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The blockchain gaming landscape: a year after @AxieInfinity spurred the #playtoearn trend. Image
HUGE thanks to @Psycheout86 @FlavienDef @BGameAlliance and @xMJ_GAMINGx for all the input and feedback on this!
The rise of blockchain gaming is happening as the boundaries between investing and gaming are becoming faint.

I explore how these dynamics are playing out in my article:…
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Will YOU survive the BEAR MARKET?

Here's a little secret, bear markets mint millionaires.

In this in-depth MEGA thread, I share the SECRETS of how to survive!

2/ - It's Your Decision -
The decisions YOU make now will decide if you MAKE IT in the next bull run.

Did people who made 7+ figures last year buy in 2018-2020 or 2021?

SPOILER: They bought HEAVY in 2018-2020.

But what cryptos do you buy in a bear market?
3/ - Get Stable -
You are going to NEED stable to invest in a bear market.

If you don't have stable, you can't buy anything. SIMPLES.

There are obvious ways to earn stable, like working a real job, saving n putting X% of your disposable income towards investing.

There's also:
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1. I'm an obvious #AVALANCHE maxi but have been paying extremely close attention to @0xSunflowerLand
a #GAMEFI project on #Polygon.

I believe the game is an interesting #tokenomics laboratory and it may yield some significant insights because of it's scale.

#SunflowerLand Image
2. 100,000 users were given access to the Beta State and allowed to mint NFT farms for approximately 1 Matic, at the time ~ $1.25.

The games token $SFL is created solely through playing the game - no $SFL was pre-generated, and there will be no LP farming. Image
3. On May 9th players will be able to withdraw their $SFL and trade it on Quickswap, individuals will provide the liquidity but there is no current plan for protocol owned liquidity.

A minor amount of Liquidity is currently on Quickswap Image
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Thread about P2E game Titan Hunters, especially about it's token design.
TLDR; gem with 7-8x potential

Okay, go:

#TitanHunters #gem #PlayToEarn $TITA
Titan Hunters is voxel’s look roguelike MMORPG with fun and addictive gameplay (finally). Was launched on 31st of March.
Team behind game is Topebox. Experienced, professional and passionate.
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Tu stakes tes $ETH sur @LidoFinance pour des bETH, tu les collatéralises sur @anchor_protocol et empruntes des stablecoins ( LTV de 70%) pour farmer avec du $LUNA en LP tokens grâce à la #DeFi, tu as un APY de 16%

Rien compris ? Le guide👇

L'airdrop est une stratégie marketing des startups #crypto pour promouvoir le projet. Il s'agit de distribuer gratuitement leurs #cryptomonnaies aux utilisateurs actuels ou potentiels.

Altcoin est un mot-valise composé de "alternative" et "coin" pour former "altcoin". Il désigne en réalité un groupe de #cryptomonnaies , l'ensemble des monnaies virtuelles autres que le #Bitcoin
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1/ The #playtoearn ecosystem has spawned phenomena such as scholarships and gaming guilds. While it brims with potential, it is also a very young economy.

@Emfarsis believes that @playtoearn_ needs platforms like @BreederDAO to harness this potential.
2/ In 2020, @pierskicks said that gaming will be a "Trojan Horse" to blockchain adoption. Two years later, we see the continuous impact of #blockchain in #gaming. In Q1 '22 alone, blockchain gaming raised $2.5B. Guilds have played a huge role in this.…
3/ Guilds serve many functions but their core focus is to recruit, onboard, and manage players. Guilds need quality game assets to fulfill overwhelming scholarship demand, but producing desired #NFTs can be time consuming & inefficient, without the right tools.
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I make mistakes.
I make bad calls.
I get greedy.
I panic.
I'm not perfect, who is?

#Crypto isn't easy. Here are my biggest mistakes and the lessons I learned. 🧵 below.
1/ -- Getting Caught In The Hype --
I first got into #GameFi and #PlayToEarn in early 2021 and I did very well when the sector mooned.

But I got so wrapped up in the hype that even when the sector started to become oversaturated I kept on apeing into gamefi projects.
It seems obvious now but greed and hype can really blind you to reality.

I realised that I was good at spotting emerging trends but bad at detecting when those trends are ending.

To fix this I began scaling out more aggressively as a sector becomes overhyped and oversaturated.
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聊聊"Move to earn"赛道:

说是赛道,但是目前市面上的产品只有Stepn一个,其他同类的产品都还在开发中,估计五六月份会上线好几个。 但是从Stepn展示的潜力来看,这个赛道的想象力还是有的。

#Movetoearn #playtoearn #Stepn
Move to earn的产品跟Gamefi的产品其实在经济模型上是很像的,看了几个协议,如@theSNKRZ
@genopets等包括@Stepnofficial 都是双代币模型,而Gamefi双代币模型的产品目前都活的不太好,Axie,星鲨,Pegaxy都到了死亡螺旋狗都不爱的阶段,那Move to earn的产品最后也会这样吗?

