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🚨🚨Grupo de prestigiosos científicos revisa el estudio fundamental en que se basan kits PCR-RT para SARS-CoV-
2, y encuentra

📢📢10 errores fatales ‼️‼️

que lo hacen INÚTIL como herramienta específica de diagnóstico p/ identificar el virus” ‼️‼️‼️
⚖️⚖️Juicio penal a su co autor #ChristianDrosten
avanza en #Alemania

Las implicaciones de esto son enormes

El protocolo de PCR de Corman-Drosten se utiliza en
un estimado del 70% de todos los kits de prueba de
#PCR en el mundo.

Debido a que ahora ha sido invalidado ‼️‼️
📢📢prácticamente TODAS las pruebas diagnósticas para #SARSCoV 2, además de la investigación
(incluyendo la investigación de vacunas),


🚨🚨El protocolo se publicó incluso antes de que se dispusiera de un aislado real del virus
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When were the first human #coronaviruses (CoVs) discovered and studied?

How were these viruses associated with human #disease?

It's time to learn our history about human CoVs, and the scientists and volunteers that allowed us to identify this new group of viruses.

Mid-sixties: HCoV-229E and HCoV-OC43 were identified.
1. Hamre et al. (1966)
2. McIntosh et al. (1967)
3. Tyrrell et al. (1965).

Image: Tyrrell et al. (1965).
Healthy HUMAN volunteers were infected to demonstrate that 229E and OC43 resulted in a common cold.

1. Bradburne et al. (1967, 1972)
2. Hamre et al. (1966)

Image: Bradburne et al. (1967)
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MUST WATCH NOW: #THECOMINGCONTAGION on @CNN: Timely!! Re: #SARS_CoV_2 & the #COVID19Pandemic - what happens when #HomoSapiens messes up with the environment: starting with #Ebola in #Africa, that Equine Virus in Australia, #NipahVirus in #Malaysia, #H5N9Influenza, #SARS, #MERS..
Equine influenza zoonosis - Australia: -
Australian #Hendra Virus zoonosis from race horses which gave clue to the #NipahVirus zoonosis from Malaysian farmed pigs on the edge of the rainforest (eating fruit bats faeces-contaminated fruits on the ground), killing the pig farmers!! Re:-…
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The @SwissScience_TF proposes to halve confirmed #SARSCoV2 cases every two weeks to reach less than 500 cases in January. What does this mean regarding the reproduction number? A thread about doubling times and half-lifes of #SARSCoV. (1/n)
The figure (in German) shows the relationship between the reproduction number and the time in which the number of new #SARSCoV infections double (red) and reduce by 50% (green). (2/n)
In early March 2020, the virus spread uncontrolled in Switzerland with a reproduction number of 2.8 which corresponds to a doubling time of 3 days. (3/n)
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A short thread on PCR #SARSCoV2 There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the use of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) for the diagnosis of #SARSCoV2 infection, and the interpretation of its results. 1/n
Hopefully, this thread can provide some background and context for those who are not familiar with the technique. PCR has become the cornerstone of molecular diagnostics in virology, and is, simply put, a technique for amplifying DNA (and indirectly RNA). 2/n
It can be used for straightforward detection purposes i.e. to provide a qualitative yes/no answer. Alternatively, it can be used to provide a quantitative result, i.e. to tell us how much of something is present. 3/n
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Actualización sobre la nueva vacuna Rusa.
El día de Hoy salió en @TheLancet es estudio de seguridad y eficacia Fase I-II de la vacuna desarrollada por Rusia…
Se trata de una Vacuna heteróloga (vacuna que usa un antígeno de un organismo para proteger contra otro diferente, en este caso fue un adenovirus que “lleva” o “porta” material genético del #SARSCoV-2 y así generar inmunidad en el pcte. Image
Se enrolaron 38 sujetos por fase. la vacuna se administró por vía intramuscular (deltoides= hombro) los participantes recibieron 1 dosis de rAd26-S o rAd5-S y se evaluó la seguridad durante 28 días
Los participantes recibieron el refuerzo con 21 días de distancia Image
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PROBLEMÁTICA ACTUAL ❗❗🗣️ Yo, @EchinusMelo soy becaria posdoctoral en el extranjero por @Conacyt_MX . Nuestro compromiso es cumplir con actividades en programas de posgrado nacionales. Para que se libere nuestra beca debemos probar que regresamos al país y que trabajamos 6 meses
Cómo lo comprobamos? 1) Nos piden copia de TODO el pasaporte o un registro de entradas y salidas por migración. Y debemos probar ingresos recibidos por 6 meses, sin importar si lo expide @Uber o @LaCasaDeTonoMx (100% fans).
Debido a la pandemia/cuarentena, pedimos a @Conacyt_MX que nos diera la liberación de beca al terminar nuestra estancia y que no nos pudiera estos comprobantes que, a nuestro parecer, son inútiles si quieren evitar la famosa #FugaDeCerebros
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Evidence is clear that people are not getting reinfected at least in the short term. CDC says there are no confirmed reports to date of a person being reinfected with COVID-19 within 3 months of initial infection.
#CovidVaccine @daniellevitt22 #SARSCoV2…
Researchers are optimistic about the emerging data that says the human immune system will most likely fend off SARS-CoV-2 if exposed to the virus again. #covid19 #reinfection

