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We don’t need any more Republican candidates. We need Democratic candidates since we got way more than enough corruption. #VoteBlue #Beto2020 #MichaelBennet2020 #Bennet2020 #BlueWave2020 #BlueWave2019 #NoMoreGOP
We got way more than enough problems going on, especially Climate Change, Gun Violence, Healthcare, Political Corruption, etc.
It’s also time that we get a female Democratic candidate in 2020 or next election, but it’s best to wait a bit until we fix America.
@threadreaderapp unroll please.
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Let's have a discussion about @realDonalTrump's recent battle cry, calling Democrats 'socialists.' Is it woeful ignorance or intentional obfuscation? The terms Marxism, #Socialism & Communism are often used interchangeably. They are not remotely the same.
2/ Let's examine different systems & look at some differences. There are varying forms of Marxist/Leninist Communism (RU), Socialism, Capitalism & mixed systems. Communist China has a mixed market economy, w/private or state sectors controlling certain entities such as media.
3/ France, Italy & other European countries use free market economies but also incorporate socialist programs such as Universal Healthcare & free education. The U.S. is a Capitalist mixed economy, which also includes socialistic programs such as ...
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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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Next-level finance & law leadership LA needs: Gwen @gwensos2018 has a Master's in Accounting & JD, cum laude. In the Low Income Taxpayers' Clinic, vision & passion for advocacy led her to a Master of Laws in Taxation.

#Gwen4LARights #WinWithGwen2018 #VXP
As a former small business owner, and worker in the real estate & tax fields, @gwensos2018 will bring practical business knowledge & experience to government. Gwen knows what it will take to build Louisiana's economy. #Gwen4LARights #GeauxGwen #VXP
.@gwensos2018 has a vision for engaging the next generation of voters. As #LASoS, Gwen will partner with community schools, organizations, and leaders to engage young voters through education, outreach, and technology. #Gwen4LARights #GeauxGwen #VXP
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GOP states are up to their old shenanigans.

The reason Trump & GOP won't do anything about interference in our elections is because they WANT fraudulent elections.

Republicans can’t win without cheating.

Every Vote Counts—There’s no electoral college today

Here’s what to do…
2.DEMAND a provisional ballot
4. Call
If you find yourself turned away from the polls, Please call or text @866OURVOTE ASAP

Call: 1-866-OUR-VOTE
Text: OUR VOTE to 97779
You’ll speak to a live person to help you out w/any voting issue.
Your vote is powerful. The GOP does NOT want you to vote.

—Voter suppression/intimidation
—Vulnerable voter rolls
—Hackable DREs
—Russia interference

The fact is, if we #VoteBlue in massive numbers,WE WILL WIN

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2/"We don’t know what’s going to happen in the election, but we’ve got a pretty good idea how it’s likely to be spun. With Republicans probably losing the House, they (and President Trump, in particular) have focused on the Senate. And if they hold it or even gain some seats, you
3/"can guarantee they’ll cite it as a win, and possibly even a split decision overall. This will be false. That pre-spinning has begun, with Kellyanne Conway noting last week that it’s rare for the president’s party to gain Senate seats in a midterm election. “Think about that.
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This is a long article, but holy smokes...what an awful little man. So let's make today exactly what Trump's asking for, a Referendum on HIM! #VoteToday #TuesdayThoughts #VoteBlue
2/"President Trump on Monday closed out an us-against-them midterm election campaign that was built on dark themes of fear, nationalism and racial animosity in an effort to salvage Republican control of Congress for the remaining two years of his term. Mr. Trump’s fiery,
3/"invective-filled campaigning produced what may be the most polarized midterm contest in modern times as he played to tribal rifts in American society in a way that no president has done since before the civil rights era. The divisions exposed and expanded over the past few
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‘Twas the night before the Election,
And just like a mouse,
The Republicans were scurrying,
“We’re losing the House!”
Melania was nestled,
All snug in her bed,
While visions of “someone else”...
Danced in her head.
#ElectionDay #ElectionEve
And Trump in his suit,
And his ill-fitting tie,
Had just settled down,
To tweet some more lies.
When out on the Front Lawn,
Arose such a clutter,
Trump sprang from the bed,
“Oh shit! Is it Mueller??”
When, what to Trump’s
Wondering eyes couldn’t miss,
Trump knew in a moment
It must be St. Nick,
“Look at those hands!
He’s got a huge dick!”
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This is it folks. What we've been working towards for 2 years. All the protest, all the calls to congress, all the digging, exposing bad actors, fights with trolls n bots, all of it for one day.