从赛道的用户群体来看,其实Move to earn赛道有一个天然的优势,走路其实是大部分人的刚需,不管有没有类似的产品,通勤、散步、出门玩都是人的刚需,而且还是【高频】的刚需。
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Megathread on Web3 Gaming 🎮

Open sourcing some of the best pieces that I have collected along my research journey.
If you have more, I wanna read it, pls add it to the list down below.

#PlaytoEarn #PlayandEarn #PlaytoOwn #GameFi #CryptoGaming
This was inspired by @0xminion's NFT megathread that I read a year ago
1/ Online Gaming: The Rise of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.
Visual primer on the history of the gaming industry from @VisualCap…
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Why Fan Controlled Football Embraced Ethereum #NFTs for Its Interactive League
Bored Ape holders and Steve Aoki are among team owners for the physical-meets-digital league, which lets #NFT holders call plays and more.
Fan Controlled Football will use #NFTs as part of its new season.
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What Are Play-to-Earn Games? 9 Best Crypto #NFT Games of 2022 Image
Play-to-earn games reward participants with digital cash or non-fungible tokens. In recent years,
these blockchain-backed games — also known as #P2E — have gone mainstream, becoming a core component of nearly every metaverse out there, with each platform boasting its own form of cryptocurrency to pay online gamers for their time commitment.
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What's the indiGG NFT badge and why you should keep it with yourself?
Recently indiGG started the minting of their NFT badges.
Everyone who is a member of indiGG discord can mint it.
The NFT badge is a membership passport for all your things at indiGG
-scholarships ✅
-special access on dc ✅
-surprise perks ✅
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A sub-DAO of YGG in partnership with Polygon💜 focused on India.
They are going to recruit more than 10,000 scholars in India and more countries in a few months
That number sounds huge isn't it🤯?
Let's take a deep dive into how they are going to pull this off---a🧵
They are looking for the transition of traditional web2 gamers to the new play2earn web3 games plus a lot of new and casual players
Step 1: Games
Currently, at indiGG, four games are offered to scholars
1. Axie Infinity (India only)
2. Pegaxy
3. Cyball
4. Wonderheroes
In addition to these games, indiGG are patterned with numerous other games like Sipher, Genopets, Fancy Birds, etc-- that's a long list 😅
You can see more here:
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Contributes to completing a playthrough with 100%. However, many punters and newbies especially, often have a hard time trying to figure out which deal can help them make the most of their #PlayToEarn .

The majority of punters face the aforementioned dilemma every time they want… register at a new gambling website and claim a welcome package that often covers several initial deposits. Some of those offers come with truly staggering amounts of extra funds while others feature pretty modest match bonuses. The same is true for… various deposit-related perks designed for existing players who are often confused by what they see in the Bonus T&Cs. Asking themselves whether they should always opt for the heftiest deals or those with the lowest wagering requirements, they often
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@apecoin has taken the web 3 world by storm! ⚡️

What Is ApeCoin? Features, Tokenomics and Price Prediction 🎉

@CMCAlexandria takes a deep dive into APE, the primary token of the Ape Ecosystem. ⤵️…

The APE Foundation announced on March 16, 2022, the launch of ApeCoin token.

Governed by the ApeCoin DAO, ApeCoin is a token for culture, gaming and commerce that the community owns and can build on.

The APE Foundation is the steward of ApeCoin.

In the ApeCoin DAO, each token holder will have a stake in the organization’s development.

A selection of Web3 veterans, as well as gaming and technology thought leaders, will serve as the #DAO’s special council (the Board).
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@AuroryProject new whitepaper explained. A Daolectic 🧵

This is our V2 analysis, what does it mean?

It means you also have V1 that have been released from us a couple of weeks ago and we suggest you read that too to have a better understanding of our V2

1. By reading through the new #whitepaper or so-called "Manifesto" there are significant reveals on the overall #gameplay, the key core elements, and the way the $AURY will be effectively used and balanced through accurate inflows and outflows of the #token economy.
2. The Lore
While I will not address the lore, this section was useful to understand the meaning behind their PVE Mode.

During the story mode and through some well-articulated fantasy scenarios, the @AuroryProject team will teach you about #blockchain and #crypto in a fun way.
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2022 is the only the start of the subnet boom on #Avalanche. Subnets will add billions, if not trillions, of value to #AVAX.

The question is - how do you get exposure RIGHT NOW to capitalize on subnets before they explode? 🤯

Let's talk #subnet pioneers
🧵👇 Image
Dexalot - $ALOT

Dexalot is the first Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) DEX on Avalanche. With support from Ava Labs & the #AVAX ecosystem, #Dexalot looks poised to become a premier DEX. I say this bc I believe they have a significant edge over the competition... Image
What's that edge?
Dexalot is currently building their own subnet.