Just now uploaded PDF on ResearchGate. Article covers all the latest evidence:…
Neutralizing IgG, Memory B/ T cells, #SARSCoV (T- cells after 17 yrs), Seattle Boat study (first direct human evidence), Karolinska Uni study, Common cold (cross memory #SARSCoV2), CDC controversy, ICMR. #covid19 @profshanecrotty @EricTopol @daniellevitt22…
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The path to herd immunity is not through the herd.
It's via a vaccine
The path for #SARSCoV vaccine-induced immunity is very encouraging. New summary by @heidiledford @NatureNews…
Main concern is duration rather than "Plan B and T" kicking in.
A review of 4 preprints + recent @karolinskainst T cell @nature paper @Dereklowe on the solid immune response…
"What we’re seeing is that this virus... is also something that our immune systems are dealing w/ in the just the way that you would hope to see"
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Now things in #Penang are slowly unraveling with rise in #Covid_19 cases.. Not easy with fragments of info, but here it is.. Cases in Penang are basically from Kedah #TawarCluster ..
Immediate case at Adventist Hospital was case 9129, 56y F.
Proactive steps were taken.. 1/n ImageImage
And to make sense of @malaysiakini report below.. It had correctly quoted @DGHisham that case 9129, the 56y female reportedly admitted Adventist #Penang .. was part of Kedah #TawarCluster .. hence not yet a Penang #Covid_19 case.. 2/n Image
Then combining both @malaysiakini , @DGHisham & @KKMPutrajaya .. We see the bigger picture yesterday that the #Penang #Covid_19 positive yesterday was case 9149, 58y F who was "visiting case 9133 & case 9129 at a private hospital in Penang" !! case 9149 is from Teluk Kumbar.. 3/n ImageImage
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1/ There are a couple of reports about bat coronavirus RaTG13 which shares ~96.2% sequence similarity with #SARSCoV2. A report from The Times suggests that RaTG13 is the same virus as RaBatCov/4991, a bat virus discovered in 2013. Image
2/ A @BBC report: "...had it confirmed, from the researchers running a respected Chinese database, that it (RaTG13) is the same virus as one that WIV previously referred to as RaBatCov/4991 in this paper. There is no explanation for the change of name."…
3/ Here's the publication the report referred to👇. The paper stated:"In the phylogenetic tree, RaBtCoV/4991 showed more divergence from human #SARSCoV than other bat SL-CoVs and could be considered as a new strain of this virus lineage".… Image
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1/7 „La storia mostra che le pandemie tendono a manifestarsi a ondate nei primi 2-5 anni, a mano a mano che si accumula l'immunità della popolazione (naturalmente o attraverso la vaccinazione) e quindi il numero di casi infetti tende a diminuire.
2/7 Questa osservazione è la traiettoria più probabile x SARS-CoV-2. Il prossimo futuro richiederà una nuova normalità (distanza fisica, test,quarantena, tracciamento dei contatti) che sarà necessaria per molto tempo. Mentre sono in corso ricerche cliniche e test sugli antivirali
3/7 e sui candidati al vaccino, gli scienziati impareranno dalle regioni e dai paesi che sono stati colpiti per primi. Inoltre studi epidemiologici e filogenetici possono fornire molte informazioni su fattori di rischio, come trasmissione della malattia,
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Impressive work by Pérez and Montagnier. Insertions of HIV in both #SARSCoV2 and #RaTG13CoV , absent in #SARSCoV and #MERSCoV Also probabilistic signs of synthetic RNA sequences. How explain this?
And in this paper by Zheng-Li Shi, an experiment with pseudoHIV viruses was made.
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Siií, lo hemos logrado 🙌🏻
a 27 días de iniciar los síntomas y que me hicieran el diagnóstico de #COVID19 (13días aislamiento domiciliario, 7 días intrahospitalario, 7 días en Hotel-Hospital) hoy estoy vivo y libre del virus 🦠 #SARSCoV
Gracias a Dios, a mi angelito 👼 Josué Elias, a mis familiares, amigos, colegas, al equipo de médico de Medina interna, Medicina General , Medico interno equipo enfermería de la sala de #COVID19 , al TEAM médico de UCI del Centro Hospitalario Dr Luis Chicho Fabrega,.....
