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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
#Python #USA #WordCloud #TwitterData Image
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData Image
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
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The Concord project opted to go with Solar (PV) connected to an energy storage system (battery storage) in lieu of a backup generator.

This system has been designed to keep the critical loads for the home operational even if the utility power is knocked out.
This includes the backup heating and domestic hot water system (gas boiler with radiant floor heat + indirect hot water tank), the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, TV/WiFi, lighting and receptacles in strategic areas.
The Generac PwrCell provides 18 kWh of battery storage in a single cabinet, and up to 9 kW of continuous power output, enough to power the critical loads for extended periods of time. It can also be expanded to 36 kWh of battery storage in the future should it ever be needed.
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@AInfanteGreen I found your written position on @repmorgan bill H6070, which would have prevented you from bringing #CriticalRaceTheory to all #RhodeIsland schools. Nice try attempting to bury it, though.

Tell us again how RIDE "doesn't have a #CRT policy."

2/ Here is a link to @RIDeptEd official position on #CriticalRaceTheory in #RhodeIsland - straight from the RI Legislature website. Hint: They sure were against banning #CRT, but that's not all the gems I found...…
3/ Here is a letter from the Rhode Island Superintendents Association supporting #CRT in #RhodeIsland schools. Guess which Superintendent sat on the LEAP Task force?
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1/ #exposing more connections between #criticalracetheory and the @RIDeptEd LEAP task force member Jeremy Chiapetta from BVP. Remember this page from the LEAP report? In researching a parent concern about BVP's summer reading list, I found...
2/ I found startlingly similar language on the Teach for America (TFA) website and the #RhodeIsland LEAP report. That wasn't all. The TFA website is littered with #CriticalRaceTheory tenets, filled with praise for their own work on racial equity initiatives, and more...
3/ There are 3 members of the #RhodeIsland LEAP Task force with deep connections to Teach for America and their #CriticalRaceTheory agenda. That's not all that Jeremy Chiapetta, BVP, and Teach for America have in common....
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1/OK #RhodeIsland, let me introduce some background on one of the members chosen for the LEAP Task Force, Juanita Montes de Oca. Remember this task force appears devoted to bringing #CriticalRaceTheory to all RI schools, by hook or by crook. Guess what Generation Citizen... Image
2/ stands for? Culture change and System Change, to the tune of educating our students about their oppression and privilege. As @repmorgan can attest, this is how we wind up with students being bribed with test credit to become social justice warriors. But wait! There's more! Image
3/ Remember that story from a few weeks ago from the Daily Wire? The one that had all the teachers who signed a pledge to break the law if necessary, in order to continue on with their CRT self? Guess whose name is on it?… Image
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2/First up: Listen to @AInfanteGreen's interview with @IanDon -- Fast forward in the link to about 11:40 and you will hear her LIE on 7/9/2021:
"...I know that here in RI we do not have a CRT policy, that's not what is being taught in the schools...."…
3/EXCEPT: We DO have a CRT policy here in RI, and not only that, it's being supported by @GovDanMcKee, by RIDE, and also by @SANDRISCANO (Chair - Senate Education Committee) and Joseph McNamara @RIDemChair - (Chair -- House of Rep Education Committee.) SITTING LEGISLATORS.
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This has to be one of most effective analytic takedowns of another side's argument.

Jeh Johnson wrote a deeply flawed piece opposing @SenGillibrand @SenJoniErnst's legislation on #SexualAssault in military.

This by @rachelv12 is a master class.👇…
2. One example

Johnson rhetorically claims: "A military commander must have legal authority over those in a unit...The two must be inseparable."

VanLandingham with the facts: "Demonstrably false given the thousands of U.S. military commanders" without any such legal authority.
3. "Mr. Johnson...warns that Congress shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, and should leave everything but sexual assault crimes alone.