November 6th 🌊

Vote the criminals out and together we'll make history!

Just say these words to yourself, the words that will terrify and keep Dotard soiling his depends all night.

Chairman of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff 🤗

( just pretend that reads subpoena not memo :P )

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1. We marched.
2. We protested.
3. We resisted.
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Pls listen to my Election Eve discussion w/ @funder on #DworkinReport. We discussed my new article for @NYRDaily, why Democrats must not concede if outcomes defy polls or otherwise seem suspect, & what ordinary voters can do to protect against hacking! 1/…
3/ Thank you to @funder and @grantstern for inviting me onto their podcast! #StrongerTogether #VoteBlue
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Rep. Adam Schiff:

This is the most important MT elex of our lifetimes. Tomorrow we have the chance to reverse course, restore decency, and put a check on this destructive president.

We need your help. To knock on doors. To make calls. To get out the vote. TO VOTE.

“These are the stakes:
The GOP is determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

They want to cut Medicare and Social Security for seniors to pay for their tax cuts for millionaires and big business.”

“Healthcare isn't a game; it's life and death.

While people are working, many do not make enough to get by.

Those lucky enough to get a good education may still be saddled with student debt.

While your parents may have retired with dignity,”
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A short thread.

Is Devin Nunes responsible for covering up election interference in 2016?

Nunes, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, has fought at every turn against allowing a thorough Benghazi-style investigation into interference in the 2016 election.
First of all, Nunes has limited the scope of the investigation and shut down hearings before they even got started.

“Nunes also led Republicans in the effort to fight the legitimacy of the investigation itself.”

Enter the nonsensical deep state theory.

Devin Nunes has scrapped to redirect the investigation into Trump and the 2016 election, and instead questioned the motives and behavior of the investigators themselves, blaming the FBI.

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1/ I'm just sitting down to take stock of this day, & I'm going to start a list of ridiculous things the Republicans are doing as a last ditch effort-please feel free to add to it:
*GA: Kemp declares the Dems have 'hacked' the election in GA today (after a court - #ElectionEve -
2/ruling forcing him to release the 52K withheld voter registrations by midnight tonight)
*AZ: Maricopa Coutny is going to be key in the results of that Senate race, so they've just announced that they won't be releasing absentee voter results until 5pm on Thursday.
3/ 7:29pm ET: It's being reported now that the Republican House is in a state of panic & chaos. Blaming Trump, the man whom they blindly followed for the last 2 yrs-to the point of not doing their jobs at all- R Congress are saying that he 'hijacked' their election... #VoteBlue
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AMERICAN CARNAGE: A nationwide review conducted by ABC News has identified at least 17 criminal cases where Trump's name was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence, or allegations of assault.

Reps of PUTIN ally OLEG DERIPASKA expect that sanctions against his COs will be lifted by the TRUMP adm after the midterms.

Also an effort to get personal sanctions against Deripaska lifted too.

📌Deripraska conspired w/ Manafort to overthrow our Democracy

Khashoggi’s fiancée says Trump adm ‘devoid of moral foundation’

Kemp in utter desperation engages in a ridiculous political stunt, accusing GA DEMs with attempted voter hack- which is a Trump like projection of which he is guilty.

Abrams fires back: 'Desperate.'
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From sea to shining sea, America is getting our vote on.

In neighborhoods in Kentucky, Nebraska, Georgia, Texas ... in every state ... nice folks who care are knocking doors & asking us to vote.

Do not let them down. Folks, we have each others' backs, now let's elect Democrats
A squad out canvassing for @AndrewGillum in BrowardCounty, Florida

From sea to shining sea ... good folks. Shoulder to shoulder, asking us to vote!

You meet so many awesome people canvassing.

These folks are out for ⁦@KatieHill4CA⁩ in Lancaster.

Karen is retiring today after 40 years at the post office!

The dude, is facing the daily grind but still smiling!