al ERR y Epidemiologia del @MINSAPma de Veraguas.
Al equipo médico, de enfermería y de apoyo del Hotel-Hospital
Al equipo de Salud Mental. Mil -Mil gracias 😊
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As some communities begin to lift #COVID19 stay-at-home orders, let’s talk about #masks. There is extensive evidence that masks protect you, and thus protect those around you. For example, this meta-analysis of 51 studies and 49 publications:… (1/9)
But what type of mask should you wear? Any type of mask that serves as a barrier between your nose/mouth and the environment will likely help and is better than no mask, but data has been published on cloth masks vs surgical (medical) masks vs N95 masks (respirators). (2/9)
In the above meta-study, surgical masks reduce the average odds of being infected with #SARSCoV, the virus that causes SARS and a cousin of the #SARSCoV2 virus that causes #COVID19, by 68%—even better than frequent hand washing (55%)—of course, best is to do both. (3/9)
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A #thread on the origin of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome #coronavirus-2 #SARSCoV2, the #virus causing #COVID19. SARS-CoV-2 was identified early January 2020; genetic sequence shared publicly on 11 January. #scicomm [image 감사합니다 @IBS_media] @Virologist_11 @dirgarambe
Full genetic sequence of #SARSCoV2 from early human cases & sequences of other virus isolated from human cases from China & all over the world since then show that SARS-CoV-2 has an ecological origin in #bats.
All available evidence to date suggests that #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus has a natural animal origin and is not a manipulated or constructed virus.…
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Although related to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (#SARSCoV) & the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (#MERS), #COVID19 virus #SARSCoV2 shows some peculiar pathogenetic, epidemiological & clinical features which have not been completely understood to date.
#SARSCoV2 is more phylogenetically related to #SARSCoV than to #MERS. Only minor differences have been found in the #genome sequences of SARS-CoV-2 comparing with SARS-CoV. SARS-CoV-2 affinity for angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (#ACE2) receptor is higher than in SARS-CoV.
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Lessons from past #coronavirus & #influenza #epidemics suggest that #viral #infections can trigger acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, exacerbation of heart failure owing to a combination of a significant systemic inflammatory response plus localized vascular inflammation.
#COVID19 may either induce new cardiac pathologies &/or exacerbate underlying cardiovascular diseases. A large proportion of patients have underlying cardiovascular disease &/or cardiac risk factors. Factors associated with mortality include male sex, advanced age, comorbidities.
Acute cardiac injury determined by elevated high-sensitivity #troponin levels is commonly observed in severe #COVID19 cases & strongly associated with mortality. Acute respiratory distress syndrome is also strongly associated with mortality in patients with #SARSCoV2 infection
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En los últimos días ingresó en Fase de Desarrollo Clínica 1 (Clinical Trial Phase 1) una vacuna para prevenir #COVID2019 causada por #SARS_COV_2 . Un GRAN avance. Pero es una vacuna la herramienta para frenar esta pandemia?, Por qué podría no serlo?. Abro hilo (largo) ...
Lo primero que debemos saber es que las vacunas, así como los productos terapéuticos, antivirales, antibióticos, etc, una vez desarrollados deben pasar por un estricto proceso de evaluación, denominado Clinical Trial. Este proceso tiene 4 Fases.
Para vacunas, el proceso suele llevar bastante más de un año.
En Fase 1, la vacuna experimental es administrada a un pequeño grupo de personas (20-80), voluntarios. El objetivo es evaluar fundamentalmente la SEGURIDAD y REACTOGENICIDAD: Efectos secundarios, entre otros aspectos..
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There is no proven effective antiviral drug for the treatment of #SARSCoV2

