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At #FORCE2019 @npscience getting everyone warmed up for a panel on "Who will influence the success of #preprints in biology and to what end?"
@npscience . @npscience laid important foundations for the discussion: (1) be aware of stakeholders' cultural backgrounds and the influences on the their viewpoints; and (2) it's always a balance between individual vs collaborative gains. #Force2019
@npscience First panelist @ReaderMeter compared #preprints to a staging area, akin to how we would interact with an #opensource project, where all sorts of collaboration could happen and #openscience practised 🌟 #Force2019
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The view expressed below is part of what holds science back.

If you are privileged to have access to a "few colleagues" or be one of those colleagues, then the status quo works well for you. #PrePrint articles make this more seamless, & more equitable/

The position of #PrePrint = not peer reviewed = rubbish, is also dated. We all know how hit and miss peer review can be. We also know how timely communication, with time stamping and dissemination, that is under the control of the authors (rather than a journal) is valuable.
For those of you who have not experienced peer review yet - we have a system in science where we ask our colleagues to review our publications. Our colleagues receive no money for this work (usually) and this is done all within confidential systems (managed by the journals).
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Got a new––and fairly critical––chapter on *#mindfulness-based interventions* coming soon in a book on mind–body health in schools.

For all ya'll who are interested ... here's the #PREPRINT! Hope this helps contribute to better research and practice.
To motivate folks to actually read this chapter, I'll share some "big points" buried in its pages.

Big point #1/n (pp. 4–5): There's a difference between *process* & *primary* outcomes for MBI, and evidence of both is needed to differentiate *purported* vs. *verified* MBI.
Big point #2/n (pp. 7–8): There's no scientific reason (yet) to prefer any one trade-marked MBI to any other in schools. This decision is likely based on pragmatics, not evidence.

(*Interpretive note: PMA = present moment awareness; RWA = responding with acceptance.)
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We address the segmentation and localization of complex and overlapping filamentous structures by analytically detecting multiple orientations across angular resolutions in my #preprint with the labs of Robert D. Goldman @NUFeinbergMed and Khuloud #Jaqaman @UTSWNews
@NUFeinbergMed @UTSWNews Many filament segmentation packages detect a single orientation per pixel, but this leads to an incomplete segmentation near true junctions or overlapping filaments.

For example, this example is using Jacob and Unser (2004)……
The fix is that the algorithm needs to be able to detect multiple orientations. This depends on the angular, or orientation, resolution of the filter. This resolution is parameterized here by K.
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Exciting news! @LHCbExperiment is announcing the observation of CP violation in charm decays. What does that mean? A somewhat long thread.
The laws of physics that affect us (gravity and electrodynamics) are left-right symmetric. One of the pictures below is mirror reversed. Physics doesn't let you tell which. (Social constructs may help: numbers, letters, watches, is the man left-handed?...)
Until 1956 that had not been tested for the weak nuclear interaction, responsible for radioactive decays. Lee and Yang proposed an experiment, that Wu (known as "Madame Wu") conducted.
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New #preprint: we use range of psychological theory / data to develop a model to explain the spread of moralized content online via: motivation, attention and the design of social media (the MAD model). w/ @jayvanbavel @mollycrockett | | summary below 1/6
We start by reviewing data suggesting that expressions of moral values and emotion spread rapidly during political discourse online. We examine how morality and emotion can spread online through social appraisal processes 2/6
What facilitates this ‘moral contagion’ online? We start with the *motivations*: from Social Identity Theory, we argue that moral-emotion expressions help uphold ingroup image. From partner choice theory, we argue that moral-emotion expressions can enhance our reputation. 3/6
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#365papers Let's try this for 2019, highlighting 365 papers (does not necessarily mean 1 paper per day) - A thread
#365papers 1⃣ The thread started with a bang - A must read opinion by @MarcHalfon on the fundamental question of how to define an enhancer…
#365papers 2⃣ citrullination by PADI2 of RNA Pol II CTD R1810 regulates the transcription of highly expressed genes by mediating the interaction with P-TEFb…
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Learn more about our new study, “Computational noise in reward-guided learning drives behavioral variability in volatile environments” (, with @FindlingCharles, @vasilisa_skv and @StePalminteri! #tweetstorm #preprint 1/16
When tracking the value of actions in volatile environments, humans make seemingly irrational decisions which fail to maximize expected value. Existing theories attribute these ‘non-greedy’ decisions to information seeking – a.k.a., the exploration-exploitation trade-off. 2/16
Based on my recent work with Jan Drugowitsch on the origin of behavioral variability in probabilistic reasoning (, @StePalminteri and I reasoned that non-greedy decisions may be caused by computational noise in the learning of action values. 3/16
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