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🚗🚙 Need a ride to the polls in Tennessee THIS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH? 🗳

☎ Call @NashvilleDems 629-888-3237 or 615-479-8320.

📱In Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis call 833-508-RIDE (7433).

💙 Don't forget @Lyft and @Uber are offering free rides.

#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
❓Not in one of the counties listed above and need a ride? 🚙

📞 Call your local Democratic Party or one of your local candidates. You can also call @TNDP at 615-327-9779.



#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
🗳 Have a problem at the polls in Tennessee on Election Day? Remember you can ask for a provisional ballot or a different machine if yours has a malfunction.

📱 For help, call @TNDP #ElectionProtection anti-#VoterSuppression hotline at 855-844-8683.

#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
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Liaten. Monday call your state repreaentatives to put a stoo to this. 12 states have agreed ro it??? WTF?…
We’ve talked about this before. It’s not a hoax or a joke. Monday cal. Tuesday vote if you haven’t.
The people@who want to@kick@out your immigrant parents and friends can not be allowed to get their hands on our Constitution!
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A thread & article with examples of why every vote counts. The year - not one vote behind.

More than a dozen races were decided by a single vote or ended in a tie over the last 20 years.

Read the article & thread for examples of close races.
2017: VA House of Delegates, a tie out of more than 23k votes, broken by pulling a name out of a bowl.

Republican David Yancey was declared the winner.

That the win gave Republicans control of the state House by a single seat. 1 vote! 1 vote. 1

2016: A Vermont state Senate Democratic primary was determined by a single vote out of more than 7,400 cast.
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The choice shouldn’t be clearer:

Trump’s Abusive American Carnage, Divisive HateSpeak & Tax breaks for 1%, HC for only some.


Dem’s Preservation of our cherished American Democracy & Ideals: honor, decency, integrity, equality, ethics & family values

Did US LE Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism?

For 2 decades, domestic counterterrorism strategy has seemingly ignored the rising danger of far-right extremism.

In the atmosphere of willful indifference, a virulent movement has grown & metastasized.

📌📌Snowden’s actions under the direction of Moscow: “was an act of war “

👉🏼Nigerian military deletes tweet that appears to justify killing protesters with Trump's words

👉🏼Trump’s Approval Rating Plunges Amid Wave of Pre-Midterm Violence

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THREAD: I’ve spent the last few weeks chatting with people about the upcoming #midterm elections. I’d like to share some of what I’ve heard and why this gives me so much hope.🇺🇸
I met these young women while walking my pups in my beachside community. For privacy reasons, I won’t share their real names (let’s call them “Julie” and “Amy”), but they graciously allowed me to share their stories.
One the best parts of walking my “boys” (Bowen and Bynum) is that I get to meet lots of strangers. I mean, who can resist these two?😍

Seriously, the pups break the ice, and as a consequence, I’ve met lots of interesting people.
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My closing #Midterm2018 THREAD: Let's look at how Ted Cruz has knowingly worked to divide and mislead Texans. #txlege
Please RT
#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #GOPVotingBlue
Ted Cruz FACT: He's invested millions of dollars in digital influence campaigns.
Maliciously targeting you, your family & friends.

Operating largely in the shadows, using firm that harvested data on stolen from millions of unwitting FB users. #TXSen #txlege #TX14 #Psywar #Psyop
Ted Cruz FACT: Files reveal that AggregateIQ—also known as “AIQ”—is the developer behind campaign apps created for Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, as well as a Ukrainian steel magnate named Serhiy Taruta.
#txlege #TXSen #BetoForTexas #Midterm2018 #CruzCrew…
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THREAD: A handy NOVEMBER 6th GUIDE to GOP bigots, Islamophobes, Homophobes, Nationalists, Self-described Nazis and White Supremacist candidates all across the country and their DEM challengers.

#VOTEBLUE #VoteDemocrats
FL GOV Rick Scott is a cog in the bigoted Florida GOP machine. Here he is with Enrique Tarrio the Miami leader of hate group Proud Boys...

#Vote for his Democratic challenger #BillNelsonForSenate…
GOP Ron Desantis running for Gov of Florida has connections to racists, made appearances at far-right conferences hosted by extremist David Horowitz and moderated for a Facebook group full of racist vitriol.
His Democratic challenger is #AndrewGillum… 3/
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