Fact: Court-martialing Black service members at a rate twice that of their white counterparts is a broken system in need of repair. Period."
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During his speech to @USCGAcademy today, @POTUS will discuss "challenges and threats our country faces" and the role of maritime security in protecting the US around the world, @KJP46 tells reporters on Air Force One.
Again this morning, there was a @POTUS-@netanyahu call and he told the Israeli leader that "he expected a significant de-escalation today on a path to a ceasefire," @KJP46 tells reporters on Air Force One. "Our focus has not changed."
US will continue "intense, quiet diplomatic conversations" about the Middle East, adds @KJP46.
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Shout out to @femaregion1, @RIHEALTH, and others for an amazing experience with COVID vaccination in Providence today, a great illustration that public health is as much a social science as about medicine and biology. A short thread explaining why: ↵
I was accompanying a person who is very, VERY scared of needles. They wanted to get vaccinated, but were also really afraid of doing it. We went to The Dunc [@DunkinDonutsCtr]. Very smooth, quick, efficient. We get to the point where we get assigned a vaccination booth. ↵
The lady senses that this person is really nervous. They can't see the face (mask), but the voice gives it away. They ask, "Are you really nervous about this?" They say yes. I'm expecting the usual, "Oh, don't worry, it's nothing", etc. But no: ↵
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Any policy enforcer imposes statutes & codes, phyiscally assult/murder a fellow countryman is Treason and Sedition.

Policy enforcers violate their own Federal Statutes 24/7.

Look up these statutes 👇
United States Code, Title 18 § 241 Conspiracy against rights.
United States Code, Title 18 §242 Deprivation of rights under color of law.

Policy enforcers for example when they pull you over & and issue you a fine violate the 4th Amendment & the 5th Amendment-due process.
According to a Supreme Court ruling police have no constitutional duty to protect us.

It is our natural right to defend ourselves against ANYONE!
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#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠

As the #US rolls out the #Pfizer#BioNTech vaccine, let’s have a look... how’s your state doing? Share a 📷 or a thought/perspective as we battle back against the #coronavirus / #covid19? Thread.

First up. New York. Image
#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #Illinois

Doug Meyer, 38 respiratory therapist, airway manager @OSFHealthCare @PeoriaIllinois is among the 1st #Illinois healthcare workers to receive the #COVID19Vaccine. Ht @BlueRoomStream

#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #RhodeIsland

A Latino doctor, Dr. Christian Arbelaez, was the 1st person in Rhode Island to get the #COVID19 vaccine. Now he wants to be an example for his community.… @DanMcGowan reports. Image
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🗳️🇺🇸 Résultats des principaux référendums dans les différents États, qui commencent à arriver en parallèle des élections ⬇️
🗳️🇺🇸 #Kentucky

⛔️ Les électeurs refusent d'allonger la durée du mandat des juges de l’État, contre l'avis des élus Républicains ET Démocrates à la Législature

✅ Ils acceptent de donner des droits constitutionnels aux victimes (information et droit à la parole lors des procès) Image
🔴🗳️🇺🇸 #Florida

Les électeurs (qui viennent de voter pour #Trump) acceptent la hausse du salaire minimum de 8,56$ aujourd'hui à 15$ en 2026

Ce sera le plus haut salaire minimum des États-Unis

Il faudra attendre un peu car 60% de OUI sont nécessaires pour valider la mesure. Image
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So, this is a small story about #RhodeIsland politics, and my position about voting out the GOP down to the grass roots - and how local actions have consequences for national parties. /1
A few years back, some folks on here thought I was pretty hard-assed for voting against a local GOP candidate for RI House. She should have been my ideal pick: A PhD in poli sci (I knew her work back in the day. It was good stuff.) Pro-choice, pro-business. /2
But she was a Trump delegate to the GOP convention - even though she said she wrote in Carly Fiorina. (Whatever.) I told her directly that I believed in starving the GOP for support until it cleaned house on Trumpism. A year later, she runs for GOP state chair. /3
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Thread of progressive candidates (Updated 9/30) including #NotMeUs and some combo #NotMeUs + #YangGang! These are candidates in competitive races (🔺@GOP ; 🔹Dem; 🌻Green ▫️other Independent) & I’ll be adding to (sometimes editing) thread #Election2020 
@Bradshaw2020🔹is an amazing candidate who won a shocking victory @USSenate primary #TN! Gen Against @BillHagertyTN🔺! Endorsed by @BernieSanders! #NotMeUs #Election2020 
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🙌🗳 Let’s vote these hypocrites and enablers out of the U.S. Senate and #FlipTheSenateBlue!!


