism: Intracellular Infection as a Driver of the Warburg Effect in Cancer and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions”:…
2/ In the paper, we detail molecular mechanisms by which #viral, #bacterial, and #parasite intracellular pathogens can induce, or contribute to, a Warburg-like #metabolism in infected host cells in order to meet their own replication and nutritional needs.
3/ We also discuss how host defense towards #infection may impact cellular metabolic changes (including how #mitochondria can participate in the innate immune response towards infection)
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This interesting study found that skeletal #muscle cells of #ME/CFS patients showed a decrease in oxidative phosphorylation (a metabolic pathway used by #mitochondria to generate #energy). In simple terms, that caused the cells to have a dysregulated #metabolism.
2/ Not mentioned in the paper, but important to consider, is that most well-studied #viral + bacterial #pathogens “hijack” the metabolism of the cells they infect in a manner that can result in decreased oxidative phosphorylation (or similar changes in cell energy pathways).
3/ In simples terms, these #pathogens “hijack” cell metabolism to “pull” substrates out of the human mitochondrial energy pathways...and use the substrates (lipids, fatty acids, amino acids) for their own #nutritional and replication purposes!
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1/12 Check our latest work led by our Postdoc @fbonnay_vienna where we describe a fundamental role of mitochondrial fusion and oxidative metabolism for tumor cell immortalization, in the larval brain of #Drosophila melanogaster.…
2/12 Our tumor model of choice is derived from asymmetrically dividing neural stem cells (NSCs) called type II Neuroblasts, deficient for the tumor suppressor gene brain tumor or brat. brat-deficient type II Neuroblasts give rise to big and lethal brain tumors.
3/12 We first observed that brat tumors have increased oxidative metabolism compared to normal brains, with increased oxygen consumption and TriCarboxylic Acid (TCA) cycle metabolites.
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Cool new study which found that a range of #pathogens (some capable of long-term persistence in tissue + #blood) upregulate expression of the cell surface protein CD47 in the host cells they infect as an #immune evasion strategy
2/ I fact, upregulation of CD47 is a very smart survival strategy by such pathogens, b/c it interferes w/ the host innate immune response that is normally supposed to identify, target and kill them!
3/ Specifically the team found that upregulation of CD47 by the pathogens under study slowed uptake of dead/#infected cells by the #immune system, including the downstream activity of #antigen presenting cells that are needed to recognize pathogens in the first place
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Key: "The observed pulmonary vascular dilation might be due to relative failure of normal, physiological hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in the setting of overactivation of a regional vasodilatation cascade as part of a dysfunctional and diffuse inflammatory process." 2/
This leads me to hypothesize this is the site of viral injury, where #COVID binds #ACE2R's - where mito demands are the greatest - where #HIF proteins and assoc. cascades they initiate are in play - including #vasodialiation #angiogenesis and excessive #inflammation 3/
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I'd like to point out that while the resolution of a #chronicillness was striking, what is more striking is the rapid descent into Wernicke's in a hospitalized 90 yo woman - a descent so striking that she went into respiratory distress necessitating a #ventilator. 1/
Upon giving #IVthiamine per a #wernickesprotocol at 200mg 3X p/d she woke up, after just 2 days of thiamine treatment, and the ventilator was removed. What could this tell us about the use of thiamine in #COVID19? Perhaps the cluster symptoms we see are really just a variation 2/
thiamine deficiency - one that is being missed by practitioners everywhere because we're not looking at the #mitochondria for answers. 3/
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Team examines if #Huntington’s genetic mutation that predisposes to immune cell + neural tissue problems cld faciliate #microbial colonization of the of HD brain 👉 Find microbiome (bacteria + a variety of fungal structures) in HD autopsied brains:… ImageImage
2/ Some of the #fungi were found in the striatum + frontal cortex of seven #HD patient #brains, w/ close proximity to the nucleus, or even as intranuclear inclusions 👉 and prevalent #bacterial genera included Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter and Burkholderia. ImageImage
3/ Some of the identified #fungi create #mycotoxins like aflatoxins, ochratoxin A and trichothecenes 👉 which can provoke cellular injuries including ROS production + #mitochondria dysfunction
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#MECFS citizen science: What are the answers to these 6 important questions on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis???

The insightful questions below come from this nice @diagnostic_mdpi review

#mdpidiagnostics #pwME #chronicillness #SickNotWeak #MyalgicE…
1. Is there a genetic susceptibility which leaves some individuals vulnerable to #MECFS after exposure to a virus, bacteria or toxic chemical?

#pwME #chronicillness #SickNotWeak #MyalgicE @diagnostic_mdpi #medtwitter #genetic
2. What is the key initial physiological trigger causing the dramatic downward spiral in health leading to #MECFS?

#pwME #chronicillness #SickNotWeak #MyalgicE @diagnostic_mdpi #medtwitter #immunity
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The 10 publications below provide scientific evidence that patients with #MECFS have #brain abnormalities in #neuroinflammation, #metabolism, #neurological connections and blood perfusion

#pwME suffer from #chronicillness

#pwME are #SickNotWeak
1. These studies “provide evidence of #neuroinflammation in #MECFS.. as well as evidence of the possible contribution of neuroinflammation to the pathophysiology of #MECFS

2. This Australian study found abnormalities in the #brain MRIs and peripheral Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in #MECFS patients including the Vasomotor centre, midbrain and hypothalamus

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THIS 👉 #Mitochondria play a role in helping white blood cells target human #pathogens☝️Below, mitochondria-derived vesicles delivered #antimicrobial reactive oxygen species to control phagosome-localized S. aureus (a #bacterial infection)
So let’s add #mitochondria to the growing list of human organelles/proteins/pathways recently shown to have #antimicrobial activity 👉 Other compounds already on that list include #amyloid beta, alpha-syn, PrP, #HMOs etc☝️More context here:…
Also #mitochondria are derived from #bacterial ancestors, and can become infected by a range of viral/bacterial #pathogens 👉 Suggests mitochondria’s antimicrobial activities may be defense mechanisms that stem from their #evolutionary history as a free-living organisms
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