Several compounds are suggested for Rx of #COVID19. Based on the available in vitro and clinical data, which one is your preferred Rx, if available? #MayoIDQ references follow...

Several potential mechanisms: change in cell membrane pH, impairs viral fusion, interferes with glycosylation of viral proteins

#chloroquine and #redemsivir are active against SARS-COV2 in experimental models…
- Analogue of chloroquine
- Anti inflammatory effect

Hydroxychloroquine was more potent than chloroquine against #SARS-CoV2 in vitro.…
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Corona virus hakkında detaylı floodumuz başlıyor. Bugün ülkenin en önemli gündemi olması sebebiyle konu dışına çıktık ve Corona (SARS-CoV-2) ile ilgili detaylı bir tarama sonucu bu floodu hazırladık. İlerleyen günlerde güncel gelişmeleri de bu flooda ekleyeceğiz.
Flood içerisinde faydalandığımız akademik kaynakları da ekleyeceğiz. Dileyen kullanıcılarımız ileri okuma için kaynak linklerine tıklayarak kaynaklara ulaşabilirler. Herkese iyi okumalar dileriz.
Öncelikle, sürekli konuşulan bu Corona (korona) virüsü nedir? Tam olarak nasıl bir virüs ile karşı karşıyayız onu ele alalım. Corona (Korona) virüsü hayvanlar arasında yaygın olan büyük bir virüs grubudur. Nadir durumlarda hayvanlardan insanlara bulaşmaktadır (zoonotik).
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@ScottAdamsSays @ScottAdamsSays There seem to be three paths:
1. Most common: Virus becomes far less deadly and we live w/ the losses (1918 flu -> 2009 Swine Flu)
2. ~500 years: Virus mutates to super deadly and kills itself off (Black Death, Plague of Justinian)
3. Vaccines & mass innoculation
@ScottAdamsSays The three major problems we have are

1. If China is to be believed, then the virus has already become more deadly (look @ Iran and Italy CFRs of 13 & 15% vs China's 2.5% [which I disbelieve]).

2. Black death was over 654 years ago.

3. Lots of antivaxxers.

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#COVID19 #SARCoV2 Let’s hope the data comes out soon for rapid in-house peer-review that is currently being practiced at several reputable journals. If true, results are also important to refute “conspiracy” theories involving #ADE* and COVID-19
#COVID19 #ADE: *[Antibody-Dependent Enhancement] is a phenomenon best described with Dengue virus (DENV) infection. This manifests itself when ⬆️disease severity occurs in a person that is re-infected with DENV from a related but distinct serotype** 2/n
#COVID19 DENV has 4 serotypes**[i.e.,at least 4 groups that be differentiated by how well Ab responses against one group cross-reacts with that from another group]. That no ADE occurs using convalescent sera is important since “common cold” CoV infection is...well, common.
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During disease outbreaks 🦠, like #COVID19 (#SARSCoV), there is often a lot of speculation about mutations 😱.

@edwardcholmes, @MaryPetrone10, and I argue that we shouldn't worry.

Here's why👇
@edwardcholmes @MaryPetrone10 @NatureMicrobiol 2/n Mutation to many implies a significant transformation. See the X-Men or just about any outbreak movie. This pushes some to view mutations in the fictional context rather than a natural state of evolution.

@edwardcholmes @MaryPetrone10 @NatureMicrobiol 3/n With the competitive online journalism market, we get bombarded with stories about dangerous mutations and doomsday scenarios for the current #COVID19 outbreak.

For example…
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