#Kentucky 🐎 @AmyMcGrathKY
🙌🗳 Please vote for Jaime Harrison @harrisonjaime for U.S. Senate in #SouthCarolina 🌴
🙌🗳 Please vote for Doug Jones @DougJones for U.S. Senate in #Alabama 👨‍🎓🏈
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🔴🔴🔴Lorsque @BegonThomas commettait son erreur concernant Idéale, une Charolaise devenue Limousine dans son tweet, @farmers3b a lancé une série fabuleuse #ThomasCeciEstUne 👉🏻 pour nous offrir un tableau de races bovines incroyable.
Lançons #EmmanuelleCeciEstUne ⬇️
@emma_ducros je vous remercie pour votre anecdote ! @jegat5 m’a proposé alors le lancement d’une série sur les poules. J’attendais une occasion de le faire : le « kairos » s’est présenté. La poule-mouette n’aura qu’à bien se tenir.
Pour m’accompagner dans cette démarche, je vais utiliser entre autres un livre offert par le @ServiceInfoCNPO au #SIA 2020, qui propose une diversité de races de poules. Aussi, chaque jour (je ne sais pas si je serai aussi assidue que @farmers3b !) vous aurez une présentation 🐓 Image
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NEW! Election Frontline Weekly:

You truly haven’t lived until you’re on the business-end of a tut-tutting from @PolitiFact over the meaning of the words “missing” and “unknown".

#SorosPaidMe #MailBallots #AbsenteeBallots Image
NEW! Election Frontline Weekly:

“The we-told-you-so’s are coming in fast. #MailBallot problems are showing in #NewJersey, #RhodeIsland, #Nevada, and more. As I told Congress last week, the nation is not ready for all-mail elections."

#2020Elections Image
NEW! Election Frontline Weekly:

“In the old days, before foundation-funded outlets like @PolitiFact [appeared], Americans would agree that there is a problem when 28,000,000 ballots are mailed out, never come back, are missing, whereabouts unknown." Image
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About 100,000 mail-in ballot applications were returned as “undeliverable” in Rhode Island’s recent primary election, according to state records.


Overall, about one-in-eight mail-in ballot applications that were sent out, unsolicited, by Rhode Island state officials were returned and deemed undeliverable.


This means that in the June 2 election, about 12.5 percent of the nearly 780,000 mail-in ballot applications sent to registered voters had to be sent back to state officials for being undeliverable.

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Yes, it's still an election year! 🗓 In fact, 8 states and Washington D.C. are having primary elections today. 🇺🇸Check out the following links to learn how to vote in your state! 🗳 #DC #Iowa #Indiana #Maryland #Montana #NewMexico #Pennsylvania #RhodeIsland #SouthDakota Image
For those of you who live in Washington D.C.:
#Election2020 #MVP #medialiteracy
For those of you who live in Iowa:
#Election2020 #MVP #medialiteracy
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The World is Watching
Making Rhode Island
Patriotic Again
Where We Go One We Go All
From above the world near Las Vegas, Nevada USA!
Making Rhode Island
Patriotic Again
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#RHODEISLAND HB 7989 would "establish an economic growth #blockchain act, set regulations for the sale of #hemp, regulate #virtual and #digital assets and establish depository banks for these purposes" Uses WY/CA #blockchain definition. /1 ImageImageImageImage
it's a long bill and there's a lot going on here. Summary: Would establish a 13 member state tech council to develop a "#blockchain filing system," use a #blockchain for a "Track and trace" hemp/cannabis supply chain system, create a fintech sandbox, including /2 ImageImageImageImage
special provision for a special depository institution that can hold deposits but not make loans, not hypothecate assets; would include #virtualcurrency (extremely broadly defined) as part of defined #digitalassets ImageImageImageImage
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Rhode Island @GovRaimondo on @MSNBC right now, explaining that state has started a COVID hotline and (using National Guard) set up a network of facilities, mostly tents, for drive-up testing.

Smart and something other states should consider.
Just to provide some more detail on, it sounds like you call the hotline and, if testing is appropriate, they'll tell you where to go to get tested.

What officials don't want is tons of people people taking themselves to clinics, ER for testing.

#RhodeIsland #COVID19
If everybody who thinks they might have COVID comes in for testing, there's danger of spreading it more quickly -- and infecting vital health workers.

@GovRaimondo says "what I'm most worried about ... is having dozens or hundreds of health workers in quarantine."
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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Attention Berners the following states need volunteers to collect ballot signatures to get Bernie on the ballot. Volunteer.
#Bernie2020 #FeelTheBern…
Notary Publics needed! Volunteer for Bernie. #Bernie2020…
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