That's right, a central limit order book (CLOB) decentralized exchange operating on it's own blockchain network. Trades will execute insanely fast without fighting for block space w/ crabs, platypuses, and Joes Image
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Why I'm so bullish on #GameFi & #PlayToEarn on $AVAX and what's my favorite gem 💎

A thread 🧵
1. #Avalanche has really started pushing the Gamefi and P2E narrative on Avalanche recently especially @EdC

Likely because it's a great use case for Subnets such as @swimmer_network for this space by not congesting the mainnet in future and offering lower gas fees for players.
2. Now to my personal favorite gem that I think is yet underrated and will become extremely big. @WyndBlast is primed to become the @AxieInfinity of Avalanche. Their Roadmap is incredibly ambitious with the Genesis mint having started.
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🔥The connection between GameFi and the Ponzi scheme.

👉Let's dig into the problem GameFi is currently facing and come up with a solution.👇

#P2E #P2Egaming #GameFi #Metaverse #PlayToEarn #NFTGame Image
1. Components of a GameFi Image
1.1/ Gameplay

It's defined as the method the game is played, which includes the rules, plot, objectives, and how to achieve them, as well as a player's overall experience, which is one of the most essential aspects of gaming and helps decide the game's success
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Top Play-to-earn Games and Its Influencers

Whether you are or want to get into play-to-earn games, here is a list of titles that have good twitter engagement and influencers that have a big influence on it.

#playtoearn #P2E #NFT #metaverse
When investing in cryptocurrency, you will see significant differences in KOLs and influencers compared to traditional investment channels. We access a large number of shares, personal reviews from experienced people through Twitter, Youtube, ..

However, not all bring value, and choosing the right influencer to True tracking to your investment style is also a win. Below we've rounded up a few play-to-earn titles and influencers you might want to keep an eye on based on statistics from LunarCrush.

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February Price Pioneers Among Blockchain Gaming Projects

$SLP @AxieInfinity
$HEC @HeroesChained
$METAX @x_metaverse
$DPS @DeepSpaceBSC
$GALA @GoGalaGames
$KMON @KryptomonTeam
$SPS @splinterlands
$DAR @MinesOfDalarnia
$ALICE @MyNeighborAlice
$MANA @decentraland 

#PlaytoEarn #NFT
@AxieInfinity @HeroesChained @x_metaverse @DeepSpaceBSC @GoGalaGames @KryptomonTeam @splinterlands @MinesOfDalarnia @MyNeighborAlice @decentraland Over the past few days, we have seen the effects of the general market, which also affects the gaming category. It can be said that the war between Russia and Ukraine is a complex issue, but we should only look at the price impact that it occurs.

#PlaytoEarn #NFT #metaverse
@AxieInfinity @HeroesChained @x_metaverse @DeepSpaceBSC @GoGalaGames @KryptomonTeam @splinterlands @MinesOfDalarnia @MyNeighborAlice @decentraland February of 2022 did not witness a sudden growth in the price of gaming projects like in 2021. The prominent names are $SLP, , $HEC , $METAX with performance exceeding 50%.

#PlaytoEarn #NFT #metaverse
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Top Blockchain Gaming Projects Currently in Live

Along with the explosive growth of Play to earn, many games are created to quickly profit and only have cake pictures. One way to avoid these types of projects is to only invest in projects that already have complete gameplay #P2E Image
The gaming project is tremendously expanding, the tricks to attract attention and investors' money have also since become diverse. Indeed, there are projects that spend 30-40% of tokenomics just for marketing to attract users, the gameplay over time is still on the whitepaper.
These types of projects gradually become more because of the easy-money mindset from developers, making money becomes simple because there are just limited shields to protect investors.

#playtoearn #P2E #NFT #metaverse #NFTgame
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[#Thread] Aujourd'hui, petit point rapide car j'ai failli me faire #scam et ça aurait pu me coûter cher.

Pour être franc, si j'avais pas de notion dans le #web, l'affaire était dans le sac.

Je vais donc vous expliquer pas à pas comment j'en suis arrivé à cette conclusion. 🧵⬇️
Donc, tout a commencé par un message classique en DM pour une demande de #promotion de projet.

Jusqu'ici, rien d'extraordinaire, la personne présente son truc rapidement et après 1 relance, j'arrive à récupérer le site internet .

Je me suis empressé d'aller voir et là…
Grosse surprise, le site en question est hyper #qualitatif. Les couleurs sympa, les effets cool...

Bref, tout semble indiquer une belle plateforme et fonctionnel.

Je demande donc d'avantage d'explication à la personne notamment pour avoir le fameux graal : le #Whitepaper
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Why I'm bullish on @splinterlands.


#splinterlands #sps #PlayToEarn Image
Disclaimer I'm not your daddy or your financial advisor.

Before investing in anything DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!
1. The Game.

If you are into trading card games, I believe Splinterlands can scratch that itch for you, there is a lot of strategies involved especially in the higher ranks.
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